Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 275

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Chapter 275

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The fierce battle that seemed to never end was running towards the end.

The charter began to quickly turn to one side.

“… … Was it too much?”

Bale Stall’s overwhelming inferiority.

The goddess of victory chose the Ray Bell bitenor.

“As long as it is poorly implemented with only this amount of mana… … I guess this is the limit.”

Bale clicked his tongue in regret.

“Sorry. sorry If I had had a little more energy, I could have defeated you this time.”

The remaining mana planted with the curse is not that large.

So, time over.

The veil stall cannot draw more mana than this.

“Knock you down… … I could have got my hands on the future.”

The veil looked at Shin Ha-yul, whose eyes were shining outside the multi-dimensional barrier.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help it. Killing your heir can only be postponed until later.”

eyes shining brightly.

It’s a look that I don’t like, very similar to Ray Bell Bytenor.

“This was my last chance.”

Ray smiled confidently.

“Now you have no chance. You cannot defeat my disciple for eternity in the future.”

Since it was a battle with a handicap on his back, he looked much more devastated than Bale.

His expression was as bright as it could have been.

“My student did not flinch even when he saw our strength.”

Ray looked at Shin Ha-yul with an expression that he couldn’t be happier.

“That kid will be strong. So much so that I can’t even compare. I will rise to a much higher level than I am now.”

The brilliance emanating from Shin Ha-yul’s eyes thrilled Ray.

“There is no way for you, who was defeated by me, to beat my disciple who will surpass me. Your dream ends here.”

Bale Stall cannot grow any further. His time is stopped in the present.

His limit is right here.

It’s only at the same level as a ray bell bitenor.

It is impossible to go higher than that.

Therefore, the veil cannot beat Shin Ha-yul.

Beyond Ray, there is no way to overcome Shin Ha-ryul to reach a new level.

“Did you say everything?”

Bale smiled.

“It was a very interesting statement. I can’t beat that new chick.”

Bale just laughed.

“well. Is it really so?”

meaningful laughter.

Ray’s brow furrowed slightly.

“Don’t think that you are the only one with a trump card ready.”

One corner of the veil lifted slightly upward.

It was a very funny laugh.

“Don’t say it. sometime in the future. Your disciple will be kneeling before me.”

black smile.

A reluctant laugh dotted with desire.

“With your head down, you will despair, agonize, and cry out.”

Starting from those words, Veil’s body began to slowly disappear.

The mana that maintained Veil’s body completely disappeared, and the body also began to disappear at the same time.

“I look forward to it. The day when those eyes will be colored with the color of despair.”

lower body, back, chest.

The bale stall, with only its head remaining, glared at Shin Ha-yul with soggy eyes.

Thus, the veil stall completely disappeared.

out of this world.

It has completely disappeared from the pages of the sixth test.

“… … .”

Left alone, Ray slightly raised his head and looked up at the sky.

“… … no.”

He closed his eyes and sighed softly.

“Nothing will happen the way you think. veil.”

In the center of a slowly disappearing multi-dimensional barrier.

Ray smiled confidently.

* * *

As soon as the barrier was lifted, the world began to distort.

Everything that was forced to change because of the veil stall was going back to normal.


“It looks like we’re done here.”

When the world goes back to normal, it means that the two people who flowed in from the pages of the third test and the fifth test also return to their original positions.


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Their bodies slowly began to disappear.

“Somehow, I thought it would be like this, but I can’t help but feel sad.”

Miss Elena approached me.

“I wanted to hear more from you. What happened, what kind of training did you do, who did you meet, and who did you fight with?”

He stroked my hair with his half-transparent hand.

Perhaps because it is a hand that is losing its substance, I can barely feel the warmth in it.

“and… … .”

Elena-sama took her hands off my head and turned her head away with a slightly resentful look.

“I wanted to talk to Ray a little more.”

Elena-sama’s cheeks swelled slightly.

“really… … Don’t you think it’s too much?”

Master standing with his back turned at the center of the crumbling barrier.

Miss Elena looked at such a master as if she hated the world.

“Do you think it makes sense to stand there without saying anything before parting with a friend you haven’t seen in a while?”

He was pretending to be sad in words, but it seemed that he was not.

“really… … Because he is the same man.”

All sorts of emotions passed through Elena’s face.

Joy, longing, regret, resentment.

I felt so many emotions that my expression became inexpressible.

“I hate it so much, I want to hit it for a night like this and leave… … .”

Miss Elena laughed bitterly.

“Right now, I don’t have legs to run over there or hands to hit.”

Elena-sama’s body is still rapidly disappearing.

The hands and feet no longer had any form left.

“Whatever… … . I should be thankful that I was able to see Ray once more like this.”

Miss Elena’s eyes were filled with longing.

I met again with a friend who had left once.

It was the expression of satisfaction.

“okay. Are you done talking?”

At that time, Aslan, who had been silent for a while, uttered a hint.

Like Elena, Aslan was in a state where all his limbs were missing.

“If you have nothing more to say, I hope you give me a little more time.”

“Oh, sorry. You must have a lot to say.”

“no. I just need one word.”

Aslan started to disappear from his stomach to his chest.

In that state, Aslan looked at me and smiled.

“Keep going. more than that.”

“… … It is very like you.”

Seeing Aslan like that, Elena-sama burst into laughter.

“I say so. cheer up. I will be cheering for you from afar.”

“yes. I’ll try my best.”

Elena-sama looked at me and smiled kindly.

And finally, a gumiho approached me.

He rubs his face against me with his translucent body.

The nine-tailed fox wept sadly and pitifully at the parting with me and with Master.

“Don’t be too sad. We will always be together.”

I gently stroked the head of the nine-tailed fox.

and after a while

The three disappeared at the same time.

Each of them returned to the page of the original test.

In this world, it’s me and Master. And only Mimir was left.

“Mimir. No, Princess.”

I cautiously called Mimir.

If this world went back to normal, it would be normal for Mimir to return to the Mimir of 7 years ago who doesn’t remember me.

If so, the current situation would be chaos itself for Mimir.

First of all, you have to make it safe.

“Yeah, you might be surprised… … .”

“What are you talking about? What are you surprised about?”

“… … huh?”

But what is this?

Mimir did not return to normal.

Mimir was not the Mimir I didn’t know seven years ago, but the Mimir I knew.

why is it the same

“Unlike Asran, Elena, and the Gumiho, I put my personality on Mimir, who was originally in this world, right? Wouldn’t that be enough to fix it?”

If you think about it, Mimir is a little different from Seth.

As Mimir said, that level might not be considered an error.


Just then, a voice came from behind. It was Master. When did you move behind my back?

“Mimir. You manipulated me into staying in this world by using my authority.”

“… … ah.”

Master must have intervened.

“If it was like that, it would have been nice if everyone could stay.”

He smiled bitterly as he recalled the two people and one who had disappeared with a sad expression on his face.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Anyway, after talking with you, go to each test page. I intend to have a brief conversation.”

“ah… … .”

It was like that.

“So let’s talk our way.”

Master used the mana as it was to make a table and a chair.

“Sit down.”

“… … yes.”

It wasn’t even modeling using clay, it was magic that seemed to create something out of nothing.

what kind of magic is this?

While thinking that, I moved around the chair and table.

Master looked at me like I was cute, smiled, and looked at Mimir.

“Mimir. Sit down too.”

“… … yes.”

Mimir hesitated and sat down in his chair.

“I will tell you in advance. The page of the sixth test passed.”

“… … yes?”


Did you do nothing?

“The sixth test page was a page that tested the will of the heir, not his skill.”

“will… … .”

“Your will is firm. Even in front of a huge enemy called Bale Stall, he did not get frustrated. He was determined to advance without retreating. You have passed the sixth test page perfectly.”

“Yes… … okay?”

something bland

I don’t think I did anything, but it passed.

Can it be this easy?

No, I almost died, and what can I say when I say it was easy.

… … Can it really be like this?

“There is no need to be puzzled. In the first place, the fact that the page of the 6th test has been opened here is no different from saying that your skills have reached the level to pass. You have already crossed the passing line in terms of skills.”

“aha… … .”

In short, what I thought was the minimum test requirement was the passing line. It was like this.

After that, I confirmed my will.

… … It’s like having a job interview at a company.

“I mean, this is the end.”

“… … yes?”

end? Just the notification of acceptance?

“Of course, there are many things I want to say. But there is not enough time to talk about them all.”

Master smiled bitterly and rolled up her left sleeve.

A little while ago, like Elena-sama, Master’s body was slowly disappearing.

“Dealing with Veil, I was quite overdoing it. I don’t have time for a long talk.”

“… … okay.”

Considering the level of combat, it’s natural. The veil also disappeared due to lack of mana.

“Of course, if you squeeze the limits, you can make time for 30 minutes or so. However, if you do that, this world will disappear as soon as 30 minutes pass.”

The page of the test that has finished its role of testing me disappears.

It was natural.

“But if I erase my existence now, and use my remaining mana to bring even a little more vitality to this world… … It will last one more day.”

I couldn’t understand Master’s words.

Erase Master’s existence and maintain this world for one more day.

What does it mean?

“It’s only one day, but it’ll be enough time to say goodbye.”

“… … A final goodbye?”


“Who are you talking to? Master and me?”


Master smiled bitterly as he looked at Mimir, who was bowing his head beside him.

His eyes and expression were full of regret.

“My last greetings to Mimir.”

“… … yes?”

“… … .”

Mimir lowered his head and bit his lip.

“Well, what is the last greeting between Mimir and me… … .”

“okay. You didn’t tell me either.”

Master closed her eyes and smiled sadly.

“The longer you drag, the shorter the grace period will be. I will only tell you the conclusion.”

Master didn’t hesitate and immediately continued.

“Like the Book of Idred, the Book of Mimir shares its fate with the disappearance of the pages of the Sixth Trial.”

My eyes slowly widened.

“that… … I mean… … .”


Master looked at Mimir with an expression of disrespect.

“today. Mimir perishes with the Book of Mimir.”

Mimir lowered his head, and his lips trembled as if he were going to cry.

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