I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 31

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◈ Episode 31 People who see, people who solve (3)

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Sitting on a bench in a quiet garden, Aidan, Leo, and Teishi still haven’t returned to reality, as if what had just happened seemed like a dream.

It was Tacey who came to her senses first.

“We really didn’t get punished. It still feels like a dream.”

“I know.”

“I never thought the president would step up and defend us.”

“I know.”

Leo, who had always had open conversations with Tacy, completely agreed with her opinion this time around.

The eyes of the two eventually turned to Aidan.

It was a gaze that said you had nothing to say.

“Hey Aidan. Aidan?”

“huh? uh, yes.”

“What are you thinking?”

Unlike the two who were happy to receive the store, Aidan’s face was always serious.

“Aidan, what are you worried about?”

“no. Should I say worry? that… … It’s strange that you’re saying this now.”

“What is it? Don’t be shy and talk to me in a cool way!”

When Taycey yelled at him, Aidan hesitated before telling the two friends about his concerns.

“It’s just something, weird.”

“Strange? What’s strange about it?”

“Yesterday werewolf. You guys didn’t see it, but the werewolf had a strange silver restraint around its neck.”



When Tayce’s voice rose, Leo promptly took a stance to be quiet.

“Quiet. What are you going to do if someone hears it?”

The three of them looked around to see if there were any other witnesses, then put their heads together and spoke in a quiet voice.

“Keep talking. Is it really?”

“huh. Are you sure. That’s why I tried to stop Mr. Ludgar.”

“A restraint. You mean that werewolf isn’t an ordinary werewolf?”

“I’m starting to think that maybe it’s really a test subject that someone intentionally made.”

If that was true, it couldn’t have been anything serious.

Leo also opened his mouth with a heavy expression, probably thinking something crazy.

“I, too, heard the news recently.”


“There are suspicious people hiding in this Ceorn.”

“Suspicious people? what is that What kind of secret organization are you talking about? Isn’t that just some kind of secret club or rumor made up by students?”

There was nothing unusual in Seorn about having secret gatherings among students.

At Tacey’s question, Leo shook his head.

If it was just that, he wouldn’t even say he was suspicious.

“I am not sure either. However, it seems certain that a secret organization that has not been revealed has permeated Seorn. In particular, I realized this while watching the werewolf situation.”

“Now, wait a minute. Then there are dangerous people in Seorn.”

“It’s still only at the stage of doubt, but I guess so. Aidan. Do you think so too?”

“huh. To be honest, it’s not a good thing to be suspicious of someone, but I’m sure it’ll get caught. And I especially… … .”

Aidan was about to say something, but shook his head and shut his mouth.

“No, no.”


“Is it because of Mr. Rudgar?”

Tacey’s penetrating words forced Aidan to nod, unable to lie.

It was Ludger’s radical behavior the day before that had weighed heavily on Aidan’s heart from a while ago.

“I don’t want to doubt Mr. Rudger, but the teacher I saw last night was suspicious.”

“Are you suspicious?”

“You guys might not have been able to see it properly because it was covered by Mr. Ludgar, but I was facing you from the front. Then, Ms. Rudger saw something in her.”

The momentary but sure reaction that Rudger showed at that time.

Aidan didn’t miss it.

But before he could ask, Ludgar forced him away and burned the werewolf with fire.

Hearing Aidan’s words, Leo clenched his chin.

“That means that Mr. Ludgar tried to destroy the evidence?”

“What? Mr. Rudger? Does that make sense?”

Tacey asked what kind of stupid thing that was.

Even so, I couldn’t believe that Ludgar Celish, who helped us and fought fiercely with the werewolves, was related to something rather secret.

“Not sure. However, I keep thinking that Mr. Rudger might know something. Because the teacher at that time seemed desperate to hide something.”

“… … .”

“… … .”

maybe it’s an illusion

There was no way that Seorn’s teacher would do such a dangerous thing.

But what if it’s real? What if Ludgar Celish belongs to a secret organization that is dangerous to talk about?

In fact, what if killing the werewolf was to destroy the evidence?

“Are you stupid? Anyway, you went too far.”



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Taysh put her hand on her hip and shook her head, scolding the two of them.

“Mr. Rudger must have had something in mind. And when you interviewed the president earlier, didn’t she think something was wrong?”

“uh? what?”

“I didn’t feel anything.”

“Ugh. stupid guys. Don’t you remember what the president said when he praised us? He pinched each one of what they did well and what actions they did.”

“Oh, right. It was. I couldn’t remember because I was too concerned with other things.”

“Think about it. How could the president, who was not present at the time, know that?”

“Uh, that… … .”

“Of course, someone told the president everything. And who is going to tell the president what we did?”

Rudger Chelsea.

It was only him.

“Even if Mr. Rudgar pretended not to, he was sure to see everything we were doing. If you tried to scold us, you wouldn’t have told the president what we did well.”


Listening to Tacey, it certainly seemed that way.

It is also true that only the president and Ludger entered the interview room, and that Ludger stepped back and yielded when the president said he would give a prize.

“You mean it was all planned by Mr. Ludger? why?”

“I don’t know. Still, Mr. Rudger was considerate of us and only gave us good things to the president. Isn’t it honestly too much to doubt Mr. Rudger?”

Aidan and Leo had nothing to say even with ten mouths.

If you think about it honestly, it was.

If Rudger was a suspicious person, would he have taught him the groundbreaking magic of source code from the first class?

It doesn’t make sense for a person who has to hide his identity to try to reveal himself.

“is it?”

Aidan scratched his head, but couldn’t erase the subtle doubt about Rudgar.

He’s definitely a respectable teacher, but I can’t deny that there’s something strange about him.

“okay. Tacey I think you’re right. Even thinking about it right now is meaningless.”

“joy. I just need to know.”

“I’m hungrier than that. Did you guys eat?”

“no. yet.”


“Why me?”

“If you haven’t eaten, why don’t we go out to dinner together?”

“What, what?”

Tacey wondered what Aidan had said and heard something wrong.

what? meal?

with me?

“Is that right now, really?”


“That, that… … Meal… … that… … .”

Embarrassed for nothing, Tacey twisted her hair with her fingertips and muttered softly with a reddened face.

“Between friends… … you’re doing it… … .”

“Are we friends already?”

“… … !”

Looking at Aidan, who smiled brightly at her side, Teishi even dyed her earlobes red.

Leo, who was watching the scene from the side, sighed and shook his head.

To see that immature girl who is not honest and her friend who has no clue whatsoever.

It seemed that Seorn’s life would be eventful in the future.

* * *

“ah! Mr. Rudger!”

way home.

On my way back to the dorm, I ran into Miss Selina.

Seeing her first discovering this place and jumping up and down like a dog, no matter how you look at it, she was more like a student at school than a teacher.

Didn’t you lie about your real age?

“Are you leaving work?”


“I heard the news. Yesterday, I heard that Mr. Ludger caught the werewolf.”

“yes. I took care of it.”

“Wow. really?”

Selina-sensei looks at this with a burdensome gaze.

Even so, I’m a new teacher, so I wonder if I’m looking up too much at this side.

“Recently, I only talk about Mr. Rudger. Rather, how did you catch the werewolf? Was there any way?”

“wait a minute.”


“I’m a bit busy today, so I’ll talk about it later.”

At my firm words, Miss Selina nodded with a slightly sullen face like a child scolded by an adult.

“I-I’m sorry. I’m busy, so call me.”

“no. Not to that extent. Selina-sensei, please get some rest too.”

“yes. Mr. Rudger, please go in as well.”

I said goodbye to Selina and parted ways with her.

Unlike other teachers, he is a good person who cares about things like me.

However, since my position is my position, I couldn’t get close to someone.

It’s possible to have a meal together as a group, but that’s all.

And above all, I had one thing to do now.

When I returned to my private quarters, there was a package at the door.

After packing the parcel, I entered the house and checked the contents.

It was the material Hans sent me.

Those who have recently disappeared from Ledervelk and areas where certain people gather.

Cheer up.

After lightly checking the contents, I headed to my personal study.

On one wall of the study, along with a map of the city of Ledervelk, pictures were pinned here and there.

I cut out parts of the paper and pinned them to one corner of the map.

An area full of Ledervelk’s abandoned factories.

abandoned slums.

There is a laboratory near here.

After finishing the work up to that point, I immediately took out a portable crystal ball.

As the mana flowed in, a voice was heard from beyond the crystal ball.

[older brother. Did you check all the data I sent you?]


[As my older brother told me yesterday, I checked the area. In an abandoned factory, about a dozen burly burly guys were busily coming and going. It seems certain there is.]


[And I personally confirmed that you asked me to find out. Some workers have recently gone missing on the outskirts of the city.]

“Was there a family of three among them?”

[There was. It was the only case in which an entire family disappeared. The police didn’t investigate much and just passed it off, but the neighbors must have been very anxious. Just stab it a little and it leaked out.]

“… … i get it. Go soon.”

I left those words and cut off the communication.

After staring at the map pinned to the wall for a while, I left the accommodation wearing a dull brown coat unlike usual.

* * *

dark night.

The factory area of ​​Laedderbelk, where even the starlight and moonlight have disappeared due to thick clouds in the sky.

The chimney of the factory standing tall without emitting smoke was itself a tombstone in honor of those who died in the shadow of the city.

Considering that there are people who actually die in difficult environments, the word tombstone was not particularly wrong.

The slum area, which is called an abandoned area, has a strong sense of desolation as there are not even street lights that can be seen from time to time.

All I could see was a rat that quickly brushed across the floor.

Ludger arrived at a place where even homeless people gave up begging and avoided begging.

“Are you here?”

Hans, who had been waiting for him to come first, greeted Ludger.

Hans looked at Ludger’s behavior and shook his head and stuck out his tongue.

On the outside, it seemed like nothing was wrong, but Ludger had already arrived heavily armed.

From the cool energy that emanated from him right away, I felt that he was thoroughly prepared for the upcoming fight.

“Are you going alone?”

“Would you help me if I asked for help?”

“No, but I was wondering if I could deal with one or two of them.”

“done. Alone is enough. What about the guys inside?”

“Nearly forty. However, these guys also tried to wake up to see if they knew that the fire had fallen on their feet. If I was even three days late, I would have made a mistake.”

“What about their strength?”

“You might as well see that even the mediocre guy has a gun. Well, firearms don’t work for my brother who is a wizard, but there are about three of them wearing reinforced armor.”

“What about the elite power?”

“Two warlocks.”


The inlet is a large pipe pipe drilled for wastewater treatment.

Rudger, who was about to head straight for the laboratory, stopped and asked Hans.

“Hans. The family I asked about.”


“How old was the child there?”

“You mean a child?”

With his back against the wall, Hans looked up as if to recall something.

The sky was full of gloomy clouds.

“I was seven years old. She was a very young kid.”

“… … 7 years old.”

Rudger resumed his stopped steps.

“I see.”

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