Hard Carry Support Chapter 271-272-273

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Magi Exploration (1), Magi Exploration (2) and Magi Exploration (3)

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「Attack power, defense power, physical strength, pattern. Is there anything else worth writing about?”

“… just stay still I will move.”

Since Ain’s mind was elsewhere, Hyeon decided to directly control his body.

Ruby Gargoyle.

Ordinary parties often struggled against these guys.

It’s because you can’t form a ‘formation’ against those who fly in groups and fly from all directions, including the sky.

‘I’m sure there’s no problem with this much.’

But solo player.

Users who did not need to form formations like themselves were relatively easy to deal with the gargoyles.

Hyun jumped near the ceiling of the cave.

A place where a large number of gargoyles are concentrated.

bang! bang!

Shock and absorption bullets exploded near the ceiling at the same time.

Gargoyles made of stone were not greatly pushed back by the skill using ‘Shock Amplification’.

All it did was stop flapping its wings for a moment. That was enough.

Shadow Shooter’s skills only create gaps in the opponent’s eyes.

Because the real attack is from the Angelic Reaper that follows.

‘Cut the giant!’

Flash, the flash split the ceiling horizontally.

Angelic Reaper’s main weapon.

The moment Giant Slash is activated, three effects are added.

Increases strength by 800, attack range by 8 meters, and finally activates ‘Angel’s Sword’ at all times!

Kwajik! Kwajijik!

Rather than cutting, it was more appropriate to describe it as devastating.

A giant’s blow that sweeps away everything in front of it.

In order to counter it, you had to have a similar level of strength or use a very special skill.

[The cooldown of ‘Giant Slash’ has been reset!]

message flowing at the same time.

It was because of the following effect of the scythe of vigilance.

– When an enemy is defeated, there is a 10% chance that the cooldown of the last normal skill used is reset.

Hyun did not even pay attention to the message.

Because I was already moving on the premise that the skill would be initialized.

‘God of death steps!’

Thanks to the fact that I just changed the angle of the scythe to 90 degrees, the enemies who survived the giant slash were concentrated in one place.

Before they recover their sanity, slash the giant that explodes again!

It was even refreshing to see the guys who were hard to scratch with a sword and scatter into the light all at once.

Ruby gargoyles would die in vain like this if they could hit a heavy attack.

[The cooldown of ‘Giant Slash’ has been reset!]

‘… !’

Against flying monsters, the rear is always dangerous.

Right after the attack, Hyeon saw the gargoyles from behind aiming at his back and rushing towards him.

There is no need to escape with the incarnation step now.

The string rotated half a turn on the spot.


At the same time, the 10-meter half moon vigorously stirred the air!

Some of the guys that entered orbit died, and some were mercilessly ejected.

Because the effect of ‘afterimage’ was added, even the gargoyle that was rushing in afterward was swept away by the follow-up.

‘Well, it’s not that difficult than I thought.’

While hunting like a dangerous feat for others, Hyeon was thinking about something else before he knew it.

How high is the experience? How many guild members are online? What are you having for lunch today? It was such a private thought.

“Look, I knew it would be like this.”

When the gargoyle hunt was over, Ain muttered as if he knew it.

“Hyun is not even right. What would have happened if I hadn’t been right in the first place.”

“What? Of course it shouldn’t be right.”

“But wouldn’t it be a bit boring if it was too boring?”

“that’s right. Actually, a little bit.”

“… Shall I hit you instead?”

“why… ? Right now, the magic is full.”

If Ain hadn’t been by his side, Hyeon would have been exhausted from boredom.

Even after the gargoyle hunt was over, the hunt in the cave continued.

From then on, there was no need to light the ‘torch’ because magic lanterns were hung all over the cave.

spiders, snakes, etc.

Various monsters popped up in each area, but most of them were much weaker than gargoyles, so I was able to deal with them without difficulty.

“Ain, other things are fine, but don’t go against this guy. Also, could he die doing that?”

“I know that much!”

Sometimes there were times when I met elite monsters and struggled, but even then, the sense of crisis did not come.

After going through the main quest, did the threshold for tension rise too high?



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[Information on the poisonous blue slime has been recorded! (Worth: 55p)]

[Added information about the location of underground water in the cave! (Worth: 143p)]

The central cave of Ufia Island is said to be vast.

It’s already been 10 hours since I walked around the cave with Ain.

I ended the connection in the middle and ate rice. Of course, it’s annoying to go out, so I ordered delivery.

He continued hunting for a long time, but he still couldn’t find any traces of ‘monsters’ or demons.

‘I don’t know.’

Hyun looked at <Record>.

It was to confirm that someone other than himself had discovered traces of demonic energy, but the updated information was only personal.

From what I saw earlier, I remember that there were magicians among the users.

Didn’t you find demonic energy even with divine power detection?


Hyeon felt Ain yawn and smiled slightly.

After living together, I got to know Ain’s life pattern roughly.

Even when he was in school, Ain played from 5 or 6 in the evening to around 3 or 4 in the morning.

I don’t go to school right now, but the maximum playing time is 12 hours a day.

Compared to before, it only increased by about 1-2 hours.

Shouldn’t I spend at least five more hours of my school-going energy on games?

Or you didn’t do anything in school that much.

Suddenly, I was worried about what Ain’s school days would have been like.

‘Well, I’ll have to be satisfied with the experience gained today.’

After raising 80% of their experience in one day, Hyun and Ain were now level 242.

I raised 9 levels by clearing the main quest, and 33 levels in two and a half months.

Compared to the Hall of Fame, it is a figure that corresponds to about 20th place in the rankings.

It seems that the experience is not going up, but there is nothing I can do about it.

In the meantime, I’ve been extremely busy with work in the city.

In addition, the current level-up speed was by no means slow.

If I remember the statistics from Asura, it took one year for ranker-level users to go from level 200 to level 300, and about two more years to reach level 400 again.

Even though he and Ain didn’t do their best to level up, they were at a similar or slightly faster speed.

“Ha ha… Hyun, will you do more?”

Ain yawned and asked.

“huh. If you’re tired, go to bed first.”

“Then I’ll leave my body behind today… Don’t do anything weird yet.”

[‘Ain’ has been switched to rest!]

After a while, Hyun is left alone in the cave.

It looks like it is alone, but inside its body, the reversed Ain is assimilated.

During the 3 hours that Ain’s resting state is maintained, Hyun can play Asrian a little more.

‘I have to sleep for just three more hours.’

I don’t want to do more than that.

It’s not impossible to hunt alone, but after getting used to Ain’s body for almost a year, inefficient hunting felt very frustrating.

‘I have to go back to the fork in the road I passed earlier.’

pod. Inserting the scythe of vigilance again, the string began to slowly move toward the depths of the cave.


A woman was walking in an empty cave.

“Eh… It’s overtime today. It’s overtime.”

A lament mixed with resignation.

The hollow voice only echoed in the cave.

I looked at my watch again. Time to get off work by now.

Taang! Depressed, she smacked her on the floor once with her magic wand.

‘How are you? It doesn’t matter what I do when no one is watching.’

Her ID is Mina.

A little relieved, she reflected on why she had come to this situation.

Half a year ago, I joined a ‘jewelry design company’.

When I first heard that I had passed the interview, I was overjoyed.

It’s okay to start with chores. I had a dream that one day I would like to design the gorgeous precious metals that I only saw in magazines.

It was a few months ago that the company started to become strange.

Suddenly, the upper level started looking for account holders between levels 80 and 100 of Asrian.

When I first heard it, I thought it was a joke.

This isn’t even a game company, so why are you saying that?

After I found out that the instructions were real, I felt absurd.

Coincidentally, Mina had an Assrian account of a level that met the conditions, and according to the company’s will, after being transferred to the Assrian department, she was transferred to a magician.

And in the future, I heard that the same business as reality would be expanded to Assrian.

‘It was fine up to that point.’

It was embarrassing, but I didn’t give up on my dream even then.

Yeah, how about a game? The company is also doing crazy things like this because there is demand in the game, right?

Besides, design skills are not going away.

Mina made up her mind to pursue her dream, even within Assrian.

I thought so for weeks.

‘The problem started after that!’

One and a half months after moving to the Assrian department. Mina hadn’t even touched her jewelry.

I didn’t learn any new design skills.

Mina’s team is the support team.

The Assrian Division’s support team has two roles.

The first is to help company colleagues level up, and the second is to periodically supply magic stones.

All of them were simple labors that had nothing to do with jewelry design, but since they were ordered by the company, I had no choice but to cry and eat mustard.

‘There is no other cave exploration team for this.’

The reason he was exploring Ufia Island now was only to get shade points.

With a weapon called a ‘gun’, even a user with no game talent can reach level 50 in three days.

If you reach a level 2 or higher VIP level, you can get magic stones from the point shop.

A self-luminous gem.

Magic stones are definitely beautiful.

When Mina first saw the magic stone crafted by an expert, Mina also thought, ‘Maybe this department will be surprisingly good?’

However, if I had known how to work in the game for an entire month, I would have shouted desperately against the order to move the department.

“ah… I’m so sad.”

Right now, Mina was acting as an expedition to record ‘information’.

No, even the exploration was not completed properly.

The points earned by Mina’s team today were only 1000p with 8 players combined.

Considering the price of transport tickets for 8 people, it was a huge deficit.

“Eh, this is all because of the wrong route!”

The reason for the low performance is simple.

I was very excited and went to a place full of dangerous monsters, but I couldn’t ‘record’ any information.

It must have been because the routes overlapped with other large exploration groups.

What makes Mina more angry is that she blamed her boss for everything.

The boss yelled at Mina for not checking the prior information.

The only place where information can be explored at this speed is a large guild or a large corporation, and they did not know their movements in advance.

Mina, who carefully reviewed the data in her own way, felt unjust.

The boss’ order to contact Mina’s ‘other expedition team’, who must be wandering around the cave now, and check their movement again.

“Well, everyone must have disconnected by now. It’s so quiet, who could be in the cave!”

So she was wandering around the cave meaninglessly.

Working when you know for sure that it won’t work is tantamount to torture.

‘But if I go back like this, I’m sure I’ll break up with my boss again tomorrow.’

Mina stood still.

As I stood alone in the silent cave, I thought:

Instead of wandering around pointlessly, should we record a little more information?

<Record 18-3. The regeneration of normal monsters in the central cave of Ufia Island is 12 hours.>

“The monster probably hasn’t been resurrected yet. It might be okay to go a little deeper… .”

Mina started to move slowly.

Towards a place where the light is dimmer than here.

<Record 31-1. The brightness of the magical lanterns in the cave is a measure of the ‘danger’.>

Just then.

Suddenly, a new shadow spread in front of her.

A silhouette that was not in the shape of a ‘human’ approached silently from behind.

‘monster… ?’

Logout is impossible from the moment the monster recognizes the user.

‘What did this idiot do! If I go out alone and die, I have to write in words… !’

Mina blamed herself and looked back.


“huh… ?”

“iced coffee… thank god. It was a person!”

He let out a sigh of relief.

The reason I thought it was a monster silhouette was because the man was wearing a hood on his head.

‘Are you exploring alone?’

Hyun looked at the woman.

Another user wearing a suit.

Rather than an ordinary user, he looked like an office worker belonging to a specific organization.

“Are you doing Shade Quest?”

“yes? Oh, right!”

“What level is it?”

“I… Level 107.”

The moment he heard that answer, Hyun clicked his tongue.

Even a level 200 user can only walk around at level 100 in a place that is difficult to explore.

There is a safe zone inside the cave, but you have to get out of the safe zone to explore.

It was clear that this woman’s ability would be difficult to deal with even a single monster.

“Is it dangerous to be alone? It is good to die.”

Hyun said with a smile.

Now that she found out that she had received the Shade Quest, she couldn’t let her risky behavior go unnoticed.

Wouldn’t it be a loss to oneself if even one of the people died in vain?

“It would be better if you level up a little more, or come with your colleagues.”

“Oh, maybe?”

‘laugh… ?’

The moment the woman faced him, Hyun flinched.

Did you recognize my face?

If that’s the case, it’s better to make an excuse or keep your mouth shut.

This is because if players flock to the island, NPCs will become interested in Ufia Island.

“Are you from a large company?”

But what came out of the woman’s mouth was an incomprehensible sound.

“… no.”

“Then are you a member of a large guild?”

“hmm… First of all, I even set up a company under the name of the guild, so it seems to be large.”

‘Even though there are five users.’

Hyun didn’t bother to add that.

“Sashimi, even the company! That’s a huge guild!”

“that’s right. I am a little confident in the size.”

‘It was this person!’

Mina sang joy inwardly.

Finally, he found a large guild that overlapped with his team.

I would have thought that one guild member, who I thought had already disconnected, would remain.

“I… I don’t mind, but can I ask for one? I want to meet the guild leader over there!”

“Just tell me.”

“No, because this could be a pretty sensitive story. I have to tell the guild leader.”

“I’m the guild leader, so tell me.”

“ah… .”

Mina was taken aback for a moment.

It was because of the vague stereotype that a person with the title of ‘jang’ is old.

Originally, she was unfamiliar with online games, and had never joined a guild while playing Assrian, so she implicitly identified the structure of the guild and the company.

“then… .”

Hearing that the man in front of her was the guild leader, Mina felt intimidated for no reason.

Will my words offend you? Watching carefully, he began to speak the words he had been practicing for an hour.

“Please tell me the route of your guild! Ah, I absolutely do not intend to follow you and steal information… I plan to avoid it as much as possible so that it doesn’t bother me as much as possible.”

“What are you avoiding?”

“I was instructed to know in advance the route of exploration and the routes that do not overlap.”

“Ah, that.”

Hyun recalled what he had forgotten.

Rules for Recording Information.

First, information that has already been recorded cannot be recorded again.

Second, if the same record overlaps within a short period of time, the value of the information is distributed.

The man I met in the village was also very sensitive to that.

“I guess you didn’t record much today?”

“yes… that’s right. I wondered if it might have overlapped with that direction.”

“Uhm. okay.”

Understanding the situation, Hyun nodded.

If he had been wandering around this area, the lines of movement would certainly have overlapped.

But since he and Ain recorded the information first, it must have been difficult.

“What about your colleagues?”

“Everyone has disconnected. Right now, I was looking for guild members by myself!”

‘How dare you leave a level 100 user here alone?’

Hyun felt a little sorry for her.

If this happened because of unnecessary points, I feel a little sorry for her.

That’s right, if you’re going to be king, you should cherish even one of your subjects.

A little help wouldn’t hurt either.

“By any chance, how many points did you earn today?”

“yes? I can’t tell the outside world about that… .”

that instant

Mina belatedly realized what she had said and turned pale.

What did you say? Aren’t the rules important right now?!

“Oh, no, sorry! Let me tell you! So, please stop pressure on the traffic line… ! Then I really die tomorrow!”

“… ?”

Hyeon flinched at the sudden outpouring of sadness.

Her expression looked like she was about to burst into tears.

How difficult can a person be like this. Is this an office worker?

Hyun quickly calmed her down, as she seemed to be able to grab hold of her pants if left alone.

“No, wait… !”

“Please, save me just once, the head of the large guild… ! please… only once… !”

“Oh really, I’ll save you!”

After Mina calmed down, she muttered in a despondent voice.

“All together today, 810 points… I earned it.”

“810? Isn’t that enough to earn enough?”

“No, that’s 810 points for all eight members of our team! I didn’t earn it alone!”

“Oh, there were eight people?”

Hyungwon nodded quietly.

Even if you’ve never played Shade Quest, you know that’s a pitiful shame.

Users who plan the ‘sky exploration’ quest are all excited and board the transport ship.

Besides, today is the first day of exploration. It would be depressing if each person only got 100 points on the day when they had to receive the most points.

<Shade Point: 1880P>

Hyun smiled bitterly as he looked at his point numbers.

A total of 3760 points if you add in all of them.

If the lines of movement really overlapped, he was just stealing someone’s food line for ‘fun’.

Of course, not all of these points will be hers.

Even if the traffic lines did not overlap, her party would not have been able to find the ruby ​​gargoyle, and they would not have known how to encounter the named monster.

However, even if you get only half of the 3760 points, it is about 2,000 points.

It is a reward that may be desperate for those who risked everything to explore.

“How much are you lacking?”

“yes… ?”

“Tell me how much you lack.”

Hyeon’s assertion brought a question to Mina’s face.

Are you filling the gap? What number do you fill the non-exchangeable points with?

No, maybe there’s a way I don’t know!

Mina answered with a heart that held on to the last rope.

“If I somehow collect 500 more points… I don’t think I’ll listen to the reprimand.”

“Eh, 500 points?”

“… !”

In an instant, Mina’s heart shrank.

Did I call too much? Should I correct myself and bow my head… ?

“What, you said it like it was great and it wasn’t a big deal.”

“yes… ?”

“Follow me. I will give it to you right now.”

Hyun moved his steps, then looked back again.

“What are you doing, I’m not coming.”

“You mean now?”

“Then do you know when we will meet again? It’s five minutes from here, so follow me for a second.”

A string that moves to a place where the light is dim.

It was a dangerous area where monsters might be.

Even if it’s not time to regenerate, it might be a little dangerous to move with two people.

“… … .”

Putting anxiety aside, Mina started following Hyun closely.


<Record 4-4. The place where the magic lantern in the cave emits blue light is an area where elite monsters appear.>

In a cave with an exceptionally high ceiling.

Mina’s pale face was covered in the surrounding blue light.

A hooded man suddenly appeared.

Mina was regretting ten times in her heart the choice she had made following him.

‘It’s not here!!!’ I wanted to shout right away, but I couldn’t open my mouth easily.

“uh… W, is this right?”


One word answer.

I got anxious and asked again.

“but… I know this is a very dangerous place.”

“It’s not dangerous for me.”

‘I’m not in danger… ? why?’

Suddenly, a frightening thought came to Mina’s mind.

It is said that among the monsters of Asrian, there are those who change into human form and lead people to the abyss of death.

Could this man actually be a monster? I was captured as prey.

“I’m here.”

“Sorry, sorry… !”

“What are you sorry about?”

“not… go?”

“Now, if you go up there, you get points right away.”

Hyeon pointed to a hill about 10 meters high and said.

“Because if the two of you go together, the points are divided. Go alone.”

“Okay… It is!”

There seemed to be something on that hill.

Mina sighed and took one step at a time.

The moment you finally reach the top.


[I found a ‘sanctuary’ in the cave of Ufia Island!]

[Value of information: 732p]

[If there is no duplicate report for 10 minutes, points of the evaluated value are obtained!]

“oh… !”

Admiration erupted spontaneously.

As I witnessed the point figures, my worries and fears melted away like snow.

“how much is it? Over 500 points, right?”

“There are so many more! 732 points… !”

“Good. The rest should just be counted as a bonus.”

“I have never seen anything like this! What is a sanctuary?”

“It’s related to divine power, but normal users don’t need to know.”

It was natural that Mina, who had little knowledge of Asrian, did not know about the sanctuary.

She was a user who did not even know the meaning of prayer.

“four?! Did you just say divine power?”

But, at that moment.

“Do you know the divine power?”

“You know! It is a place where new stones are born!”

Hyun was embarrassed.

Do you know the divine power without knowing the sanctuary? The order of knowledge has changed.

But the surprises weren’t over yet.

Whoops. Hyun’s eyes flashed the moment a magic circle began to form on her staff.

“for a moment. that magic… !”

“Spirit detection? I heard that you can sometimes find a god stone in a place with a lot of divine power. ah… Unfortunately, I don’t think there is one.”

“The magician was right next to you!”

At Hyun’s cry, Mina put on a dazed expression for a moment before clapping her hands.

“that’s right! Wow, very few people knew about this job, did you?”

‘I know it well.’

magician. Among them, magicians who have learned to detect divine power are very rare.

He knew this because he had hired a magician to find a god stone in Demonia Gorge.

‘Wasn’t he just a level 100 user?’

Divinity detection is not originally a magic used to excavate a new stone.

A technique in which a human mimics the spirit of a celestial being.

Divinity detection was a magic that had a very excellent effect on finding magic or divine power in the surroundings.

“Thanks anyway! I live thanks to you! It’s a lifesaver!”

Mina, who came down the hill before she knew it, bowed her head to Hyun.

723 points. It was a similar amount to the points earned all day by 8 people.

Even the boss won’t be able to shout at this! The night shift ended early!

“I will definitely repay this favor someday! Thank you so much!”


It was then that Hyun, lost in thought, muttered.

“That grace. How about paying it now?”

“yes? now… ?”

“It’s not a bad story either. If it goes well, you might get some more points.”

‘The night shift is over… .’

Mina quickly caught the expression that was about to suddenly become depressed.

The young-looking man in front of you is the leader of a large guild that may become a competitor to the company.

If I bought his antipathy here, it might cause a big problem for the long remaining exploration period.

“then… I’m grateful… .”


Hyun looked at the time.

The remaining time until Ain’s rest state is resolved is about 2 hours.

It was a perfect time for a final exploration.

If you have divine power detection, you can search for demons much more comfortably.

The only thing that bothers him is that he is alone with a woman in a cave.

Ain might not be happy with this situation.

“But how old are you?”

“Are you… ? S-twenty-six!”

Hyun was a little relieved.

If this was enough for a person with an age difference, he could explain it well even if there was a problem later.

“It will take about two hours, is that okay?”

“Moulon… Fine… It is.”

“Then follow me.”

A smile came to Hyun’s lips as he moved in the lead.

I never thought I would meet a magician by chance at the last moment.

I thought I was lucky today.

This must be a reward for doing good deeds.

“Is your ID Mina?”

“yes… ? Yes, that’s my name!”

Hyun found out her name by chance.

Because the letters MINA were written on her uniform.

Some outfits in the Cash Shop had options to engrave specific phrases like this.

mina. It is a name whose nationality is difficult to identify.

korea? japan? There will be similar names among Asian women in the United States or Europe.

‘Aren’t you Korean or Japanese? Which office worker will work until this hour.’

Hyeon dragged Mina around the cave while thinking useless thoughts.

It was to use divine power detection in every place where demons were suspected.

“hey… . But.”


“What is that purple lantern?”

<Record 4. Magic lanterns on Ufia Island indirectly indicate the degree of danger nearby by color.>

Mina asked, pointing to the cluster of lights around her.

Before coming to Ufia Island, she was trained in safety rules at the company, and was memorizing the ‘color’ of the lanterns.

Yellow is the safe zone. Orange is where normal monsters appear, and blue is the habitat of elite monsters. Other colors… never seen one

“It means that level 350 monsters will appear. The monsters that inhabit each area are different, so we marked them for easy identification.”

“four?! At level 350, isn’t it very dangerous?”

“Because there is nothing right now.”

Hyun was on his way back to the place where he had finished hunting with Ain.

The area where monsters were once wiped out. There is no need to encounter monsters until Regency.

Even if there were only one or two left, it wouldn’t be a problem.

“If you want to record it, do it. It seems that there is no information about the purple lantern yet.”

“record… .”

“Ah, is it difficult to verify because there are no monsters now? Well, you can do it later when you have time.”

“But that… .”

Mina couldn’t understand.

It was strange to know such information, and the fact that he was telling it to himself, whom he met for the first time today.

Aren’t you the one doing the exploration quest?

However, he knew that the monsters in the caves of Ufia Island were so strong that they would not come for any purpose other than exploration.

“ah. You don’t have to look at me.”

Hyun realized Mina’s thoughts and smiled.

“Because all I’m looking for is information about Magi.”

Those words made Mina tilt her head even more.

Of course, if you record information related to Magi, you will get bonus points.

But why bother recording information?

‘He’s a strange person… .’

Mina followed Hyun for a long time.

Sometimes I had to go into places that looked very dangerous.

‘What if I run into a monster? Just in case, I’ll be on my guard!’

Mina was constantly looking around as she followed Hyun.

However, the cave was so quiet that such worries were colorless.

As if the cave was empty from the beginning, the two did not even encounter a single monster.

“At this point, let’s try using divine power detection.”

Twenty times already.

No clues were found for nearly an hour.

The range of Mina’s divine power detection is about 10 meters.

It was because it was impossible to explore a wide range of places due to the low skill level.

Still, Mina nodded and followed Hyun’s instructions.

The moment the detection magic passes through the wall of the cave.

“oh… !”

Mina was startled.

Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuable canable canes could be held in both hands.

“Try to reduce the range as it is!”


Following Hyun’s instructions, Mina began to manipulate the settings of her skills.

10 meters, 8 meters, 5 meters… . The vibration stopped when the range was reduced to about half.

‘Is this here?’

Hyun took out the scythe of vigilance.

“Stand back.”

“… four!”

It hit the wall right next to it.

Tear the giant.

Kugu Palace! The moment the power amplified blow exploded, the solid rock was devastated in one blow.

“found… !”

Hyun’s smile deepened the moment the hidden space behind him was revealed.


[I found a hidden dungeon, ‘Ghost’s Tomb’ in the cave of Ufia Island!]

[Value of Information: 432p]

“Mo, monster… ?!”

“It’s a monster! Get out of the way!”

Inside the hole that was drilled, there were beings who scattered demonic energy.

[Found a ‘poor ghoul’!

[Information related to Magi!]

[Value of information: 22P (+100P)]

‘Dark protection!’

pod. When Hyun’s atmosphere turned dark, Mina, who was by her side, shook her shoulders in surprise.

The protection of darkness instills fear in the sky and intimacy in the abyss.

In addition, it has an additional ability to eliminate hostility towards monsters that serve ‘darkness’.

‘Doesn’t it work?’

Hyun frowned.

It was because the monsters were still showing a hostile look despite the activation of the protection of darkness.

Are they the ones who don’t serve the dark?

No, even if he served deception, he wouldn’t be hostile to himself who used the protection of darkness.

Maybe they’re the ones who don’t serve anyone.

Or it may be that their intelligence is so low that they are wary of all intruders.

‘It can’t be helped.’


Hyun cut the three ghouls intact.

The ghouls were weak to the point of futility.

I guess around level 100.

However, seeing that the path continued behind the hole in the wall, there was a strong possibility that more powerful monsters existed inside.

“ah… ? This?”

Mina seemed surprised by the hideous appearance of the monster she was seeing for the first time.

She stumbled backwards and fell, still looking bewildered.

“are you okay?”

“Ah yes! It’s nothing! I was a bit surprised… .”

“Well, you might be surprised when you see a monster for the first time. They look much scarier than monsters.”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

I woke up late and admired it.

The term guild leader of a large guild was never an exaggeration.

Among the ranker guild members who were so excited to sign a contract with the company, I don’t think there was anyone who handled monsters so neatly.

‘My team boss and I are very different.’

Also, he was a very kind person.

I couldn’t come to my senses because I was confused by the monster I saw for the first time.

Even though I could have helped enough, I didn’t do anything for a while. It was a perfect situation to hear what the boss said.

Maybe it’s because they don’t belong to the same company, but… . Aside from that, the man seemed different.

No, from the point of filling in the points that were lacking in the first place. Aren’t people too nice?

Hyun seemed even more special because Mina knew that most people in high positions were calculating.

“Looks like you’re certain here.”

Hyun looked into the opening through which demonic energy was leaking.

The interior was not a ‘cave’ landscape.

The stairs leading down were polished to an unnatural neatness.

Ooooh – I heard a cry from somewhere, and I could smell blood.

Like a dungeon created by a ghost.

Even Hyun, who had only stepped into the entrance, became a little creepy.

“Should I go down here now… ?”

Hyun shook his head quietly at Mina’s pale complexion.

“no. I think that should be enough here.”

“yes? It’s only been an hour yet… ?”

“Because I found it earlier.”

At a glance, the stairs leading to the basement were endless.

Another hour until Ain’s rest state is lifted.

It was better to start exploring safely with Ain tomorrow than to have the assimilation unlocked in a dangerous situation.

‘The information hasn’t been recorded yet.’

Then Hyun looked at the record window.

The location of the dungeon just discovered and the existence of the monster had not yet been registered.

This is because it takes about 10 minutes for the reported information to be registered.

“Could you postpone the registration of the record that was just automated?”

Hyun asked Mina.

At this rate, the location of the dungeon would soon become known to all users.

However, he didn’t want other people to make a fuss in the dungeon before he even entered.

“Are you procrastinating?”

“Yes, only about eight hours.”

Records already reported cannot be canceled.

However, the first investigator had the right to adjust the waiting time until information was recorded.

“Sure… ! Because you found everything!”

Mina interpreted those words with a different intention.

If there are two players, the points are distributed one-to-one, but even if there are only five players, the ratio changes to 4:1.

Hyun brought his guild members to understand with the intention of increasing the rate of information.

No matter how she understood it, it didn’t matter from Hyun’s point of view.

“Thank you for today.”

“Muh, what, I should be thankful! Thanks to you, I earned 1200 more points today!”

“Shall I take you back to the original place? Although there will be no monsters.”

“No, I remember the way I came! If you don’t know, well, you can look for it while watching the recording, there’s no need for the guild leader to be so concerned!”

“okay. Then I’m fine.”

Pod! The string disappeared in an instant, just as it appeared.

Left alone, Mina feels bewildered.

After a while, he slapped himself on the cheek and regained his senses.

No one would believe me if I said I earned 1200 points in just two hours.

The image of him wearing the hood continued to linger in my mind.

A man who had a high position and excellent abilities, but did not feel like a ‘superior’ at all.

Meeting that person was more impressive than earning 1200 points.

‘I guess I should have just joined the guild.’

What I envied most of all was the ease that came out of all his actions.

Ever since she joined the company, Mina has lived a life that has always been tied to something.

Assrian would do it anyway, if he had entered a guild rather than a company, he might have had more freedom than he does now.

“Oops, I have to turn it off quickly too!”

After thinking about something else for a while, Mina hurriedly returned to a safe place and closed the connection.

I can’t waste my sleep time to go back to work tomorrow.


next day. Ain and 2 player play again.

‘To think that there is a monster’s den in the middle of the realm of heaven.’

Before entering the dungeon, Hyun had a question.

It is too unnatural for demons and monsters to exist on the sky island.

Interloop also didn’t mention this place on Yupia Island.

In other words, there was a high possibility that this place existed only in Assrian.

‘How did this place come about?’

In the case of the archangel and the archangel being involved, there were cases in which differences from the previous work were found.

The only major demons are Caidrial and Louise.

Since there is no response to the ‘Blessing of Darkness’, are these monsters serving deceit?

Or, ‘chaos’, which had never been mentioned even in Asura, appeared.

It’s just speculation anyway. Nothing was certain until we reached the end.

“But Hyeon, how did you find a place like this?”

At some point, Ain suddenly asked.

“Hyeon doesn’t have any exploration-related skills, so it must have been difficult for him to accidentally find a place like this.”

While the cave on Ufia Island was very wide, there was only one entrance leading to a place where demonic energy was thick.

It was impossible for Hyeon to find this place alone unless he was lucky.

‘Yes… ?’

For a moment, Ain felt something strange.

Through fairy tales, a different prefecture’s appearance was conveyed.

“What is it, Hyun? Is there something wrong with me?」

Ain’s smile deepened.

“It’s been a little strange since we met today, but you just got caught!”

“what… ?”

「Fufu, it would be better not to pretend. Don’t you know that now I can go to that capsule in five seconds?”

“No, it’s nothing… .”

Hyun took a deep breath and answered Ain’s question.

「I was exploring alone yesterday, and I happened to meet a magician and got some help.」


“I had the Divinity Detection skill. You can quickly find clues to Magi.”

“Could it be that magician? Is it a girl?”

“… uh.”

After a moment of silence, Hyun nodded.

If you were assimilating, you couldn’t cheat anyway, and since you weren’t guilty, there was no reason to cheat.

Heh, Ain smiled and showed yesterday’s current play screen right in front of him.

After clearing the ‘Apostle Quest’, Hyun and Ain had access to each other’s recording archives.

“Is this the person?”

Ain looked through the last hour of video in five minutes.

A woman named Mina.

Age and appearance. It’s far from Hyun’s taste, so there’s nothing to be wary of?

“Is there anything wrong?”

「Hmm~ How are you?」

It was expected that useless interest would arise from the moment Hyun became famous.

This time, it doesn’t seem like it happened because of the fame.

‘Isn’t it kind of like saying something like this?’

Ain remembers what Hyun once said.

If I become king, I will give myself the position of queen.

If you’re a queen, you should know how to classify construction work, right?


‘Anyway, Hyun only thinks of me, doesn’t he?’

Fairy tales reveal the heart.

Even without telling him directly, he knows that Hyun will not betray him.

It might not be nice to make a fuss every time something similar happens.

Still, I have no intention of skipping over it.

“good. I’ll see you this time.”

“What are you looking at… ? I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You mean you’ll look at nothing.”

Ain carefully brought out the next words.

“Instead, just for today… When I close the connection, the prefecture will also close.”

“Only today?”


“… why?”

In an instant, a warning light came on in Hyun’s head.

Ain’s voice suddenly started to tremble.

It was always the atmosphere before a big accident or something absurd.

“Every day, Hyun goes to bed later, but… Even the door is locked when you sleep!”

“Wait, going to bed earlier than me and waking up later… How do you know that!”

“I know because I opened it!”

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