Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 604

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The old wounds in his stomach were torn open and the path leading to his heart opened. The destruction that took place in the depths shook the magic of destruction violently.

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In the process, I barely, really barely woke up. Vermouth gasped for breath and looked down. His colleagues who look up at him with surprised faces… … I saw the demon king of confinement.

I didn’t think long about why the demon king of confinement was here. Vermut knows about the insanity of the demon king of confinement. The decision that man made as a hero was to continue the world, and the decision made as a demon king was to submit to destruction. The fact that my comrades are here – in the end, it must mean that the demon lord of confinement has been defeated.


Vermouth spat out in a cracked voice.

That is the heart of perdition. The throne that gave birth to the demon king in the first place. Whenever the end came, destruction killed all beings in the world. It was repeated several times with the demon king in confinement.

Every time it ended and moved on to the next, terrible venom and evil accumulated in the demon king of confinement. The demon king of confinement confined everything to his abyss, but the demon king of destruction did not. That is why the magic of the demon king of destruction is so ominous that it drives everything it encounters crazy, and that heart is the venom and essence of the world that the demon king of destruction has killed many times.

“Then it is over.”

The demon king of Yupe shifted his gaze from Vermouth to his heart. If it was 300 years ago. If the Demon King of Destruction had not completely descended and was at a level that could be controlled… … .

It is a meaningless assumption. The fact that 300 years of time was given to everyone in the first place did not necessarily lead to terrible and negative results. After 300 years, Eugene and his colleagues became strong enough to overcome the demon king of confinement. Because of such a head-on defeat, the demon king of confinement sincerely hoped for the end of destruction and the future of the world.

I thought of this while looking at the heart.

Even if I had reached this place 300 years ago, would it have been possible to burst the heart? Even at the moment my heart burst, would the devil of perdition remain silent? How many times did that thing that destroyed the world accept its futile end? Would Hamel and his colleagues from 300 years ago be able to withstand the outrage of their hearts? At that moment, the demon king of confinement.

Did you believe in humans?


There was no reason to worry. The demon king of confinement immediately gave an answer. At that moment, the demon king of confinement would never have trusted humans. He would have judged that the runaway might break ‘next’, and would have quickly corrected the error before it became more fatal.

But not now. I couldn’t afford it, and even if I had, I wouldn’t have done it.

“Is it over?”

After a short silence, Yujin opened her mouth. He stared at Vermouth, who had stopped in mid-air, and let out a blank laugh.


In reply, Vermouth involuntarily held his breath. It’s not that I didn’t expect Hamel to give such an answer. Rather, Hamel, no, he thought that everyone, not just Hamel, would ask that question.

Even Senya, who was insane but almost killed himself by piercing his chest after forcibly taking the necklace he had cherished all his life.

Even if he knew that he was dying, even if he knew that he believed in himself until the end, thinking of himself as a hero, he left the funeral without telling the truth. In the end, he dies and becomes an angel with only a soul left, and even Anis, who stands behind Hamel.

Likewise, Morondo, who did not tell the truth and did not ask for understanding, blocked the unknown monster in the snowy mountains for over 100 years.

All of them were looking at Vermouth with the same face as Hamel. Just with that gaze, Vermouth wanted to sob.

I didn’t ask for understanding all my life. I only pursued reaching this moment. Even if he wasn’t a hero, even if he was an alter ego of the demon king of destruction, he thought that there was a valuable meaning in saving the world. If only I could disappear with the demon of destruction at the end of the day. I thought that a life that should not have been born and this existence had value.

“why… … ?”

Vermouth asked in a trembling voice. Even if you don’t ask, you know the answer. But he also had to ask Knowledge. He had to directly deny the answer that came back.

“Why are you trying to save me? I didn’t tell you anything I didn’t want you to understand me, and I… … I had no intention of convincing myself of my actions. I, I… … I would rather you hate me.”

Senya, who had been listening silently, burst into laughter. She turned her head and giggled, not even trying to suppress her burst of laughter.

“… … you… … do you know now I am not even a human being, let alone a hero. Just like 300 years ago, I am the alter ego of the Demon King of Destruction that you so longed to kill.”

It was Anis who burst into laughter this time. She laughed silently as she slapped Christina on the shoulder, who was standing next to her. Vermouth’s shoulders trembled at the sound of low laughter.

“I am… … I never asked you to save me. If I had wanted that in the first place, wouldn’t I have told you that right away? How many times are you going to make me say it… … ! I am the alter ego of destruction, and it is impossible to kill the demon lord of destruction unless I give up on myself… … .”


The laughter this time was loud, unlike those of Senya or Anis. Moron tilted her head back and let out a loud roar of her laughter. Even the current vermouth couldn’t help but blush at that loud laugh.

“What’s so funny… … ?!”

“Wouldn’t that be funny?”

Yujin laughed at the question he shouted in a fit of fuss.

“You sick bastard.”

Vermouth’s eyes went blank at the swear words. Eugene continued to speak to Vermouth who couldn’t answer and pursed his lips.

“I didn’t tell you anything, didn’t ask for understanding, didn’t intend to convince you, and didn’t ask for help. why am i saving you? Then Mr. X, why did you do that to us? 베르무트 이 개새끼야, 네가 X대로 굴었으니까 우리도 똑같이 하는 거야.”

“… … .”

“We don’t want your understanding either. I have no intention of convincing you. We’re just saving you because we want to. Hatred? okay. If you want to hate, hate to your heart’s content after being saved by us.”

Yujin said that while holding the new sword.

“If you really want to die, you have to survive and pay off your karma to us before you die.”

“Why don’t you understand… … !”

Vermouth could hardly look straight at his colleagues. In my cool mind, those words were nothing more than a vain plea of ​​emotion.

“Whatever you wish, Hamel, whatever you say… … ! The fact that I am the alter ego of destruction does not change. When perdition dies, I die too. This can never be changed… … ! Are you saying you’d hesitate to kill perdition to save me? Even at this moment, the people of perdition are pouring out from outside!”

“There are my descendants outside.”

Moron replied.

“My descendants will not fall easily and will stand in the way of the monster. The warriors and knights longed for me, Hamel, Vermouth, and the three of us, and took up arms. The wizard longed for Senya and read the book. The priest longed for Anise and memorized prayers.”

“… … .”

“Vermouth. The world has grown in the 300 years you created it. The children who grew up listening to the story of you and us are now grown up and stand in front of destruction.”

Moron grinned and grabbed the axe. At those words, Vermouth chewed his lips carefully.

“Mr. Vermouth.”

Anise opened her mouth.

“No matter what you say, I will never forget how you marched through Jurass 300 years ago. You say that you are not a warrior yourself, but that you are only an alter ego of destruction – but in those hopeless times, you were unmistakable hope, light, and warrior. If I hadn’t seen Vermouth-sama at that time, I wouldn’t have gone out into the world.”

“anise… … !”

“So please, don’t say anything that demeans yourself. Every word you deny yourself is an insult to all who saw you as hope, light and warrior 300 years ago.”

Anise turned to Christina with a soft smile. Christina, instead of speaking her words, put her hands together and prayed to Vermouth.

A hero who stood up to save the world when everyone doubted the existence of God. That is the ‘Vermouth Lionheart’ that Christina learned and grew up with.

“Long ago. remember?”

Senya smiled bitterly.

“In the Magic Realm. On a really doggie day, we used to chat about the future sometimes. Moron always said he wanted to be king… … Anise didn’t say much and just drank, but now I know what kind of future Anise hoped for. Vermouth, don’t you know?”

“… … .”

“Speaking of Anise, he wants to open a bar somewhere in the countryside. Something that doubles as an inn. Hamel said he wanted to set up an academy that didn’t fit the subject. I am… … get married, have kids I wanted to live happily like that. Looking back now, the only thing that made my dream come true is Moron.”

“… … count?”

“Vermouth. Every time we talked like that, you just smiled and avoided answering. So we never heard what future you hoped for, what dreams you had.”

Senya shook her head.



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“We deserve to be happy.”

300 years ago. In those hopeless and terrible days, Senya thought like that every day.

“More than anyone else in the world, we deserve to be happy. We should live happily ever after. Of course you should. We saved the world 300 years ago, and we are still saving the world.”

“… … .”

“and. More than any of us, Vermouth, you should be happy.”

If it had not been for Vermouth 300 years ago, would it have been possible to defeat the three demon lords? Without Vermouth, he wouldn’t have been able to make an appointment with the demon king in captivity. Without vermouth, the world would have already perished 300 years ago.

“Destruction will end.”

I walked towards my heart beating slowly but pounding.

“And Vermouth, I will save you too.”

“… … impossible… … .”

“SiX, since when did we only do what was possible? You must have thought it was okay since you were hiding this and that, but the first time you attacked the demon lord of slaughter! Without you, we thought it was impossible!”

Eugene yelled and pointed a finger at Vermouth.

“So Mr. X, no matter how impossible it is for you, we will save you and kill you. what? Are you the soul of destruction? If you kill destruction, will you die too? That sounds like dog shit.”

“… … .”

“내가 저번에도 말했지, 이 개새끼야. To us, you are just Vermouth Lionheart. You don’t have to be a warrior. It can be the alter ego of destruction. however.”

Eugene, who had been shooting without breathing, took a deep breath. His drumstick suppressed his emotions a little, and he gripped his new sword tightly with both his trembling hands.

“Don’t deny the fact that you are the Vermouth Lionheart we knew. After he kills perish. We’ll f*ck you up. You have to survive even to be beaten by us. So do not even think that you will die with destruction. I just desperately think about surviving.”

“… … .”

“It’s the same as 300 years ago.”

Eugene glared at his heart.

“We kill the Demon King. I came here to kill the Demon King. Vermouth, you, with us… … I will kill the demon king.”

At those words, something moved deep in Vermouth’s chest.

I have lived my whole life with the awareness that I am an alter ego of destruction. He thought it was natural to die with the demon king of destruction. Other than that, I didn’t want anything else. he couldn’t hope

but that word. I’ve already heard it several times, saying that ‘you’ is just Vermouth Lionheart. At those words, Vermouth finally closed his eyes tightly.

“… … Hamel, Moron, Senya, Anise.”

A trembling voice continued.

“You… … stupid, stupid no. It is sick.”


Eugene shrugged and laughed.

“It’s the first time I’ve heard of you swearing like that.”

“Vermouth is swearing!”

“Look at that, Senya. Isn’t Vermouth-sama also a human after all?

“If you’re an idiot, your rank is a bit low even among swear words.”

The four giggled and laughed. Hearing that laugh, Vermouth lowered his head to hide the flowing tears.


The slow beating of my heart started to beat faster and faster. This is because Eugene and his colleagues were too close to his heart. The heart sensed an approaching threat and prepared for resistance.

“… … I am… … I don’t want it.”

Vermouth muttered in a trembling voice.

woo woo… … The resurrected color began to wrap around Vermouth’s body. Destruction covered Vermouth’s body with color again in order to eliminate the threat that had invaded the depths.

“I, you… … .”

“I know you don’t want to attack us. I also know that you from now on will not be vermouth.”

Yujin snorted and shook her head.

“From now on, what we will sell is vermouth, not you. therefore. you… … Fight in it while thinking that you will be hit more alive. I mean, don’t be swayed by it quietly and make a fuss.”

“under… … .”

The wild color engulfed Vermouth’s body. Vermouth smiled, twisting his unfocused eyes.

“A sick child.”

Destruction rushed.

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