Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 318

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Chapter 318

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Following Sein Binoche’s sudden intrusion, Shin Ha-yul appeared in front of Sophia.

“why… … .”

Sophia looked at Shin Ha-yul’s back and said in a trembling voice.

“Why are you here… … .”

The operation has already ended in failure.

Now, just because two people come to support, nothing will change.

Only two more victims.

“I tried to move as quickly as I could to make sure there were no unknown variables… … .”

Shin Ha-yul looked around with a serious expression on his face.

“This is not the level that a variable has occurred.”

The faces of the wizards filled with despair.

Equally frustrated is Sofia Anechevri.

The three invisible tower lords.

In the meantime, the King of Dark Mage, who is fine alone.

Visual information was enough to instantly grasp the current situation.

“It seems that the Dark Mage King is already in perfect condition.”

“… … yes. We were wrong.”

This expectation was completely different.

The Dark Mage King wasn’t crouching down to control his power.

The Dark Mage King was already in perfect condition.

The result is now this horror.

The alliance was brutally trampled by the Dark Mage King armed with the 10th circle.

“now… … There is no way to stop the Dark Mage King. he is… … He was just playing. I was just enjoying myself while looking down at us struggling… … .”

Sophia’s despair was deep.

If the depth of despair is deep, it has reached the end of hell.

Sophia has already let go of all hope.

In front of the power of the Dark Mage King, everything is useless.

Sophia really thought so.

“It’s over. everything is over… … . Even if we return here alive, the only thing waiting for us is a dark future. This world… … It’s like falling into the hands of the Dark Mage King… … .”

“I won’t listen to you any more.”

Then, Sein approached.

Did the Dark Mage King just send it? Or, I don’t know if Sein did something and succeeded in widening the distance with the Dark Mage King.

Everyone in this place couldn’t even see the movement of the world as an afterimage.

Therefore, I did not know how Sein came to this place by wielding the sword that was facing the Dark Mage King.

You can only predict that Sein did something by looking at the dark mage king’s eyes full of interest.

“You’re lost. Sofia Annechefrey.”

Saint Binoche met Sophia Anechefri’s eyes directly.

A stern look like an evil spirit and a look like a piece of glass on the verge of breaking that could break at any moment crossed each other.

“Even though our paths may be different, we thought the direction was the same. I thought that the goal of reaching the apex was the same. however… … .”

Sein crossed his anger and frowned with a grievous expression.

“What the hell are you talking about now?”

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m angry.

“Has the poison of time made you that way? That strong Sophia Anechevri… … Where the hell did the Sophia Anechevri I knew go?”

Sophia Anezefri was Sofia Anezefri before Sein was still growing up.

The world’s greatest wizard.

Sae-in secretly admired her.

He had never said anything out of his mouth as he was a being at the pinnacle of the sword, but he respected Sophia more than anyone else in the world.

But what the hell is this situation like now?

that it’s already over

that there is no hope

even though you are still alive.

Even though there is room for rebellion, there are only negative words.

“It’s ugly.”

Seeing Sein’s candid criticism, Sophia frowned with an angry expression.

“… … The confidence of the ignorant is called arrogance.”

Sophia coldly sneered.

“It’s ugly. That’s what you can say because you don’t know that man’s strength. If you see that man’s strength… … .”

You will have the same reaction as yourself. It has to be.

Sophia’s eyes said so.


Sae-in replied with eyes that were still brilliantly shining.

I lightly gripped the sword I was holding again, turned my body, and looked up at the Dark Mage King.

“I am different from you.”

Eyes like the sun shining brilliantly alone in the dark.

Sein’s two eyes were burning with all sorts of emotions.

“I don’t give up like you. Do not despair.”

No matter how monstrous power the man called the Dark Mage King possesses.


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Even if their skills are so different that they cannot use their hands or feet.

I will never give up.

Sein’s eyes said so.

“Until this life is gone. no. Even after this life is gone.”

Sein held out his sword to the Dark Mage King.

“I will show you that now.”

I will cut your throat from now on.

The tip of Sein’s sword said so.

“God’s rate.”

In that state, he called Shin Ha-yul.

“You lead the retreat. That woman is no longer a vessel to fulfill the role of commander.”

“that… … .”

Shin Ha-yul tried to refute that, but closed his mouth.

Currently, Sophia is in a weak state of mind and body.

It was not a good decision to entrust the command to Sophia now.

Even so, it was impossible to hand over command to another mage.

The other mages’ condition was worse than Sophia’s, but not less.

“… … All right. Then I will take command.”

In this situation, the only person who can take command is Shin Ha-yul.


Sein said with his eyes focused on the Dark Mage King.

From now on, he smiled a little with sharp eyes that contained a strong determination that he could not miss every move of the King of Darkness.

“I didn’t know you would wait. Unexpectedly, he is a man with taste.”

“What? I mean, I saw something good. They just treated me the way they did.”

The corner of the Dark Mage King’s mouth lifted slightly upward.

“So is it over now?”

“okay. finished.”

Sein’s momentum is getting sharper and sharper.

As if it had become a single sword.

cool, sharp

“good night. Then take it out again.”

The Dark Mage King took a stance for the first time.

As if wary of the upcoming battle, he lowered his stance and took a defensive posture.

‘The Dark Mage King… … border… … ?’

Sophia was stunned by the sight.

To think that the Dark Mage King, who had been standing leisurely up until now, was alert.

What did he see in Saein that caused him to react like that?

“You will regret it.”

Sein raised his sword as it was.

slowly. Movement so slow you can’t see it.

Sein’s sword rose toward the apex.

“For giving me this time.”

and the next moment.

The sword is gone.

It’s not a metaphorical expression like the sword was so fast that I couldn’t even see it.

“Originally, mind means something that exists but cannot prove its existence.”

Literally, the sword is gone.

It disappeared without a trace from this world.

“It is the same with my sword.”

But what has disappeared is only the superficial appearance of the sword.

The inner side of the sword did not disappear.

“It is my black heart. Therefore, though invisible, it certainly exists.”

Therefore, the sword of the heart.

Heart Sword.


A huge fountain of blood sprang from the body of the Dark Mage King.

A huge stab wound from the right shoulder blade to the left waist.

Blood pours down from the wound like a waterfall.

“There is nothing in this world that I cannot cut because I want to.”

The King of Dark Mage, who suffered an unexpected wound and fell to the ground.

The Dark Mage King landed on the ground and touched his wound.

“This… … Is it my blood?”


own blood.

Sticky, like gum, the red color that stretches and falls.

“It’s a red color I haven’t seen in a long time.”

Looking at the flowing blood, the Dark Mage King smiled brightly.

“Not bad.”

* * *


The opportunity just came.

I immediately signaled to everyone to run away.

At the same time, he uses a barrier destruction ceremony created by combining Shinan and Pahe.

I drilled a hole in the barrier.

“The hole I made when I infiltrated is still there. You can go out there.”

At my words, everyone jumped and ran out of the barrier.

Everyone saw the power of the Dark Mage King and, as much as they despaired, ran away without looking back.

“… … The Dark Mage King is now mortally wounded. He thinks now is the right time for a counterattack.”

Of course, not everyone was like that.

Out of over 40 wizards, only 4 did not escape as much as the masters of the Mage Tower.

Seeing the opportunity created by Sein Binoche as a chance to counterattack, he is renewing his will.

“If you help Sein Binoche and work together… … .”



“I will speak calmly. You are only a hindrance to Sein-nim now.”

Sein-nim’s sword is not yet perfect.

It is said that it has entered the realm of simgeomhapil, but the training period and actual use experience are too lacking.

It is impossible to use it in detail, such as supporting allies with a heart sword.

Currently, Sein-nim’s mind sword is only a one-sided attack.

To Sein now, a pincer attack has far more harm than good.

“Right now, we have no other choice but to flee.”

Our only option now is to run away.

Leave everything to Sein-sama, and leave the battlefield as quickly as possible.

Sein-nim, left alone, is the last to escape.

this is the best

“… … .”

The wizards bit their lips in anger.

A look as if a thousand thoughts were crossing over.

“There is no time to think. hurry!”

“… … i get it.”

Everyone moved their steps with an expression that they couldn’t help it.

No, I was going to move it.

“My words are absolute.”

It would have been if the Dark Mage hadn’t interfered.

“I would have said. half of you Or risk the lives of the owners of the Mage Tower and go.”

The blood of the Dark Mage King coalesced as if it were in harmony with mana.

‘Black magic that uses blood as a medium… … !’


I went straight into defensive action.




It was faster for the Dark Mage King’s magic to prepare than for me to prepare the defense magic.

“I will prove my power with my blood.”

The Dark Mage King’s blood and mana became one.

It swirled just like that.


The Dark Mage King stretched out his hands and clenched his fists while pointing at different masters of the Mage Tower.

Quadd Deuk!

I heard something twisting.


Fluff, flop!

The two magic towers collapsed.


An instant death magic that uses blood as a medium.

High-ranking black magic that kills the target’s heart by crushing it from a distance.

Heart Breaker.

Directly hit by that magic, the two tower masters lost their lives.

“With this, there are two left.”

The Dark Mage King once again harmonized mana and blood.

With the momentum to kill the remaining two tower masters as they were, he clenched his fists again.

“The same magic doesn’t work on me.”

However, the Dark Mage King could not achieve his goal.

Sein-sama swung his sword and cut off the Dark Mage King’s magic.

“… … Whoa.”

The Dark Mage King became genuinely surprised.

“Does your sword even cut through my magic? Indeed, it is worthy of boasting that there is nothing that cannot be cut.”

At that moment, the bodies of the two tower masters flew out of the barrier at lightning speed.

It wasn’t that the two killed themselves voluntarily.

Sophia-sama used telekinesis and wind magic together, and blew the two of them out of the room.

“hmm. You missed it.”

The Dark Mage King alluded to it with an expression that showed no sign of regret.

“I thought it would be quite unpleasant. Surprisingly, it doesn’t feel that bad.”

The Dark Mage King laughed lightly.

“Is it because I received an unexpected gift?”

Smiling, I looked at Sein-sama, me, and Sophia-sama in turn.

“I’m rather happy.”

It was a genuinely happy expression.

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