Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 274

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Chapter 274

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Turbuck. Turbuck.

The sound of shoes hitting the marble floor echoed distinctly.

Ray Bell bitenor.

As he took a step, the gorgeous red robe he was wearing fluttered.

His long blond hair fluttered like silk over the red robe.

“first… … .”

Brilliant eyes as if condensed by the sun.

Just as the sun illuminates everything in the world, his eyes were also illuminating everything in the world.

“I need to get out of there.”

He took a big step.

Then, before he knew it, he had arrived between the veil and Shin Ha-yul.

The veil collected mana as it was and stepped back.

As long as the opponent is a Rabel By-tenor, you shouldn’t move hastily.

With that thought in mind, I distanced myself once.

“teacher… … sir?”

Ray met Shin Ha-yul’s eyes.

On a fine spring day, warm eyes as if basking in the sun.

Looking into those eyes, my heart felt at ease.

The body that was suppressed by the mana of the veil stall began to return to its original state at once.

“Talk about it later. Watch.”

Ray immediately looked away.

His gaze was directed to the veil stall. Now is not the time to have a leisurely conversation.

For now, we have to focus on fighting that man.

“It’s an opportunity that won’t come again.”

To leave as much as possible to the heir.

To convey as much information as possible.

“… … Lord.”

Due to the mana recovered by the veil, Aslan, who became free, approached Ray with a gloomy expression.


Like Aslan, Elena, freed from the pressure of the veil, slowly stood up and called out his name.

He looks like he’s about to burst into tears.

“Asran. Elena.”

When Ray tries to talk to the two with a mysterious expression.

Suddenly, a huge hair ball came in between them.

nine tailed fox.

Shinsoo loved Ray more than anyone else and was saddened by Ray’s death more than anyone else.

Gumiho buried her face in Ray and shed tears.

“… … nine tailed fox.”

Ray stroked the nine-tailed fox with an indescribable expression.

Although it is in a state where it cannot share memories with the nine-tailed fox when it possessed Shin Ha-yul’s body before.

The response is not much different from before.

The Gumiho’s reaction broke Ray’s heart.

When I thought of the sadness of the gumiho who was left alone, my heart felt heavy.

Ray didn’t say anything.

I’m sorry. sorry and thank you

All he could do now was gently stroke the nine-tailed fox’s head.

“… … Mimir.”

While petting the gumiho like that.

Rey hinted at Mimir.

Mimir’s shoulders trembled as he quietly lowered his head behind him.

“Is my face something you don’t want to see anymore?”

“… … No, no.”

Mimir’s shoulders trembled slightly. Her tightly shut mouth and bowed head showed her complicated examination.

“I am… … that is… … . Dear Obama… … .”

Ray Bell Bytenor, he doesn’t know how to address his father.

Rey glanced at Mimir and smiled kindly.

“It is done.”

Then he gently stroked Mimir’s hair.

“You don’t have to say more. what do you want to say, what do you want to say Everyone knows.”

“Abba, Mama… … .”

Mimir’s shoulders trembled even more violently.

Tears drip down from your bowed head.

Rey looked at Mimir and smiled sadly.

“I wish I had done this a little sooner.”

“Abba, abama… … .”

Mimir kept his mouth shut and sobbed.

I swore I would never cry again. I made up my mind over and over again that I would never cry.


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this is a foul

To come out like this all of a sudden and shake your heart like this all of a sudden.

“I want to talk more, but… … .”

Rey slowly removed her hand from Mimir’s head.

“Let’s postpone that until later.”

I pushed back the nine-tailed fox and turned my gaze toward the veil stall watching the situation from afar.

“Keep an eye on it. With future heirs.”

Tuck, Tuck.

one step. one step.

Step closer to Bale Stall.

That’s six steps in total.

At the same time as the party and some distance away.

“My battle.”

A barrier was formed, blocking Ray and the others.

“And the Battle of Bale Stall.”

The barrier thus formed spread out in an instant and became a colosseum that imprisoned Bale Stall and Rae Bell Bytenor.

“for the future.”

Inside the translucent barrier.

Ray Bell Bytenor focused his attention on Bale Stoll without looking back.

“A multi-dimensional barrier. You’re making a bunch. Surely, this wouldn’t harm the heir, but… … .”

The veil stole made his eyes shine.

“Your fighting power will inevitably decrease to some extent.”

multi-dimensional barrier.

As the name suggests, it is a magic that creates another dimension and confines the target there.

“Are you going to fight me like that?”

Bale twisted the corner of his mouth as if he was laughing.

“What? I just thought you would do your best if you had this much handicap.”

Ray laughed lightly.

“Obviously I used you. I felt your will planted in my abyss, and even though I confirmed that I was entering the page of the sixth test, I let it go.”

“… … .”

Veil frowned.

The fact that all of his plans had been exposed caused a surge of displeasure.

“The purpose is to pass on your information to the future. It is to show future heirs the way you fight.”

It is said that the power of Ray Bell Bytenor was comparable to that of God, but it is impossible to reproduce Bale Stall, who is in the same class.

However, it is a different story if Bale Stoll himself puts his existence into the pages of the test.

You can keep the veil stall within the pages of the trial.

You can directly show the future heir how dangerous Bale Stoll is.

That’s why Ray didn’t stop Bale’s manipulation.

To prevent him from harming the successor, only a very small restraining device was put in place, and nothing else was touched.

“How dare you explain it all? You are still kind.”

“If it were you, you would have already figured out the whole situation even if I hadn’t told you. I would have chosen to figure it out and surrender as it is. My purpose, to prevent passing on your information to future heirs.”

“… … .”

It was the correct answer.

Veil would have noticed everything even if Ray hadn’t said that. He intended to quietly accept defeat without rebelling as it was.

Anyway, the one who is here is fake, not real.

It’s better to quietly accept defeat than to give information to your opponent.

It’s a bit disappointing that I was pushed out of the wisdom game with Ray, but I have to admit it.

This match is clearly a loss for Bale.

“So we used a multi-dimensional barrier. By putting the shackles on yourself, you created an environment favorable to you. To motivate you to act.”

Veil narrowed her eyes.

It looked like he completely understood what Ray was trying to say.

“You dared to undermine your own strength in order to force me to fight with all my might?”


Ray said as the mana inside his body rotated faster and faster.

“If you defeat me now, you can defeat the heir waiting outside the multi-dimensional barrier.”

The mana that flowed through Ray’s body flowed out according to Ray’s will, creating a Mobius pattern.

“If you defeat the successor, the future will disappear. Eternal future, this world is yours.”

complete immobility.

It was a perfect combat posture that could respond to any movement of the veil anytime, anywhere.

“Don’t you think it’s worth fighting with all your might?”


Bale snorted.

“This world is under your control. No matter how weakened I am, it is impossible for me to defeat you now. Not even worth considering.”

“no. This world is not in my control. You should know.”

If this world is in its original form.

If it had been in its form before the veil stall intervened, it would have been controllable.

However, now that the heretical molecule called Veil Stall has intervened, it is impossible to control this world.

This world has already left Ray’s hands.

“So fight with all your might. veil.”

Ray’s mana shimmered like light.

“Even if you lose, the only thing you lose is the leakage of trivial information. What you get by winning is eternal victory.”

Ray smiled confidently.

“Low risk high return. It’s a business that I’m completely under. I think it’s worth a try.”

“… … When you say it with a smile, it’s not persuasive.”

My confident smile.

Ray now has a handicap, and he’s convinced that he can’t lose.

It’s not even grounded confidence.

unfounded confidence.

Ray is confident that he will win even though he has no countermeasures.

“really… … . He’s just as gifted at scratching nerves as he is with magic.”

Heat rises in the head.

You are completely ignoring yourself.

“It would be nice if you put a subject on it. My sarcasm is limited to you.”

Bale snorted.

He’s a really funny guy.

“So what? Having said this, do you still have the will to fight?”

The corners of Veil’s mouth rose slowly.

“no. No way.”

At the same time, the veil’s mana added even more density.

Jet-black mana that seems to be symmetrical with Ray.

The veil was also in full combat readiness.

“Ray Bell bitenor. You will regret giving me a chance.”

Light and darkness began to collide with each other.

Ray Bell bitenor and bale stole.

Clash between the two founders of magic.

“Disappear with your future successor. shade.”

Darkness rushed to engulf the world.


As if responding to such darkness, the light moved.

“I don’t think that will happen.”

The last battle in the myth was about to unfold again here.

* * *

outside the barrier.

I was blankly watching the battle inside the barrier.

“… … .”

There’s not even a laugh.

Is that really a human-to-human battle?

I don’t know.

I have no idea.

what are the two of you doing now?

I doubt whether the magic they’re using now is the magic I know.

I feel like my common sense is being destroyed.

Cognitive dissonance seems to be coming.

“… … Take a good look. that’s your future This is the future you need to reach.”

Miss Elena put her hand on my back and said.

“And take a good look. bale stall. The image of the enemy you must defeat in the future.”

Now, don’t miss that scene for a second and put it in your eyes.

Miss Elena’s strong voice seemed to say so.

“The value of this battle is indescribable. Today’s battle will change your future.”

“yes. I know.”

Master’s battle is like a beacon that points me the way forward.

Whether or not you see this battle, it will have a huge impact on your future growth.

To be able to see Master’s battle right in front of me right now is an indescribable fortune.

The same goes for the Battle of the Bale Stall.

The worst enemy I have to defeat in the future.

It was a great advantage to foresee the battle of such a formidable enemy in advance.

Strong, strong, I just heard it.

Because I haven’t experienced it myself.

This made preparing for the future even easier.

“… … I’m a bastard.”

Aslan suddenly let out a dejected laugh.

I can feel their eyes, so it seems like they are talking to me.


I asked again without looking away from Aslan.

Every move of this battle should not be missed.

I can’t look away now.

“For being a bastard, there’s nothing I’ve done other than keep getting hurt.”

“That is natural. What can a new chick that has just started walking do against a phoenix?”

A new chick and a phoenix.

It was a perfect analogy.

“What surprised me was your nonchalant attitude.”

“calm? me?”

No way.

“I’m shaking a lot right now.”

I almost died twice.

My heart still trembles.

“joy. As long as you are now, you are calm. If you were a normal person, it would be normal if you couldn’t even think properly right now.”

“… … is that so?”


Aslan snorted as if it were absurd.

“Even if it’s not like I’m about to die. It’s normal to despair after seeing that battle. It’s normal to feel frustrated and feel a huge wall you can’t reach.”

“hmm… … . I can’t quite imagine myself reaching that level… … .”

I do not know.

It’s an unreachable high wall.

“Is that frustrating? Rather, I think it’s something to be happy about. Even if I try my whole life, there is a level that I can hardly reach, right? How excited are you?”

“… … .”

My heart races.

The fact that such a world exists.

The fact that I can enter a world like that if I try.

My heart beats so fast, I can’t control it.

“and… … Because Mimir did.”


Mimir, who had been staring blankly at the battle, responded in amazement.

“My, what am I?”

“By-tenorism is a force for the future.”

that day.

I will never forget what Mimir said.

“So it is certain that the successor will be strong enough to surpass Obama. … … Called.”

“… … ah.”


Mimir let out a small exclamation, and Aslan laughed as if he was having fun.

“You mean Mimir said that? Hmmm?”

Elena-sama laughed in a tone that said the world was fun.

I can’t confirm because I’m not looking away, but it’s probably glaring at Mimir with a playful expression.

“so. What did Mimir mean when he said that?”

“Aren’t you excited?”


I slowly raised my hand and pointed to the place where the absolutes collided beyond the barrier.

“That I could surpass them both.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

All three of them were speechless at the same time.

I wanted to check why everyone was so quiet, but I couldn’t because I couldn’t look away.

“Did I miss something?”

I asked cautiously with my eyes focused on the battle.

I will surpass the Ray Bell bitenor. Did that sound a bit cheeky?

“… … Ha ha ha ha ha!”

At that time, Aslan suddenly burst into laughter.

After that, Miss Elena and Mimir burst into laughter as well.

“I wonder what the hell is going on in that head. How can you think like that?”

“Isn’t that normal?”

“A heaven beyond the heavens. In front of an overwhelmingly strong person, it is usually the law to despair. But you… … . Ha ha ha!”

Among them, Aslan’s laughter echoed loudly.

“I’m really sorry. Too bad!”

“yes. I’m sorry too.”

Miss Elena smiled discreetly and accepted the words.

“That I can’t see this child’s future to the end. It’s too bad that we won’t be able to see her jump over Ray right in front of us.”

Miss Elena paused and continued.

“Mimir. I envy you. You will be able to see the future of this child until the end.”

A hint of sincere envy emanated from his voice.

“to the end… … .”

Mimir muttered in a voice that was barely audible to me.


As if feeling strange at Mimir’s lack of reaction, Lady Elena called Mimir again.

“Nothing. I just have something to think about.”

Mimir smiled brightly.

“So what, are you looking forward to the successor’s future?”

A very playful smile.

“huh. only i will see I can’t see Elena and Aslan. Are you envious? Hee hee.”


Mimir’s laughter sounded sad.

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