Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 325

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Chapter 325

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It’s like a premonition right before a vegetative person wakes up.

Starting with my fingers, my body began to tremble little by little.

‘Are you awake? It was a level of injury that wouldn’t be strange if he died at any time. There’s no way I can get up already.’

Seeing that, the Dark Mage King frowned.

Shin Ha-yul’s body was like a torn rag.

If it wasn’t for Sophia’s devoted treatment, she would have died on the spot.

No matter how much treatment has been completed, it is still a level of injury that requires several months of recuperation.

It doesn’t make sense that I can be so awake now.

‘Is it just that the fingers moved due to muscle contraction and relaxation while bodily functions were restored to some extent?’

No matter how much I think about waking up, it makes no sense.

The twitching of the finger just now is likely a natural phenomenon that occurred when the blood circulation returned to the normal track to some extent.

The Dark Mage King carefully observed Shin Ha-yul’s entire body with a vigilant eye.

‘I guess so.’

After the finger flinched, Shin Ha-yul’s body did not show any movement.

Not only the body, but also the mana in the body was no different from before.

Breathing, pulse, and mana movement are all the same.

Shin Ha-yul is still losing his mind.

Composure returned to the expression of the Dark Mage King.

‘It almost bothered me.’

If Shin Ha-yul had woken up, it would have been quite a headache.

Even if it is in the state of return, it is the successor to the Bytenor style.

Hiding behind Sein and protecting Sofia should be enough.

If that happens, the Black Mage King will be unable to carry out the strategy of targeting Sofia or his servants and creating gaps in the world.

Then the battle would have run parallel lines again.

Sein has no way to kill the Black Mage King, and the Black Mage King also maintains a situation where there is no way to kill the Sein.

The battle would have taken on the aspect of a war of attrition, as before.

So what happened?

Did Sein collapse due to exhaustion of stamina, and the King of Dark Mage finally won the victory?

Or would the Black Mage King fall first due to mental exhaustion, and Sein Binoche would win?

no one knows that

Neither Saint Binoche nor the King of Darkness knows how long Saint Binoche can endure.

Neither the Black Mage King nor Sein Binoche know how long the Black Mage King can last.

Because Sein is the first to use this power.

The Dark Mage King had never fought like this before.

Neither has a way to know the details of their own and the opponent’s strength.

No one knows who will collapse from exhaustion first.

That’s why the black mage king gave up 1:1 with Sein and turned to the strategy of targeting Sophia and his servant.

The Dark Mage King is not stupid enough to put his neck on a battle where he doesn’t know whether he will win or lose because of his pride.


The Dark Mage King uttered a sarcastic tone with a relaxed smile on his face.

“If Shin Ha-yul had woken up, I wouldn’t have known what would happen.”

“… … .”

Sein’s expression, which had brightened for an instant, suddenly darkened again.

Sein also thought the same as the Dark Mage King and came to the same conclusion.

Shin Ha-yul does not wake up.

can’t wake up

Therefore, the situation has not changed.

The situation is still grim.

It felt as if the light of hope, which had been flickering very slightly, had been trampled on by someone and extinguished.

“You unintentionally gave away quite a bit of time.”

Mana was concentrated in both hands of the Dark Mage King again.

“I should have had enough time to think. ruler. Now choose.”

The corner of the Dark Mage King’s mouth was twisted.

“Is it God’s rate? Or is it Sophia Anechevri?”

The Dark Mage King shot magic at two people at the same time.

A curse to Shin Ha-yul and a curse to Sophia.

One is the curse of bondage and shackles, and the other is the curse of body snatch.

Which of the two curses will Sein Binoche cut off?

By the way, it is impossible to cut two curses at the same time.

‘Sain Binoche’s weakness is that he cannot cut two at the same time.’

I don’t know if it’s because she’s still immature, or if it’s just the nature of the mind sword, but Sein Binoche can’t cut two at the same time.

If that was possible, he would have cut down the darkness that guarded the body of the black mage king and at the same time cut the black mage king’s true body.

The fact that the Dark Mage King is still alive is proof that the people of the world can only cut one thing at a time.

“I look forward to it. Which of the two of you will you abandon?”

Curses rushing fast.

The Dark Mage King once again ventured to shake the people’s spirits with Tresh Talk.

Sein’s brow furrowed very slightly.


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and right after that.

Sein swung his sword.

Now, the sword is as familiar as breathing.

With that, he cut the curse toward Shin Ha-yul.


“I knew you would come out like that.”

He took one with his own body.

“What a stupid woman you are. It was a problem that would all be solved if Sophia Anechevri was abandoned.”

He cut off the gourd headed for Shin Ha-yul and received the curse directed at Sophia with his body.

“If you had killed Sophia Anechevri with your own hands, that would have solved everything.”

“… … .”

Sein Binoche put up with the most relaxed expression while enduring the curse.

“Ditch Sophia Anechefri? Why should I?”

Enduring the pain as if her entire body was being crushed, she smiled desperately.

“Because of your petty curse?”

stick out the sword

“Don’t think that a curse like this can shatter my convictions.”

Fingertips trembling slightly.

The tip of the sword, which had never trembled before, trembled very slightly.

“Go on. It doesn’t matter even if I get hit by your curse hundreds or thousands of times.”

The Dark Mage King laughed happily.

“Hundreds, thousands of times… … .”

Looking at the tip of Sein’s trembling sword.

As if watching the saintess fall, she smiled brightly, albeit filthyly.

“I’ll buy that spirit high, and I’ll make a promise.”

I laughed and prepared my curse again.

“Ten times.”

In his left hand, he held the shackles for Shin Ha-yul.

In his right hand, he holds the curse of body snatching for Sophia.

“If you can withstand my curse ten times, I will be considered defeated.”

A more powerful curse than before was directed at the two of them.

“I look forward to it. Please, don’t collapse all at once.”

Seeing Sein Binoche swinging his sword, the Dark Mage King smiled brightly.

* * *

Cein Binoche sits down on her knees.

It seems like everything has been squeezed out.

It’s like he doesn’t even have the strength to move a finger.

He is sitting on the floor and looking down at the ground.

“It’s too bad.”

Looking down at Sein Binoche, the Dark Mage King twisted his lips.

“If you held on one more time, it would have been your victory.”

Sein Binoche withstood the curse of the Dark Mage King nine times.

as many as nine times.

While firmly cutting off the curse directed at Shin Ha-yul with his mind sword, he withstood the curse directed at Sophia with his bare body.

“… … now… … all… … .”

A murmur of words leaked out of Sein’s mouth.

“It’s not over yet?”

The Dark Mage King asked with a smile on his face.

“It’s not convincing when you say it in such a dying voice.”

Knees tremble like aspen trees, heads bowed like withered sunflowers, and both hands droop like withered plants.

“Do not let go of the sword even in that state.”

Although he held his sword as if he couldn’t miss this one.

That’s it.

Literally just holding on.

Taking away the sword from Sein now would be easier than taking candy from a baby.

“The more I look at her, the more I like her. It’s too precious to die like this.”

Looking down at Sein, the Dark Mage King stroked his chin.


A level of greed I’ve never felt before.

As much as I long for the 10th circle, I am coveted.

“But I will have to kill you. With that much willpower, whatever I say will mean nothing.”

Maybe because you know you can’t have it, you’re more greedy.

The Dark Mage King licked his lips in regret.

“bye. The time I spent with you will forever remain in my memory.”

The Dark Mage King stretched out his hand to Sein.

“I’ll kill you as comfortably as possible. It is my last mercy.”

With admiration for the genius swordsman who showed me a wonderful sword.

I will give you the most comfortable death possible.

The Dark Mage King’s Mana embraced kindness for the first time in her life.

The black mana slowly wrapped around Sein’s body.

By the time Sein’s body starts to be colored with death.


A huge pulsating sound was heard.

Sounds like a beating heart.

But the sound is too clear to be the sound of a beating heart.

It sounded like mana pulsating.

As soon as the sound resonated in the ears of the Dark Mage King.

‘Mana has stopped.’

Mana stopped moving.

Not only the mana that surrounded the King of Darkness, but also the mana that surrounded the world.

Everyone stopped moving as if time had stopped.

‘This… … .’

It’s not just Mana.

The wall of the tower, which had been crumbling in the aftermath of the battle.

Even the wreckage that fell from there.

The debris fell, and the dust that was scattered.

Even the wind that raged wildly in the aftermath of the battle.

Everything stopped moving.

“Heaven and Reverse Heaven.”

In a world where everything has stopped.

A man’s voice was heard.

“The Center of Two Opposite Laws.”

A voice that should not be heard.

The voice of a person who shouldn’t be awake right now.

“In the bi-tenor style, that center is called ‘neutral’.”

Shinha rate.

he murmured coldly.

Concentrating all the rage in the world, muttering as if chewing and swallowing, he walked towards the Dark Mage King.

“you… … .”

The Dark Mage King slowly turned around and glared at his servant Ha Yul.

As much as the horse has slowed down, the horse is also languishing.

It was as if the video was playing at 0.5x speed.

“Looks like you can move.”

Shin Ha-yul approached the black mage king and clenched his fist.

“Although it is imperfect, it is probably because I succeeded in stepping into the 10th circle. Or maybe there’s another reason, I don’t know… … .”


As if condensing the anger he was chewing and swallowing into his fist.

I clenched my fists with all my might.

Seeing that, the Dark Mage King took a defensive action.

Gathering the darkness together, he tried to change his form just like he did when defending against the attack of the previous Sein Binoche.


‘Mana doesn’t listen to me.’

The darkness didn’t listen.

It seemed that he had no intention of listening to the orders of the Dark Mage King.

Mana showed no signs of moving.

“But that’s all. That’s the end of the freedom that can be obtained in that imperfect state.”

Seeing the bewildered King of Dark Mage, Shin Ha-yul took a big step forward.

“Now Mana doesn’t listen to you.”

And he swung his fist vigorously.


The black mage king’s body flew far away after being hit by Shin Ha-yul’s fist.

Even the flying speed is slow.

It was as if the physical laws of the world had changed.

“wake up.”

The Dark Mage King slowly flew through the sky and landed on the ground.

Shin Ha-yul glared at the black mage king and said.

“Get up.”

Hot eyes that seem to have been engraved with anger.

A bloody expression as if he would kill you right now.

“The atrocity you did to Sein-nim. I will return it as it is.”

Inside Shin Ha-yul’s body, mana rotated.

Heavenly Mandate.

something in the right direction.

Reverse Heaven

some in reverse.

Two conflicting things clashed like friction.

It roars quietly between coincidence and inevitability.

“Don’t think about dying in peace.”

The center of two opposing concepts.

The center of Jeongdo and Apostle.

A utopia that shouldn’t exist.

Neutral because it is not biased anywhere.

“I will taste the horror of losing magic and kill you as painfully as possible.”

A neutral ring that has achieved complete neutrality forces all physical laws in this world into a ‘neutral’ state.

With the help of Ignis’ rampage and Tay Lovine’s help, he reached a stage, albeit temporarily.

By-tenor 7th circle, master.

complete neutrality.

A cold rage simmered in the center of the world, which had achieved complete neutrality.

Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 324Descent of the Legendary Archmage Chapter 326
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