Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 319

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Chapter 319

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The place is the King of Dark Mage and Sein-sama. And only Sophia and I were left.

‘If it’s just the three of us, we can somehow escape.’

I spent an hour with this.

As a minority elite, escaping is not that difficult.

Wait for Sein-nim to open up another gap, then run away.

‘The Dark Mage King will try to stop us with all his might… … .’

I’ve already missed nearly forty mages.

Even the Dark Mage King would no longer be able to spend leisurely time.

It is clear that we will do our best not to miss the three of us.

‘If Sein-sama creates an opening and Sophia-sama and I create an escape route with all our might, it’s possible to escape from this spot.’

It didn’t matter whether the Dark Mage King did his best or not.

Sein-sama’s power is definitely reaching the Dark Mage King.

It is possible enough to seize the opportunity to escape.

‘Fortunately, Sophia-nim seems to have recovered her mentality.’

Sophia-sama has escaped from a state of mental and physical weakness.

His eyes widened from the moment Sein-nim cut down the Dark Mage King.

In a situation where there was nothing but despair, Sein-sama’s sword must have come to him as hope.

‘I can run away enough.’

I was so sure


“My desire to taste this battle a little longer is like a chimney… … .”

My expectations were turned off for a completely unexpected reason.

“If it continues like this, I think I will become unbearable. I should leave it here.”

The Dark Mage King suddenly began to collect all the mana.

“Go back.”

As if he had no intention of fighting at all.

I put all my life and energy and crossed my arms in an unarmed state.

“Are you going to stab me in the back after I catch you off guard?”

Sein-nim changed into a sharper expression.

The strange behavior of the Dark Mage King, who suddenly unarmed all of them, heightened their vigilance.

“Do you think I would do such a trivial thing?”

Sein-nim was silent.

Even if you say no, what do you do, even if you say yes, what do you do?

“I swear on my honor. I will not attack you.”

The Dark Mage King’s expression was very serious. words, facial expressions, and actions. A sincere will was coming from everywhere.

“I have no intention of killing you.”

The Dark Mage King seemed to have no intention of killing us.

“So go back quietly. Fighting more than this will only cost you and me.”

It wasn’t surprising, but it was a very unexpected statement.

Not just me, but Sein-nim and Sofia-nim, too, to be let go.

What is the Dark Mage King thinking?

“how… … .”

Sophia-sama chewed her lips and spoke as if she was swallowing her anger.

“What the hell do you want to do?”

As if you are angry about the current situation you can’t understand.

As if he resented himself for not being able to resist the King of Darkness.

Sophia-sama glared at the Dark Mage King with trembling eyes and asked the Dark Mage King’s purpose.

“My purpose has not changed since 50 years ago. Sofia Annechefrey. I think I’ve told you once. Don’t you remember?”

“You mean you said you would become the true king of this world?”

“I remember you well.”

The Dark Mage King smiled a little.

It was a smile full of positivity.

“okay. I will become the true king of this world. I will release all the chains and restrictions given to me, and stand at the peak as a mere being.”

“I don’t understand.”

Sophia-nim answered with an expression that she couldn’t understand at all.

“I hate to admit it, but it’s no exaggeration to say that your powers have already entered the realm of the gods. You are already at the peak. But what is it that I regret… … .”

The biggest reason we concluded that the Dark Mage King was not yet in perfect condition was that the Dark Mage King was still ‘waiting’.

If the Dark Mage King had been in perfect condition, he would have started moving a long time ago.

It wouldn’t be strange if he started moving to conquer the world with the power of the 10th circle.

However, the Dark Mage King did not show any signs of moving.

That’s why we concluded that the Dark Mage King was not in perfect condition yet.

I thought that the fact that the Dark Mage King was not moving was proof of his imperfection.

“no. I’m still not good enough I am still far from the peak.”

The eyes of the Dark Mage King shone fiercely.

“If you only look at your magical skills, you might say that you are at the peak. But that’s all. Only my magical skills reached the peak. The only thing I can compete with that man is magic. Everything else is lacking.”

The man.

bale stall.


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“The man… … ?”

Sophia-sama’s eyes narrowed even more.

“I guess you didn’t hear from Shin Ha-yul.”

The Dark Mage King turned his gaze to me.

Sophia-sama looked at me with an expression asking what that meant.

“In the near future, the harm of the world. The beginning of black magic, the veil stall will be revived.”

“The beginning of black magic… … .”

Sophia-sama frowned as if she had never heard of such a being.

“Those who use black magic cannot resist him. that’s me too When he is resurrected, I will be subordinate to him.”

“… … subordination.”

Sophia-nim finally changed her expression to a little understanding.

“So, in a word, your purpose is the veil stall… … .”


The Dark Mage King said confidently.

“To kill. Beginning of black magic. bale stall. After killing my ancestors and breaking all bonds. Become a true king. That is my ultimate goal.”

Dark ambition shimmered in the eyes of the Dark Mage King.

It was a look full of truth, not even a hint of lies.

The dark mage king’s eyes were shining brilliantly with his own determination.

“That is why you must not die right here and now.”

brilliant black light.

Nasty, yet pure.

“Because you have to kill Bale Stoll in my place.”

While declaring that he will use us, he is quite confident.

“You and I are fighting after you defeat Bale Stoll.”

Silence fell momentarily.

I had heard it before, so I wasn’t shocked.

Sein-sama and Sofia-sama looked quite shocked.

It seems that your head is complicated by the resurrection of the existence of the veil stall.

“… … I understand your purpose and principles of action. But one question remains.”

Breaking through the silence, Sein-nim asked a question.

“Why do you insist on telling the truth about what could be your weakness?”

The first question I had on the day I happened to have a conversation with the Dark Mage King during the previous battle with Levi.

Why did the Dark Mage King dare to reveal information that could be a weakness to him?

The question that once made my head hurt came out of Sein-sama’s mouth.

“I’m sure you’re not going to make a useless offer to hold hands until you’ve dealt with the veil stall.”

In fact, the Dark Mage King proposed to me to form an alliance.

Let’s hold hands, even temporarily, until we defeat Bale Stall.

He, who was reproduced by borrowing Levi’s body, told me so.

“No way.”

The Dark Mage King grinned and denied it.

“If you are like me, evil and . . . There’s no way you’ll be allied with a villain you don’t trust. What I want is nothing like an alliance.”

The Dark Mage King turned his gaze to me.

It was as if those eyes were telling me, ‘You must have been curious too.’

“This is a kind of warning.”

“… … warning?”

“okay. warning.”

The Dark Mage King frowned.

“The veil stall is comparable to mine… … No, it’s probably a monster that surpasses me now.”

Sofia-sama’s eyes widened, and Sein-sama’s eyes sharpened.

“That’s why I told you in advance to prepare with all your might. You are the only one who can deal with that monster.”

So warning.

In order to inform the dangers of the veil stall, he told the truth about everything.

It was like that.

“hmm. Right.”

Sein-sama nodded as if he understood.

“If that’s true, I can understand your incomprehensible behavior. An extremely calculated act stemming from selfishness. No matter who sees it, it’s a wicked mind, so there’s nothing to doubt.”

“You understand quickly. then… … .”

“However, there is literally no doubt about it. There are no lies in your words.”

However, it was very bloody for a person who understood.

“You are hiding something fundamental. The truth is being told, but the most important thing is left out. He hides a lie in the truth.”

The Dark Mage King’s eyes narrowed.

His expression showed that he was a little more interested in Sae-in.

“What am I hiding?”

“I do not know.”

Can’t I know that

Sein-sama’s eyes said so.

“All I know is that you are hiding something. You don’t even know what you’re hiding. My relationship with you is too shallow to understand your black heart.”

“It’s a theory.”

The Dark Mage King laughed happily.

“Then I will change the question. Where did you find something strange about my words?”

“That’s what you said you would just let me go.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

The Dark Mage King replied expressionlessly.

“My goal is to overthrow Bale Stall. Is it strange that you would like to keep high-ranking forces like you as intact as possible to achieve that goal?”


Said Sein-nim.

“Your ultimate goal is not to overthrow Bale Stall. Your goal is to stand at the top of this world after dealing with the veil stall. By removing the restraint called the veil stall, you become the king of this world.”

The Dark Mage King’s smile deepened little by little.

It was as if he knew what Sein-nim was going to say.

“To achieve that goal, two conditions must be met. One, as you said, is for us to deal with the bale stall.”

This is what Bale Stoll explained in his own words.

Since we cannot rebel against the veil stall, if we do not deal with the veil stall, the black mage king will not be able to achieve his goal.

“And the second is to prevent our forces from becoming too powerful.”

After the bale stall collapsed.

The Dark Mage King must fight us for his own purposes.

Only by killing us can he stand at the pinnacle of this world and fulfill his purpose of becoming a true king.

Thinking back then, we want to prevent our forces from becoming too powerful.

“Have you ever thought that we only valued the near future more than the distant future? I just focused a bit more on killing Bale Stall. The idea of ​​controlling your forces to increase the survival rate of the Veil Stall… … .”

“You can tell by looking at what happened just a moment ago that you are trying to control our forces.”

Sein-nim looked down and stared at the corpses of the two tower masters.

“According to what you said, if you acted with a focus on dealing with the bale stall. You shouldn’t have killed the owners of the Mage Tower.”

The Dark Mage King was silent.

As if asking me to say more, I just smiled.

“The magic tower masters would have been of great help in the battle against Bale Stall in the not-too-distant future. If you really only focused on defeating the veil stall, you shouldn’t have killed the owners of the Mage Tower.”

It was a theory.

According to the Dark Mage King’s claim, the masters of the Mage Tower should not have died.

“However, you killed the owners of the Mage Tower.”

The death of the Master of the Magic Tower is evidence that refutes Bale Stoll’s claim.

“You were clearly trying to cut down on our forces. Your claims and actions are completely at odds.”

The Dark Mage King’s smile grew thicker.

“no. Even if he didn’t kill the owners of the Mage Tower right away, it was something that could be known just by looking at the actions of the Black Mage Tower. If you really focused only on defeating Bale Stall and acted while ignoring the future for the time being, you shouldn’t have acted to reduce our forces.”

A series of theorems with no room for refutation.

Everyone in this place seemed to be overwhelmed by Sein-sama’s momentum.

“Your objective is not just the overthrow of Bale Stall. Your objective is to control our power to some extent. To prepare until we fight in the distant future.”

Will the detective who uncovered the criminal’s trick be like this?

Sein-nim continued with a majestic expression and attitude.

“For that purpose, you shouldn’t let me live. Unknown territory you don’t know. you don’t know… An unknown threat armed with swordsmanship must not be returned.”

From Bale Stoll’s point of view, the prosecutor named Sane Binoche is a lump of variables itself.

An unknown swordsman who can inflict fatal wounds on himself with an incomprehensible swordsmanship called the swordsman.

If Sein-nim’s hypothesis is correct, from the position of the Dark Mage King, Sein Binoche must be an existence that he wants to get rid of right now.

“But you said you would just send me back.”

However, the Dark Mage King is not trying to kill Sein.

“The owners of the Magic Tower tried to kill me somehow. I’m just saying I’ll send it back.”

Sein-sama’s eyes shone sharply.

“You are trying to send me back quietly, even while lying and hiding your true purpose. What could be the reason?”

While killing the mage masters, he, who has more dangerous power than the mage masters, tells him to just go back.

Sein-nim had doubts about this fact.

Having doubts, I concluded that the Dark Mage King was hiding something.

“There is only one answer.”

The Dark Mage King was silent.

He was silent, twitching his lips.

“You don’t want to fight me right now. No, it would be difficult to fight.”

Sein-nim gripped the sword again.

Gently, like catching the wind.

Gently, as if holding a child’s wrist.

“in short.”

The sword in Sein-sama’s grasp slowly began to fade.

Like a mind that exists but does not exist.

Sein-sama’s black heart was becoming itself.

“It means that there is a high probability that you are not in a condition to fight properly right now.”

and the next moment.


The right arm of the Dark Mage King flew in the sky.

“This is my conclusion.”

Between the splashing blood fountains, Sein-sama’s eyes shone blue.

Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 318Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 320
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