Worthless Regression Chapter 314

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Episode 316 75. Demon King (2)

The embarrassment was short-lived.

Abel clearly knew why Kim Jong-hyun was resurrected in perfect condition and why his magic failed to kill Kim Jong-hyun.

June Demon King. The ceremony in the north was not entirely successful. If it had been completely successful, Kim Jong-hyun would have become a complete demon king and been banished from this world. Because his ritual failed, he remained in this world with the power of the Demon King.

Kim Jong-hyun’s power as a devil king is not complete.

If you compare it to the real demon lords who reign in the demon world, it will be completely inadequate. His ability as a wizard is also worse than that of Abel.

The direction may have been different, but Abel, who had spent hundreds of years targeting Cain and fighting against the Great Wizard, was superior to Kim Jong-Hyun in the field of wizard combat.

However, even if he is better at magic combat than Kim Jong-hyun, it is meaningless if Kim Jong-hyun is an immortal being who cannot die.

‘I am less powerful than the Demon King. but… … . Damn it. ‘You mean you achieved immortality?’

Abel’s face distorted.

He quickly made a hand sign and licked his lips. Pead deud deuk! As the ground shattered, the stems of the plants tried to wrap themselves around Kim Jong-hyun’s body. Then Kim Jong-hyun smiled and waved his hand.

Phew! The gray light that spread around Kim Jong-hyun turned the stems of plants into powder.

It is Arbes’ annihilation magic. After that, Kim Jong-hyun began to use the grimoire’s magic in earnest. This is a grimoire for the demon lord. It is non-standard magic. Even if he is Kim Jong-hyun, the quasi-demon king, he cannot unfold everything.

“It is prohibited.”

Kim Jonghyun opened his mouth. What to say. It is a magic that only dragons can use in Area. There is no way the Demon Lord could not use something that a dragon or something else could use. Even if it’s not perfect.

If Abel intervenes and performs a dispel right before the completion of the spell, the words in the grimoire used by Kim Jong-hyun are different. Forbid. The shield that Abel had put up against the approaching annihilation magic disappeared. This was because Abel’s magical abilities were momentarily lost due to Kim Jong-hyun’s words.


Abel’s body, which had been floating in the air with floating magic, staggered greatly and fell.

Arbes’ magic of annihilation attacks Abel. The grimoire’s words can inhibit magic for at most a few seconds. Just a few seconds is enough. Because Abel, who has lost his magical abilities, is nothing more than an ordinary human who is easy to kill.


Frau shouted. The zombies who had become slaves to the ghost arts screamed and jumped off the ground.

They threw themselves and met Kim Jong-hyun’s annihilation magic aimed at Abel.

Kim Jong-hyun clicked his tongue as he looked at the zombies that had disappeared without leaving a trace. Yes, Abel wasn’t the only one here. The reason the great shaman was brought here was probably not because he had to deal with zombies.

‘Spells and magic have different methods. Even with the grimoire’s prohibition, witchcraft cannot be prohibited.’

Is that why you brought Frau with you? Half right and half wrong. Abel doesn’t know what kind of magic is in the grimoire.

The reason he brought Frau was because she was the closest person Abel could ask for help. This is because she thought it would be possible to pressure Kim Jong-hyun with witchcraft, not magic.


Just before falling to the ground, Abel used the floating magic again. For a moment, a chill ran down his spine.

It never occurred to me that the power of a grimoire could be used to inhibit magical abilities. What should I do?

Abel’s brain spun rapidly. It’s not impossible to deal with it. If you use the Gries’ barrier, you will be able to resist the grimoire’s prohibition.

But it is not efficient. Kim Jong-hyun, who has the power of a demon lord, does not have a large penalty for using grimoire magic. But what about Abel? Gries’ barrier takes away his life just by using it.

Life is no longer a waste. If it were a waste, I wouldn’t have come here.

Abel’s lifespan is not infinite.

Because he continued to use Gries’ magic and tried to learn about the end, his lifespan was short. If you waste your life pointlessly in the current situation, it will be impossible to take away Kim Jong-hyun’s magic.

‘Can Frau handle Kim Jong-hyun?’

Frau is an excellent shaman. However, as a quasi-demon king, he has immortal power and has no choice but to struggle against Kim Jong-hyun, who can handle the magic of the grimoire and the black magic of Arbes. Abel thought of Lee Seong-min. Is the fight against Bolander not over yet?

‘How long?’


Abel flew into the sky again and felt a presence approaching. Kim Jong-hyun, who was about to perform the magic of annihilation, also froze. She couldn’t feel it because she was too worried about Abel.

‘Has Volander disappeared?’

One of the Predator’s black stars has set? Kim Jonghyun looked behind Abel with narrowed eyes.

Lee Seong-min was walking, carrying a spear on his shoulder.

He looked ahead with tired eyes. An army of frozen zombies and Kim Jong-hyun with black robes fluttering above them. Frau and Aladur standing on the ground. Abel confronting Kim Jong-hyun.

[It would have been nice if the situation here had been sorted out while you were sorting out Bolander.]

Honestly, I was hoping for that. Lee Seong-min smiled bitterly and quickened his pace. Kim Jong-hyun looked at Lee Sung-min approaching.

He also knew that the current situation was no longer the time to relax. Currently, he has no Bolander or Death Knight Legion. He knew that although there were zombies, he couldn’t threaten his enemies with those bastards.

“Where did Bolander go?”

“A place to return to when I die.”

Seongmin Lee answered in a blunt voice.

oh my god. Even in situations where he couldn’t relax, Kim Jong-hyun smiled. In the first place, his own success was not important to him. He does what he wants to do and what he can do.

Because I knew that I would have fun doing it. Of course, Kim Jong-hyun chooses what he can do. The person Lee Seong-min knew from his past life was limited to things he did not do.

Therefore, he was currently feeling satisfied with this situation.

“The offer I gave you is still valid.”

“I have no intention of accepting it.”

Kim Jonghyun laughed at that answer. Well, if that were the case, he wouldn’t have killed Volander.

“You’re going to stop me, right?”

[This guy has immortality.]

Abel’s voice rang in my head, mixed with Kim Jong-hyun’s voice.

[But it doesn’t seem to be complete. Because he himself is not a complete demon lord. It is incomplete immortality.]

Abel was confident about that. If Kim Jong-hyun really achieved immortality, he would become an extremely absurd being. Even the vampire queen does not have complete immortality.

[There is a limit to his immortality. It’s difficult for me to break through that limit. If we were to drag him into a magic battle, I would definitely have an advantage over him, but compared to him using grimoire magic, my use of Gries’ magic is very limited.]

What Kim Jong-hyun can forbid is limited to magic. Lee Seong-min, who uses martial arts, is free from Kim Jong-hyun’s ban.

[I do what I can. I would like to ask Kim Jong-hyun not to disturb me, can you?]


The answer was addressed to both Abel and Kim Jong-hyun. Kim Jonghyun smiled.

Lee Sung-min’s choice does not make Kim Jong-hyun angry. Because even in this situation, he was happy.

However, Kim Jong-hyun did not think that he would give up now that he had enjoyed it enough. I can do it, let’s try. He started this work with that mindset. And he still wasn’t convinced that he would fail. so that,



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Kim Jong-hyun can do anything. He does what he wants to do.

Pot. Kim Jong-hyun’s fingertips pointed towards Abel. was responding.

Abel dodged the shooting magic using Blink and jumped over Kim Jong-hyun. Kim Jong-hyun moved his hand to follow Abel, but at that moment, Lee Sung-min’s speed changed.

While walking slowly, a purple electric current crackled, and his figure disappeared. Kim Jong-hyun has never experienced Lee Sung-min’s fastest speed.

I didn’t get to see Volander and Lee Seong-min fighting because I was dealing with Abel.

Thanks to this, he was embarrassed again. Abel jumps over Kim Jong-hyun, and Kim Jong-hyun aims at Abel again.

Lee Seong-min’s spear penetrates Kim Jong-hyun’s stomach.

It all happened almost simultaneously. Kim Jonghyun gasped and took a deep breath. Spitting out the blood that filled his throat, he ignored the terrible pain that shot through his body.

Quad deuk!

The spear that pierced the body began to rotate. Kim Jong-hyun raised both his hands and brought them to the spear rotating inside his body. Kiiiiing! The magic power he released stopped the spear from rotating.

Kim Jong-hyun gave up all the flesh and internal organs of the penetrating part, opened his blink, and escaped from Lee Sung-min’s window.


Heoju muttered. Even though he reigned as the strongest monster hundreds of years ago, he has never fought a demon lord. The same goes for Lee Seong-min. Still, I had a rough understanding of what ‘immortality’ meant.

[It’s not much different from you.]

Kim Jong-hyun’s wounds were regenerated. Frau splits the zombie army and runs after Abel. Kim Jonghyun laughed as he watched Abel and Frau walking away.

“What are you thinking? Are you trying to sabotage my magic? Well, it would be possible to ruin the magic if you use Gries. In the end, did you choose to accept the end?”

‘I don’t know.’

Through Abel’s magic, the dimensional connection itself is made to a place other than the Great Demon Realm. Kim Jong-hyun does not know that fact.

“Try it. It would be fun to do that. You won’t be able to kill me, and the world will end. “In the end, we will all die together.”

“You didn’t do this for the sake of this world.”

“Sure. I did this because I enjoyed myself. Oh, I didn’t give up. “I will continue as long as I can.”

Kim Jong-hyun caressed his pierced stomach. A black robe covered his body.

“Kill or subdue you here. I will go to Abel and kill him. I have to admit that he is better than me as a wizard, but that doesn’t mean he can kill me. I can talk to you again later, step by step. “As long as I don’t kill you and just subdue you.”

Kim Jonghyun spread his arms. The black robe fluttered loudly and unfolded behind his back. The grimoire was wrapped in black light and floated in front of Kim Jong-hyun, and Kim Jong-hyun extended his staff towards Lee Seong-min.

“Do you know? I have been kind to you, and have been for you many times. Who warned you about the warlock? Who was helping you chase the sword demon? It was me. Is that it? I was in the middle of nowhere. I restrained you through a barrier, and you… … . Even though he saw that he was defenseless after taking the Dragon Heart, he ignored it. Because I didn’t want to kill you. When you came from the north to subdue me. “You also intentionally protected the Red Magic Tower lord who has a connection with you.”

Kim Jonghyun talked about it with a happy face.

“Well, it’s good to be self-employed. I did those things for you, but I never showed you off. “If that were the case, would our relationship be any different now?”

“I didn’t ask you to do that.”

“ha ha ha! If you think about it, that’s right. Because I did it on my own. Well, I don’t mean to blame you. Now, you were here to stop me, right? Beyond zombies and death knights, we even kill Bolander.”

And now.

“You end up fighting the devil.”

Kim Jong-hyun’s smile became darker. The opponent is a martial arts fighter who specializes in martial arts. Even Volander couldn’t handle it. The interception magic prepared here was completely dispelled by Abel.

In this situation, it would be suicidal for magician Kim Jong-hyun to fight against Lee Sung-min. No matter how fast his chanting is, it won’t be faster than Lee Seong-min’s.

The light emitted by the grimoire was unusual. The light vibrating around Jonghyun Kim was much more similar to the deadly energy emitted by Bolander and other Death Knights than to the magic power of a wizard.

Grimoire is magic for the Demon Lord. To be precise, it is magic used by a being who is not a demon lord to become a demon lord. As Kim Jong-hyun thought, it was closer to a learning book to become the devil.

Transforms humans into demon lords with reversal magic. It summons a door and makes it possible to go back and forth between the demon world and this world. And by connecting dimensions, it makes it possible to use this world as a colony for the devil.

The grimoire presents as magic what an ‘ideal’ demon lord should do. That wasn’t everything.

Not all demon lords are wizards.


There was the sound of bones twisting inside Kim Jong-hyun’s body.

Something happened inside Kim Jong-hyun’s body. It is a magic of such a large scale that it consumes most of the magical power it possesses.

It wasn’t a flashy magic, but it was what Kim Jong-hyun needed in the current situation. It was also a magic that I had no intention of using against Abel.

The reason was simple. Because Abel was a wizard.

But Lee Seong-min is not a wizard. You wouldn’t know it if you were thoroughly prepared, but an unprepared wizard is a martial arts person skilled in martial arts.

It is also a being close to the pinnacle within the category of martial people.

I knew something was up. She didn’t know much about magic, so she didn’t approach it, but she had an intuition that she shouldn’t be left alone.

In the aftermath of the fight with Volander, Lee Seong-min ran, although his body did not move as well as his mind.

Kim Jonghyun’s eyes were red. Their eyes met, and the tip of his spear and Kim Jong-hyun’s hand met.

“It blocks.”

Kim Jonghyun muttered.

What to say. The defensive magic has been completed.


Lee Seong-min’s spear pierced the defense. It is an incomplete statement.

The level of perfection is lower than that of magic performed through elaborate chanting. Kim Jonghyun also knew that well.


The defense was shattered and Kim Jong-hyun’s hand was pierced by the spear and disappeared.

Kim Jonghyun smiled and took a step back. His missing arm regenerates in an instant.

Regeneration of such severed parts is impossible without the power of immortality. With his red eyes shining, Kim Jonghyun raised his bowed body.

At that point, Kim Jong-hyun’s ‘change’ came to an end. It didn’t take that long to begin with.

Look at the devil and be like the devil.

This was the magic of the grimoire that Jonghyun Kim displayed. The imperfect body is strengthened, even if only temporarily. It was a magic that could have been of greater benefit if he had a complete demon lord’s body, but for Kim Jong-hyun, this was his limit.

Well, compared to real demon lords, he lacks physical strength.

Anything that is lacking can be replaced with magic. This magic that makes the Demon King more like a Demon King does not just strengthen the body.


Lee Seong-min jumping in. How the window moves. Kim Jong-hyun could clearly see where the spear that started from there was aiming. Both the body and the senses were strengthened. That’s not all.

“Stop it.”

The command was issued once again.

The words from a moment ago could not have stopped Lee Seong-min’s spear, but not this time.

Let’s go!

The exact place that Lee Sung-min wanted to aim for was blocked by Kim Jong-hyun’s words.

Even the words were strengthened. Kim Jong-hyun smiled, showing his teeth. Although it was temporary, his power as a demon king was attractive.

‘Why are you smiling?’

Lee Seong-min thought of that as he looked at Kim Jong-hyun’s smile. He pulled back his outstretched spear.

Death island thunderstorm.

The moment the light explodes, the spear pierces Kim Jong-hyun’s defenses. Lee Seong-min aimed at Kim Jong-hyun’s body by pushing his body with the spear.

“Hard… … .”

Lee Seong-min’s spit is faster than Kim Jong-hyun’s spit.


The half-hearted statement did not sufficiently strengthen Kim Jong-hyun’s body. Still, he couldn’t completely penetrate it.

Lee Seong-min had a vague idea of ​​what Kim Jong-hyun’s verbal magic was like.

What must be said in words. It’s great to be able to use magic with that alone, but given the speed that Seongmin Lee has, it wasn’t an ability that would give him a significant advantage over other magic.

Seongmin Lee’s spear is faster than the chant. It’s faster than signing a seal.


It’s faster than spitting out this short sentence.

No matter how fast you speak, there is a limit. Lee Seong-min’s ‘shooting a spear’ movement is faster than speaking.

[The opponent is bad.]

Heoju muttered. It was as he said. Heukroe Beoncheon is a Shingungjeolhak that can be considered the pinnacle of martial arts that mainly focus on ‘Kwae (快)’.

Although Lee Seong-min was not able to perfectly master the Black Lightning Blade as well as Sima Lianju, he was able to handle the extreme pleasure of Black Lightning Blade to some extent by inheriting the power of Sima Lianju and keeping his group in his head.

Even if it is not perfect, it is faster than performing magic or memorizing words. It might have been another martial arts expert, but the one Kim Jong-hyun was fighting was Lee Seong-min, who could be said to be the only successor to Black Thunder. The opponent is bad.

‘Than you think… … !’

Kim Jonghyun gritted his teeth. Lee Seong-min’s speed was beyond Kim Jong-hyun’s expectations.

Today is a day that really surprises me. I was surprised that Abel was Envirus and Cain’s younger brother, surprised that he specialized in combat magic, and surprised that he could dispel so quickly.

What’s more surprising is that Lee Seong-min’s speed is faster than expected.

‘Of course it wasn’t at full power back then.’

I remember a few days ago when I invited Lee Seong-min and had a conversation.

At that time, Seongmin Lee’s spear was fast and strong, but not as strong as it is now. No matter how much he controlled his strength back then, the difference is too drastic.

Kim Jong-hyun’s thinking was wrong. At that time, Lee Seong-min shot Kim Jong-hyun with his spear, truly wanting to kill him.

In other words, Kim Jong-hyun had already seen Lee Sung-min’s skills. But Lee Sung-min then and Lee Sung-min now are different.

Even if only two days have passed, enough change can occur even in a short period of time.

No, not even two days. It was thanks to his fight with Bolander that Lee Seong-min’s spear was able to become more advanced.

If only I had met Kim Jong-hyun right away without fighting Volander. He wouldn’t have been able to surpass his Emon Magic in speed.

The growth potential that Sima Lianju gave to Lee Seong-min definitely led to Lee Seong-min’s growth.

Despite experiencing this with his own body, Kim Jong-hyun was still smiling.

Even though it is surprising, it is not fatal. Look at the devil and be like the devil. The meaning of this magic has not yet been revealed.

Lee Sung-min’s window once again shined towards the smiling Kim Jong-hyun. Another island of despair. Are you planning to fool around with speed? Words don’t work. In that case, you have no choice but to use another method.

Kim Jong-hyun’s wide open hand came forward.


The moment they made contact, the spear was unable to pierce Kim Jong-hyun’s hand. Rather, the rebounding force twists Lee Seong-min’s forearm.

Even though he couldn’t pierce it, Kim Jong-hyun’s hand was also twisted in the same way. The shock was divided into two and returned to each other.

Lee Seong-min was embarrassed that his arm was twisted, but he did not remain shaken for long. He ignores his twisted right arm and holds the spear with his left hand.

He pulled it towards himself and simultaneously performed a gale force attack.

Kim Jong-hyun couldn’t read that speed.

Instead, he feels the tremors of space. The Demon King’s body is more specialized for combat than any other body in the world.

Kim Jong-hyun himself knew it best. Moreover, even at this moment, the Demon King’s body was quickly adapting to this fight.

The Demon King is the monarch of the Demon World and is stronger than any other Demon. This is possible because of the endless growth potential that the Demon King has.

‘I don’t understand Kaladra, who was destroyed even with a body like this.’

Kim Jong-hyun felt a small doubt as he recalled the devil he had once signed with. Immortal power as a transcendental person and enormous growth correction given to the body, which grows endlessly during battle.

Besides that, he must have had powerful powers as a complete demon lord. What on earth happened to cause such a demon lord to disappear?

Let’s put those questions aside for a moment. Because that’s not what’s important right now.

I know where the spear I feel in my back will stab me.

It is impossible for me ‘now’ to properly respond to Lee Seong-min’s spear.

Still, this is enough.

‘There’s nothing I can’t do.’

* * *

Can Lee Sung-min defeat Kim Jong-hyun?

Abel didn’t expect anything about him. Abel doesn’t know Lee Seong-min’s military history.

If Sima Lianju had come instead of dying, I wouldn’t have had to worry about this.

The strength of Sima Lianzhu that Abel could see was something that could not be considered human, and even if Kim Jong-hyun had attained the status of a demon king and acquired immortal power, he would not have been a match for Sima Lianzhu.

But that Sima Lianju died.

“Could he kill Kim Jong-hyun?”

“There is no need to kill him right away.”

Abel answered. He glanced at Frau, who was following him. He thought he could use it as a counter to Kim Jong-hyun’s undead and gnome magic, so he called Frau, but in a different sense, Frau was needed in the current situation.

“The priority is to take away the magic he uses.”

Lee Sung-min’s role is to hold on to Kim Jong-hyun until then.

‘After the magic is successful… … After success? What should I do about Kim Jong-hyun?’

Not all problems go away. Even if this world ends by connecting with the spirit world, Kim Jong-hyun remains.

Incomplete immortality. It may not be completely impossible to kill, but it certainly won’t be easy.

No, don’t think about it.

Abel hurried his steps. The most important thing is to save this world from its doom.

The official residence where Lord Germudj once lived was no longer left alive. The death of a nobleman is of no concern to me. What Abel was looking at was a once splendid garden that had withered away miserably. And a black sphere floating in the middle of it.


Frau muttered. Her eyes see what Abel cannot see.

She had said that Germud’s soul was ‘stuck’. This is the place where the soul rests. Tens of thousands of souls are entangled around that sphere. Abel took Greis out of her arms.

“I don’t see what you’re seeing. But I get this. “It feels very f*cking ominous over there.”

“If you get too close, you’ll die.”

Frau warned.

“… … This is the story if I wasn’t there. You’re lucky. “If I hadn’t come here, no matter what you did, you wouldn’t have been able to get to that sphere.”

In those words.

Abel felt as if his heart had stopped.

I’m out of breath.

He jerked his head and looked at Frau.

Frau tilted his head, looking at Abel’s white face and wide open eyes.


The words become tangled in Abel’s mind.

lucky. Yeah, you’re lucky. If only Frau hadn’t been in the middle of nowhere.

If Kim Jong-hyun hadn’t chosen Germud, which is relatively close to Eomuri in many areas. Abel would never have asked Frau for help, and Frau would never have come to this city.



Frau also understood what Abel was thinking.

There are no coincidences in this world.

“… … Damn it.”

“for a moment… … wait for a sec. “It might be too much to think about.”

Frau blurted out in an uncharacteristically embarrassed tone.

What if this isn’t a coincidence? What if fate arranged it to be ‘like this’? If Kim Jong-hyun’s plans and Frau’s coming here were all fate.

The fate of this world is its end.

“f*ck you.”

Abel gritted his teeth. He took off the robe he was wearing and unfolded his gries.

Without hesitation, he walked toward the black sphere.

“open it!”

Abel shouted. I’m sick of hearing things like fate and all.

Every time I think of the story about fate, the image of my damn brother comes to mind. The older brother who abandoned himself because he was afraid of a fate that could happen at any moment, a catastrophic death. It reminds me of the idiot who abandoned his brilliant magical talent and the name Cain.

Abel hated him. If only I had talent like my brother.

“I also have an impatient personality… … !”

Frau grumbled and raised both hands.

Her hair shot up. Spirits are moved by ghost magic. The tens of thousands of souls surrounding the sphere split into two.

Abel trusted Frau and continued walking. Frau’s ghost arts clearly opened the way for Abel to access her sphere.

In front of the sphere, Abel looked down at Gries. Reach out her hand and touch her sphere. She was secretly worried that there would be resistance, but there was no rejection.

‘The magic is almost complete.’

As long as you confirm the coordinates and infuse enough magical power, the magic will start working immediately. can do.

I made this plan because I could do it. Abel focused his mind on the grimoire.

By dedicating most of his remaining life to himself.

The sphere began to vibrate. Gries’ magic has been activated. Gries captured dimensional coordinates that could never be captured in this world.

Abel concentrated his mind by caressing the sphere. He interfered with the complex magic formula contained in the sphere, erased the existing coordinates engraved on it, and then entered new coordinates.

From then on, Gries’ magic manifests new magic.

Multicolored, brilliant light covered the space.


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