Hard Carry Support Chapter 235-236-237

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How to Overcome Limits (1), How to Overcome Limits (2) and How to Overcome Limits (3)

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[Connect to Assrian.]

again the next day.

While waiting for loading, Hyun summarized yesterday’s work.

I hit level 200 and received a job change quest.

As the last job change was quite difficult, he was prepared to take a lot of time for the second job change, but unexpectedly, his job change quest was so simple.

‘I just need to meet Louise.’

No, it wouldn’t have been as simple as it was.

-Louis already trusts you!

Because gaining trust beyond recognition from NPCs is a very difficult condition.

Even more so, if that NPC is the Great Devil or darkness, the difficulty level of clearing rises to the ceiling.

It must have been just luck that such a job change quest was resolved so easily.

‘I’ll get it resolved on its own in a few days. The problem is Ain.’

Hyun became worried about Ain.

Becoming an apostle is a condition for changing to Elemental Berserker.

But it didn’t look easy to Ain either.

“I’ll sleep in a little longer.”

Yesterday, before Hyun closed the connection, Ain muttered that.

It was clear that he was trying to do the apostle quest a few more times.

What time did Ain close the connection?


It was while I was thinking about that that my vision reversed.


A bewildered sound escaped Hyun’s mouth.

The last place I was yesterday was the private room, but suddenly I could see the scenery of the arena lobby.


And Ain stood in front of him.

Celestial Coupling can be activated without the partner’s consent.

As soon as Ain confirmed the connection message, it seemed that he summoned himself with a coupling.

“what’s the matter? Is it because it’s morning?”

Hyun felt that Ain’s atmosphere was different from usual.

I heard that today is vacation. Still, it was unusual for Ain, who slept a lot in the morning, to connect from 8:00.

‘for a moment. Didn’t I wake up early!’

Hyun, realizing something from Ain’s expression, asked just in case.

“I can’t believe I haven’t been sleeping… ?”

“yet… I couldn’t finish the quest… .”

Ain’s first words trembled a little.

At first glance, it sounded like crying.

It was the first time he had seen Ain like this, so even Hyun felt strange.

“How tired are you right now!”

Anxiety suddenly overtook me.

All capsules have a function that forcibly closes the connection when fatigue reaches 100.

However, some users, including myself, know of a trick to circumvent that restriction.

“you… Didn’t you keep your fatigue around 90?!”

In a state of very high fatigue, even a short break can drastically lower the level.

It was known to have severe aftereffects and side effects on health, so it was a means used only in unavoidable situations.

He only used it once in Asrian… . The moment when Louise had to escape from the pursuer.

Ain, who gets tired faster than others, didn’t seem able to stay connected all night.

Unless you use a special method.

“are you okay… not really. I didn’t write much.”

“how much?”

“just… About five times?”

“Hey, go to bed right now!”

“But just a little… ”

“Now the quest is not important!”

[Ain has closed the connection.]

Ain hesitated until the end and then disappeared.

If he continued to be stubborn, Hyun would have thought about how to commit suicide with a fairy tale.

Hyeon sighed, realizing that his emotions had intensified only after checking his offline status.

‘Did I really expect to see it to the end?’

Hyun regretted a little what happened yesterday.

It wasn’t that Ain’s unexpected behavior could not have been predicted at all.

Dueling is the field she is most proud of.

I couldn’t think deeply about how it would feel to face a wall I couldn’t overcome for the first time, from Ain’s point of view.

‘A guy with weak stamina… .’

And another reason.

Assimilation is a technique of sharing emotions, so each other’s mood is usually conveyed to the other person.

He probably didn’t want to be a burden.



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Ain knew his ambition to reach the top of Asrian.

but… If I was going to peek into his thoughts on a regular basis, I would have liked to have peeked a little deeper.

I wouldn’t have done this if I had read the priorities that are important here.

‘I’m glad I woke up earlier than usual.’

Due to an unexpected incident, Hyun’s plan was completely messed up.

There is no Ain. If I go to sleep now, I’ll wake up after at least ten hours.

When I come back, I’m sure I’ll be struggling with the same problem again.

Hyun decided to come up with a countermeasure in a hurry.

[Request approved!]

[Accessing AIN’s recording archive!]

‘Let’s check this first.’

I got permission to access some of Ain’s capsule storage yesterday.

It was to analyze the recording even while logged out.

It was for clearing the Apostle Quest, so Ain followed suit without complaining.


The moment the most recent video was played, Ain’s struggles to death began to play.

The opponent is a monster created by Ain’s unconscious. A shadow covered in Louise’s shell.

In the repetitive duel, Ain twisted the number of sales, but it was amazing to see that none of the methods worked.

‘surely… I can’t see any way to win either.’

First of all, it was impossible to make it 2:1 using assimilation or coupling.

It was because the apostle test was forcibly ended with the message that there are two souls.

Hyun has experienced the same situation several times.

A trick to overcome this situation is to switch to a resting state while using ‘Assimilation’!

But this time, even that attempt failed.

[Sets the opponent’s stat total to 1.5 times yours!]

[We are adjusting the opponent’s skill tree to a level similar to yours… .]

Dongwha rather became the decisive defeat.

The opponent’s stats and skills increase in proportion to one side.

Ain who has all the skills of Shadow Linker and Elemental Berserker.

Naturally, the shadow started to run wilder than before.

Hyeon, who was watching Ain die 10 seconds after the start of the duel, stopped immediately because he didn’t think this was the way to go.

‘If it’s not a fairy tale, this is… .’

The next thing I thought of was to change the equipment.

In conclusion, the attempt was meaningless.

Since he was not wearing any equipment, the total stats of the shadows were lowered from 1.5x to 1x.

I hadn’t tried it, but it was clear that the stat multiplier would increase as the performance of the equipment increased.

‘Isn’t it the developer’s trick?’

Have you ever felt helpless like this since starting Assrian?

Hyeon, who became more and more nervous, even heard such thoughts.

In the first place, Ain would be better at dueling, but it didn’t seem like he could solve it just by worrying about it.

‘Are you giving up on the quest?’

Ain’s job transfer quest said to ‘finish’ the apostle’s test.

Giving up is also a kind of ending.

Even if you don’t become a job changer, at least the contents of the job change quest will change again.

‘No, that’s really the last option!’

Hyun shook his head.

It was Letty who recommended Ain as an apostle.

Not only would he have to give up the benefits he could enjoy as an apostle, but he would also lose Letty’s favorability.

‘I’m going to go to the arena. Something might come to mind.’

about 30 minutes. Hyun, who continued the one-on-one matching, quickly left the scene.

It was because the low-level duel rather got in the way of his thoughts.

A few more hours passed like that.

Kut. Hyeon, who suddenly felt dizzy, checked his fatigue level and clicked his tongue.

‘Already fatigue level 50? Sheesh, I didn’t do anything… .’


Perhaps because my head was complicated all day, I was recording numbers that would never come out normally.

‘I’d rather get some rest. Unless there’s nothing I can do alone.’

The time for Ain to return is evening or night.

In order to keep up with her cycle, I thought it would be best to close the connection and take a deep breath.

As soon as she got out of the capsule, Seohyun was hungry.

Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten a single meal today.

There is ramen, but I didn’t feel like it for some reason.

There is also a way to arrange delivery… . For some reason, I suddenly wanted to see Jaehoon’s face.

When I’m alone, my mind wanders for nothing. Maybe it’s because of the first taste of powerlessness.

Seohyun was looking for the name ‘Jaehun Kim’ in her contact information without even knowing it.


It was late in the evening when I started moving in earnest.

Thanks to sleeping after the work to be done, Hyun’s fatigue is all gone.

[Ain has logged in!]

Hyun activated the coupling as soon as the message came to mind.

The air shook, and a blinking Ain was summoned.

“Oh, hyeon?”

“did you sleep well?”

“Where am I… huh? ah?!”

Ain’s eyes widened as he looked around.

“Kaantas Castle… Am I right?”

“Okay, I remember. It is the place where we first met in Asrian.”

“Ghost hunting… .”

“You did that, and you had a duel over there. After the level went up, there was no reason to come here.”

Suddenly Ain felt faint.

A city that remains as a place of memories.

Hyun, why did you summon me here?

Hyeon’s voice mingled with laughter came to Ain, who was surprised.

“Do you want to do it for a long time?”

“what… ?”

“duel. As before.”

“Now here?”

Ain looked around.

In terms of user time, only a year had passed, but in terms of Assrian, about 10 years had passed.

Iluna’s owner changes, and the structure of Labyrinth is distorted… Many places in the world have changed, but only the scenery of Kantas Castle remained the same.

The only thing that has changed is the extent to which there are people who look like ‘users’ all over the place.

[‘Hyeon’ sets the conditions for a friendly duel as follows!]

– Unable to use skill.

– Fixed all stats to 20.

Ain came to his senses at the sudden message.

I tilted my head after reading the questionable conditions.


“I want to see the old feeling”

“Whoa, what is that?”

A friendly duel between Hyun and Ain began in a few months.

The results went exactly as expected.

At first, they fought similarly, but as time went on, Hyun became a picture of Ain’s psychological warfare.

‘I still can’t stand it.’

Hyeon felt a little relieved seeing Ain smiling every time he punched him.

Ain right before ending the connection… It seemed that she was not the Ain she knew.

The reason why he summoned them to Kantas Castle and had a sudden duel was to arouse her feelings.

‘It’s fortunate, I don’t think I’ve lost my confidence.’

The more you duel, the more confident you will be.

Will there ever be a user who can win a win rate of more than 5 to 5 against Ain under equal conditions?

The reason why the quest failed wasn’t because Ain’s skills were lacking.

Rather, it’s a problem because it’s too good.

‘It’s an apostle test… .’

A quest whose difficulty is determined by the skill of the user.

Hyun believed that there were no impossible quests in Assrian, and that thought has not changed even now.

I thought about the afternoon once again.

Talking with Jaehun after a long time has naturally made me worry.

“When you have to fight an opponent you never seem to be able to win… ?”

Jaehun didn’t understand Seohyeon’s intention of asking such a question, so he asked back.

“You mean Assrian? It’s normal to level up and fight.”

“No, not that… Okay, let’s take a convention as an example!”


“okay. In tournaments, the specs are fixed at level 100. Let’s say you met an opponent you could never beat in a tournament.”

Jaehun corrected Seohyun’s words.

The rules of today’s competition are different from before.

“Specification fixed standard. It changed to level 150 a few months ago.”

“Oh, has it changed? anyway. The rules to fight with the same specs are the same. Was there a player on the opposing team that you thought you could never beat? I felt a wall or something.”

“Well, it doesn’t seem like there has been anything so far.”

“Not one… ?”

In an instant, Seohyun remembered Stardust’s recent results.

National Championships. Then went on to win international competitions. Maybe you feel like that’s not enough?

“But speaking among non-athletes… There is one.”


“… ?”

After a while, Jaehoon’s mouth, which had been silent, slowly opened.

“Seohyun. Didn’t you summon me just now to deceive me?”

“Deception, deception… ?”

However, looking at Seohyun’s expression and tone of voice, Jaehun didn’t say anything more, as he didn’t seem to have that intention.

Back to the original topic again.

“It’s not a wall, but there were tough opponents. There are more great people than I thought because I was a player.”

Everyone who decides to become a pro gamer has a brilliant talent.

Among them, Jaehoon’s… There were players in the same position called Practice’s compatibility, and there were also teams that persistently dug into Stardust’s weaknesses.

“Every time I met someone like that, there was only one thing I knew how to do.”


“just. Keep fighting until you get it.”

Jaehoon glanced at Seohyun and continued.

“You seem to be an exception, but… Most people, myself included, don’t know anything until they bump into it.”

It was at that moment that Seohyun’s head tickled.

bumping into the body and looking for it.

Certainly not in a familiar way.

It was his way to follow only certain paths from the beginning.

“Sometimes things don’t go the way you intended, but sometimes things work out. Then I keep digging into that part again.”

Conversely, if you can’t find a way to your destination, you don’t take the first step until you find it.

But sometimes you have to walk the invisible path.

like right now

After the duel lasted about an hour, Hyun brought up the main topic.

“Ain. I went through all your recordings.”

Because of his bright voice, Ain thought Hyun had found a way this time too.

“Apostle Quest… Did you find a way to clear it?!”

“no. yet”

Hyun answered honestly.

The shadow was a different kind of enemy from the strong enemies he had encountered so far.

No matter how much I squeezed my head, I couldn’t see a way to win.

“I will find it from now on.”

Not sure if this method will work. It may end up being a waste of time.

As usual, if the efficiency of the attack is given priority, he must have been analyzing Ajin’s recordings even now.

“It’s not that I don’t believe you, but… .”

Hyeon paused for a while and said.

“Can I try it?”

“Hyun? The Apostle Quest?”

“huh. There is a high probability that there will be no results, but I will still think about it while bumping into my body.”

“Hmm. It’s a big deal.”

Wouldn’t he reject it out of pride? When it comes to dueling, he’s a stubborn child.

Concerned about such concerns, Ain agreed without saying anything.

“Turn on the broadcast instead.”

“okay. Since you’re alone anyway, I’ll turn on voice chat as well.”

“Then it’s comfortable!”

Hyun quickly stopped Ain, who was about to switch to rest.



“I’m going to change the order a bit.”

Hyun recalled yesterday’s experiments.

There are two ways you can substitute Ain’s quest.

First of all, Ain changes from assimilated state to rest state.

However, that method is not a good choice because the specs of the shadows also increase like crazy.

The second method Hyun found after much thought was this.

1. Ain starts the quest alone.

2. After the opponent appears, use Celestial Coupling.

3. The delay until the summoning is activated is about 2 seconds. In the meantime, Ain switches to a state of rest.

4. As soon as he is summoned, he assimilates into Ain’s empty body.

If you follow the procedure below, the Apostle Test will not be forcibly terminated due to an overcapacity.

also. With the assimilation bonus, he was able to prevent the opponent’s spec from rising.

because as you can see

[You cannot change stats, skills, or equipment after the test begins!]

[The bonus of ‘Fairy Tale’ does not apply!]

Pod! When the test started and assimilated into Ain, Hyun could see the above message.

‘As I thought!’

A similar message came to my mind when I unlocked fairy tales by logging out yesterday.

Perhaps a device to prevent tricks such as changing equipment during an exam.

However, it was also possible to lower the specs of the shadow by using the device reversely.

‘Now I can fight on the same terms as Ain.’


Moments later, something black wriggled across the street.

The ambiguous shadow soon took the form of a woman holding a spear.

Louise… No, myself who assimilated Louise!

‘Mirror War… I don’t think so.’

When he secretly activated his magic, flames spewed out from his palm.

Now that there is no assimilation, one more skill is needed to pull out Ifrit’s claws.

‘Determination of extinction!’

Roaring! Hyun activated his ultimate skill.

What exists here is just one Elemental Berserker. There was no trace of supporters anywhere.

‘first. Let’s do it for five hours.’

Repeating the same behavior now, when there is no clue, may not be effective. You never know how long it will take to find clues.

Even if the end is meaningless, Hyun decided to give meaning to just trying.


What time is it?

Guessing from the dark window, probably dawn. But that’s not important.

I won’t be going to school for a while, so there’s no need to get up early.

Seohyun’s broadcasting screen was left on the wall.

Ain was enjoying the winter vacation right before entering his third year of high school.

“hyeon. Still can’t see a way to win?”

Even if I was alone in the morning, I wasn’t bored.

Even the voices he muttered on the bed reached Hyun.

After a while, a voice came through the speaker in response.

“It’s difficult.”


“Because I can read your thoughts, Iji Seonda doesn’t work.”

Hyun replied with a wry smile.

It was because the average time he could endure was shorter than that of Ain.

“I’ll have to change some settings.”

Again, I decided to try to get rid of unnecessary equipment as much as possible.

I took a clue to lower the opponent’s specs.

“Okay, take off everything and try again. I can’t take off the ring though.”

“Take it off… ? I’m watching right now?!”

“Don’t pretend you misunderstood… You heard laughter.”

“You weren’t laughing?”

“… I need to change the settings anyway. Please come back.”


At Hyun’s request, Ain quickly lay down on the capsule next to the bed.

Except for the time when the setting was changed like this, Ain had been in bed watching the screen all the time.

Occasionally giving lessons and dripping.

However, Ain’s fist, watching the screen all the time, never opened easily.

[Number of encounters with despair: 253 times]

“ah… .”

As soon as the screen turned black again, a small sigh escaped Ain’s lips.

Last reading before shift was around 150. Hyun has already died about 100 times.

Sorry but at the same time thank you.

actually. Even before I logged in this evening, I was at a loss at the thought of doing the apostle quest again.

But when I was suddenly summoned to Kantas Castle.

At that moment, my emotions were washed away in an instant, and I almost couldn’t suppress any urges.

The reason she kept muttering useless words from earlier was to hide her shaking heart.


It’s been several hours since Hyun challenged the apostle quest.

In some cases the duel ended in 10 seconds, in some cases it lasted more than 10 minutes.

I still can’t see how to win.

His specs are superior, but to read his thoughts, he is a very unreasonable opponent.

As a last resort, I even erased Ain’s skills, but I still couldn’t get rid of his core skills.

‘Black Wind’ and ‘Bio Rhythm Acceleration’.

He couldn’t even brush the collar of a guy who only used those two skills.

‘How can I not hit one.’

How to run into a dead end wall countless times.

If he hadn’t met Jaehoon today, Hyun would have given up this unproductive job a long time ago.

But this time it didn’t stop.

Thanks to Ain’s nonsensical remarks that I heard from time to time, I was able to fight while emptying my thoughts.

over and over again… .


It was a truly coincidental moment that the change began.

Hwareuk. The moment when Hyun flinched at Ain’s joke and wielded a flame.

[Damaged 128!]

The first hit message came to mind.

Shabby damage that has nothing to do with winning or losing.


“ah… !”

However, that insignificant message had the potential to shake the flow so far.

In Asrian, in reality, exclamation burst out at the same time.

“What, just now?!”

“For the first time… attacked.”

Surprised, Hyeon had his body pierced by a spear blade.


[Do you want to give up? Y/N]

[Number of encounters with despair: 313 times]

Even after the vision was dark, it hardened for a long time.

‘What did you just do?’

I couldn’t remember it well, so I quickly turned the recording back.

The sight of a simple, nothing attack lightly brushing the shadow’s collar.

‘That’s right, Ain burst into laughter when he hit the drip, so he made a clumsy attack like that… .’

In an instant, a flash of light penetrated Hyun’s brain.

‘Did I get hit because I swung it without thinking?’

In an instant, a hypothesis was formed.

The ability to read thoughts is strictly different from the ability to see the future.

If you launch an unconscious attack… . Can’t you read the future?

That the hypothesis was not perfect was confirmed after adding about 20 deaths.

Hyeon closed his eyes and swung flames into the air, but he still couldn’t land a single attack.

‘This isn’t it.’

After going through the 20th edition, it became clear.

The guy perfectly avoided the flames he wielded at random, and sometimes even counterattacked.

‘Involuntary attacks do not work. Then what was it?’

I looked back at the thoughts of the time when I brushed my collar.

I tried to hit the guy’s spear, but at that moment Ain suddenly burst into laughter.

So the trajectory of the attack changed unintentionally.

‘An attack aimed at the head… Accidentally got hit in the shoulder.’

Hyun thought slowly.

The shadow has two abilities.

The first is the foresight to read the other person’s thoughts.

The second is a pattern based on your skills.

But what if there is a priority between the two?

The foreseeable attack is blocked as it was read.

involuntary attack. In other words, attacks that cannot be foreseen are blocked with one’s own skills.

But what about an attack that goes against your foreknowledge? can’t stop it!

‘Yes, an attack different from the intention works!’

In an instant, the thread in my head was unraveled.

Assuming this, it is possible to explain why he fell for that clumsy attack!

“Ain… I just got a feeling.”

I’ve been wandering for a really long time

After wandering aimlessly, I felt like I had finally landed on the road.

Of course, this is just the beginning, but knowing the destination and not knowing it will be the difference between heaven and earth.

“Haha, you should thank me.”

“… ?」

A characteristic smile was drawn on Hyun’s lips before he knew it.

I told you not to smile like that in your face.

Normally, he would have said a word, but for some reason today’s Ain thought that even Hyun’s sinister smile looked very cool.


Hyun and Ain focused on the apostle quest for a while.

I found a clue, but it wasn’t easy to materialize it either.

After repeated attempts, Hyeon realized that hitting his opponent accurately was nearly impossible.

‘It’s just brushing. The fatal blow never explodes.’

If you use the same method as before, you can successfully attack, but the damage still does not exceed 1,000.

This is because unintentional attacks are less accurate.

Also, it seemed that there was even a damage reduction option in his robe.

Just once in a hundred times. Although he had once pulled out 10,000 damage.

However, the fact that his body did not suffer even then means that his physical strength was at least 30,000. In the end, you have to go long term.

“Let’s change the skill tree. are you okay?”

“Hehe, why ask? Originally, I used my body the way I wanted.”

“… okay.”

Hyun first optimized Ain’s specs.

For such a time, there were two retrograde books of potential left in supply and demand.

“How do you take pictures?”

“Flame claw level 6, incarnate step level 1.”

“rest of it?”

“It’s better without it.”

Removed unnecessary skills.

Elemental absorption is useless in situations where high damage cannot be extracted.

Using Potential Explosion is also suicidal.

Now that stamina supply is impossible, I have to save even the stamina that is being cut by the ultimate.

‘It’s much better than before.’

After changing the skill tree, Hyun also became much more relaxed.

I could feel that the shadow’s skill level had drastically lowered.

Now, the guy uses only three skills: Black Wind, Biorhythm Acceleration, and Shadow Run.

But that alone wasn’t enough.

After hitting another wall, Hyun diagnosed the problem again.

‘The attack method that still relies on coincidence is a problem.’

Insufficient number of attacks.

While the opponent takes the initiative and accumulates damage, this side is only relying on the lucky punch, so it is natural that the damage exchange does not work.

Is there a way to create an ‘unintentional attack’ that is not accidental?

Hyun made every attempt.

I tried self-hypnosis, and I also tried wearing equipment that caused the ‘Confusion’ status ailment.

Later, I even touched the settings of the capsule, but all of those attempts failed.

‘Some methods don’t work.’

It was not difficult to realize the cause of the failure.

The opponent is clearly looking into the mind of this side.

It is to read even what you are trying to do with methods such as confusion and self-hypnosis and respond accordingly!

‘To fool him… You have to fool yourself.’

Hyun pondered and pondered.

So today is the third day.


[Do you want to give up? Y/N]

How many times have you died?

Thinking about that, Hyun laughed.

Kindly, the message was answering the question.

[Number of encounters with despair: 623]

He had never repeated the same quest three or more times, so he could never have thought that he would be pushed this far.

If it wasn’t related to Ain’s job change, I would have given up long ago.

It’s a different way from before, but the feeling of experiencing a new attempt wasn’t worse than I thought.

‘Something feels good.’

It’s not up to foresight, but Hyeondo was confident in his predictions.

In particular, the sense when setting up a strategy was more accurate than anyone else.

I feel like I’m about to catch something.

However, it will be meaningless if only your own will is ahead of you.

Hyun also told Ain, who was watching the broadcast in a resting state.

“Ain, how are you feeling?”

“commonly. why?”

“Concentrate a little this time. perhaps… I think it will be over in two or three games.”

“Yes… ?!”

[Do you want to give up? Y/N]



When I chose to try again, a shadow I had seen many times rose from the ground.

The worst opponent that can never be defeated by ordinary means.

‘He was the most picky among the guys I’ve met so far.’

Wow! Demonic energy wrapped around the window of shadow.

Hyeon almost came to the word frustration for the first time as his body was torn apart hundreds of times by that.

But that is until today.

If you practiced with Ain, you will surely be able to catch him.

‘Shall we go again?’

Pod! The shadows closed the distance in an instant.

At first glance, a simple stab.

However, Hyun knows that there are many changes hidden behind that simple attack.

Most of the cases that died right after starting were because the vital part was pierced by this first attack.

‘this time… I passed it safely.’

The spear blade grazed his body and moved away again.

The attack that started with a thrust turned into a slash attack when it moved away.

How many times have you been attacked?

What pattern was used?

At first, Hyun, who tried to read the numbers like that, now emptied his head.

I just let my body do what it remembers.

‘… !’

At some point, Hyun’s eyes flashed.

The moment I witnessed the black shape stretch.

‘Incarnate steps!’

This time, the body reacted first before the head.

As black and red drew a horizontal line, the window of shadow cut through the air once again.

‘Human ability… It really seems like there are no limits.’

Hyun felt that the spear was deflecting him by itself.

How to stay unconscious.

It may be useless for offense, but it is quite effective for defense.

8 years of Asura experience, and 1 year of Asrian experiences. Hundreds of deaths over the course of a few days made this reaction possible.

‘Now it seems like we’re playing a rhythm matching game rather than a duel.’

I emptied my head to the extent that useless thoughts came to my mind and surrendered myself to unconsciousness.

Yes, Hyeon intended to focus only on defense.

Ain is in charge of the attack.

[It has been switched to a resting state!]

Pod! At some point, Seohyun’s eyes opened spontaneously while lying in the capsule.

out of Asrian. reality.

On the screen on the capsule ceiling, Ain’s play was playing in real time.

[3018 damage done!]

Ain who transformed into a red wolf using the resolution of extinction.

One claw was holding the window of shadow, and the other claw was drawing forward.

… ?! And the expression of the embarrassed shadow was revealed together.

that would be embarrassing Because it is different from what I read.

‘Okay, 3,000 is a good save.’

Unless you have a dual personality, it will be impossible to attack unintentionally.

However, if you use the game system, you can create an ‘artificial double personality’.

‘I never thought I’d use it this way… .’

Hyun looked at the interface on the ceiling and smiled.

There, the button to activate the program I installed yesterday was shining.

(Alternating with AIN).

the moment you click that button.

[Transition to rest state!]

Ain’s soul, who was fighting the shadows, was forced out of Assrian for a while.

[Connect to Assrian!]

Instead, Hyeon’s soul dwelled in Ain’s body.

Generally, it is a program used when you want to use your own capsule from a distance, or when you have a capsule repaired remotely.

However, if it was used for other purposes, it could render the shadow’s ability to read thoughts useless.

‘I forgot that the assimilation skill itself is a dual personality.’

Just now, Hyun himself was focused only on defense.

The reason why the connection was suddenly disconnected was probably because Ain, who was watching the screen together, thought it was an opportunity to attack.

Its reaction speed is not much different from that of humans.

It was only natural that he could not easily respond to Ain’s surprise attack.

‘We can win anything if we’re together.’

As soon as the scratches appeared, the guy seemed to be angry, and the stronger wind wrapped around his body.


A sudden blow.

Hyun twisted his waist to avoid it.


The next moment, the wind exploded from the guy’s whole body, and ‘Biological Rhythm Acceleration’ was activated.

A vicious technique that uses Louise’s wind to wipe out everything around it.

More than half of the challenges were lost due to that technique.

No one will be able to avoid this.


Still, Hyun was not taken aback.

With Ifrit’s claws wrapped around the vital points, they rotated along with the rhythm of the spear.

[Takes 1038 damage!]

[Takes 1011 damage!]

[Damaged 911!]

… …

Dozens of attacks pouring down in an instant.

From a distance, the sight appeared to be two entwined vortices.

Some missed, some were blocked by Ifrit’s claws, and the rest were mitigated by Reckart’s monster armor.

This moving, like a stunt, was quite difficult, so there was no guarantee that the prefecture would succeed.

But, it doesn’t matter.

Even if you fail several times and your body is torn apart, you can try again.

And sometimes, there were cases where it was passed well with such little damage.

[Transition to rest state!]

And right after a crisis, there is always an opportunity.

The gap at the moment when the rotation of the shadow stopped. Ain didn’t miss it.


The moment Ain took over the inertia of the string’s rotation and struck his toenail, something miraculous happened.

[Called 20183 damage!]

[More than 33% damage causes body defects!]

“oh… !”

Ten thousand units of damage seen for the first time!

Even Ain, who created the miracle, was surprised.

“Did I just get it right… ?”

‘Seohyun’ answered that question.

“It’s not Jeongta. I only suffered minor burns.”

This amount of damage just by brushing against it.

In a duel between users with excellent skills, it is not easy to allow vital points, as well as to hit the right hit.

Hyun and Ain seized the greatest possibility with the blow they just made.

“You almost won, but don’t be vigilant until the end.”


“You must not miss this opportunity.”

Afterwards, Ain’s expression calmed down.

It was because the contents of the body had turned into strings again.

‘The finish is perfect.’

The Apostle Quest, which can only be cleared with luck even after mobilizing all means, has changed to the extent that it can be broken even without luck.

At times like these, you should not get excited to win a certain victory.

Hyun deliberately lowered his concentration so that his thoughts would not be read.

The tips of prayer to maintain unconsciousness were of great help at this moment.

Roaring! Wow!

The flames and the wind wrapped around each other as if they were going to eat each other.

[Damaged 2018!]

Ain’s attacks that hit occasionally consumed the shadow’s physical strength little by little.

The enemy created by Ain’s subconscious is ‘Hyeon, who even reads all of his thoughts’.

However, if you can’t read your thoughts, it’s no different from your usual prey.

During Asura’s days, there was never a time when Ain couldn’t beat Hyeon, no matter how good his specs were.

If you collide and bump into each other, it means that you will win one day.

“… !”

Finally, urgency appeared on the face of the shadow.

It must have been because the foresight continued to go astray. At some point, the guy’s pattern also changed.

Abandoning attacks that relied only on weapons, he mixed taijutsu into his movements.

Due to his lowered consciousness, Hyun almost couldn’t respond to the sudden change.

However, Ain did not.

I had my eyes wide open in the world on the other side.

[Damaged 5021!]

At the decisive moment, it changed its soul and settled in its body.

Nervousness in a duel always leads to mistakes.

If the shadow had human-like emotions, then the demi-human’s surprise attack would be unavoidable.


A fatal blow that exploded the moment the claws cut through the air!

Ain could feel the sensation of tearing the enemy’s torso again.

“Ouch… !”

The familiar sensations I had always felt were so thrilling that I felt uncomfortable.

The shape of the shadow torn in half slowly collapsed, and the moment it touched the floor, it was scattered as ashes.

The sight of an enemy that could never be reached disappears in vain.

Neither Hyeon nor Ain could realize it for a long time.

After a while.

[The test has ended.]

[Number of encounters with despair: 624]

It wasn’t until a new message slowly began to come in that I realized that the long journey was over.

<Only those who have surpassed their limits are qualified to be apostles.>

– You who deserve it. Visit the sanctuary.

– Depending on the angel you decide to serve, your new job will be determined.

After the vision changed, Ain returned to the city lantern.

Soon after, Hyeondo also canceled the resting state and nestled in Ain’s body.

“It was a bit difficult this time.”

“me too… I didn’t know Hyun would find a way like this.”

“Huh, after moving over to Asrian, there hasn’t been a single quest we’ve failed.”

Now that Ain and his soul overlap, various emotions disturb Hyun’s heart.

A sense of accomplishment, relief, and… Thanks.

Hyun has been thinking a lot over the past few days.

Have you ever been caught up in someone else’s quest for such a long time?

Then I realized that Ain always helped me with my quests without any cost.

months… No, for years!

I would never have gotten to this point without her sacrifice.

Suddenly, I wanted to thank Ain.

“Ah, what do you want?”


“Tell me one thing. I’ll listen to anything now.”

Ain’s eyes widened at Hyun’s sudden words.

“Anything… ?」

“okay… No, except for what you’re thinking right now.”

Really anything, as long as it doesn’t go against ethics.

Even if Ain asked for a Legendary weapon, Hyun seemed willing to give it as a gift.

‘anything… .’

Ain thought for a long time.

Common sense knew which requests would be rejected.

Opportunities that don’t come easily, it’s not good to joke here.

A request that really deserves it.

“then… . See you today!」

Ain’s request murmured after thinking for a long time.

He didn’t understand the meaning for a moment.


“huh. He said he had some time left before he met Louise… In the meantime, there’s nothing to do.”

“It’s true that I have time, but it’s not that I don’t have anything to do… ?.”

“And Hyun, aren’t you hungry right now? We haven’t had breakfast or lunch!”

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