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Yupia Island (1) and Yupia Island (2)

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Now that he has not taken off his human body, if he does not awaken as a true demon, he will die of old age someday.

Louise still thought it didn’t matter.

like this… If you live and die happily.

“That idea is not very good.”


“… You will regret it someday.”

Louise was silent for a long time before muttering weakly.

“I guess so… .”

In fact, she knew too.

The fact that you can’t be complacent with reality.

This city is the safest place in the world, but it is not a perfect safe zone.

If a powerful transcendent of royal or higher rank descends, the method of hiding under the white belt will be useless.

One day, the NPCs in the sky might block the entrances up and down the city. Even if you are safe, you won’t be happy at all while isolated in the white belt.

“You fell into a very sweet dream for a moment.”

Louise reflected on her complacency, intoxicated with momentary happiness.

It was for me that Hyun went to the sky on a transport ship.

Didn’t he also promise to make Hyun a king?

We must also look to the future.

“Isn’t it a problem that demons are light in the first place? There is nothing too demonic.”

“is it? It’s strange to hear that from you.”

Louise decided to play just one more hour before heading to the training ground. Even if your level doesn’t go up, your skills will reward your efforts.


The transport ship stolen from the sky bridge was originally used for transporting goods, but Hyun changed it to boarding.

Hyun did not touch anything directly, and it was remodeled under the guidance of Papi and experts.

The result was about 500 seats in the three-tiered transport.

Since the deck is used as a standing seat, the capacity will be more than that.

Seats on transport ships are always full.

It was because there were many users who wanted to move to the sky even if it was not an exploration quest.

Of course, Hyun, who did not need to buy a ticket or reserve a seat for a long time, was using the special room leisurely by himself.

“Hyun, I’ll log in now!!!”

At that time, Ain’s cry was suddenly heard.

Hyun immediately noticed that this voice was not a whisper, nor was it talking to him through his account.

‘What is he doing?’

Ain was shouting at the real body lying in the capsule.

During sensory synchronization, the sense of reality becomes blurred, but loud sounds outside, like Ain’s voice now, could be heard even during the game.

“I’m going to connect, but don’t use couplings for a second!! I have something to prepare for a while-!!!”

After a while.


As soon as he was summoned, Ain smiled slightly.

“I forgot to accept the quest.”

“What quest? Are you talking about getting a shade point?”

“that’s right. Shall I share it with Hyun?”


<Shade Quest: Sky Exploration (Uphia Island)>

– Earn points whenever you get useful information from the island.

-When you insert information into the exploration database, the value of the information will be evaluated immediately.

(Contents recorded so far: 52 types) – <Expand+>

– Traces of Magi have been reported on Ufia Island!

-Each time you report new information related to Magi, you get 200p!

– Additional points can be earned if the value of the evaluated information is high.

-If you perfectly identify the cause of Magi, you will receive 10000p!

(※Caution: If there are party members who received the same quest, the points are distributed equally)

Seeing Ain smiling all the time, Hyeon was dumbfounded.

Was the reason I didn’t summon right away to receive this quest?

“Why are we doing this? You can take anything you want from the store.”

“just. It’s fun.”

[‘Ain’ shares the quest.]

[Do you want to accept? Y/N]

Hyun also accepted it once.

It was because he suddenly became curious about the principle of the quest.

According to Genie’s explanation, the ‘adventure database’ is an application of the basic artificial intelligence provided by Assrian.

<On the way to Yufia Island. It takes about 3 hours to arrive.>

That’s how Hyun typed it in the ‘Report’ section of the quest and waited for a while, and an answer message came to mind.

[This is new information! (Value: 0.1p)]

[Points are awarded only when the authenticity of the information is revealed!]

0.1 point. It is said that it is a great mountain by collecting dust, but the efficiency did not come out compared to the effort.

It seemed impossible to earn points with useless information.



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<Ufia Island will soon perish. Appears to be affected by demonic energy.>

Hyun tried to say anything this time.

After a while.

[This is new information related to Magi! (Value: 8011p+200p)]

[Capture evidence and relevance with (photos/videos)!]

[Reward points will be given after 10 minutes of data evaluation!]

[The value may decrease if the same report is received within a short period of time!]

“This is a bit strange.”

“Look, I told you it was funny.”

“I know.”

It was a feature that did not exist in Asura Online.

There were not many types of quests that users could create.

It was just simple things like bringing certain ingredients or killing a few monsters.

The quest ‘Exploration’ is possible because Assrian’s artificial intelligence is so good.

“Okay, then let’s get ready.”

Hyun started the next thing.

There was one thing that must be done before the transport ship’s voyage was over.

Changing your appearance so that others don’t recognize you!

At the sky bridge, the faces of herself, Ain, and Louise were exposed to several NPCs.

Of course, first-generation artificial intelligence is not good at distinguishing users’ faces.

It wasn’t until the 1.5th generation that I could barely recognize ‘a close friend’.

However, Hyun had to consider the possibility that his actions would be passed on to NPCs through the mouths of users.

“The fact that you and I are on Ufia Island must not be revealed.”

So it was always safe to wear a disguise in heaven.

It was for such a time that various types of clothes and disguise tools were prepared in the transport ship’s special room.

“Will this be perfect?”

After arranging it roughly, Hyun gave a satisfied smile.

When he covered his head with a black hood, the atmosphere of the original ‘Hyun’ completely disappeared.

The fact that I went around disguised in real life recently became a reference.

“Hyung, look at me. how is it?”

Ain asked with expectant eyes.

It seemed that she had finished her disguise.

“Wait, what is that… ?”

However, Hyun, who looked to the side, couldn’t help but stutter for a moment.

Ain’s outfit is a school uniform.

It’s definitely a school uniform, but there’s something hanging from the belt, even the frills.

Is it from the cash shop? It makes me wonder who designed it.

“Not good? I thought Hyun would like it.”

“Apart from whether you like it or not, the clothes rather reveal your true identity!”

“okay? I don’t go to school anymore, so this is a disguise, right?”

Because Ain kept spouting nonsense, Hyeon personally picked out suitable clothes for him.

Wizard clothes with hood. The side with a hat was advantageous for hiding one’s identity.

“hmm… Wouldn’t this look a little childish?”

Ain shook his loose sleeves and muttered as if he had realized something.

“Or is Hyun’s taste like this?”

“What are you talking about? All wizards originally dress like that.”

“Whoops, those words. Why don’t you assimilate with me now and talk to me again?”

“… Stop talking nonsense and let’s go.”

Boo-woo-a loud horn was sounding.

It was the sound announcing that the transport ship had arrived at its destination.


sky island

The sky island that often appears in fantasy is cold and lonely, but it is not so with Asrian’s sky island.

This is because each island’s unique barrier magic circle interferes and changes the internal environment.

Because the weather as well as the spatial density change, there were some islands that sometimes had unrealistic characteristics.

For example, a vast plain spread out on a small island.

Like the river flowing and the waves lapping, the word ‘sky island’ is colorless.

“Phew, we’ve arrived.”

The transport ship is anchored at the edge of Yufia Island.

Ufia Island has an expansive sea and sandy beaches, and tropical plants grow sparsely.

Inside the island, dense trees formed a jungle.

In a word, a land like a summer resort.

When the transport ship arrived at Yupia Island, the leisurely beach started to become crowded with numerous users.

‘There are traces of demons here?’

While moving among the crowd, Hyun remembered what he had to do in the future.

Utilizing the Shade Quest window, users could check the information about Ufia Island recorded.

‘Sort in order of importance.’

The list of information recorded on the quest interface shuffled around and then stopped.

<Record 1. Detecting an aura presumed to be a demon on Yupia Island.>

Again, I checked the details of the record with the ‘View Details’ function.

<Record 1-1>: A level 203 magician confirmed the reaction of ‘Divine Power Detection’ near the cave on the island. (Reference: 2 cases)

<Record 1-2>: A party of 4 with an average level of 195 encountered a monster presumed to be a monster on the island. Presumed to resemble a ghost with no distinct shape. Two members of the party were killed by the monster, and the other two fled from the spot. (Reference video: 1 case)

… …

When the video in <Record 1-2> was clicked, the situation at that time was reproduced.

Recordings of survivors who encountered monsters.

‘Even if I look at it again, I don’t know who it is.’

Hyun, who was watching the recorded video, frowned.

Most monsters and demons knew about it, but even he himself, who was proud of it, could not figure out what that dark form was.

Like a ghost with no form.

It seemed certain that it was a monster.

If there was a slime made of demonic energy, it would be similar to that one.

The video ended with the two users being eaten entirely by the ‘magic slime’.

‘It’s not a place where monsters are likely to be.’

Hyun looked around Yupia Island again.

It was a peaceful place among many sky islands.

Seaside crabs and other crustaceans and sea monsters are powerful, but they won’t attack humans unless they are touched first.

The heavenly man who ruled the island did not interfere with the villagers. It was because this place, smaller than the island of darkness, did not need special management.

‘If there’s really a monster hiding, I’d rather be someone who serves the darkness.’

Hyun came to Yupia Island because there is a high possibility that Magi is related to ‘darkness’.

In the war five years ago, the subordinates of darkness either disappeared while protecting Louise, or were caught and sealed in the sky.

It is said that the demons were scattered all over the sky islands.

For the study of eccentric celestials who transform demonic energy into divine power.

Or, as a spectacle of a museum that proves the victory of the sky.

But what if there is a guy who accidentally wakes up or escapes among the scattered guys?

He would be able to create new subordinates for Louise, and perhaps even use it as the strength of the Shade Guild.

This was the reason Hyun came to Yupia Island.

‘Well, I’ll find out if I investigate.’

<Record 7-4. There is a village with a population of 300 at the eastern end of Ufia Island.>

“Ahin, let’s go to the nearby village for now.”

The users who got off the transport ship were scattered to various places for their own business.

The prefecture intended to use the nearest village as a base.

“Don’t you do fairy tales?”

Ain asked while walking along the beach.

with a meaningful smile.

Hyun shook his head and explained the specific reason.

“That, I don’t have to do it yet.”

“Huh~ Why?”

“People will think strangely and be suspicious if they are caught assimilating here.”

Assimilation skills are now known to everyone.

If one of the two users who were walking along the road suddenly disappeared, people might have doubts that they were ‘Hyeon’.

In that case, there was a possibility that the news that ‘Hyun and Ain’ were on Upia Island would reach the ears of NPCs of 1.5 generations or more.

<Record 23. The heavenly person who manages Ufia Island is scheduled to be away for three months. (Time of recording: 21 days ago)>

Even in disguise, a celestial being is always a burden.

Like now, there won’t be a need to raise work at the right timing.

“It’s okay if you’re just shy.”


“Actually, you know everything about current tastes, right? It doesn’t matter if you reveal a little more to me.”

“under… . okay. Is it okay if I assimilate now and prove that it is not the reason you think it is?”

Pod! In a fleeting moment when people’s eyes were gone, Hyun’s figure disappeared for a moment and then appeared.

“No, it was too short!”

“Wait a little, I’ll make you sick of it later.”

After a bit of an argument, Hyeon and Ain arrived at the village a little late.


People were buzzing in the village.

There are about 100 people who seem to be users. It was a small number for a transport ship with more than 500 people on board.

The rest of the users either went to another village, or went straight to see their business without stopping by the village.

<Record 31-4. If you receive a quest from the vigilante on the eastern beach, you can increase the efficiency of hunting nearby monsters>

<Record 1-21. The place where the magician detected the divine power (map)>

The 100 or so users were again divided into two categories.

A group of people just for the purpose of hunting.

And a bunch of people trying to record information.

Depending on their own business, they were planning to go to the hunting ground after maintenance or to explore in the village.

“Are there surprisingly many people who only hunt? Well, the hunting grounds here are quite efficient.”

“What are we going to do?”

“Well, hunting or exploring, what do you want to do first?”

“Yeah, from a fairy tale!”

“good. Let’s start with a tour of the town.”

Hyun briefly wandered around the seaside town.

He repaired the durability of his equipment and accepted all the quests he could receive nearby.

Then, I watched the actions of the users from a little distance away.

Most of the people gathered in this town must be users who are in the process of ‘Shade Quest’.

‘Management window.’

I watched the interface in front of me with satisfaction.

Ufia Island Exploration Quest continues to be updated.

It meant that even now, users were recording information somewhere.

Most of them were records of little value, but Hyun was proud of the fact that people were proceeding with his quest.

Masters enslave… No, would the employer have the mind to watch the workers like this?

“What are you doing?”

It was then that someone spoke to Hyun.


“I asked what you were doing.”

“I’m just sitting… ?”

Hyun looked at the owner of the voice.

I thought it was an NPC because he suddenly started talking to me, but the man in front of me was a user wearing a cash shop suit.

“Did you see all of them exploring our team?”

“A team?”

“The exploration team. Wasn’t he trying to follow you secretly?”

Isn’t this person a regular user?

Seeing that he was wearing a suit and talking about his team, it was assumed that he belonged to a professional organization or company.

It was an openly known fact that ‘Asrian departments’ were emerging among companies recently.

“no. I was just watching… .”

“You were just watching?”

“Well, that’s right.”

Hyun is bewildered, not knowing why he came and quarreled with himself when he was still.

After that, the man let out a sigh.

“I don’t really think you don’t know, but if you don’t, let me explain.”

He started explaining as if he didn’t like something.

The man’s complaint was this.

It takes a lot of sacrifice and effort to discover valuable information.

Just as you have to pass the section of terrifying monsters roaming the jungle to find the entrance to the cave located in the center of the island.

When you were trying to record the information you barely obtained, what if another user secretly followed and recorded the same information?

If the same information is reported within a short period of time, the system equally distributes the value of the information.

In other words, the vanguard who finds information first will only go through hardships and do only good things for others.

The reason why the man’s voice was dissatisfied was because he was convinced that Hyun, who glanced at them, was an ‘information thief’.

Of course, Hyun, who had no reason to steal other people’s information, insisted on his innocence.

“No, getting a spoon at the end, I didn’t even know there was such a method!”

“You didn’t know?”

“Yes, today is the first time I’ve ever done a Shade Quest!”

“If that’s true, you’ll have to prove it here.”


“Just show me your point information.”

“Yeah, it’s not difficult.”

<shade point: 0p>

It was natural that there was no string point.

Because there is no common sense owner who buys his stuff with money.

“Now, is that okay?”

“No, you have to show your point redemption history as well. If I just show you the points I have, how do I know if I ran out of them at the Shade Shop this morning?”

“No, really… .”

Hyun thought he was a suspicious person.

Have you been scammed by someone recently?

If this problem persists, I’ll have to think about revamping the system.

<Accumulated points used: 0p>

When he confirmed the message, the man had no choice but to accept Hyun’s words.

Still, there was something unsatisfactory about it.

“I’ll skip this time, but if you look suspiciously at the person conducting the exploration in the future, you’ll be in trouble.”

After the man in the suit disappeared, Ain, who had been watching from afar, approached and asked.

“What happened?”

“No, you suspect me for just staring at you. He said he was an information thief.”

Hyeon took Ain down and glanced at the man behind him.

The number of his colleagues is estimated to be about 8 people.

If you see that everyone is wearing similar suits, they must belong to the same group.

“What, then did you just leave him alone?”

“What if I don’t let you go?”

“If you quarreled with Hyun, of course you should kill him!”

“Kill… ? No, they’re the ones who do my quests for me, but even killing them is like that. There’s no need to make any fuss. Now I have to manage my image.”

And just now, an important fact was verified.

Just now, the man said he was doing the Shade Quest, but he couldn’t recognize Hyun’s face.

The current disguise means that no one will find out because it is tolerable.

If it wasn’t noticed by the user, there was even less chance of getting caught by the NPC.

“I didn’t know, so let’s see.”

“Um… It would have been better if I had been by your side.”


“I’m a VIP level 3.”

Ain smiled as he showed his shade point window.

<Shade Point: 6426p>

“what? When did you collect 6,000!”

“I caught spies hiding in the city whenever I had time! Salon misses a lot.”

“I caught a few people… ?”

“I don’t know! There must be over a hundred people… .”

Hyeon realized why Ain was trying to kill the man.

After killing people often these days, it seemed that the sense of committing PK had dulled.

Come to think of it, the man was just a bit picky.

A king who kills his people just because he doesn’t like them is just a tyrant.

‘I didn’t even commit a crime.’

Image is important.

The more famous I became, the more I was caught in the middle of the day.

If left alone, it might cause an accident someday. It’s no wonder Ain’s smile looked uneasy.


The beach of Yupia Island is a perfect hunting ground for level 200 users.

On the contrary, it was a bit of a trivial hunting ground for Hyun and Ain, who were level 200 and actually exceeded that level.

“Let’s go a little deeper.”

hunting, exploration. Whichever one you choose, the destination is fixed.

Hyeon reversed himself to Ain and assimilated, slowly walking towards the center of the island.

“Is that a hunting ground too?”

“That’s true, but unlike the beaches, there are many monsters over level 300. At this point, there are probably only users who are ‘exploring’.”

The destination is the ‘Central Cave’ of Ufia Island.

It can’t be compared to Named, but there were also monsters with elite titles.

Ain’s HP is much lower than other melee classes, so if you relax, you can go to the goal in one shot.

“Let’s summon the weapon in advance.”


Chunk! A scythe of vigilance was born in Hyeon’s hand.

The only weapon that can simultaneously activate the job skills of Angelic Reaper and Shadow Shooter.

‘It’s definitely a bit more comfortable.’

In the past two months, the scythe of vigilance has been remodeled several times.

Now, there is even a function to change the angle of the blade.

It reflects Ain’s opinion that bent weapons are inconvenient.

‘This form looks closer to a spear.’

When the angle of the blade was laid as much as possible, the scythe of the boundary became a shape similar to the ‘Neonwoldo’.

Of course, you can return to the form of a traitor at any time.

The current scythe of the boundary was a weapon that had the form of both a ‘spear’ and a ‘scythe’.

‘It would be helpful to assimilate into Louise’s body often.’

To Hyun, the spear is a more familiar weapon than the scythe.

In an emergency or when Ain went to bed in a resting state, he would have to fight himself, so he needed to get used to the transformation in advance.

“let’s go.”

Hyun quickly ran towards the center of the island.

I ignored most of the monsters I encountered along the way.

Sometimes the guys who attacked first were split in half with Ain’s gesture and died.

Normal monsters around level 200 couldn’t even be opponents of assimilated Hyeon and Ain.

After running for about 10 minutes, we arrived at the entrance of a huge cave.

<Record 1-3. Ufia Island Map>

The central cave of Yupia Island, where traces of demons were found.

There were dozens of entrances to this huge cave, and Hyun was able to find the entrance to the cave that had not yet been discovered by comparing the map created by the users and the information from Interloop.

It was to avoid creating a cumbersome friction like the one before.

“Okay, about here. You may have to fight right at the entrance, so be careful.”

“I’m fighting?!”

“Attack is your responsibility.”

Hyun jumped off the cliff while checking the map.

At some point when I was falling endlessly… .

widely-! Stepping on the wind barrier, he turned with all his might.

No one would know that the entrance to this cave exists in a crevice in the cliff.

Unless you find it inside.

“Hyun, there are a lot of things, but it’s dark and I can’t see them!”

As soon as he entered the cave, Ain hurriedly shouted.

Hundreds of eyes welcomed Hyun and Ain.

In the dark, only red eyes were shining brightly.

‘Holy fire!’

Hyun quickly lit the light.

A small sun rose, filling the cave with light.

The identity of the red eyes revealed at the same time.

Human-sized bats hung upside down from the ceiling, about 30 meters high.

“Is that a monster?!”

“no. It’s just a monster!”

The difference between monsters and monsters is whether they have demons or whether they serve demons or not.

According to Hyun’s knowledge, those bats are normal mid-level 300 monsters.

It was a particularly difficult monster to deal with from the user’s point of view due to its ability to fly and its solid nature.

“It’s a gargoyle!”


[I witnessed a ‘ruby gargoyle’ living in a cave on Ufia Island!]

[Value of Information: 42p]

[If there is no duplicate report for 10 minutes, points of the evaluated value are obtained!]

‘What is this again… ?’

Hyun was surprised by the message that suddenly popped up.

An exploration system that records monster names, names, special spots, and anomalies as soon as they are discovered.

If Hyun hadn’t been the head of the Shade Guild, it would have been a pleasure, but a point that was useless in the first place. I didn’t even have to worry.

“It’s a level 355 normal monster. Ain, can I leave it to you?”

“What if that’s about it?”

karrreuk! The sound of stones scraping was heard as the half moon cut through the air.

The characteristics of gargoyle-type monsters.

Since their bodies are made of hard stone, the damage of bladed attacks is greatly reduced.

“Alone is not enough!”

Again, a much larger half moon than the previous one cut through the air.

Tear the giant.

As the power of 800 increased momentarily, the ‘blunt’ characteristic was added to the attack.

Kwajik! Kwajijik!

The rushing gargoyles were crushed by ‘Frosia’s Ice Knife’.


[Information about Ruby Gargoyle’s health and defense has been recorded!]

[Value of Information: 32p]

[If there is no duplicate report for 10 minutes, points of the evaluated value are obtained!]

“Ain, coming from the back too.”

“I know.”

“huh. Yes… ?”

Pod! Hyun reflexively activated two skills.

Shadow Shield, Armor of Darkness. Two types of magic circles covered the whole body.


Right after that, the hard claw grabbed his shoulder. If he had been a little late in using his skills, he would have died really unfairly.

“Wait, you said you knew!”


[Information about Ruby Gargoyle’s attack power and pattern has been recorded!]

[Value of Information: 53p]

[If there is no duplicate report for 10 minutes, points of the evaluated value are obtained!]

“Why are you still?!”

To Hyeon’s cry, Ain answered with a blur of words.

“Because the strings were going to block it anyway.”

“You should avoid an attack like this!”

“But look, didn’t the strings block it?”

Hyun suddenly became anxious.

Ain couldn’t dodge this attack. Are you in bad shape?

“Aren’t you sleepy right now?”

「No, you only have 10 fatigue? Did you get more prefecture than that?”


“Look at the quest window! I just earned the current points!」

“No, what are you really doing…” !”

I noticed it belatedly.

The fact that Ain is focusing on something other than hunting right now.

Why are you collecting useless shade points?!

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