Worthless Regression Chapter 192

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[194] Elven Forest (3)

After listening to Geomzon’s words, Gwon Jon could not forget what he said for a while.

Geomzon’s words were so sudden.

After not having had any contact for several years, he suddenly came here and said that’s what he said.

I might die.

Gwon Jon stared at Geom Jon with a white face.

“… … die?”

After a long period of silence, Gwon Jon finally managed to say that.

Geomzon silently nodded his head. After confirming that, Gwon Jon’s face distorted.

He barely raised his immobile upper body and shouted.

“Am I going to die? I?!”

“Calm down.”

Geomzon said that with a calm face, but Gwonzon could not calm down.

Elves who live hundreds of years.

Gwonjon has already lived for four hundred years, but he still has time left to live as an elf.

Since you have entered the state of transcendence, you will be able to live for a time beyond the lifespan of an elf.

Although he has lived for four hundred years so far, Gwon Jon still has a lot more time left to live.

Therefore, Gwon Jon could not accept it. Just because he was an elf didn’t mean he was immune to death.

Gwon Jon let out a sigh, his shoulders shaking.

“The psychic… … I said it! I’m dying… … ?!”

“He said he might die.”

Unlike Gwonzon, who was very agitated, Geomzon’s tone was calm. He continued speaking while looking at Gwon Jon’s face.

“I came to stop that. The psychic said you might die, but he didn’t say who, why, or how would kill you. “It is an indeterminate death, so it is possible to prevent it.”

“but… … !”

“Don’t be agitated. Am I not here? Or do you think that I am not enough?”

“Someone said they might kill me… … Sima Lianju. Isn’t Demon Emperor Yang Il-cheon coming to kill me? Yang Il-cheon took Socheon Horse. Yang Il-cheon may have taken So Cheon-ma as his disciple and is coming to kill me to end the disciple’s curse… … .”

“That is unlikely. Even though Martial God has entered the closed hall, Martial God is suppressing the Demon Emperor with his mere presence. “I don’t think Yang Ilcheon will turn against us because of Socheonma.”

“Inspection. “Isn’t the shaman’s sword coming to kill me?”

“That makes even more sense. Geomseon is not a shaman. “That old man who left the secular world and plays immortals went out as a shaman to kill you?”

“Then who is it?”

“You are weak now.”

Geomzon answered Gwonzon’s cry in a calm voice. After hearing those words, Gwon Jon’s face hardened.

“You who are continuing the curse are not masters of the Transcendental Realm. If you were the person you are now, you would be able to kill him without difficulty even with your peak skills. “It doesn’t matter if the Demon Emperor or the Swordsman come, even if an unknown and insignificant guy comes, he can kill you.”

“Why am I like this… … .”

“know. Isn’t it for the greater good of Cheon Oecheon? Even though things went wrong because of the mako… … The curse on Socheonma must be maintained. That’s why I came. To prevent your death. So you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Geomzon’s words, which he spoke as if it were obvious, were full of confidence that did not waver in the slightest.

He was an expert who could say that. Among the six nobles, excluding King Chang and Wolhu, Geomjon is considered the strongest.

Even though Dozon regarded him as a rival, everyone knew it except Dozon.

That Geomzon’s sword is one step higher than Dozon’s.

“You don’t die.”

Geomzon stared at Gwonzon and said.

“Because I won’t let that happen.”

At those words, Gwon Jon’s frozen face softened slightly.

Yeah, it’s okay.

As long as Geomzon comes here in person, he will not die. Gwon Jon chewed his lower lip.

I thought so, but my discomfort and worries were not completely resolved.

The very fact that a psychic predicted the possibility of his death clouded Gwon Jon’s mind.

‘What kind of guy is this?’

Gwon Jon has no intention of leaving this forest. As long as he maintained the curse, he was sure to do so.

Nevertheless, if the psychic predicted Gwon Jon’s death, it means that he would invade the elf forest and kill Gwon Jon. What kind of crazy person would invade the elf forest?

Why so much? Is it resentment? The only thing that came to mind for Gwon Jon from the word ‘grudge’ was Socheonma Wijihoyeon.

The nickname Gwi-chang was so insignificant to him that he couldn’t even think of it.

* * *

Seongmin Lee stared at the forest. Seongmin Lee had seen many forests during his travels, but the ancient forest was more exotic than any forest he had ever seen.

That forest alone seemed to be off the axis of time.

Large trees that are incomparable to the trees in the forest we have passed so far.

It wasn’t just the trees. Everything is big. Seongmin Lee glanced at the flower nearby.

It was a wild flower whose name I did not know, but it was as tall as a child. The scent given off by the flower was as strong as its size, but Lee Seong-min had no desire to smell anything like the scent of wild flowers.

‘Who is it?’

Before entering the ancient forest. Seongmin Lee looked into this forest.

Although it is called an elf forest, it is not the only elves living in the ancient forest. This is a forest where huge beasts that are almost monsters live, and the elf village is located deep in the forest.

This is the largest elf habitat known to man, but despite its reputation, few people target this forest.

Elves have high value as slaves. However, if you treat the elves as slaves, you will incur the resentment of all elves.

Of course, there are many idiots in this world who want to make elves their slaves, even at that risk.

Nevertheless, they do not come to this forest.

Elves are loved by the forest.

The ‘beasts’ that live in the forest, not monsters, communicate with the elves, and the forest itself moves to protect the elves.



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The elf’s racial abilities and everything about the huge ancient forest were a terrible match.

Countless people have targeted the elves living in this forest, but none of them have ever crossed the forest and reached the elf village.

In this way, this forest became a forest only for elves.

however… … It is said that just a few days ago, someone entered this forest alone.

Seongmin Lee recalled the forest keeper he met before entering the forest. Elves are not ferocious.

They too were rational people, and they knew that they could not get everything they needed by living in the forest.

Therefore, at the entrance to the forest, there were forest keepers who traded necessary items with merchants who came on behalf of the elves.

The forest keeper said.

Someone entered the forest a few days ago. When asked about his destination, he answered as if it was no big deal, saying he was going to meet an elf.

After hearing everything, Seongmin Lee pointed out the forest keeper’s blood sword and put him to sleep.

This was because he thought that if he relayed the news to the elves, it would become a hassle.

[A man with a sword at his waist… … You said that, right? Well, there are a lot of guys with swords in the world.]

Heoju grumbled. What if I at least knew the man’s name?

If wearing a sword is the only characteristic, then it is impossible to infer the man’s identity from that alone.

Although Seongmin Lee was concerned about that ‘man’, he wasn’t too caught up in it.

‘Have you ever met an elf?’

[Yes. I have eaten it many times.]

‘How was it?’

[what? Why are you curious about what kind of night this old man spent with the elves?]

‘No, not like that. A race called elves.’

Lee Seong-min frowned and shot at Heo Joo.

Although Selgerus was a dark elf, elves and dark elves are almost entirely different races.

[Didn’t you hear about elves from that stupid guy?]

As Heo Joo said, Lee Seong-min had already warned Nevel about elves.

Elves are loved by the forest and have superior mana affinity and spirit affinity than humans.

Mana affinity makes it easy to manipulate mana and perform magic, and spirit affinity makes it easy to make contracts with spirits.

In other words, elves are inherently excellent wizards and spiritists.

[They have different senses from humans. A sixth sense that you gain by practicing hard. Elves have it from birth. Also, because I receive the forest’s protection, I don’t get tired in the forest. Bright eyes and bright ears.]

Heoju grumbled.

[They gain various advantages within the forest. Forest beasts, bugs. Everything is an elf’s helper. Fighting with elves in the forest is foolish. In the forest, they become several times stronger than their original strength. Maybe even now… … .]

It was before Heo Ju could finish speaking. Lee Seong-min stopped walking at the sudden attack of hostility.

Faba Park!

Five arrows were lodged in front of Lee Seong-min’s toes.

[I knew it.]

Heoju said with a chuckle. Lee Seong-min looked down at the deeply embedded arrow and then raised his head.

I look in the direction the arrow came from, but there is nothing there.

Seongmin Lee tried to strengthen his eyes and see farther away. Then, in the distance, an elf was seen holding an arrow.

Our eyes met. The elf looked embarrassed, as if he had never imagined that he would be caught at this distance.

The elf immediately jumped up from the branch he was standing on. Seongmin Lee did not miss the elf’s movements.


The elf uses martial arts. Although they live much longer than humans and have various advantages, isn’t it a violation to use martial arts?

Even though Lee Seong-min thought so, he immediately committed suicide.


Lee Seong-min’s body crossed the space in an instant.

Although he was an elf with a racial advantage, Lee Seong-min did not think he was that fast.

It was natural. Lee Seong-min was already on the verge of transcendence, and his body, which had become almost a monster, was comparable to that of a transcendental master.


The elf let out a puzzled sound as he saw Lee Seong-min quickly closing the distance between him.

Nevertheless, the elf landed on a nearby tree branch and immediately aimed the bow he was holding at Seong-min Lee.

Lee Seong-min tilted his body in the air, bounced, and accelerated even faster. An arrow was fired towards Lee Seong-min, who was accelerating in a straight line.

When the sharp arrowhead came right in front of him, Lee Seong-min’s body became an afterimage and collapsed.

But the elf was not embarrassed. Through Lee Sung-min’s approach speed, the elf already knew that Lee Sung-min was an expert with abilities that surpassed those of humans.

There was something vague floating around the elf. It was a wind spirit. When the elf jumped from the tree branch, the wind spirit supported the elf’s body and allowed it to fly freely in the sky.

The five arrows fired in succession changed direction with the help of the wind spirit, occupying all sides of Lee Seong-min and aiming for his body.


Purple energy emanated from Lee Seong-min’s body. Self-defense equipment burns all arrows. The wind spirit that was holding the arrow also shakes itself in surprise.

Seongmin Lee did not swing a spear. The strength of the Jashingong was in the hand that was gently raised, and it became the leader of the Blood Hwanshinmakong.


The tension that ripped from his palm hit the elf. The elf hurriedly wrapped himself in the wind spirit and unleashed his defensive magic, but was unable to completely block his blood ghost demon attack.


The elf’s body fell onto a large tree branch. The power was adjusted to that extent, but if Lee Seong-min had made up his mind to stretch the tension, the elf’s body would have exploded like a water balloon.

Lee Seong-min swung his legs through the air and fell in front of the fallen elf.

The elf with a gaunt face was indeed beautiful enough to befit the elf race.

It was hard to tell whether the elf was male or female, but thanks to the protruding uvula, Lee Seong-min knew that the elf was male.

Seongmin Lee approached the fallen elf and grabbed his neck.

“Are you a guard?”

Seongmin Lee asked. The elf looked up at Lee Seong-min with disbelief in his eyes.

Lee Seong-min felt the need to put some pressure on the elf’s attitude and tightened his grip. The elf struggled, making a screeching sound due to the force of the grip.

“I have business to do in your village. So, I would like you to give me some guidance.”

“nice… … Crunch… … !”

The elf made a painful sound but did not relax his eyes.

Seongmin Lee took action without hesitation.


The swinging hand hit the elf’s cheek. The elf’s face turned to the side.

“You may have lived longer than me, but that doesn’t mean you want to die, right?”

“Grrr… … .”

The elf began to struggle. How many teeth should I pull out? Lee Seong-min thought of that as he looked at the elf’s white teeth.

Lee Seong-min’s hand went to the elf’s open mouth. First, I planned to extract the front tooth that was most visible.

However, Lee Seong-min was unable to extract the elf’s front teeth. This is because dozens of arrows were aimed at Lee Seong-min’s body.

“I don’t want to fight with all of you.”

Seongmin Lee grumbled, grabbed the elf by the neck, and jumped.


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