Hard Carry Support Chapter 232-233-234

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Qualifications of an Apostle (1), Qualifications of an Apostle (2) and Qualifications of an Apostle (3)

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「Find traces of strong magic in Labyrinth… . Possibility of demon appearance exists… 」

“On the XXth, large-scale reverse tracking magic was carried out using the magic spirit as a medium… After OO time, start the activation of Tracing Evil.”

Poppy’s eyes grew more and more serious as he read the booklet.

I tried to turn the booklet to see the contents behind.

But at that moment.


The booklet I was reading started to come to mind and began to glow blue.

‘The letters… disappear?’

The contents of the oracle and the mention of the priestess disappeared one by one, and the booklet was turned into a blank page.


Then, blue letters made of thunder and lightning began to be engraved on the white sheet of paper.

“Angels warned against passing this oracle to the traitors… .”

traitor… It was a word that Poppy heard again after a long time.

Poppy had been called that before.

It was a word referring to a heavenly being or an angel who betrayed the heavens.

“… Therefore, if someone contaminated by demonic energy reads this, the trap is set to activate.”


The moment Poppy had a question.


The blue light emitted from the book covered the room in the blink of an eye.


Poppy groaned.

It is because he knows the identity of the magic circle tightly woven in all directions.

The same magic circle existed in the prison where the celestials were confined, so it was impossible not to know.


The net made of divinity soon wrapped around Poppy’s body.

Whoa. Brilliant light poured down on Poppy, who was writhing in pain, as if blinding.

Before losing consciousness, a pair of wings could be seen between Papi’s eyelids.

Someone with white wings was looking down at him.

‘who… Are you an angel?’

The blurry vision went dark together with Papi’s consciousness disappearing.


The strength duration has run out.

The time Letty showed her face was very short.

For she disappeared again as soon as the true form was gone.


[Letty’s special test has begun.]

The unexpected test began in the very next moment.

Before I knew it, a small slime appeared in front of Ain.

“test? Can I catch this?」

Ain didn’t even use magic.

When I hit it with my hand, the slime exploded.

The sudden open test ends with that.

<Evaluation score: 100 points>

[Acquired points are converted into points!]

“What is it, that’s boring.”

After the portal back to the city opened, Hyeon’s eyes lit up as he had a premonition.

Take good care of Ain. If possible, listen to what she wants.

I remembered what I said in the form of truth.

‘this… Can I look forward to it?’

A reward stand appeared next to the portal to the city.

However, unlike before, where various items were listed, there was only one item placed on the cradle.

[100,000 gold pocket] – 100 points.

‘money… ? Are there any other rewards?’

Hyun laughed.

‘Well, I can’t spread it indefinitely.’

It seemed impossible to receive all sorts of magical ingredients with unlimited refills.

Of course. Because the celestials are not omnipotent beings.

Moreover, Letty was a low-status heavenly person among them.

It hasn’t been long since the last exam was over, and there’s no way he was given the authority to hold another exam.

If you’re going to cheat, what would it be like to aim for a guy who’s the size of a diamond spoon? assumptions would be meaningless.

The personalities of the celestials were diverse, and among them there were even those who did not serve angels.

Other than Letty, the only person who can be fooled is probably Poppy.

‘Let’s be content with this much for now.’

Besides, it wasn’t without success.

After receiving 100 points, a list that did not exist before appeared in Ain’s quest window.

[Quest: ‘Apostle Candidate’]



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<Only those who overcome despair can achieve the will of an angel>

-Letty recommended you as an apostle candidate.

-You must complete the exam within 30 days.

(※ Note: If you give up the test, you cannot be recommended again for a long time!)

“To be able to become an apostle without even reaching level 200.”

“Are you good?”

“of course!”

「Um. I’ve never done anything like an apostle… 」

Ain’s murmur made Hyun recall what happened in the past.

Come to think of it, Ain never belonged to a particular faction.

Most of the quests she had done together during Asura’s days were not her own, but were just helping herself.

If you’ve never been an apostle, it’s understandable that you’re not familiar with the meaning of being an apostle candidate.

“Thank you, it’s not an opportunity that comes easily.”

“I don’t know… Can’t you hand over the quest to Hyun?”

“How nice it would be if I could do that. Of course it can’t be.”

It seemed that there were more things to teach Ain.

“I will tell you about the merits and duties of an apostle later. Let’s clear the quest first.”

“Right now?”


“Isn’t it difficult? Originally, it was a quest that you received after level 400.”

“It is, but.”

Based on old memories, Hyun explained what he knew.

“The difficulty of the Apostle Quest is determined in proportion to the level of the user. The perceived level of difficulty is always the same. They say that there are cases where the higher the level, the harder it is.”

“Ah, then it doesn’t matter!”

The purpose of the test is to test the potential of an apostle candidate.

So, your level becomes the benchmark for difficulty.

Of course, the level of difficulty was not something ordinary users could touch lightly.

‘There’s no need to worry about clearing it.’

It was literally just the circumstances of the general users, and it had nothing to do with himself and Ain.

“Since there is only one enemy, it won’t take long.”

“what? Duel~?」

“okay. Come to think of it, that was your area of ​​expertise.”

After hearing all the explanations, Ain’s face immediately showed a smile.

“Then what should I do now!”

[Would you like to start the test? Y/N]

[If you accept, you will be moved to the battlefield of unconsciousness!]

“Ah, wait… !”

Hyeon hurriedly stopped Ain from doing so.

“It’s a one-player quest! What if the fairy tale is solved here! 」

“What, you should have said it earlier.”

[Transition to rest state!]

LeeSeoHyun: Call me when you’re done. I’ll be eating some rice.

AIN: How long will it take?

LeeSeoHyun: Because it’s a duel. It should be over in 5 minutes.

Suddenly Ain asked worriedly.

AIN: But what if I lose?

LeeSeoHyun : In most cases, that won’t happen… It’s okay though.

There is no ‘failure’ even if there is ‘giving up’ in the apostle test.

It was because this quest could be re-challenged indefinitely if you had the guts.

LeeSeoHyun: Because even if you die, you will be resurrected. You just have to retry until you complete the quest.

Seohyun got out of the capsule for a while.

Since Ain had nothing to do while finishing the quest, he decided to take a break.

Just in case, I set the external volume of the capsule to the maximum.

Don’t miss Ain’s calling.

In that state, Hyun, who was lying on the bed with a rough meal and browsing the community on his cell phone, fell asleep.

How long has it been like that… .


Seohyun reflexively opened her eyes.

For some reason, it felt like a very long time had passed.

How many minutes have passed? Or ten minutes?

But the next moment he looked at his watch, he couldn’t help but doubt his own eyes.

‘what? Has it been three hours?!’

I was surprised.

Why didn’t I hear you calling? Did she turn the volume up or down?

I suddenly felt sorry for Ain.

If it was her personality, I couldn’t imagine how many times she would have called me.

As expected, his account was completely disconnected after the time limit of the break state had passed.

LeeSeoHyun : Sorry, I forgot to fall asleep… . I’m reconnecting now.

While I was trying to connect after sending a message like that, I heard an answer from Ain.

AIN: No, don’t log in yet.


AIN: That’s… .

For some reason, Ain stuttered.

Hyun quickly stopped connecting and waited.

Then Ain’s voice came again.

AIN: It’s okay to log in now.

After a while, Hyun connected to Ain’s body assimilated.

At the same time, emotions of various kinds came flooding in.

It was as if my body was filled with a slight fever, and I felt stuffy.

What the hell happened in the last three hours?

It wasn’t long before Ain bit his lip and muttered.

“But me. I haven’t finished the quest yet… .」

Hyun also found out only then.

The reason why the alarm didn’t come for over three hours.

It’s not that he didn’t hear the sound, it’s that Ain didn’t call.

But as expected, there would be no reason why Ain couldn’t succeed in his quest.

“why? Wasn’t it a dueling method?”

“It’s not like that… .」

“Then the opponent’s specs are ridiculously high.”

Shaking my head.

Ain just shook his head without saying anything.

It was such a small gesture that you wouldn’t have noticed if you weren’t in a state of assimilation.

‘What happened?’

As a prefecture, it was not easy to understand.

To think that there is an opponent that Ain can’t win even once in three hours. Even a duel-optimized AI would be impossible.

“Is there anything strange about it? The opponent’s reaction speed is set to 0 seconds, or it’s a certain abnormal status skill… .」

Perhaps realizing Hyun’s concern, Ain added in a small voice.

“no. It wasn’t an unfair fight. The specs are a bit higher than mine, but… It’s not that I couldn’t win.”

“then… ?」

Even when asked, Ain only pursed his lips.

In the end, I guess I wouldn’t know until I saw it myself.

“Have you seen the recording? Let’s look at that first.”



“I can still win. A little more is enough… !”

However, Ain does not show the recording of Hansako.

Hyun could guess the reason.

The only thing Ain is stubborn about is dueling.

Because he himself has taken a peak… I could understand that feeling better than anyone else.

You won’t get help from anyone until you get over yourself.

If it’s because of pride… It won’t be easy to break that stubbornness in an ordinary way.

“Then will you show me later?”

“Yes, after winning.”

However, the more you hide it, the more curious you become about the human heart.

Hyeon quickly began to think about how to overcome Ain’s stubbornness.

It didn’t take long to find a way to try it.

“Didn’t you say you couldn’t win in three hours?”

“… .”

“Wow, if you’re that good enough, I won’t be able to win in my entire life.”

“Hyeon is a supporter, so isn’t it natural?”

“No, when I borrowed your body. Because, in a duel, you are two orders of magnitude ahead of me, right?」

In fact, half… No, I think it’s about half of the number, but I said that for now.

It was to save Ain’s pride as much as possible.

“okay… ?」

“of course! Apart from me, there is no other user in Asrian who is better at dueling than you.”

“that… is it?”

Hyun felt Ain’s emotions gradually rise.

Without missing the moment, I continued speaking what I had in mind.

“But it’s a bit disappointing.”


“If only I could see the recording, I could learn a lot from you.”

A method that came to mind in an instant.

Thanks to the frequent assimilation these days, Hyun was gradually realizing how to persuade Ain.

Besides, this wasn’t completely false, so there was no need to feel guilty about saying it.

“Well, I’ll show you later… !”

“no. For some reason, it seems that this feeling will disappear with time… do you know There are times when you just feel like you’re going to do well. Now is the right time.”

Hyun had never studied properly, but he said that for now.

“But, it’s only true content… I’m ashamed… .”

Ain’s heart still seems to be confused.

I didn’t want to use it this way.

“More than anything else, I want to see you as usual.”

“Yes? That, isn’t that more embarrassing… ?!”

“are you okay. See you together.」

As expected, Ain’s heart sank sharply.

I immediately manipulated the interface, rummaged through the capsule storage, and sent a recording cut to 3 hours and 20 minutes.

It was a recorded video of all the plays from right after Hyun switched to rest.

‘I still can’t believe it.’

It was clear that the testing method had changed from before.

Even so, can there be an NPC that surpasses Ain with ‘skills’ rather than overwhelming with specs or using non-standard artificial intelligence?

Pod! While thinking about various things, the screen changed and Ain moved to the place of the duel.

Even though he was watching a past video, Hyun felt nervous for no reason.


[All skill cooldowns have been temporarily reset.]

about three hours ago.

At the same time as the quest started, Ain was transferred to a space with nothing.

A place similar to the map of the arena with the name ‘Endless Plane’.

‘I said it was a duel. Opponent… Is it not there yet?’

Instead of starting right away, slow messages began to be output to Ain.

<Can you overcome your own despair? Only those who can do that can become apostles.>

[Extracting the opponent from your unconscious.]

[The opponent you think you will never win… ]

‘An opponent I can never defeat?’

Looking at the flowing sentence, Ain laughed inwardly.

Wouldn’t there be one?

Unless you press it with a spec sucker.

[Extraction complete!]

[Sets the opponent’s stat total to 1.5 times yours!]

[We are adjusting the opponent’s skill tree to a level similar to yours… .]

[Adjustment complete!]

Whoops, a smile came out of my mouth the moment I read the next sentence.

Because the thing I was worried about just got resolved right away.

1.5 times the total stats.

That doesn’t make any difference.

Until just now, I was thinking about what would happen if my agility or magic stats were about 5 times higher.

‘I thought I was fighting an opponent who was over level 400 again.’

Didn’t Hyun scare you too much?

While I was thinking about such miscellaneous things, something crept into the distance and took shape.

A portrait made entirely of black.

The guy standing opposite him was a shadow that looked similar to the one he had met in the Awakening Quest a long time ago.

‘ah… ?’

The wriggling shadow soon turned into a concrete shape, and at that moment Ain’s eyes widened.

The silhouette was very familiar.

When I saw the message about extracting the unconscious, I thought for a moment.

Assrians who use sensory coordination sometimes look into their thoughts.

Maybe you’ll run into an NPC you know again? Like Radiette or Shakron.

However, this opponent was not expected.

That woman with her long, flowing hair.

‘Is that Louise?’

The shadow was aiming a small spear this way.

In Ain’s mind, the image of Louise whom he met in the labyrinth a while ago overlapped.

‘No, it’s different!’

breathed again.

It wasn’t the atmosphere of Louise who was vaguely bewildered.

The moderate silhouette’s gestures belonged to someone other than Louise.

Because I usually keep looking at someone, it was easy to notice their unique gestures.

‘hyeon… ?’

It was something that Ain and Hyeon himself did not expect.

In the original apostle test, he meets one of the NPCs he had a hard time with.

The more you refer to such information from previous works, the more difficult it will be to predict.

In the past, when there was no sensory synchronization, there was no technology to read the player’s brainwaves.

‘Hyeon assimilated into Louise!’

But this is Assrian.

It is possible to create the most demanding opponents out of the individual’s unconscious.

In fact, to follow the purpose of the test of overcoming despair, this method would be more accurate.

‘Determination of extinction!’

Ain, who sensed the danger, used it from the ultimate stage.

It was the very next moment when the attack of the shadow resembling Louise began.


While trying to dodge by stepping back.

laugh… ! Ain sensed the danger and leaned back.

Cheer up!

It was only after the stretched iron brushed his sight that he was able to confirm its identity.

‘window… ?!’

The weapon in his hand was a 4-meter long spear.

It’s the weapon Louise used in the labyrinth!

He was able to recall the options for that item because it was something he had given to Hyun and Hyun had gifted to Louise.

‘It’s an extending window!’

It changes to the desired length according to the gripping force.

Generally, such crude weapons are not used well because the user’s hands are twisted…

It’s a different story if you hear it in your hand.

Thinking that far, Ain bit his front teeth lightly.

‘A bit dangerous… ?’


Ain noticed Magi entangled in the window of shadow.

Possibly Louise’s skill, Black Wind.

The weakness of the long spear is that it is difficult to respond at very close range, but that weakness disappears if you can control the distance.

If it was a string, there was no doubt that it would be possible to freely change the reach of the weapon depending on the situation.

‘Still, it seems I can’t use all skills.’

Ain quickly grasped the situation.

Fortunately, the skills the shadow uses don’t look that great.

As proof, the wavelength buffs are not applied.

Maybe it’s because of the skill point limit?

If Louise’s skills ate up points, the duration of skills such as invisibility and acceleration might be too short, or maybe the skills were deleted!

‘They said there was no big difference in stats. then… ‘

Ain grew a little more confident.

If the difference in specs isn’t big, I thought Hyun was worth playing against.

In fact, wasn’t it possible to win against Hyeon several times during Asura’s time?

‘I’m betting on psychological warfare as usual!’

But what Ain overlooked.

The system message said that he had found ‘an opponent he could never win’ in his subconscious.

Even so, the shadow’s gestures resemble Hyeon so much that the other person assumed that he was the Hyeon he knew.

But is it really so?

It was after a few times that Ain felt uncomfortable.


After grabbing the spear pole with Ifrit’s claws. Charleureuk! The moment the window of shadows closes again.

Ain aimed for this brief moment and narrowed the distance!

‘I got it!’

In an instant, four strands of flame stirred the air.

Three of them were fakes, and only one real attack.

If you’re fooled even once, you’ll have no choice but to be hit by a follow-up attack!

‘Yes… ?!’

However, there was no feeling of hitting in the hand.

At the same time as realizing that all attacks had missed, Ain reflexively pretended to activate ‘Avatar’s Step’.

As if his attack hadn’t finished yet.

It was an idea to consume the opponent’s movement, but that thought went nowhere.

The shadow stood in place without the slightest flinch.


The moment the guy’s mouth drew an arc, Ain knew that his fake hadn’t worked at all.

‘Aren’t you fooled?’

A bad feeling arose.

If it were Hyun, he would have been fooled by that just now… .

No, it is still at a stage that can be dismissed as a coincidence.

I’ll have to try some more to be sure.


Ain used Latent Explosion again.

At the same time to increase agility, to cover the field of view with skill effects!

The distance to the opponent is about 10 meters. Decimal time was enough to shorten the distance.

I mixed moving ice that left an afterimage.

A moving map that confuses intervals and beats.

This charge, which at first glance was dotted with fakes, was in fact the most honest form of attack.

Just like before, if you try to detect the deceit, you plan to tear your body apart in one blow.




The shadow suddenly thrust a spear into the floor.

Fain! The moment the wind burst, the guy’s body flipped half a turn in an instant.

A backflip using a spear as a support.

Ain belatedly realized that he was flying through the air.

My chin is a little tingling.

Did you get hit in the foot?

However, seeing that he did not take much damage, the system message that the opponent’s specs were adjusted seemed to be true.

‘Where… !’

Ain looked at the position of the opponent rather than physical strength.

To prepare for the ensuing attack.

However, contrary to expectations, he did not attack further.

He was just staring down, squatting on the handle of a four-meter long spear stuck vertically.

“… … .”

Ain lightly touched his chin.

Just like before, the trick didn’t work at all.

In addition, I hit the counter in reverse.

How can you counter such a quick rush? No matter how hard it is, it must be difficult… .

I even heard the illusion that the other person was not seeing the future.

It was because otherwise, none of the fakes would work.

‘Somehow, it seems that all my thoughts are being read.’

An ongoing duel.

Flames and wind raged incessantly.

Even in a short period of time, countless numbers were exchanged, and as time passed, Ain’s expression became more nervous.

psychological warfare.

In his duel with Hyeon, Ain always used a method to poke holes in his mind.

Drying her opponent to death, or strategies that gradually increase the odds of winning were not her way.

‘I keep getting pushed back.’

Ain already noticed something.

The shadow has never used a single skill except for ‘Black Wind’.

It must be weaker than the actual string using the strong string… Still, why do I feel so helpless?

Did the regressors and Darkness who dealt with them feel the same way?

‘The way I usually write… It doesn’t work at all!’

An apostle candidate must overcome his own despair in the test.

Despair doesn’t just mean a high-spec enemy.

Ain was always afraid of one thing.

What if the day comes when Hyun’s psychological warfare doesn’t work at all?

The enemy in front of you is just such an opponent. It was an existence created by the usual unconsciousness.

‘… !’

Instantly, Ain’s eyes widened.

It was because the posture of the shadow was momentarily disturbed in the middle of a fierce battle.

Did the lack of agility create gaps?

Anyway, you can’t miss the opportunity that came suddenly!

The moment I tried to approach it right away.


A continual blast of wind was heard.

From his toes, his pelvis, his waist, his elbows, the back of his hands, and even the tip of his spearhead.

‘Oh, this… .’

Ain’s mouth fell open.

A skill Hyun used often, and he himself had succeeded once.

No, it’s a skill that combines the two to make it look like a single skill.

For a moment, he forgot that he was fighting.

It is said that perfect technology can be admired only by those who recognize it.

In the illusion of time suddenly slowing down, Ain felt his body being cut into small pieces.

A combination of ‘black wind’ and ‘biological rhythm acceleration’.

That’s right, the opponent was Hyun who assimilated into Louise, so no matter what kind of supporter skill he used, he wouldn’t be able to complain.


[Do you want to give up? Y/N]

[Number of encounters with despair: 1 time]

‘good. The first edition… what.’

A long time after his vision was dark, Ain agreed to the re-challenge.

My trembling body did not calm down a bit.

A prefecture where psychological warfare does not work.

That was the opponent Ain regarded as despair.


‘What is this?’

It’s only been a few minutes since I saw the video sent by Ain.

Hyeon was so embarrassed that he couldn’t even say a word.

‘Is this a quest to buy… ?’

I even thought about whether the bug was caused by Ain’s strange behavior.

It was because the directing of quests often changed from the previous work to the sequel, but the content was rarely completely changed.

Except for the level 50 awakening quest, which was overflowing with variables.

‘It’s obviously not like this.’

Winning a victory against a doll of the highest class was an apostle test during Asura’s days.

But why is there a Louise doll that has nothing to do with it?

no it’s not louis

Hyeon felt a strange feeling while watching the shadow puppet fight.

Why do I get the illusion that I am controlling the puppet while watching the recorded video?

Yeah, it’s like I’m moving the way I think!

‘Is this me?’

The fur stood up with goosebumps.

It was like watching myself in another dimension.

I continued to watch the first part of the video again.

But no matter how you look at it, you can’t understand it.

‘No, it’s similar to me, but not the same.’

Rather, new questions piled up.

After going through countless duels, Hyun had concluded that it would be difficult to respond to Ain’s anomalous number with his own style.

But how is this guy… Why is it so easy to nullify all of Ain’s attacks?

‘But what is this bastard so good at duels?’

For once, it became clear that it wasn’t Louise.

If you look at the skills you use occasionally, the doll’s base is a supporter. Either he used the spirit god or he assimilated with Louise.

however… How can a guy who is not particularly different from himself overwhelm Ajin in a duel?

It was so amazing that I wanted to learn his know-how if I could.

‘Your reaction speed isn’t faster than mine. It’s not like I’m using a special move… hmm?’

Hyun twitched his eyebrows.

It was because I found something strange while watching a certain scene over and over again.

‘for a moment.’

A specific section was played repeatedly.

A scene where Ain’s flame tail bends slightly.

If you activate Incarnation’s Step while using your ultimate, your tail curls up in an instant like this.

But surprisingly, Ain’s fake was the one who bent his tail!

‘How could I not be fooled by this?’

If it had been him, he would have reflexively used shadow sprint or at least stepped back as soon as he saw that motion.

The shadow in the video didn’t even react as if he already knew it was a trick.

Rather, isn’t it to take advantage of that momentary relaxation to regain a disheveled posture!

Hyun immediately asked Ain what he was curious about.

“You messed up at this time. Did you do it intentionally?」

“what?! Did I flirt… ? Aha, this!”

Ain recounted the situation at that time.

“I imitated the skill motion, but the strings didn’t fool me.”

“No, I think I would have been fooled if it was me…” .」

“That’s right! It’s a prefecture, but it didn’t seem to be a prefecture?!」

“Um… .」

Hyun fell into deep thought.

A doll similar to yourself, but completely different.

I started to analyze the difference between the two step by step.

‘It’s not something you just see and react to.’

In Assrian’s duel, where five or six numbers come and go in one second, humans cannot see and react to everything.

The most important thing is to anticipate the opponent’s intentions.

The basis is the statistics of the opponent’s facial expressions, gestures, and habits, but no matter how much you predict, it’s just an uncertain future.

During a duel, there comes a situation where you must choose one of the two.

‘Unless it’s destroyed by reaction speed.’

Hyun, who continued to watch the video, assumed one fact.

‘This guy… Is it reading thoughts directly?’

The fact that Assrian’s technology can even read human thoughts has been proven by the existence of the Archangel ‘Truth’.

Also, the purpose of the apostle test is to overcome one’s despair.

It was also a plausible story that an opponent who would shoot Ain’s specialty, ‘psychological warfare’, would appear.

‘Then it would be quite a headache.’

I couldn’t think of a way to defeat the Hyundo guy.

If it was a level 400 boss, I’d rather make a strategy, but with an opponent who can read thoughts, none of the plans will work.

where did it get twisted?

Yes, as the method of the Apostle Quest changed.

The more skillful users are, the stronger enemies they will encounter, so it’s only natural that Ain’s opponents will be so terrible that no one can defeat them.

Moving the video to the end, we could see traces of Ain struggling for over three hours.

[Number of encounters with despair: 89 times]

“I think it’s because I’m tired. You can wake up after taking a deep breath… .”

Ain’s voice seemed weak.

She was the one who begged me to do it again until I won in a duel.

It must be proof that Ain also felt different from usual.

Hyungwon quietly nodded his head in agreement.

“I see, did you fight all day today?”

“hmm… Did you?」

“You did most of Letty’s tests, and if you did the apostle quest right away, you wouldn’t be able to concentrate.”

He slowly turned the topic around.

If I told him to step back like this, Ain’s pride might be hurt.

“Do you want to go hunting?”


“huh. We’re level 200 soon. This time you rest, and I.”

Hyun subtly suggested a new solution to level up.

Of course, you already know that the enemy’s specs increase in proportion to your own.

However, what if you could upgrade your resolution to extinction after finishing your 2nd job?

The variables of the ultimate skill are endless, so the situation may change.

“Well, do whatever you like.”

“Okay, leave it to me!”

Hyun was able to quickly find the city’s teleport gate.

Entry to this place is strictly controlled, but it was not difficult to get out.

back to the ground.

Hyun and Ain soon moved to a hunting ground in a city in the Empire.

The experience bar is already filled to 80% at level 199.

As they chatted and hunted, the two quickly reached level 200.

‘at las.’


At the same time as the light of level up surged up, a message related to the former quest appeared in front of each person.

First of all, prefecture.

-Louis already trusts you!

– Qualifications for the 2nd job have been achieved!

-If you go to ‘Louise’, the job change will be completed.

‘… ?’

And for Ain, these quests were created.

[2nd Class Change Quest]

<Is the being you want to serve an angel? Are you a demon?>

– Finish the Apostle’s test in progress.

– Depending on the results, new paths will appear.


is it destiny

The plan to clear the Apostle Quest after Ain completed his 2nd job change seemed impossible from the beginning.


A regressor guild that has recently attained a status comparable to Darkness.

They were idolized and envied by others in an instant, but their hearts were not at ease.

‘The contents of the quest changed!’

Guild leader Annihilation gnashed his teeth.

For the apostle quest, he raised his reputation, raised his power inclination, and even finished the troublesome favorability work.

The guild members belonging to Cheongong, who had been looking at only one thing like that, fell into a dilemma a few days ago.

‘hyeon… hyeon… .’

Annihilation repeated the same name several times.

I found out that Hyun had been playing Asrian since the last defeat.

The fact that I was with Ain all the time.

In an RPG game, there is a skill to possess someone else’s body. It’s a story that can’t be easily believed, but I had to believe it.

The commonalities of the skills used and the occasional rumors from the community add credibility.

Most of all, Annihilation still remembered the events of that day.

The time when he directly faced Hyun’s eyes possessed by Ain’s body.

This time, before the decisive moment, he was killed by him.

‘Are you going to disturb us here too?’

Thinking of that time still made my heart skip a beat.

Does Assrian’s system even have a bad taste in revealing human trauma?

When the Apostle Quest started, in front of my eyes was the child of that day. No, Hyun possessed by Ain was standing there.

Just like that day, he was smiling with an expression looking down on himself.

Those who wish to become apostles must overcome their own walls.

The system that reveals emotions was a very accurate reading of the unconsciousness of extinction.

[Number of encounters with despair: 349 times]

Other guild members were in a similar situation.

The returnee guild members faced Hyeon and Ain in the apostle test, and no one has ever won.

If growth continues to stagnate like this, the gains made so far will be meaningless.

Because of this, the killings urgently called the executives to come up with countermeasures.

“Now, this is the current situation of our guild. If anyone has a good idea, let me know.”

The private room of the Regressor Guild.

Everyone’s expressions didn’t look very good.

Perhaps the plans of the Regressor Guild, which had been prepared for months, might go awry.

“… It’s not easy.”

“I never thought the aftermath of my helpless defeat that day would come all the way here.”

The executives already understood why Hyun appeared as an opponent.

Because they have subconscious fears.

“How about this method? Before starting the quest, each of us does mind control. That’s how you change opponents!”

Someone has come up with a solution.

Intending an outcome with conscious thought is a tactic often used in Assrian using brainwaves.

“That is impossible.”

The guild leader was killed.

He has already tried that method.

“The moment you receive a quest, the opponent is fixed. You cannot change until you give up.”

“then… .”

“that’s right. We’ve already started the Apostle Quest. If you quit now, you won’t have the same opportunity until level 400.”

After a while, someone else spoke up.

“If you raise the level, the opponent’s specs also increase?”

“that’s right. It was the same with Asura. Rather, they say it’s easier when you’re at a lower level.”

“Huh, embarrassing.”

This time it wasn’t an opinion, it was just a frustrating mumble.

But no one blamed him, as not saying anything would only lead to an awkward silence.

The situation was just as desperate.

The 6 people who tried the apostle quest. Their growth, the greatest strength of the Regressor Guild, has completely come to a standstill.

“Does anyone see a possibility?”

“Kuhm… .”

All six of them were present, but no positive voice was heard.

“That was a little harder than I thought… .”

“me too.”

“It looks like one-on-one, but there are two people over there. Isn’t it an unfair match in the first place?!”

I had never thought of dealing with Hyeon and Ain at the same time by myself.

Perhaps it was because of the memories of Asura Online, the trauma stuck in everyone’s brain was bigger than expected.

“no. Maybe there is a way.”

It was Berard who opened his mouth after a while.

Everyone raised their heads at the sound of his voice.


“I’m still not sure… .”

“It doesn’t matter, tell me anything.”

As an abyssal force, he has nothing to do with the apostle quest this time.

Perhaps because of this, I was able to have a more objective view than others.

After watching the video brought by the guild members, he found something strange.

“Ain who appears in 6 videos. They look the same, but their skills are different.”

“skill… ?”

“okay. Couldn’t each of them have the strings they usually thought of sticking out against the other?”

Movement, number reading, combat sense, etc. The more I looked, the more differences I could find in the six videos.

The reason Berard was able to recognize that was because he was more interested in PvP than others.

‘A guy with good skills will meet a tougher enemy.’

For the sake of the guild members’ pride, he didn’t bother to mention that.

The important thing is how to get out of the situation.

Berard recalled the original purpose of the apostle test.

According to the system message, the opponent is so desperate that he will never be able to win.

But if you really can’t win, the test will be meaningless.

What should I do to overcome despair?

The answer is simple if you guess the intention of the person who created the test.

It is self-development!

“I said that the opponent doesn’t change once the quest starts.”

“that’s right.”

“Then if you fight again after improving your skills, you can win.”

Even if you can’t beat an opponent now, it won’t be like that forever.

The long time of 30 days may have given the user room to grow.

“I want you to improve your skills… ?”

“Of course it will be difficult, but it is.”

The statement was so plausible that everyone was lost in thought.

In particular, those who were on the Apostle Quest nodded their heads to Berard’s opinion.

Hyun’s shadow, which he faced directly, was much weaker than his memory.

Until now, I believed that it was because the specs were lower than the actual ones… .

What if the system was tailored to your level?

If you improve your skills by one level, you will be able to aim for victory enough.

But at the same time, a question that popped up for everyone.

‘Is it possible to improve my skills here?’

Humans grow most rapidly when they are immature.

Their growth period, which has been worn out since the previous work, must have ended a long time ago.

How much time will it take to climb one stair? . months, no, years. I didn’t even know that it would be impossible even if my whole life went by.

“… It’s a big deal.”

Hearing Berard’s guess, the face of Myolsal hardened.

According to him, this Apostle Quest was too unfavorable for the guild of regressors.

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