I Fell into the Game with Instant Kill Chapter 163

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Adessa Great Forest (2)

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Adessa’s forces could be divided into two. 

The elves who rule the eastern Great Forest. 

And the Beasts who rule the Great Forest in the west. 

Despite having different races, different instincts and values, they have coexisted since the distant past, and in a sense, they have a stronger bond than any other country on the continent. 

What the two power groups had in common was a very extensive tribal social system in which many tribes were united.

Unlike the elves, beastmen were divided even inside, but in Adessa, it did not mean much. 

The beastmen of Adessa have long been united around the Gonak tribe. 

A great tribe that gives birth to powerful warriors who cannot be matched by anyone, beastmen with the ‘soul of fighting spirit’. 

The current Warchief of the Beasts was Udakbat, the chief of the Gonak tribe and the strongest warrior. 


Udakhvat looked at his own people in front of him with complicated eyes. 

Gwangrang nodded his head from side to side, then opened his mouth. 

“Don’t call me by name, Udakbat.” 

At her words, countless warriors and tribal elders spewed ferocious spirit. 

On the other hand, Udakvat, who did not raise an eyebrow, stirred the atmosphere by waving his hand.

“Your quirky hair has never been fixed by anyone, so I have no intention of pinching it. Why did you come here?” 

“Well, why did you come?” 

“The rudeness was patient enough. Did you come looking for a place to die after a rampage?” 

The madman raised an eyebrow. 

“It’s not bad to kill all the old people with unnecessarily long strings, but let’s quit today.” 

Some of the elders glared at her and opened their mouths. 

“You have a long tongue, Ignel. A traitor who turns his back on his clan and acts like a dog for the overlord.” 

“If you let those filthy feet into the tribal land, just spit your business and get away!” 

“Yes, old people. I did not come to see you disgusting faces, did I?”

The energy swirling between them made the young warriors of Gonak nervous. 

With just one person’s visit, all the warrior chiefs and leaders of the tribe gather in one place and are fighting a battle of nerves. 

For them, who had only heard about Gwangrang as an old story passed down between tribes, the current situation was inevitably strange and strange. 

“Speak briefly. It looks like the Emperor Seintea is plotting something at the northern end of the forest. So, don’t stay ignorant like an idiot and stay alert.” 

Udakhvat frowned. 

“······Emperor of Seintea? Did the overlord tell you to tell him?” 

“No. This is just information I personally tell you guys.” 

“How can you believe that?” 

Madness let out a sneer. 

“Hey, do you think I’m taking on the role of a messenger because there are still remnants of this tribe?”


“It doesn’t matter if the whole tribe is annihilated, or if Adessa becomes a living hell like in the Great War. You just have to protect that damn tree properly. Even if it costs the lives of your old men and the lives of your warriors. Just like it was back then. this.” 

Udakvat’s eyes softened at the frenzied growl. 

“You’re still a child and haven’t grown up at all.” 

“Haha, yeah? Much better than a coward. I’m done talking.” 

The madman turned around. But she wasn’t going around the way she came. 

The faces of the warriors standing in her direction hardened. 

“Where are you going, Ignell?” 

Gwang-rang ignored it and continued walking. Udakvat let out a ferocious cry.

“Stop. Who said you were allowed access to the World Tree?”

The forest was crushed by the speculation he emitted. The madness did not stop and the energy was met. 

“Permission? I’m going to see my brother. Whose permission do I need?” 

“You are no longer a member of Adessa or a member of the tribe. Take responsibility for the position you choose.” 

Gwangrang let out a cool laugh. 

“Responsibility! Okay. Then, like the Lord of Calderic, shall we dare to cut down all the things that block my path and go?” 

“Ignell, do you really want to die?” 

“Why do you think you can’t?” 

Gwang Rang brought his hand to the hilt of his back. At that, the warriors raised their weapons in unison. 

“If I block more, I’ll do it for real. Let’s see. How many times can I kill before I collapse.”

The elders also prepared for battle. 

Some showed intent to kill, while others looked at her with complicated eyes. 

In the suffocating confrontation, Udakvat shook his head to break the silence. 

“Only this once.” 


“Are you going to shed the blood of the tribesmen for this?” 

The elders could not protest. 

They didn’t know what the damage would be if a madman went on a rampage in the middle of the tribe’s main camp. 

“The commander-in-chief, follow her and keep an eye on her.” 

Upon receiving the order, Grand Master Turaka immediately approached Gwangrang. Udakhvat spoke softly. 

“Please don’t do anything stupid, Ignell. At least I don’t want to kill you with my own hands.”

Gwang-Rang let out a snort and continued walking. 


“Do you know what purpose the Five Lords are moving?” 



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I asked her while riding a wyvern with Thunderstorm. 

The thunderstorm glanced at me and replied. 

“I don’t know the exact purpose, but it must have moved to the territory of the Gonak tribe.” 

“If it’s Gonak…” 

“It’s the tribe of the beast warchief. Do you know where the 5 lords come from?” 

I nodded. The Gonak Tribe is a tribe ruled by a chieftain, the center of the Adessa beastmen. 

Gwang Rang was a member of the Gonak tribe before he left the Great Forest and became the lord of Calderic.

“Perhaps he went to share information about the emperor with the warchief.” 

“Is that okay?” 

“The fact that the overlord didn’t say anything means it doesn’t matter whether you do or not, so you’ll do whatever you want.” 

He kindly answered all the questions, probably because he was suffering from post-cerebral palsy. 

I thought for a moment about the character of Kwang-Rang. 

The reason why the madman abandoned his tribe and left the great forest to become the lord of Calderic. I knew that too. 

There is a huge tree in the center of the Adessa Great Forest. 

world tree. It is a setting that often pops up together when comics, games, or elves come out. 

Another name for the Great Forest of Adessa is the Blessed Land. 

The World Tree, with its enormous vitality, was a sacred being that imparted powerful power to the entire Great Forest and all its members. 

However, in the great war that started with the invasion of demons in the past, Adessa could not avoid the phone call.

It was only one demon that invaded the Great Forest, but it was a living disaster. 

The most powerful war weapon possessed by demons during the Great War. 

Even compared to the current original horses, it is an overwhelming existence that no one can stop except for Azkel, who is ranked first. 


Being eroded by his power, the Great Forest was in danger of being destroyed in an instant. 

And the beasts and elves driven to the edge of the cliff choose the only way given to them. 

That is to amplify the power of the World Tree. 

The body and soul of the Great Forest’s most powerful warrior were absorbed into the core of the World Tree. 

‘They say that a warrior with the spirit of commitment sacrificed himself like that.’ 

The soul of the warrior was a story like a legend handed down from generation to generation in the Gonak tribe. 

Even the reality is not accurate. 

However, in the Gonak tribe, strong warriors who have always far exceeded common sense have been born in rare cases since their long ancestors.

Igrel, and Ignel. 

The warriors who sacrificed themselves to save Adessa and were said to have the soul of the warrior were the twin brothers of madness. 

That was the setting that made Gwangrang abandon his tribe and come out of the great forest… 

I didn’t know every single detail, and I only knew roughly that much about the past of Madness. 

love of home? Affection for a tribe? Do Gwang-rang still have those things left? 

Or is it that he couldn’t let go of his lingering attachment to the brothers who became one with the world tree? 

If you think about it a little, there are many reasons that come to mind. 

In any case, there was no need to pay more attention to her. 

More than that… 

‘I have to find the emperor quickly.’ 

The reason why the emperor’s deed was no different from a disaster was the content of the moment.

Because, the being he was trying to summon was the demon who almost destroyed Adessa once. 

It was not even revealed in the game where the Emperor got Fogwig’s fragment. 

However, the emperor has found a way to deal with that catastrophic power through numerous experiments and studies. 

A study that allows humans to acquire the abilities of demons, especially powerful demons of the Agenma class. 

He does not hesitate to do all sorts of cruel things to realize his ambitions, and he succeeded in doing so. 

This was possible because Fogwig was a being with non-biological characteristics, lacking in intelligence and ego even more than a Witchbeast. 

When all preparations are complete, the emperor will be resurrected by fusing with Fogwig. 

It may not be as strong as before, but that’s why he chose the great forest of Adessa as the place of resurrection. 

The emperor planned to conveniently absorb all the life force of the great forest through the world tree and fully recover his strength.

“2 Lords, there are conditions for getting your power back.” 

“Tsk, you said you knew. You said you would use the power of the spirits to find the location of the emperor.” 

“One more thing. If the emperor is trying to destroy Adessa, what will you do?” 

The post-cerebral palsy narrowed his forehead. 

“What do you mean?” 

“It’s literally.” 

“How could the emperor of Saintea have such potential? What nonsense…” 

As I stared at him, the afterword clouded his speech. she said again. 

“······I thought your behavior was strange. Do you know anything, Seven Lords? What is the Emperor trying to do here?” 



“Because I also have my own informant. I wish I could stop worrying, but the emperor could do something very dangerous.” 

As long as she decides to restore her strength, she should be able to use it as an ally during this time. 

“Why didn’t you tell the chief of staff?” 

“Because I don’t know exactly the overlord’s intentions.” 

The Overlord is unaware of the Emperor’s intentions, so he tries to track down and investigate his whereabouts. 

But if he knew exactly what the emperor was up to, he could have just left him alone. 

After all, Adessa was a different faction. 

In the story of the game, Calderic was never involved in this matter in the first place. 

So I never knew how they would behave, whether overlords, chiefs of staff, madmen, or thunderstorms. 

“I’m on the side of helping Adessa. If Adessa is in danger, you have to follow my wishes even if you disagree with the chief of staff. That’s the condition.” 

Of course, that could have been a cause for concern.

After a moment of silence, the thunderstorm spoke. 

“Why are you so eager to help Adessa?” 

“You’re asking for granted. If Adessa collapses, the balance of power collapses too. Now is not the time for that to happen.” 

He looked at me with eyes that said he couldn’t understand the post-cerebral palsy, then nodded. 

“I was going to help Adessa from the beginning. Regardless of your will, for Calderic’s safety. If the overlord wishes for Adessa’s destruction, I will not obey him even if he is punished later.” 

I nodded. 

“That’s good.” 


Time passed, the sun went down, and by the time it rose again, we arrived at our destination.

The northwestern outskirts of the Great Forest, a zone where the vegetation is reduced and rocky mountains appear. 

“There it is.” 

I pointed to a towering rocky mountain, conspicuously alone. 

The post-cerebral palsy narrowed his eyes. 

“Is it really that place? I don’t feel any energy at all.” 


When he got down to the top, Leihu hurriedly got off the wyvern and looked around. 

I got off and told her. 

“If you wait, it will appear soon.” 

Because he was a spirit that was stuck in this rocky mountain and wouldn’t escape. 


Shortly after, Tiyong let out a low cry as if he felt something. 

The post-throat wyvern was the same. 

The head of the brain fixed his gaze on one side with tense eyes. 

‘You’re here.’ 

I also crossed my arms and looked there. 


Thunder roared, and dazzling thunderstorms gathered at the top of the rocky mountain. 

Soon, something of a gigantic shape appeared in front of our eyes.

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