Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 324

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Chapter 324

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The battle between Sein Binoche and the Black Mage King ran parallel lines.

“Suddenly, I think of this. What if you realized that power just a little bit earlier?”

The Dark Mage King said with a complex and subtle expression.

Beyond the black mana that is still being cut from time to time.

I stared intently at Sein Binoche on the other side of the fluttering darkness.

“… … what is it all of a sudden Is the purpose of damaging my concentration with Thresh Talk?”

The gaze is strangely lukewarm.

I don’t know if someone else looks at me like that.

It doesn’t feel good to see the Dark Mage King talking like that.

Should I say it feels like an ant is crawling on your back?

“no. It just suddenly occurred to me. I have no other intentions.”

The Dark Mage King smiled and spread his magic.

The darkness that had been shattered by Sein’s sword began to spread Sein again.

“It is said that he is in a bad condition because of Shin Ha-yul’s unreasonable magic. They are fighting with me, who is doing my best. With a sword that I only learned for 2 months. This is putting pressure on me.”

Sein cut off that darkness again.

He swung his sword with the energy to cut off even the lukewarm gaze of the King of Darkness.


Jet-black petals shattered and fluttered.

The sight of corrupt mana crystals scattering was incongruously beautiful.

“If you are one year… … No, what if I had reached that level half a year earlier? What was the battle like at that time?”

Sein took a step forward.

A step forward casually.

That step erased the gap of about ten meters in an instant.

It was as if they had moved in an instant.

“You’re asking something obvious.”

This time Sein Binoche learned a new skill while observing Ignis of Shin Ha-yul and the darkness of the King of Darkness.

Aware of the existence of a higher dimension called Shinhwa, a new technique learned while dealing with the absolute evil called the King of Darkness.

“You would have survived less than three times and lost.”

by cutting space. The absurd step of skipping space itself.

Since it’s not magic, it’s a super-fast moving machine that even the Dark Mage King can’t predict.

In an instant, Sein burrowed into the arms of the Dark Mage King.

Chow ah ah-!

Then, he struck the sword straight into the empty chest of the Dark Mage King.

The black mage king’s body, armed with darkness, was cut off as it was.

“… … Does it even transcend space?”

The black mage king caressed the cut in the form of cutting his body diagonally and smiled mysteriously.

“What is the name of that technique?”

“I do not know.”

Sein changed the trajectory of the sword again and cast an upward slash.

“It’s the first time I’ve used this technology. There is no such thing as a name.”

As if ignoring the laws of physics, the sword changed its direction 180 degrees while retaining the power it possessed.

The sword passed right through the black mage king’s cheek.

The Dark Mage King pulled his body back and got out of the path of the sword.

“In an instant, the conversation went cold. I almost had my throat cut.”

At that time, Sein’s sword waved vaguely.

“no. She has already been cut.”

Like a mirage flickering.

As if the sword itself was an illusion.

The sword shook like fog.

“It is impossible to dodge my sword at this interval.”

At that moment, a solid red line was drawn around the black mage king’s neck.

“This… … .”

And the next moment, the black mage king’s neck was separated from his torso and was flying in the sky.

“Hmm. It doesn’t look like you cut my throat with your heart sword.”

But that’s for a while.

As if the head of the Dark Mage King had been severed, it returned to its original state.

As if it hadn’t been cut in the first place.

As if the decapitation was a hallucination, it came back to normal.

“Right. Just that slash. By cutting through the space, did I pretend that the act of stepping back did not exist?”

“… … Can you see through it at a glance?”

The trick is the same as when I cut the space a while ago and moved.

The only difference was that he did not cut the space where the people were planning to move, but cut the route for the King of Darkness to escape.

“I thought no one was more talented than me.”

The Dark Mage King caressed his neck and said something out of the blue.

“Ray bell bitenor, bale stole, mythological gods. I was convinced that he didn’t have as much talent as I did.”

Sein frowned with an expression asking what nonsense he was talking about.

“I am the one and only being with the supreme talent. Throughout the past, present, and future, there is no one with as much talent as me. I thought so.”


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The Dark Mage King looked straight at Sein with an expression of sincere admiration.

“By the way… … . I must have misunderstood.”

Looking at the swordsman facing him with a sword, he applauded with sincerity.

“I hope you are equal to me… … No, to think that there would be someone with talent that surpasses me in some way.”


With all the admiration and admiration in the world, I applauded.

“Sain Binoche. Admit it. Your talents are of a level that allows you to fully reach the highest realm. It is a natural talent on the same level as me.”

“… … f*ck it. Receiving compliments from you will only make you feel bad.”

The Dark Mage King frowned as if he was somewhat sorry.

“That makes it all the more regrettable.”

“What are you sorry about?”

“The fact that I have to kill someone like you with my own hands.”

Sein frowned.

“… … You speak as if my defeat is taken for granted.”

I didn’t like the appearance of the Dark Mage King acting as if he had already won.

“I will make you an offer.”

“I will not listen.”

Sein swung his sword again.

Just like that, the darkness was cut along with the space.

It was as if the world itself had been cut out.

“Listen. Saint Binoche. There won’t be any harm in keeping it.”

“He said he wouldn’t listen.”

The black mage king’s body, which had been severed along with the world, returned to its original state in an instant.

As if you had rewinded time.

The body has been restored to its original, intact state.

“Sain Binoche.”

“You are tenacious.”

The Dark Mage King was cut vertically this time.

From the top of the head to the groin.

It was split in half.

But the result was the same.

The only difference is whether it is cut horizontally or vertically.

The body of the Dark Mage King immediately returned to its original form.

“you. Wouldn’t it be mine?”

“I won’t listen… … what?”

Sein’s face crumpled.

As if I couldn’t hate it more than this.

He furrowed his brow in disgust.

“I said to be mine. Become my limb. Support me, and unfold your talent to the end. I want to see the tip of your sword.”

The Dark Mage King held out his right hand to Sein.

“no. It wouldn’t be bad to make a covenant at all. I also have the desire to breed, so if it’s your level… … .”

“Shut up. before cutting out his tongue.”

Sein sharpened his teeth.

Goose bumps on both arms.

“It was one of the most chilling words I have ever heard.”

His expression and reaction were as if he had seen hundreds of millions of cockroaches crawling around.

“If it was a trash talk to damage my mind… … I will praise you. Your strategy worked well enough. I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

Sein frowned as if his head really hurt.


Just remembering the two-letter word that came out of the mouth of the Dark Mage King gives me chills on my back.

“hmm. I was sincere.”

“Then it’s even worse. It feels like throwing up.”

Sein filled with resentment and swung his sword.

The King of Dark Mage, who is split into dozens or hundreds of branches in an instant.

“How long are you going to do such a meaningless show of strength? I think it’s about time you realized that you couldn’t kill me.”

Just like before, the body of the Dark Mage King was restored in an instant.

“Though your sword can cut me, it cannot take my life. Your slash can’t match my regenerative power.”

It was an undeniable statement.

No matter what kind of attacks the three people had so far, the Dark Mage King quickly returned to his original form.

Sein’s offensive power does not reach the Black Mage King’s regenerative power.

“Your sword is amazing. That’s right, it’s just a sword. Attacks of dots and lines cannot kill me.”

In order to kill the current King of Dark Mage, it wasn’t dots and lines. You must attack the entire surface.

The regeneration of the Dark Mage King cannot be prevented by stabbing or cutting.

To be honest, the charter is not very good.

“okay. Certainly there is no hope now. But that is only a limited story for now.”

But that’s it.

The charter is only slightly unfavorable.

It’s not that the victory has passed over there.

“Your rebirth may not be infinite. If you continue to attack like this, you may one day reach your limit.”

Sein swung his sword.

A serial attack using the heart sword.

Slashes pour down like rain.

“There is no reason for me to give up.”

“… … Hmm.”

Being hit by the pouring rain of slashes all over his body, the Dark Mage King let out a drool.

It looked like he was a little tired.

“You must know it in your heart. That I am looking after you now.”

The Dark Mage King’s eyes shone fiercely.

“If I ever wanted to kill you, I could kill you anytime.”

“no. Your magic doesn’t reach me. Just as my sword can’t touch your regenerative powers. Your attacks cannot invade my territory either.”

The Dark Mage King’s magic is still incomplete.

The myth forged by the King of Black Mage, ‘Darkness’ only protects the King of Black Mage’s body and provides infinite regeneration.

It cannot be used for attack purposes.

Unless darkness can be used for attack, it is impossible to break through Sein’s defense.

This is something that the Dark Mage King also knows.

“Admit it. surely. My magic is still immature. It is impossible to directly penetrate your defenses using the darkness.”

But it’s not that there isn’t a way.

“but. It is possible enough to bypass and pierce.”

“You bastard… … no way… … .”

Sein’s expression became urgent.

The Dark Mage King stretched out his hand to the left.

“ruler. Stop it.”

He reached out his hand toward the body of Sophia Anechevri, which was placed between Sein and the Dark Mage King.


The purpose of the Dark Mage King is to steal the body of Sofia Anechefri.

Right now, the Dark Mage King plans to steal Sophia’s body.

Sane immediately cut the space and moved in front of Sophia.

In this position, Sophia can be protected.

“Can I really keep it?”

Looking at Sein like that, the Dark Mage King twisted the corner of his mouth.

“I can keep at least one Sofia Anechefri.”

“To agree. surely. If you are now, you can protect at least one Sophia Anechevri.”

The Dark Mage King stretched out his other hand as well.

He raised his hand toward Shin Ha-yul, who was lying right next to Sophia.

“But what about two?”

Sein frowned.

“Don’t be pretentious. You can’t kill Hayul. Ha Yul cannot be a hostage.”

“well. Is it really so?”

The Dark Mage King cast a curse on his right hand.

“Certainly, I cannot kill Shin Ha Yul. Killing Shin Ha-yul is the same as killing my future.”

sticky curse.

The ark of the incantation that binds the target is seated in the right hand of the Dark Mage King.

“But that is all. just can’t kill It is possible enough to place restrictions on Shin Ha-yul’s body. If the mental barrier is weakened like that now, it might be possible to restrict it and make it my puppet.”

Sein’s eyelids trembled.

He was taken aback when he felt that the King of Dark Mage was seriously aiming for his servant.

“It’s either way. Choose.”

Sophia in the left hand.

The right hand is Shin Ha Yul.

“Are you going to stop the curse directed at Shin Ha-yul? Or will you stop me from taking Sofia Anezefri’s body?”

Aim for two people with different magic.

“Personally, I recommend keeping the vassal. The choice is yours. I will leave it entirely up to you to decide who to protect.”

The Dark Mage King’s mana spread out.

“I look forward to it. What choice will you make?”

It was at a time when Sein frowned at the actions of the Black Mage King who were so savage.


“… … !”

“… … !”

Suddenly, Shin Ha-yul’s fingers moved.

Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 323Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 325
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