Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 605

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“You go to the heart.”

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Eugene spat out while blocking the front of destruction that had narrowed the distance in an instant.

Fall out! The magical energy that hit me in front of me was oxidized along with the flames. Eugene glanced at the ends of her hair turning to ashes and stepped back half a step back from her.

“Because I will hold this bastard.”

Vermouth’s presence was no longer felt by the destruction right in front of him. Its eyes were dull and unfocused, just like when I saw it earlier, and the colors and magical powers that covered its whole body were burning roaring instead of flames.

“Are you alone?”

Senya, who was about to step out together, flinched and asked.

“Not alone. Anis and Cristina are there too.”

Yujin replied and pushed the new sword away. As if to prove that remark, Eugene’s wings radiated a bright light.

Quarrrrr! The light soon became a baptism of flames and overtook destruction. However, destruction was not swallowed up by the flames, but rather pushed back the flames by generating its own magic and color.


Senya nodded without hesitating any longer. The specter who became the incarnation of destruction had previously fought and won—but that transcended the status of incarnation. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he was the alter ego of destruction, no, the demon king of destruction who took over Vermouth’s body and ruled it.

Can Eugene alone stop such an existence? As for the possibility – I didn’t think about it. It was because Eugene set out to do so. The fact that his name is ‘Victory’ has nothing to do with running away now. The reason why Eugene and Hamel do that is very simple.

‘Because I’ve never won against Vermouth.’

Senya shook her head and turned around. Unlike Senya, who even paused, Moron did not. He rushed straight ahead, as he always did.


With a scream, Moron raised his axe. Indeed, even the heart was not silent. Puffed up, puffed up. The surface of the heart cracked and cracked and opened. The magical energy that flowed from the inside gathered and rushed to Moron.

Morron’s ax fell. A large blade cut off a chunk of her magical power, but at that moment, a color that exploded hit Morron. At that moment, Senya let out a deep sigh and unleashed her magic. The distance between the two was cut in pieces, and Moron moved to Senya’s side as if it had been there from the beginning.

“You ignorant bastard! Don’t go out alone!”

“Senya, I believe in you.”

After answering like that, Senya couldn’t reprimand her any more. Because she knows that Moron’s personality is not what she says on her lips. Moron sincerely believed that Senya would support her, and she proceeded honestly.

“Okay, okay, so don’t go first. You don’t have to look at how to do that.”

Senya let out a deep sigh and opened her eyes thinly. damn… … The bone and skin covering the surface of the heart continued to open. Inside, purple and dark red flesh like rotten meat squirmed and wriggled, and instead of blood, various magical powers overflowed.


I have seen countless rotting corpses since long ago. The stomach is trained enough to enjoy tea time as a scenery, let alone vomit at a pretty sight, but seeing that heart makes my stomach ache and upset.

It was disgusting to see that much, but it was also the effect of the flowing magic power and color. What was gathered and stagnant in that heart was much more nasty and terrible than the poison of the demon king in captivity.

‘… … How long can I last?’

Senya held back her nausea and chewed her lips. After the battle a week ago, the divinity became much stronger. His resistance to his magical power increased that much, but he was not completely immune.

ㅡ Cranky!

An explosion from behind cut off Senya’s concerns. Not even worth the time to think.


The conclusion I came to after a short thought was no different from 300 years ago. never know what A situation where you don’t know what is correct. In that case, I always sent Moron first.

“Go ahead.”

“I thought so.”

Morron grinned and leapt forward. Senya glanced behind her to see how Moron was responding to the resistance of her heart, but it was difficult for her to understand with just a glance.

All I could see was a jumble of light and color.

Naturally, Eugene did not want to fight Vermouth like this.

The thought of wanting to duel properly one day, and now clearly showing who is stronger was like a chimney—at least not today. after everything is done In a peaceful daily life where you don’t have to think about destruction or the demon king… … Without great determination or conviction, of course after winning.

I don’t think it will, but if vermouth is down. Taking the winner’s margin and patting him on the shoulder a few times. If it’s you, you can become stronger, like… … I wanted to go out for a drink while giving lines that a winner would do.

“Not today.”

Yujin smiled and wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth. Eugene did not regard the opponent he was fighting with as Vermouth. He had never fought and won against Vermouth, so the words—in the end, it was just one of the means to get rid of himself.

“To begin with, this isn’t even one-on-one. is not it?”

[Strictly speaking, Hamel, there are three of us.]

[But Sister, I don’t think Eugene is cowardly. The opponent is a demon king who has lived as long as the demon king in captivity, and it is an evil that must be thoroughly defeated.]

Unlike Anise, who teased her slightly, Cristina stood up for Eugene in earnest.

[My God, Cristina… … If you are now, even if Hamel poops on the street, you will be able to explain to everyone why.]

[Eugene never poops on the street.]

“Why am I pooping?”

Kwak! Eugene’s hair fluttered at the explosion in front of him a little away. Eugene took a deep breath and reached out his hand. The light flowing from his chest instantly created an eclipse.

“And not three.”

Eclipse dug in the middle of the blast. The spreading power was sucked into the eclipse and exploded again. The explosion that exploded shook the void with several times the power of just now.

Destruction raised a sword right nearby. The guy was holding a sword. Even the sword was very similar to the one Eugene knew.

‘Moonlight sword.’

A sword made by Vermouth, who fell off as an alter ego of destruction, by extracting his own magical power. There must be no reason for the demon lord of destruction to use the moonlight sword. However, from earlier, Vermouth made a moonlight sword and fought by wielding it.

There is no awkwardness in the attack even though there must be no intellect. The previous destruction did not know how to perform simple attacks such as moving magic and color or moving arms, but that was not the case now. As the clash continues, his movements are changing.

The destruction that cut the Eclipse’s explosion in two disappeared from Eugene’s sight. Something I hadn’t done before, no, couldn’t. However, from a few years ago, Perish learned how to move like that, and is actively using him to attack Eugene.

This is the belly of destruction. Born there, Vermouth can move anywhere he wants. like right now Although he couldn’t see it directly, his body moved at the intuition of the divine. A slash from the moonlight sword slashed where Eugene’s head had been.

A slash was avoided. But the attack doesn’t end there. The colors drawn in the air wriggled and exploded in all directions. Prominence’s Spatial Leap cannot be used here. Eugene stepped back to avoid the spreading color and pulled out his new sword.

‘Are you sure.’

The current attack is sharper than the previous one. Without intuition, avoiding the slash would have been difficult. I’m used to that way of moving, and I’m adding an attack. No intellect, how?

‘It’s growing.’

There is nothing else to think about. That guy, the demon lord of destruction- is growing explosively now using the intellect of Vermouth he used as a vessel. The fighting method that Vermouth originally knew how to do. Based on him, he is dealing with Eugene, and he is growing into a response that would be ‘vermouth ramen’.


I was convinced of the conclusions I had come to. The swaying and moving destruction saw Eugene. Once again, destruction was out of Eugene’s sight.

“A bastard.”

I felt intense anger. It was like that with the ghost, but it always pisses Eugene off when a baby that isn’t even Vermouth fights like Vermouth. It’s because it reminds me of the fact that Hamel never won. I vowed to one day fight the ‘real’ vermouth and avenge my past defeats, but whenever I encounter such a dog-like case, my stomach turns upside down. It seemed that the joy he would enjoy when he won against Vermouth one day would fade.

“Do it.”

Intuition warned. Cristina and Anis were also surprised and called Eugene by name. However, Eugene did not follow the warning as before. His expression twisted, and he stood still.



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“If you grow up and fight the way Vermouth would.”

The new sword in his hand collapsed into flames. This ‘distance’ is because the interval is too short to swing the sword. Shinhwa was wrapped around Eugene’s hands. And destruction appeared. He swung the moonlight sword from a sharper and more lethal position than before.


The fist that wrapped around Shinhwa moved. The slash of the moon lightsaber aimed at his neck was blocked by Yujin’s left arm. The ominous magic annihilated Shinhwa and dug into Eugene’s forearm.

The moment the moonlight sword pierces your arm. His clenched right hand plunged into the cheek of destruction. Kwak! Destruction slammed downward with a roar that could not have been thought of as being punched in the face.

“You know in advance… … !”

Eugene spat out while shaking off his stiff fist. left arm. Her bones were not cut, but her cuts were quite deep, and her blood flowed unstoppably. Since it is the magic of destruction, it cannot be cured right away.

[What would have happened if your arm had been cut off?!]

“You must have attached it.”

[If you don’t stick right away, you… … .]

“So you hit me before you cut me off.”

The moment your fists clench. I thought I hit it perfectly, but the touch was less. It seems that the color that covered her body dissipated the shock.

Eugene clicked his tongue and spread his hand. I thought it would be okay to beat her with her fists – but the results aren’t very good for her hard work.

If you drag out time, you will be at a disadvantage. It is impossible to resist magical power forever. If the battle is prolonged, this side will wear out first and fall. Eugene glanced back.

I could see Moron slicing up chunks of color and magic radiating from his heart, and Senya pouring magic into the open road. However, even though the high-powered magic was repeatedly hit, there was no blemish to be found in his heart.

If it’s natural, it’s natural. It has been in the heart of doom for thousands, no, many times that time. The magical power accumulated over that long period of time resides in the heart.

‘And you’re growing too.’

Destruction touched the floor with both hands and raised itself.

face without expression. There was no swelling and not a drop of blood on her cheek. Yujin’s lips twitched at the sight. Attacks are growing explosively as they go from next to next. However, ‘now’ can still be dealt with. He is fighting only with Vermouth’s intellect and experience.

If that’s the case, you just have to drive faster than the speed at which he grows. You just have to attack far beyond what you can respond to. Eugene lowered himself while preparing for ignition with Prominence.

“4 people.”

Words I hadn’t even said before. It is not only Eugene and the saints who are fighting against destruction now. During the attack of destruction, I saw the slight trembling of his fingertips. It wasn’t a moment that affected the battle, but there was a tremor in the movement of destruction that seemed unintentional.


It seems that the idiot has finally understood what Eugene and his colleagues are saying. I told you not to think of dying here today. He told me not to make noise because he was an alter ego of destruction, and not to hate and deny himself. I said let’s fight together. He told me not to be swayed quietly and to make a fuss.

The trembling of destruction is proof that vermouth is struggling. There is vermouth in there.


Something I’ve already seen a few times. I didn’t rely on intuition like I used to. Eugene immediately left the place and caused Shinhwa. Two new swords appeared in both hands.

It should exceed the explosive growth rate. We must unleash an attack so severe that it is difficult to respond with only intelligence and experience.

In a brief moment, Eugene’s memories saw the distant past. Several duels with Vermouth. Among them, the attack that Vermouth found it most difficult to deal with, several times approaching victory—

“Sura light.”

The two new swords caused a rampage of slashing.

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