Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 608

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Alchester, who was leading the White Dragon Knights, looked in the direction of the demon king of destruction in embarrassment. Carmen’s blow reached the demon of destruction and disappeared, but it created a very small wave in the tangled colors.

‘I reached it?’

Alchester’s eyes widened at the sight. It was only a week ago that I saw how terrible, ominous, and ferociously strong it was. The sudden descent of the Demon King of Destruction immediately annihilated Melchis Elhire’s Omega Force, and even hundreds of priests were not affected by oxidation.

But look. Right now, Carmen’s blow surely reached the demon lord of destruction. I made a very small wavelength in that bizarre color entanglement.

Carmen Lionheart may have grown stronger in the span of this week. As Eugene Lionheart’s divinity grew stronger, the power was also passed on to the Holy Knights appointed by him. But more than that, the demon king of destruction ‘now’ is incomplete. At least, more so than when he arrived a week ago.

Alchester understood why. The heroes who went directly into the demon king of destruction. Because they are fighting hard, the demon of destruction is not moving, and it has become imperfect enough to be affected by external attacks.


The adjutant, noticing the situation, exclaimed. The White Dragon Knights are always listed as the strongest knights on the continent, but it is difficult to even maintain the front line against the army of monsters who do not hesitate to kill and kill.

* * *

The reason why they can push the frontlines little by little is because Alchester is at the head of the White Dragon Knights.

If Alchester leaves this place, the situation will change immediately.

However, the entire White Dragon Knights pushed Alchester’s back with fearless eyes. No matter how superhuman Al Chester is, if he wields his sword against an undiminished army, he will get tired. If so, it would be for victory to directly attack destruction, which can be said to be the cradle of monsters while the power is still strong.

Even if he himself and many of his comrades die in the meantime.

Alchester felt the determination to die in the eyes of his men heading towards him.

The White Dragon Knights are not the only ones special.

Everyone on this battlefield is determined to die.

The name of a shining warrior.

A man who was reincarnated beyond hundreds of years and ascended to the divine throne.

Everyone who grew up hearing the name Eugene Lionheart and the heroic story of 300 years ago is here.

They managed to defeat the demon king of confinement who had defeated them in the distant past.

And he is challenging the demon of destruction that no one in the world has been able to face.

Everyone on this battlefield was fascinated by the myth. I want to see the completion of Shinhwa, and I want to contribute to its completion.


The same goes for Alchester.

He was born into a family of knights who served the Kiel family. He swore long ago that he would dedicate his life as a knight to the imperial family.

But—how many times, how many times have I longed for it.

Meeting Eugene and hearing about Eugene’s story, many times.

Even before he heard that Eugene was Hamel’s reincarnation, a fire shone in Alchester’s heart.

The desire to offer the sword to that young warrior.

A desire to fight the demon king together and save the world.

A man named Alchester Dragonic, who was not a knight, always longed for it.

Now is the time to indulge your desires. Alchester kicked off the ground and jumped up.

Pooh! The gigantic swollen sword cut through the necks of the Nur people at once. Dozens of necks and dark blood poured like rain under the sword river burning like a flame. Alchester stepped on his severed head and leaped forward again.

“Alchester kid.”

Carmen looked back and smiled. She continued, squeezing and stretching her bloody, tattered hands.

“This is a place to clear up the karma of the blood flowing in Lionheart. You, an outsider, do not need to help.”

“I taught the sword directly to Eugene-nim.”

Alchester responded with the same smile.

“I can’t be confident that I taught anything else, but the family’s secret technique, the sword, was handed down to Eugene by me. Even though Lionheart’s blood doesn’t flow in me – for Eugene-sama’s sake, I’m well-deserved to stand here.”

“Your son must be still young.”

“Time has passed enough for me, who was called a kid, to have a son. If I don’t become a proud father, my son may not get a chance to grow up.”

I felt an ominous feeling that made my chest ache.

The silent Demon King of Destruction does not wield an attack. The reason why Carmen’s arms were torn was because she was struck by the magic that flowed backwards while hitting destruction. Even if it doesn’t move, the magic of destruction is alive and well, and the repulsive force alone can damage the body.

“Hmm, isn’t it time to get fancy?”

Carmen took out a cigar and put it to her mouth. As always, the fire was not lit, but the cigar soaked in flowing blood tasted of blood and the musty taste of wet tobacco.

“Help me.”

I turned my head and saw the demon king of destruction.

-Quarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! The swords wielded by Gilreid, Gilford, and Gion cut off the color of destruction. However, with just one blow, the flames of the two were scattered and blood spurted from their mouths.

“The heroes who made the world what it is today are there.”

He squeezed his blood-stained hands into fists.

“Lionheart’s ancestor, the great Vermouth, is also there.”

There was no need to open my mouth to answer. A huge air sword soared from Alchester’s sword. Carmen laughed as she glanced at the back of Alchester, who silently passed her and charged at the demon lord of destruction.

“The kid has grown up a lot.”

Carmen chuckled, thinking of Alchester in the distant past, wielding a wooden sword in her nose.

Time enough for that little boy to become the country’s knight commander and to have a son. The heroes who gave that time are there. As in the distant past, we are fighting to give the world a future.

You can’t rely only on them forever. Carmen thought so and turned his head. Are all aspirations and resolutions the same? I saw people crossing the battlefield and heading this way. Not the heroes of the past 300 years ago, but those who lived in the present era. Superhumans who will be called heroes in the future are coming here.

“There must be meaning to all of this.”

“It will.”

Gilade came to Carmen’s side wiping the blood from his mouth.

“It was a brief moment, but the moment the sword pierced through—I felt my blood drawn.”

“And light.”

Gion also breathed and said.

“I think it’s okay to die here.”

Carmen nodded.

“But with the father-in-law… … My colleagues think that I should never die.”

“I hope so too.”

“You have suffered all your life, but shouldn’t everyone live and be happy?”



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Gion smiled and turned his head. He clicked his tongue at the sight of Guilford, who was staggering as if he were about to collapse and coughing up blood.

“My second brother was too happy. To swing a sword once and look like that… … .”

“I am… … I mean I’m retired… … .”

“No matter how much you went out to the collateral, to retire at the prime age. Isn’t that an excuse for neglecting the sword because of happiness?”

“Still, you are too hard on me to come to the limb holding the sword that I prepared for the family… … !”

Guilford vomited out of injustice and sorrow. Carmen slapped the staggering Guildford on the back and stepped forward.

“If you can afford to make noise, raise the white salt ceremony again.”

With a tearing spirit, an attack accompanied by flames, lightning, storms, and earthquakes struck the demon king of destruction. Carmen frowned at the violently shaking color.

“I receive help for a cause, but what is inside is the ancestor of Lionheart. And there is also Eugene Lionheart, a brilliant and glorious descendant of Lionheart. Also, Senya and Saint Christina, who can be said to be in common-law marriage with Eugene, are also there.”

“There are also great ancestors of my in-laws.”

“Yes. Everyone is a blood relative of Lionheart.”

Carmen gave a big nod and raised her fist.

It is true that this battle is for the world, but it is also for Lionheart and his kin.

Carmen thought of the ancestors who suffered for 300 years. He is the moment when He is finally released from bondage. At that moment, if you listened closely to the cry of a woman with no dignity, not Lionheart… … .

The thought alone was terrifying and sinful. Carmen let go of his pain and punched him.

I felt the echo. It wasn’t strong enough to shake the ground, but Eugene’s senses clearly felt the calm echo.

At first, I thought it was vermouth. Along with my heart, I wondered if the vermouth inside that monster was resisting, and the emptiness that filled this place was shaking.

I found out after a while that it wasn’t. The ringing didn’t happen inside. that came from outside.

“To rot.”

Eugene straightened up and spat out swear words. He tried to stand up while touching the ground – but the moment he stood, his body staggered.

It was for a simple reason. Because he had no left leg. I thought I avoided it very well, but it seems that I did not avoid it as well as I thought. Eugene frowned as he looked at his leg, which hadn’t shed a single drop of blood and felt no pain.


[Yu, Yujin-sama, your legs… … !]

“Don’t make a fuss.”

Eugene said while leaping on his one remaining leg.

“It would be embarrassing if the arm was cut off, but the leg is actually fine. It’s not like I’m kicking, I just need to fly.”

I judged it coldly and gave the answer like that. Having a leg cut off has no effect in the current battle.

A severed leg cannot be regenerated right away, but it will regenerate normally while recuperating after everything is over. Fortunately, I felt no pain, and no blood flowed. Mana does not flow back through the wound. It’s funny to say this, but fortunately the leg is cut very cleanly.

I was not careless.

I just couldn’t avoid it properly. Eugene flew low and glared at the monster with narrow eyes.

Morron’s ax sliced ​​off several limbs as many as those of a centipede. Senya’s magic bombarded the hand she swung from her back. Eugene also pulverized the teeth of that huge jaw, popped her eyeballs, and hacked her face.

I couldn’t help but think that they were pushing me even though they were attacking me like that. The more he attacked, the more his color and mana were cut, but the power of this side was also cut to that extent. It is no longer possible to overconfident in regenerative power, but the monster did not. Even if it was cut or cut, it became fine in no time.

I didn’t give up. Since the attack is shallow, I thought that if it was to regenerate, it would be fine to attack more, more deeply, and more heavily.

At that moment, the monster’s barrage changed. The fluttering colors stopped for an instant, and the mana calmly subsided.

It exploded. That’s it.

“Are you okay?”

Eugene asked Moron, who was just getting up.

“It’s not okay.”

The answer that came back was unexpected for Moron. His left arm was severed from the shoulder blade. He gave up his left arm to block the rampant magic and color.

“You can fight.”

Moron replied by turning his right arm a few times.


Senya, who had flown away, came back with a breath. She had no wounds on her body, but many of her Mary’s petals had crumbled to ashes.

“I will rework the magic. The attack just now won’t work anymore.”

“How many times can you stop it?”

“I don’t know. I will try my best.”

[I will assist.]

Anis replied. The light that radiated from Eugene connected to Senya. Senya felt the anise as she accepted her divine power.

“You’re not giving me time to rest.”

Yujin grumbled and raised her head.

The monster, whose head had been pierced by a huge divine sword, was slowly raising itself. The new sword inserted right before the leg was cut off was discolored by the gushing color and disappeared.

woo woo… … .

Mana boils from the slowly opening mouth. Hundreds of hands swaying on his back rose to the sky all at once.

Pop, pop, pop… … Masses of condensed magical power appeared from all hands. Senya’s face stiffened at the thousands and tens of thousands of attacks that were directed this way.

“Can you stop that?”

Yujin smiled and asked. Senya stood with his mouth half open and was silent. Anis was also unable to follow his words. The two thought for a while about how to block that ruthless attack with a combination of barriers.

“Choi… … By avoiding it as much as possible.”

Senya stuttered in response. Moron blocked the way while grinding his teeth. If the worst was to come, he would end it on his own.

“Go away because you can’t see it.”

Eugene spat out swear words and stood next to Moron.

woo woo woo… … Magical power and color overflowed from the monster’s mouth along with a dreary cry. Eugene glared at the monster with his new sword in both hands. Even if you have already moved, it is impossible to get out of range. At the moment of the attack, he decided that he would open the way out according to instinct and intuition.

The strange thing happened suddenly. The huge body of the monster suddenly stumbled, and the mass of magical power held by the hands on the back was disturbed.

Beopbeobung! Stumbling and disheveled did not mean that the attack had not begun. However, those tens of thousands of attacks were fired into the wrong sky and other places without targeting Eugene’s party.


Embarrassed, Senya shouted loudly. It was an attack that seemed to be fired at random, but there were so many of them that some of them are flying this way. And still, powerful magic power is seething in that mouth.


The gaping mouth was closed. The magic power that was about to explode flowed backwards, and the monster’s head flew away entirely. Eugene was also surprised by the sight and widened his eyes.

The head was blown off, but the attack was the monster’s own magical power. A new head popped out right next to where the original head was. Kaaaa! It roared loudly for the first time, opening his mouth wide.

I felt great anger in that roar. It seems that the sudden change was not the monster’s intention.


Eugene grinned as he changed the direction of the color that was coming in front of him with his two new swords.

Vermouth is coming.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 607Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 609
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