I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 30

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◈ Episode 30 People who see, people who solve (2)

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Rudgar stood still and stared at the place where the werewolf had been before.

He burned them all without a trace.

Not a werewolf, but all the evidence that he was a test subject.

It was good to be relieved.

Because it’s over now

However, Ludger’s heart did not ease at all.

Even until other teachers lit up with magic from afar arrived on the scene one by one.

Rudger stood still as if nailed to the seat.

* * *

The Werewolf Crisis that stirred up the Seorn Academy came to an end when the new teacher, Ludgar Celish, eliminated the Werewolf.

Several students wondered if this incident was simply an inflated rumor, but there were many witnesses who actually witnessed werewolves, so such opinions were easily accepted.

Rudger’s bloody battle with a werewolf on the roof of a building under the full moon has already spread rumors among students.

Students have already talked about this incident in the <Akashic Records>.

-Is it true that you were a real werewolf this time?

-I actually saw that. On the roof of the lab building, the new teacher is fighting a werewolf, and it was really cool.

-It’s not a lie?

-In fact, part of the roof of the building in Building 3 was broken, and there were traces of a fight.

-and. So, did the new teacher really catch the werewolf?

-Even though you’re a new teacher, you said you were a former soldier? Then it’s possible enough.


So, there were also questions about what a werewolf was and where such a thing appeared.

Someone even claimed the dark theory that a werewolf might actually be a secret experiment somewhere.

However, in the absence of even a clue, such opinions were nothing more than gossip that did not burn properly.

Because that didn’t matter.

-ah. I got caught and got 5 penalty points.

-me too. If this is the case, the academic warning is a little risky.

-huh. I don’t mind with 5 points~. I got it from the store in advance.

-Where do you live?

Most of the students who tried to catch the werewolf this time were caught and baptized with penalty points.

130 students out of all students.

There was even a 3rd grader among them, so it was noisy.

I went out to become a hero, but instead of solving it, I only received penalty points.

It was the same with Aidan, Leo, and Tacey.

“Ah! screwed up! ruined! Of course, it was taken by Mr. Rudger!”

Currently, the three have been called to the interview room for a meeting with the president.

Aidan still looked serious as if he was pondering something, but Tacey was different.

She was restless.

I should never have allowed loopholes to raise the family, but this werewolf situation was properly stamped by Ludgar, let alone compensation.

Tacey glared at Aidan in resentment, then bit her lip and brushed her hair roughly.

I couldn’t help but blame Aidan.

Without Aidan, she wouldn’t be standing here.

After all, it was Aidan who saved her by throwing herself away from the werewolf’s attack.

‘okay. I was just, the me who couldn’t do anything back then… … .’

Feeling so foolish herself, Tacey grabbed the hem of her uniform with trembling hands.

Did it last like 10 minutes?

The door to the interview room opened.

The three Musketeers Aidan, Leo, and Tacy, who were sitting in their seats, jumped to their feet.

rector. Her white hair on the outside, but the unusual pink hair color on the inside, she was walking into her interview room with a smile on her face.

The person who follows such a president is a cool-headed man.

It was Ludgar Celish, the man who had taken down the werewolf the night before.

Rudgar looked the same as usual.

The outfit was a long red coat, not the black frock coat she had worn in the past, but the unwavering neatness was still the same.

“now. All three of you, sit comfortably.”

At the president’s words, the three, including Aidan, sat down again.

The president also sat in the empty seat of honor.

“Sit down too, Mr. Rudgar.”

“I will stand here.”

“Well, if you are comfortable with that. Alright, then let’s get to the point. Do you know why I called the three of you?”

No one was quick to answer.

But no one knew.

There is only one reason why the three of them gathered. Because he witnessed a werewolf up close and got caught up in it.

Tacy, who had never expected to face the president, thought that Rudger was really determined and gnashed his teeth.

What does it mean that he did not end with just giving penalty points and even told the president?

Isn’t it a declaration that it will never end with ordinary discipline?

‘It’s ruined!’

I desperately held back the tears that seemed to come out.

It was kind of an oxymoron.



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After that day, she never forgot that she had promised herself never to cry again.

More than anything, I was stimulated by seeing Aidan and Leo sitting casually.

“How are we?”

Aidan was the first to speak. But even as he spoke, Aidan’s gaze did not leave Ludger.

“Why do you think I called you?”

“… … I don’t think it’s just to give you a penalty point.”

“That’s right.”

It was then that Rudger opened his mouth.

“The three of you disregarded Ceorn’s warning and entered the forest, putting yourselves at risk. And it almost certainly was. If things had gone a little wrong, someone in this room would have died.”

The three of them, who were stabbed for no reason, shut their mouths.

“As a result, there was no unfortunate accident that someone died, but I thought it was necessary to know how serious your complacency was. That is why I made a suggestion to the president.”

realize how serious it is.

There’s no one who doesn’t know that the words have absolutely no good intentions on this side.

As a heavy atmosphere lingered in the interview room, the president clapped with both hands.

“now. Everyone, don’t make a face like the world is collapsing. Think positively. And Mr. Rudger. The words that scared the students were a bit harsh.”

“President. This is not something to be passed on like that.”

“Of course, it is true that no one was injured thanks to Mr. Rudger’s hard work, and it is also true that the students were complacent. But in the end, it ended well, right?”

“… … I am not convinced.”

“Because they are still children. And aside from what you said intimidatingly, Mr. Rudger explained to me in detail, right? Aidan?”

“yes yes!”

When his name was suddenly called, Aidan hurriedly replied.

“I heard the story. You said you jumped to save Tacey from danger?”

“Oh, no, that… … just.”

“Competition among students is important, but it’s better to help each other than that. And neither of them ran away to protect Aidan.”

As the words of praise flowed from the president’s mouth one by one, embarrassment lingered on the faces of Aidan, Leo, and Tacey.

Why is the president like that?

“Your actions are obviously wrong. So I decided to give each of you 10 penalty points after receiving Mr. Rudger’s opinion.”

10 points!

If it’s not 5 points, but 10 points, it’s twice as black as other students.

It is certain that it will work against them.


At that moment, the president’s clear voice awakened the three of them from their thoughts.

“The actions you guys showed in that moment of crisis are definitely worthy of praise. So I’ll give all three of you 10 points each.”


“Is that really true?”

10 penalty points. However, in addition to that, due to the 10 points in the store, the demerit points are virtually gone.

The president’s words did not end there.

“Aidan. In a moment of crisis, you showed the courage to think of your colleagues first before your own body. I’ll give you 10 additional shop points.”


“Leo. Even in moments of urgency, you didn’t forget to calmly assess the situation, and deliberately left traces on this side so that others could follow suit.”

“Uh, how… … .”

“I’ll give you 10 extra stores. And Tacy Freeard.”

“Yes, yes!”

“The courage to fight against a werewolf without running away. Some people might say it’s reckless, but you must have realized something too. I hope you will keep that unshakable heart forever.”

“yes yes! All right!”

“In that sense, I’ll give you 10 shop points as well.”

As a result, the three of them received more stores than 10 penalty points.

The president, who smiled at the three people who still couldn’t accept that this was reality, looked back at Ludger while sitting.

“Don’t you have any complaints, too, Mr. Rudger?”

“… … If that’s the President’s will.”

Rudger took a step back and drew the line that there was no disagreement.

The president clapped his hands.

“congratulations. Guys. Keep working hard.”

“Ah yes! thank you! President!”

“But don’t push yourself too hard. ruler. took up too much time Everyone, come back soon.”

The three students left the interview room feeling like they were still dreaming.

Aidan, who was leaving for the last time, stopped and looked back at Ludger, but Ludgar didn’t even look at him as he left.

What was Ludger’s reaction at that time?

Aidan left the interview room with unresolved questions.

The door was closed, leaving only Rudger and the president in the interview room.

“Eh. Mr Rudger. Are you satisfied now?”

The president said that when the students had completely lost their presence.

“I was really surprised. To think that Mr. Rudger himself asked me to take good care of those children.”

The president, who tilted his head back and shook his legs, glanced at Ludger with half-open eyes.

“Besides, I want you to do all these things like I did.”

“Because if you did it like I did there, it wasn’t a very good picture.”

“i know. You mean good cop bad cop? Are you playing the villain yourself? Aren’t you sorry?”

“We just chose the most efficient method.”

“Oh yeah? Well, you say you’re fine, but I won’t ask any more than that. As a result, it was a good thing for the students.”

The president jumped up from his seat, approached the window where he could see Seorn, and swept the transparent glass with his delicate fingertips.

“Miss Rudger. You said you dealt with the werewolf yourself, right?”


“What did you see there?”

“What do you mean?”

“Wasn’t there something unusual?”

Rudger’s expression did not change despite the words of the president, who felt somewhat sharp.

“I didn’t feel anything like that.”

“is it so?”

“yes. I just chased the werewolf and got rid of it because I was afraid it would be a threat to the students. Just like I did in the military.”

“Hmm. Well, then it can’t be helped.”

The president didn’t ask any further. Rudger’s fight against the werewolf while protecting the students was already famous enough to spread throughout the school.

“Anyway, I have to thank Mr. Ludger once again. Thanks to that, no one died.”

“I was just doing my job.”

“Such a dignified attitude, I like it. Looking good in the future. I will expect?”

Rudger bowed his head in silence.

After the conversation with the president, Rudger returned to his office.

Sitting down, Rudger leaned against the back of his chair and recalled what had happened the night before.

What he was surprised to see.

The body of a baby werewolf hidden in fallen leaves that others hadn’t discovered before.

It was clearly a human child with no animal fur.


I didn’t see it wrong.

It was clearly a human body that had not yet become a werewolf.

‘The Shamsus School did not use wolves as test subjects to create werewolves.’

Quite the opposite.

They… … He used humans as test subjects to create werewolves.

Human genes were not assigned to wolves, but humans were captured and forcibly mixed with beast factors.

In an emergency, the werewolf’s bizarre behavior of throwing the broken remains with his hands was finally understood.

I wondered why my head was running so well, unlike a guy who shouldn’t have reason.

A werewolf baby would of course be a child.

It must be the mother who stood in his way to protect such a young child.

‘Family, was it?’

The three werewolves who made Ladervelk and Ceorn noisy

It was a family used as a test subject.

child and two parents.

Ordinary people, just swept away by an unfortunate incident.

Rudger killed the three with his own hands.


Rudger clenched his fists.

‘I have no regrets about my actions.’

Even if he went back then, Rudger would have made the same judgment.

Otherwise, it would have been him who was in danger.

All the test subjects had to be destroyed, and the link that this side was related to had to be severed. There was no other way.

And there have already been deaths due to werewolves.

They said they had no choice but to live, but they killed and ate someone.

so he killed


Obviously that was it.


Those clear eyes of a calf that looked back at itself as it licked its mother.

Even in the midst of manifesting the magic to kill himself, those eyes staring at Ludger did not contain any reprimand or anger towards Ludger.

just one.

Just thanks for putting an end to this terrible life.

“… … .”

Rudgar got up from his seat.

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