Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 615

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“… … Huh… … .”

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Indeed, the dragon was fast. The wide battlefield began to move away in an instant. Vermouth couldn’t shake the shouts that continued to come towards him, and glanced back at him.

“why. Did you want to stay there longer?”

“no… … It’s not, but… … .”

There were many hidden things and a lot of suffering. A man named Vermouth Lionheart is not a very sociable personality. He shed tears because of his overflowing emotions, but how to lead the ‘next’ was a great challenge for Vermouth as well.

In such a situation, Eugene and his colleagues led him to ride on the dragon’s back.

Dragon… … Vermouth thought with a puzzled expression. Now that he thinks that he is riding a ‘dragon’, he feels even more strange.

First of all, didn’t the demon king of destruction almost annihilate the dragon? Of course, Vermouth no longer considers himself an alter ego of destruction, so he feels no guilt about it. In fact, it was like that 300 years ago.

But, isn’t that just Vermouth’s point of view? Wouldn’t it be possible to hold grudges on the side of the dragon that was slain?

And it’s not just dragons. Vermouth sighed as he sat between Senya and Eugene, watching the little girl giggling.

“That girl… … Senya, wasn’t that the familiar you made?”

“My name is Mer.”

As if Mer had been waiting, her eyes shone towards Vermouth.

“My name is Mergo, and my last name is still Merdein. It’s Mer Merdein.”

“yet… … ?”

“Sooner or later, you will become Mer Lionheart.”

Mer smiled broadly and hugged Eugene and Senya’s arms. Eugene didn’t know what to say and closed her eyes once, and Senya shook her head as her face blushed.

“I see.”

Senya’s feelings for Hamel were known to everyone from 300 years ago. Vermouth smiled and nodded his head.

“This dragon… … that… … Is this a dragon that survived 300 years ago?”


Vermouth does not mean that he arranges and knows everything. Eugene opened her closed eyes and caressed Lymilia’s scales.

“Do you remember Raizakia?”

“Can you forget?

Demon dragon Raizakia. Even after Helmud became an empire, he rejected humans, and after receiving the title of duke, he claimed to be the ‘Black Dragon’… … A dragon that has reached the pinnacle of human hatred. Back then, Vermut had been contemplating whether or not to kill Laizakia in advance for ‘later’.

“This is Laizakia’s daughter.”

[Oh, the great Vermut, the original woman is called Laimir!]

Lymilia spoke brightly about the fact that the great Vermouth, whom she had read many times in children’s books, was interested in her. Vermouth’s cheeks twitched at Eugene and Raimirah’s answer. He had some doubts now.

Vermut knows how the demons called him. Vermouth from ‘Despair’. He was feared by the demons enough to be nicknamed ugly, so why does the daughter of Lizakia show so much respect?

and… … .

“Isn’t Laizakia dead?”

“I killed him.”

Eugene replied with a calm face.

[Thinking about it now, Black Dragon deserves to die.]

Raimirah also answered calmly. In the first place, there was no blood or kinship, and Lymilia knew what kind of scheme the Black Dragon Master had.

“Right… … .”

Vermouth forced to understand. If the enemy who killed my father is riding on my back right now, why can’t I ride the alter ego of the target who exterminated my species?

“hmm… … Hamel, they are still calling us.”

“Your ears are also bright, can you hear even though you are already far away?”

“There are people following me from behind.”

Vermouth pointed back and said.

Indeed, Vermouth’s words were true. Several people, led by Melchis, were pursuing them from afar. Eugene made a tired face and gave Senya a wink.

“Drop it.”


The fact that Melchis was the vanguard of the pursuers made Senya abandon his hesitation. The light sent by Senya hit Melchis. Aww… … Melchis fell down with a long scream.

“Is that okay?”

Vermouth stuttered and asked. This is because all of this did not make much sense with Vermouth’s common sense.


Common sense is bound because Vermouth doesn’t know what kind of person Melchis Elheyer is. Eugene clicked her tongue and slapped Vermouth on the back.

“I saved you. know?”

“I wonder what… … .”

“I didn’t save you from the demon lord of destruction. human dignity and… … shame and… … It saved me from that.”

I once had a conversation with Melchis in Arot.

Who do you most admire among the heroes of 300 years ago? A wizard would of course talk about ‘Wise Senya’, but from then on, Melchis was an outlier. Melkis replied that the hero he admired most was ‘The Great Vermouth’.

The reason is that Vermouth made a contract with the wind spirit king, Tempest.

The world calls the great Vermouth a warrior and a knight, but Melchis didn’t think so. The Great Vermut is a great spirit sorcerer who made a contract with the wind spirit king… … . The reason Melchis is so obsessed with Tempest is because of Vermouth, not anyone else.

What if you actually meet the vermouth you have admired since childhood? Eugene couldn’t dare imagine what kind of frenzy Melchis would cause.

“If I leave for a month or so, everything will be fine.”

Eugene smiled happily when he confirmed that the pursuer was no longer following him.

“Is this a solution?”

“The war has been won! Are you done? There are a lot of things to fix.”

“That’s natural… … .”

“What’s natural! I hate to do that. What I’m good at is fighting, killing demon lords, cleaning up after work and politics… … I hate that.”

“While we fought in the field, the pope and the emperor and others remained on the territory. The hardships that follow are their responsibility.”

Anis also nodded and agreed with Eugene’s words. Moron, Senya, and Cristina didn’t say anything directly, but they looked relieved to have run away like this.

Vermut looked back at the faces of his colleagues and let out a blank laugh.

“Three hundred years ago, I think we talked a lot in anticipation of a grand improvement.”

“When are you talking? After I died, you improved what you wanted to do. is not it?”



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“It wasn’t a happy improvement because some idiot died alone.”

Senya grumbled as if she wanted to hear, but Eugene, as usual, didn’t even pretend to listen.

“And Vermouth, I did something similar a few times while you were gone. I hate doing it because I’m tired.”

Even when he killed the mad king and when he freed Hauria. He had an embarrassing improvement streak that gave him goosebumps. Eugene shuddered as he thought of Platinum Lion, who would be tucked away in the corner of his home.

“why? It’s the first time we’re all together, so you want to do it?”

The war with the demon king is really over. As we had hoped from long ago, everyone returned together. Thinking about it that way made me feel a bit sad…


The regret was quickly shaken off. The triumphal march that will accompany them there must be one of the most spectacular in history, and the Platinum Lions will be at the forefront of the march. Eugene never! I didn’t want to wave with a fake smile on top of the goddamn float.

“I don’t want to either.”

Vermouth also said with a wry smile. Aside from how he behaved, even vermouth hated the events he had participated in 300 years ago.

“What are you going to do with that?”

Christina, who was looking down, opened her mouth.

Helmud’s capital, Pandaemonium, which was entirely moved by the demon king of confinement, is left in ruins on the ground.

“Push away what?”

There is no forest of buildings, the symbol of Helmud, in the current Pandaemonium. The demons who participated in the war were all killed by the demon king in captivity, so what lies below is just a dreary ghost town with no survivors.

“Then, what about Helmud?”

“Is it a bit like dividing territory?”

“It’s not even at the city level, it’s the empire. The location is also ambiguous.”

He did not become a king only because of his size. Moron caressed the beard on her chin and replied with a serious face.

“If you put it on the table, the kings of the continent will scramble to thrust their knives. There won’t be a war because we have it, but it’s sure to make someone blush.”

“Emperor Kiel is greedy.”

Sensing the gazes subtly directed at them, Yujin immediately straightened up and shook her head.

“Stop telling me to do something like a king.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Your expression says it. i never do If you really need it, there are demons left in Helmud, so choose one of them.”

“Do you know any demons?”

“Is there? It’s a pity that Balzac died. Had he been alive, he would have ordered King Helmud… … .”

“I made a promise to Balzac.”

Senya, who suddenly became serious, opened her mouth.

“What promise?”

“I’m going to write a children’s book.”

“What, can you give me the name of the legendary Balzac?”

“How did you know?”

Hearing the smirk, Senya made a surprised expression. Do you really intend to leave behind the name ‘Legendary Balzac’? It’s better than stupid Hamel, but… … .

Yujin muttered with a confused expression.

“what… … that’s a cool name It’s dead, so I can’t argue with it.”

“Sneaky Balzac, it’s better than this.”

“Just do the legendary Balzac. Anyway, I have no intention of ruling Helmud. Is there anyone among you who would like to do it?”

No one raised a hand. Eugene glanced at vermouth just in case. That body belonged to the demon king in captivity, so I thought that it would be okay for Vermut to rule Helmud.

“I don’t like it either.”

“Then let’s just let it go. They’ll figure it out, okay?”

Since Eugene has the chains that control the demons, there will be no need to worry about riots.

“ah… … Babel is a little disappointing.”

“Babel? why?”

“I made a promise to Anicilla-nim. I will give you a Babel as a gift.”

Lionheart’s home was ruined by elves and dwarves. He made such a promise to Annie Silla, who couldn’t bear to turn it over. Since the entire barbell has collapsed, she can no longer give it to her even if she wants to.

“I’ll make something new for you.”

“Do you have a place to look?”

“There is a forest and a river flows… … .”

Senya’s fist pierced Eugene’s side as he answered with a solemn face.

“So, where are we going?”

Cristina, who was secretly taking out a drink from the inside of her priestly robe, opened her mouth. As soon as the alcohol was taken out, everyone stuck close to it.

“Let’s go to a place where there are no people and get some rest.”

“Take out the alcohol first.”

“Hamel, I know you packed a drink in your cloak before you went to battle.”

“for a moment… … .”

Vermouth, who had been happily listening to the conversation, hurriedly opened his mouth.

“Did you prepare it in advance?”


“What’s wrong?”

“me… … save me… … No, before fighting the demon lord of destruction. Didn’t you mean you took the bottle in advance?”

“You bastard, have you forgotten everything about the past while you’ve been locked up for hundreds of years?”

Eugene clicked his tongue.

“Weren’t we like that before? You always brought a drink before fighting the Demon King.”

“Drink before you die or drink after you die.”

“It is, but… … .”

Vermouth’s eyes wavered.

Certainly, it was like that in the old days. However, with the final fight to save the world and his comrades ahead, to think he packed up alcohol… … .

“So why don’t you drink?”

“Give me… … drink.”

“Yeah, I won’t give it to you now. If you’re going to have a drinking party, do it later. Right now, we simply share one bottle.”

The last drinking session taught Eugene many lessons. History may repeat itself if you drink alcohol in a state that cannot be said to be very good right now.

“then… … After resting, where are we going?”

Anis, who is not good at alcohol, opened the bottle first. Anise took one sip first, followed by another.

“Why do you drink twice by yourself with not much alcohol?”

“This is the drink Cristina brought out. And I didn’t just take two sips. Me once, Christina once. Do you understand?”

Sharing one body was good at times like this.

“I am the world tree.”

Senya took a sip and passed the bottle aside.

“I said hello, but I still have to report. Next, Lagurya… … I will go to the distant sea.”

Recalling Bishur, who fell into a deep sleep, Eugene smiled faintly. It seemed that the laughter of light could be heard in the distance.

“Leheinyar needs to be looked at. Aren’t my descendants there?”

Moron received the liquor bottle handed over from Eugene. He gulped down the drink and handed it to Vermouth.

“If possible, I want to look into La Vista as well. There will be nothing there now… … Still, I want to see it with my own eyes.”

Vermouth replied with a bitter smile.

La Vista. A place where Vermouth has been sealed for over 200 years. The Demons who lived there and contracted with the Demon King of Destruction had already disappeared, and the Sealed Demons were mobilized and died in the Hauria War. Now, La Vista is just a small island far from the sea.

I know that, but I wanted to see it for myself.

“After that?”

“Vermouth, is there anything else you want to do?”

“Hamel said he wanted to establish an academy.”

“Better than a bar.”

“Are you dissatisfied with my dreams?”

“Think of it as a wonderful dream.”

Vermouth let out a low laugh at the conversation.

“I… … Whatever you want to do, think slowly.”

What I really wanted to do has already been accomplished. There is no need to rush ‘next’. The fate that bound Vermouth no longer exists. So is the world.

Desolation is over.

Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 614Damn Reincarnation Novel Chapter 616
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