Worthless Regression Chapter 355

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Episode 357 85. Golden Magic Tower (2)

Lloyd led the group into the living room. Although the Magic Tower was empty, the reception room was clean and without a speck of dust. Perhaps prepared in advance, there were tea cups appropriate for the number of people.

“There is still time until the Queen of Spirits descends.”

Lloyd said as he sat down on a chair.

“Her spirit body is wandering through the gaps in space, looking for an exit. “Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about her at this point.”

“Even with Gries’ magic?”

“Just because it’s Gries doesn’t mean it’s an all-purpose magic book. “What can’t be done can’t be done.”

Lloyd took out a grimoire with an old cover, Gries, from inside his robe.

“It is a foregone conclusion that the Queen of Spirits will descend. “It is impossible to know her exact time, but she will descend upon the Sleeping Forest sooner rather than later.”

“… … Ten years ago, Abel wanted to change the fate of the end by connecting the spirit world and this world. Even though the methods are different, hasn’t the spirit world encroached on this world and changed its fate?”

“It hasn’t changed.”

Lloyd said with a sigh.

“It’s not a complete connection, and this is forced erosion and invasion. “A phenomenon of this magnitude will not change the fate of this world.”

Lee Seong-min couldn’t help but be a little disappointed by that. Perhaps, I was hoping for a one-of-a-kind coincidence.

It seems that the fate of this world is not something that can be easily escaped.

“What happened to the other Spirit Kings?”

Lloyd put his hand on Gries. He infused his magic into Gries without hesitation.

“… … The Spirit King of Water and Earth has not descended yet. But it will be soon. Considering the distance, it would be best to move now and attack them as soon as they descend to reverse summon them.”

“Who is the Spirit King of Flame?”

“… … The Spirit King of Flame… … .”

Lloyd closed his eyes. She wanted to understand the existence of the Flame Spirit King through Gries.

It wasn’t very difficult. Because we are tracking beings that do not exist in this world and should not exist.

Lloyd’s eyebrows twitched as he concentrated for a moment.

“… … extinction?”

Lloyd sounded embarrassed. At those words, Luvia, who was in Lee Seong-min’s arms, jumped out in surprise.

“yes? “Extinction?”

“Unless you feel wrong…” … It’s definitely true. “There are traces of the Flame Spirit King’s descent, but they have completely disappeared.”

“You weren’t reverse summoned?”

“no. It feels different from when the Wind Spirit King was reverse summoned. This… … “Complete annihilation.”

“Nonsense… … There’s no way something like that could happen… … .”

Luvia muttered in disbelief. I don’t know about the Queen of Spirits, but the Spirit Kings who rule over the four great spirits are not transcendental.

However, like transcendental beings, they were beings far from death. Especially in places other than the spirit world, it is nearly impossible to destroy the spirit king or other spirits.

“When a spirit receives a fatal blow, it returns to the spirit world. that… … It’s unconditional… … .”

“Are you Wijihoyeon?”

Seongmin Lee asked after a moment of silence. Making the impossible possible. In the current situation, the only thing Lee Seong-min could think of was Wijihoyeon.


The question was asked with a certain degree of certainty, but Lloyd immediately denied it to the point that the person who asked the question felt embarrassed. Lloyd stroked Gries and frowned.

“Wijihoyeon… … Even Gries cannot feel her presence. “Some kind of divine protection surrounds her with layers of protection.”

Demon spirit.

“Maybe she is already in this world. “Maybe she, like the Queen of Spirits, is wandering in the gaps of space.”

“If you can’t detect it… … “Isn’t it possible that it was Wijihoyeon who defeated the Flame Spirit King?”

“That’s not it. “Because I felt who it was that I defeated.”

I can’t believe it. Lloyd muttered in a low voice.

“… … When I first met you. While chasing Freskan, the black magic tower lord of the pre-war era, for a long time, I succeeded in discovering the dungeon where he was coiled. I was sure I could kill Preskan there, but… … .”

no way. Seongmin Lee realized who the ‘she she’ Lloyd was talking about was.

“chimera… … .”

“Do you know? If so, the explanation will be quick. Yes, the chimera that Freskan created defeated the Flame Spirit King.”

Seongmin Lee felt a shiver run down his spine.


Seongmin Lee remembered her name for the first time in a long time.

There have been several clashes with Aine so far, and each time, Lee Seong-min has not had a chance to kill Aine.

And the last time I saw him was when I went to see Jennyella with Sima Lianju. Lee Seong-min swallowed his saliva as he remembered the image of Aine being pierced by dozens of awls.

“… … Where is she now?”

“Are you going to chase her?”

“You should kill them while you can. “Aine’s potential is dangerous.”

“I don’t really want to recommend it.”

Lloyd said, frowning.

“Beside her is the Vampire Queen. She’s not only Queen. There are quite a few vampires. “Still, will you go?”

Lee Seong-min was speechless at Lloyd’s words.

* * *

“It works?”

Gemini looked a little surprised and let out an exclamation. Jennyella was standing with her arms crossed and smiling, and behind her, her twin brothers Chen and Kun were standing with their heads bowed.

“Oh, oh… … Oooh… … .”

A little far away from the vampires. Pres Khan, covered in robes, was sitting down, her body trembling.

It was an electric joy that made him tremble. He couldn’t believe what he saw just moments ago.

One of the Four Spirit Kings.

Among them, the Flame Spirit King, who was particularly violent and strong, fell down a little while ago. He was neither countersummoned nor extinguished.



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Got eaten.

That was all I could say. Preskan felt his unbeating heart beat as he recalled the wondrous feats of his creation.

If the lich had been an undead more accustomed to expressing emotions, Frescan would have shed tears, used all his facial muscles, and smiled the happiest smile in the world.

“How could someone like that create a chimera like that?”

Gemini whispered to Jennyella with a crooked expression. Jennyella smiled and answered those words.

“It’s a coincidence.”

That was all I could say. When it comes to capabilities as a warlock, Preskan cannot be compared to Arbes, who was an Acrich.

Of course, the areas of magic I was familiar with were different. Arbes, who was impressed by Aine, attempted to create a chimera like Aine using the same method by teaching Frescan, but Arbes did not succeed.

So, it’s a coincidence. It was clearly created through the same process, but it was impossible to recreate a chimera like Aine.

“… … Accident… … .”

Gemini looked at Aine standing in the middle of the crater, muttering in a low voice.

A little while ago, Aine defeated the Flame Spirit King there. Just looking at the Flame Spirit King who wields lava makes my eyes burn.

Even though he fought just before he descended and did not receive help from other flame spirits. This Pemud volcano is a place where lava boils ceaselessly, and it was a perfect place for the Flame Spirit King to demonstrate his power.

It wasn’t overwhelming.

However, it was Aine who survived until the end and ate the Flame Spirit King.

She was clutching her bubbling belly in the center of the crater. Even though 10 years have passed, she has barely grown.

She still looked like a young girl. She could grow up if she wanted to, but Aine was not particularly dissatisfied with her current appearance and refused to let her grow up.

“Isn’t that giving too much?”

Gemini whispered to Jennyella.

“You ate the Flame Spirit King. From now on, that chimera will use the Spirit King’s flame at will. “Can you handle it?”

“Are you asking if you can handle that much?”

Jennyella laughed at Gemini who subtly asked.

“And Gemini. I want that chimera to grow stronger to a level I can never handle. Although I worked hard for 10 years, I couldn’t find a satisfying meal. But now there are quite a lot of things to eat.”

As Jennyella said that, she raised her finger and pointed at Aine.

“But it’s still not enough. “There is no way I can present it satisfactorily.”

“Then, other spirit kings?”

“That sounds like it would be difficult.”

It was for practical reasons. It will take a considerable amount of time to get from here to other spots from Pemud Volcano.

No matter how strong and excellent Jennyella and her blood relatives were, there was nothing they could do about the distance.

“We won’t be able to make it in time for Advent, and they will probably be subdued by the time we arrive. “Because there’s a fairy horse over there.”

What Jennyella was conscious of was Lee Seong-min. He cannot compete in speed with the space-hopping Fairy Ma. That wasn’t the only problem.

“Is this the last time?”


In response to Gemini’s question, Jennyella slightly nodded her head. Jennyella lost her future husband 10 years ago.

This is the last future Jennyella saw before she lost her future vision. Picking up ink flash white sogo in the snow field.

And, the Spirit King of Flame descends from the Pemud volcano. Jennyella could no longer see the future, but this much was certain.

“So far, everything has been as I hoped.”

The end of the future I saw.

Even though the future where genocidal predation appears is closed. Jennyella did not despair.

So far, everything has turned out as Jennyella saw and hoped. The last one has only changed a little.

And Jennyella actually liked this changed future. Rather than a massacre and predation descending without even knowing who it is, like this… … That he creates a massacre feast with his own hands.

It was so enjoyable that it made me shiver. Jennyella was enjoying her current reality, especially since she had been confined to the northernmost part of Trabia for hundreds of years.

“… … Phew!”

Aine walked out of the crater. She devoured the Flame Spirit King, and she contained within her body an unprecedented power that could not even be compared to before she fought the Spirit King.

Frescan was moved and approached Aine. Jennyella turned around while looking at the two.

“let’s go.”

“Where are you going? Are you going back to Travia?”


Jennyella said with a grin.

* * *


Being with Jennyella, Lee Seong-min had no choice but to give up on going to see Aine. Jennyella is not alone.

In a situation where she and all of her blood relatives are present, it would be suicidal for Lee Sung-min to fight with all the power he has.

Even if we bring everyone from the fairy forest, we cannot guarantee victory.

‘It looks like Joo Won and Lycan Slope are not there.’

Still, it doesn’t work. No, rather, this can be said to be an opportunity in another sense.

Seongmin Lee was lost in thought as he stroked his teacup.

Jennyella, the vampires, and Aine are at Pemud Volcano. It’s not that far from northern Trabia.

In other words, now was the perfect time to cut off Jennyella’s limbs, which were isolated.

‘Blood Demon.’

Seongmin Lee thought of a blood demon he had never met. Jenny Ella’s second blood relative who has been sent out to rule over her clan.


Joo Won’s confidant who rules Cheped.

Who should I hit first?


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