Worthless Regression Chapter 165

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[167] Journey (2)

Before completely leaving the forest, Seongmin Lee faced Selgerus through Nevel.

As soon as Selgerus saw Lee Seong-min, he frowned and spat out.

“I’m sure the window isn’t broken again, right? Please tell me that’s not true. “Your spear is a spear made entirely of Orichalcum!”

The words spoken were closer to a sigh. At those words, Lee Seong-min shook his head with a bitter smile.

“It’s not broken. “I’m fine.”

“Then what? “Is the armor the problem?”

“no. “I just wanted to inquire about new production.”

“… … How long has it been since the spear and armor were repaired? “There is no material better than Orichalcon.”

Selgerus answered with a sullen look on his face. Orichalcon is also a top-quality material that goes beyond common sense.

Selgerus, a blacksmith with the title of Meister, had only a handful of experiences making weapons using Orichalcon.

Seongmin Lee opened his subspace pocket and took out a large box. It was a box brought from Heoju’s treasure trove.

“What is that? “You’re not asking me to make something with that box, are you?”

Selgerus asks.

Seongmin Lee smiled and opened the box. Inside the box were a mixture of scales and bones that were shiny and pale gold.

Selgerus blinked and looked inside the box.

“… … What is that?”

“no way… … .”

Selgerus didn’t recognize the dragon’s scales and bones, but it wasn’t Nevel.

Nevel’s mouth opened wide.

He pursed his lips with an expression of disbelief and barely managed to ask a question.

“Could it be the bones and scales of a dragon?”


Lee Seong-min nodded his head in response to Nevel’s stuttering question.

Then Selgerus’ expression changed. She couldn’t jump through her space like Nevel could, but she pressed her face close and opened her eyes wide as if it were possible.


What Selgerus spat out was a trembling denial.

“Dragon bones and scales? Oh my god, no, that can’t be possible! you… … “Did you hunt a dragon?”

“no. I didn’t hunt it. “I just got it because I was lucky.”

“that… … How on earth do you have to be so lucky to get dragon bones and scales? Did you come across a falling dragon? Or did you at least steal it?”

Selgerus spat out.

Nevel felt the same astonishment.

Nevel glanced at the box, moved his hand, and opened Erebrisa’s auction window.

“Dragon scales and bones… … It is listed in small quantities on the auction house… … That amount. How on earth… … .”

“There’s more than this… … .”

Seongmin Lee quietly raised his voice.

Heoju was laughing happily as he listened to the conversation going on.

The bones and scales that Seongmin Lee obtained are equivalent to those of a dragon.

Heoju, who hunted dragons in the past, did not process the bones and scales separately, but kept them as trophies and stuck them in the warehouse, so they remained intact without any loss.

When Lee Seong-min took out several boxes and opened them, Nevel and Selgerus fell silent.

After a startled silence, Nevel opened his mouth.

“… … Excluding the Black Dragon Association, which is said to be of mixed blood with dragons, it has already been more than three hundred years since no ‘real’ dragons have been confirmed in this world. Now, dragons have become familiar creatures that only appear in old stories, myths, and legends. “Even 300 years ago, when dragons were first discovered, dragons controlled magic and reigned as absolute beings, and there was almost no precedent for them being hunted.”

After saying that, Nevel took a deep breath.

“That amount is enough to arm an army. The dragon’s bones and scales… … It has strong magic resistance, enough to nullify most magic, and its mana and power sensitivity is so great that it makes Orichalcon laugh. However, it is highly versatile. “They are the best alchemy ingredients and equipment materials in this world.”

“I can’t do it.”

Selgerus said with a sigh.

“No, I’m sure it’s not just me. Among dwarven blacksmiths with the title of Meister, there is probably no blacksmith who can handle dragon bones and scales. Because you’ve never dealt with it before. I don’t know if it’s the chief… … .”


“The chieftain of the dwarves. He is an old man who is reaching the end of his life as a dwarf, and although he is at an age where he does not know when he will die, he is still correct. Maybe the Chief can handle that… … ?”

Selgerus muttered with an uncertain expression on his face.

At those words, Lee Seong-min glanced at Nevel. Nevel shook her head with an embarrassed expression.

“If you are the chieftain of the dwarves, you must be referring to Mr. Mackendor. Unfortunately, Mackendor is not connected to Erebrisa. “He was a member of ours until 50 years ago, but he suddenly gave up his membership and cut off all ties with us.”

“I also received the title of Meister from the Chief, but it has been decades since I met the Chief.”

Selgerus muttered.

“It is clear that he is alive. “The solar furnace, which only the chieftain can use, operates steadily, and works made by the chieftain come out occasionally.”

“Wouldn’t other dwarves be able to meet the chieftain?”

“no. “I can’t meet them either.”

Selgerus chuckled.

“The chieftain’s personality is damn right. Decades have passed since the Chieftain was locked away in the Solar Forge, and he has never left it since. “I was worried about the other dwarves and tried to force my way into the sun brazier several times, but each time I got hit by the chief’s hammer, my head was broken and I was kicked out!”

“… … Mr. Mackendore purchased a huge amount of groceries during his last transaction with us. Since food does not spoil in the subspace pocket, it was probably enough to last a hundred years if used alone.”

Lee Seong-min could not help but be at a loss for words at those words.

According to what Nevel said, Mackendore was locked in the sun’s furnace with enough food to last a hundred years.

Selgerus and other meisters with the title of Meister cannot handle dragon bones and scales, nor can they arrange a meeting with the chieftain.

[This means that even if you have good ingredients, you cannot use them.]

Heoju clicked his tongue and muttered.

It was unfortunate, but there was nothing I could do. Still, just in case, Seongmin Lee handed over some of the dragon’s teeth and scales to Selgerus.

“I’m not confident… … .”



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“Didn’t you say you’ve never dealt with it before? So please give it a try.”

“I don’t even know how much I should give… … .”

“I don’t need money.”

Selgerus was moved by Lee Seong-min’s words and bowed his head.

Seongmin Lee was surprised and waved his hand at Selgerus.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“No, you have to. “Because I want to.”

After realizing that there was nothing to do with the scales and bones right away, Lee Seong-min showed the dragon heart to Nevel.

Nevel, who was thinking that he wouldn’t be more surprised, fell into his seat when he saw the dragon heart.

“This is crazy… … .”


“Oh, no. sorry. I was so surprised… … Dragon Heart… … Dragon Heart. haha… … !”

Nevel shook his head with a heartless laugh.

“There is no precedent for a Dragon Heart to be listed on Erebrisa’s auction window. I doubt there is a wizard who can handle that. He wouldn’t be able to handle even a decent magic wizard… … .”

“Could you please take a look?”

“All right. “I will ask questions first and then let you know.”

This was the end of my business with Erebrisa.

Seongmin Lee returned to the Bulgari.

You can see Aladur sleeping while snoring loudly, and Rubia sleeping curled up nearby, covering her ears.

Nearby, Gwangcheonma was watching the bonfire.

“Are you here?”


Gwangcheonma speaks. He lifted his head and smiled bitterly at Lee Sung-min.

“When I see you, I feel ashamed of myself.”

“… … yes?”

“It’s already been more than half a year since I met you and traveled with you. “Does she remember when she first met me six months ago?”

“I remember.”

Seongmin Lee answered by nodding his head. It was by chance that he met Gwangcheonma in the north.

No, maybe it’s not a coincidence but fate.

Lee Seong-min didn’t want to think too deeply about fate or anything like that, but if fate really existed, then the meeting in the north could be said to be fate.

The meeting with Gwangcheonma was sudden, and by meeting Gwangcheonma, Seongmin Lee was able to get direction on what to do and where to go in the future.

“You were strong back then, but you were weaker than me.”

“I did.”

In fact, Seongmin Lee almost died in the fight with Gwangcheonma. If Heo Ju had not stepped forward, he would have died.

“And soon you progressed at an unbelievable rate. Blood Heavenly Demon… … At the time you killed Mu-yeon, you were already equal to me. And in Rubes, you surpassed the main position, and now you are several steps ahead of the main position.”

“Are you feeling ashamed of yourself?”

“I felt that way 10 years ago. When I first saw the transcendental warrior, I felt a sense of shame. “I realized how big the world is and how small I am.”

Gwangcheonma said that and laughed lowly.

“It’s not like I feel a sense of self-destruction or anything like that. I am not discouraged by comparing you and my position. I take pride in the martial arts I have mastered. Even though I worked hard for 10 years, I couldn’t reach the level of transcendence, but that’s okay. Actually, if I think about it, I haven’t been able to properly focus on martial arts for the past 10 years because of my madness. But not anymore.”

Gwangcheonma said, glaring at the fire.

“I feel fortunate to have met you. You are my benefactor. “It cured my mania and made me deeply passionate about martial arts.”

Seongmin Lee was silent.

Comparing yourself to others and feeling self-destructive. To despair.

These are things that Lee Seong-min has also felt several times in the past. Lee Seong-min knew well that overcoming that misery was not an easy task.

“Please sleep first. “I will stand guard.”

“Shouldn’t we reduce the amount of time we sleep?”

Gwangcheonma said with a smile.

Gwangcheonma sat cross-legged and entered the fortune-telling ceremony.

Lee Seong-min stared at the sight of Gwangcheonma in silence. The transcendental realm is a faraway state, as a warrior the size of Gwangcheonma could not reach it even after spending 10 years.

Seongmin Lee has also progressed since his fight with Amzon, but has not yet reached the realm of transcendence.


Seongmin Lee had already reached the transcendental state in the mental world, but even with such memories, the road for this body to reach the transcendental state was still long.

Even if I got my mind, energy, and body right, it was a long, long road.

When the morning sun rises. The group cleaned up the place and started walking again, guided by the evil spirit.

Aladur was reluctant to go to Eormuri, but after hearing the detailed story, he seemed to be moved.

“It’s not enough… … The south has a lot of jungle, which is why there are many minority tribes. “If you look for them one by one, there is no end to it.”

“I remember the general location.”

“It would be best not to put too much faith in that position. Because unless they are a fairly large tribe, they don’t settle down in one place. Didn’t you say it was 10 years ago? “The tribe has probably already left the area you remember.”

When Aladur pointed him out, Gwangcheonma looked embarrassed.

If that is truly the case, the answer to a journey that relies solely on memory is wrong from the beginning.

Looking at the Gwangcheonma’s expression, Aladur crossed his arms and said.

“I’d like to pay for the food, but I can’t use a tracking spell based on memories alone.”

“Did you receive anything from that tribe at the time?”

Seongmin Lee implicitly asked a question. At those words, Gwangcheonma was lost in thought for a moment.

After a while, he cleared his throat and rummaged through the subspace pocket.

“okay… … that is… … therefore… … “Keuhum!”

What Gwangcheonma, who was feeling embarrassed, took out was a bracelet made of woven strings.

Although it had faded with age, its form as a bracelet remained.

“What is that?”

“that… … “It’s a bracelet I received from that tribe 10 years ago.”

“I got it from a woman!”

Aladur said with a chuckle. Gwangcheonma avoided eye contact for no reason and closed her mouth.

Aladur took the bracelet with both hands and began to recite the incantation with his lips licking. The bracelet was covered in black smoke.

“You can’t burn it!”

“It won’t happen, so don’t worry.”

The Gwangcheonma shouted urgently, and Aladur answered with a laugh.

The billowing smoke entered Aladur’s nostrils.

Aladur took a deep breath and nodded his head.


Aladur opened his closed eyes.

“I know where it is.”


“Let’s go out to the forest first.”

Aladur returned the bracelet to Gwangcheonma and smiled, showing his teeth.

“It’s not that far away.”


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