I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 313

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◈ Episode 313 The Path of Injustice (2)

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“Even so, I am not broken enough to touch demonic power.”

Andrei humbly accepted Rudger’s sharp point.

Because he didn’t know that it was wrong.

“I know that demonic power is dangerous. At the point of using it, I am different from you. But I, too, had reasons to go that far.”

“Is it because you were manipulated by demonic power?”


Andrei answered sternly.

“It is said that demons do tricks to obtain a body in return for lending them power, but I think that is wrong. Because it was entirely my will to deal with that power. All of these choices were made by me.”

“Then why?”

Rudger thought there must be a reason.

People say that Andrei was ruined by experimenting on humans in a fit of greed, but Ludger knew just by talking to him.

Andrei is extremely sane.

He wasn’t crazy, but his eyes were clear and deep like the deep sea.

When Third’s success was ahead, he was emotional because of the demon’s power, but now that he lost that power, he was the appearance of a wizard appropriate for his age and rank.

“A father came to me to save his child.”

Andrei brought up a story from his past.

“At the time, I was hiding my identity and treating people in the slums. The reason is nothing. I just wanted to test the drug I was going to manufacture. I was just trying to use it in moderation. Then he came to me Take his child with you.”

Recalling the day’s events, Andrei laughed with his mouth as if he was having fun, but his eyes sank grimly.

“Surprisingly, he was a vehement Lumensis follower. He was a man with a mission to despise and reject warlocks. That’s why he came to me, a warlock. Is there anything funny like this in the world?”

Andrei coughed dryly.

“But you know what’s funnier? The child you brought was already dead. The warmth hadn’t cooled down. He hadn’t been dead for a while. Then Abby said. She wants to save the child, please.”

“… … .”

“I asked. that the child is dead Why are you asking to save a dead child? So that’s what Abi said. If it’s a warlock, wouldn’t she be able to revive a corpse?”

Andrei chuckled, as if that absurd remark was still lingering in his mind.

“I was originally a mage, and I tried to say that warlocks also have sects, but I knew it was useless. Even if I tell you, you won’t know. Instead, I asked for something else. If the child was sick, why didn’t you think of treating the disease? The death of the child was from a really minor fever. Even if I just bought and fed a simple antipyretic, the child could have lived.”

Andrei asked why he did that, and Avi said with tears in his eyes.

“They thought that if they prayed to God, it would come true.”

“… … .”

“It’s not even funny. How can a human disease be cured by praying to God? But what’s even more absurd is that he sincerely believed that. Even just before his child died! However, in the end, the child died contrary to the wishes of the father who prayed to God.”

I can live because of the name of God, but I can’t live.

You can save it, but you can’t save it.

It was, indeed, a terribly unpleasant comedy.

“In the name of that god, the Cult of Lumensis persecuted biological experiments. It wasn’t even a target of a living person, it was just a corpse. I’m not advocating living experiments. However, in order to develop, sometimes an unjust path is necessary. What’s the point if you can’t keep it? If you realize after losing something precious, everything will be too late.”

“… … .”

“What do people know? I didn’t learn anything, so I had no choice but to follow and follow others as they were told. The same is true in this age of advanced intelligence and science.”

Andrei’s hazy eyes embraced Ludger with immeasurable wisdom.

“That’s why I hate God. It’s not the priest’s blessing that heals, it’s medicine and antibiotics. It is medicine and surgery that heal the sick, not divine grace. The same goes for incurable diseases. If you study it, it will no longer be incurable.”

Andrei’s voice was full of heat when he said that.

“What saves people must be people. No one should interfere with saving people in the name of God.”

So it was.

Hating the name of God and trying to deal with demonic power.

I wanted to show them they were wrong.

With the devil’s power that everyone hates so much, I wanted to open up the possibility of human development.

A bitter smile formed on Andrei’s lips.

“But in the end it failed. The result is now.”

He was fully aware that his actions were the atrocities of a person engulfed in selfishness.

However, I thought that if I could save even one more sick person, that would be enough.

“You are like me. no, more than me How much did he have to go through to gain that kind of strength at that age? I can’t even imagine it.”

Andrei tried to look into Ludger’s eyes.

But nothing was visible.

Like the incredible magic he showed, his feelings, identity, and memories were all unknown.

so that.

It was the most suitable for handing over all of his results.

“This will be of some use on the road you have to go on.”

Andrei thought that it did not matter if the material of his lifelong research disappeared from this place.

Trying to hand over the data to Rudger was not a desperate attempt to leave a trace.

There is only one reason.

It was because this was the only small gift I could give to someone walking the same path as myself, as someone who had gone first.

Rudger reached out and placed it on the formula floating on Andrei’s palm.

The magical formula written in pure white code seeped into Ludger’s body through his arm.

Andrei watched the whole process.

As if it were your last duty.

After confirming that the delivery of the spell was finished, Andrei took a moment to catch his breath and stared at Rudger clearly.

Those eyes weren’t just looking at Rudger.

Through Ludger, Andrei recalled his past self.

The foolish old self.

“You don’t fail.”



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With those words, Andrei’s remaining fire of life was extinguished.

Andrei thought in his dying consciousness.

I heard that when a person dies, at that moment the field of vision turns black as if it is blackened.

What we face after death is darkness.

I thought it was a fitting ending for myself.

Strangely, however, the scene before Andrei’s eyes was just white.

What is it? Could it be the last hallucination you see while dying?

As I was thinking that, I saw someone in the white world.


Andrei walked towards the man as if possessed by something.

The gait, which was staggering at first, soon became faster.

Not befitting his age, he even sprints at full speed.

Andrei finally hugged the child.


Andrei cried like a child.

– Hey. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t protect you.

The only daughter said it was okay and wiped away Andrei’s tears.

Then he raised his finger and pointed to one side.

There was a wife who left first.

Andrei looked at her blankly.

I see she’s been waiting

The daughter took Andrei’s hand and led him.

Andrei was guided by that hand, and suddenly stopped in his seat and looked back.

the daughter asked. Why?

Andrei then smiled softly, shook his head, and looked ahead again.

-no. Nothing.

Andrei was reunited with his family.

The three disappeared as if they were slowly melting into the pure white world.


The outstretched arm fell weakly and Andrei’s head hung down.

A faint smile formed on Andrei’s wrinkled lips.

Rudgar doesn’t know what Andrei saw before he died.

Is it self-satisfaction for leaving everything behind?

Or is it the relief of having somehow left the research materials behind?

it was unknown

But when you look at Andrei’s smile, it’s as if his soul as a human being has truly been saved.

‘Is it salvation?’

Rudger paid a moment of silence at Andrei and then looked around.

The huge cavity was literally in an uproar due to the fighting.

Broken fragments, remains, and traces of the roots of the World Tree were everywhere.

‘It’s only when there are too many traces like this that I’m already at a loss as to what excuse to give to people who fainted.’

Should I mix in with the fainting people and pretend to faint together?

‘It’s hard because it consumes too much mana.’

Rudger took out a magic potion and poured it into his mouth.

Due to the excessive use of magic power, a great burden will soon come to the body.

It was a time when I thought about taking a break now in preparation for that time.


I felt a huge presence rise along with a chilling chill.

I hurriedly turned around and saw a black dot floating in the center of the palm-shaped crater.

‘no way?’

Didn’t die from that attack?

The dot slowly grew and became a black flame burning in the air.

Bloody eyes flashed through the black flames.

[This can’t be! It can’t be like this!]

The devil started howling.

The cry echoed directly in my head, as if I was screaming right next to me.

A cry that communicates to the soul itself, not words that are uttered through the vocal cords.

An ordinary person would have foamed and passed out just by hearing the sound.

‘Damn it. It’s not some kind of c*ckroach, and there’s no end to catching and catching. Are all demons really this tough?’

Rudger checked his body condition while feeling annoyed inwardly.

Now that he had consumed most of his mana while using his last skill, there was a high chance that he would lose if he fought the devil.

‘Remove him before he fully recovers his strength.’

But how?

Even though he used almost the best technique against anti-magic, he did not die.

How the hell am I supposed to kill him?

While thinking about it, Rudger realized that something was wrong with the devil.

‘The body does not regenerate?’

The guy floating in the air right now was literally nothing more than a materialized force.

The state of a spiritual body created by gathering only energy that has not yet disappeared without a physical body.

‘So that means he’s not in a good state right now.’

If this was the case, there was a possibility.

The moment Ludger was wary of the devil and was about to activate his magic, the sound of the devil shouting ceased.

Before long, the devil’s red eyes turned to Ludger.

[human… … !]

“It’s Rudgar Cellis.”

[You guys, you guys ruined everything in the end!]

The demon, whose physical body was destroyed and whose spiritual body was also heavily damaged, could not control its fluctuating emotions.

He glared at Rudgar with a hatred and anger he had never seen before.

With the intention of killing Rudger somehow in this spiritual state.

Rudger did not neglect to look at the devil’s condition without avoiding the devil’s gaze.

The size of the devil had already swelled to the size of a house, but that was it.

As if that was the limit, the devil’s spiritual body could not grow any larger.

On the contrary, it seemed that just maintaining this state was overpowering, and it was gradually dispersing like powder from the tip.

The boy was now in a terminal condition.

As long as the given framework of the body does not exist, no matter how demonic it is, it cannot exist in the present world.

The devil felt the same way.

All that was left of the demon was the power it had barely embodied.

It was also running out quickly.

If this continues, it will completely disappear.

Rather than fighting Ludgar, the devil thought he should find a vessel to hold his power right away.

But where is the right bowl?

I don’t even want a case like Ruifault. However, the body of an ordinary person will not be able to withstand his power.

It was a time when Rudger and the Devil were wary of each other.

The devil suddenly felt the gaze looking at him.

As the devil’s gaze shifted to the side, Rudger also wondered if there was something there.

However, all you can see is the half-destroyed outer wall of the cavity.

But the devil was different.

He felt their gaze, and read the waves of strange power within.

[You still have it! The remnants of the cursed saintess!]


Before Rudgar could even ask what he was talking about, the demon darted away.

The demon in the form of a black mist flew to the ceiling of the common room and entered the gap created by the fight.

It was a movement that was possible because he threw off his body.

Rudger was unable to respond to the sudden movement of the devil.

“Damn it.”

I thought I would have to try and escape through another passage connected to the cavity, but I couldn’t believe I escaped through the gap carved in the ceiling?

Besides, looking at the direction, it was clear that he was headed for the ground.

‘The remaining magic power… … .’

Rudgar calculated the remaining magic power.

I don’t know what the devil saw, but he definitely shouted with his mouth that it was the remnant of a saint.



and judgment.

Rudger’s mind flashed related words, and eventually a girl’s face appeared.


Ludger poured all the magic potion into his mouth without measure and then activated space magic.

His new form was covered in shadow and disappeared like a mirage.

* * *

The roadside where you can see the entrance of the Devalk Imperial Castle in the distance.

Line stopped running and stared at the ground.


The moment Erendir was about to ask why he stopped, Line became contemplative and shouted.

“Avoid everyone!”

But the warning came too late.

A strong vibration echoed from beneath the ground, and the ground began to crack like a drought.

“Uh huh? What is it?”

“Why all of a sudden… … .”

The students and the guards and knights who were leading them were taken aback.

Fu Chemistry!

Black smoke erupted like lava through the cracks.

The black fog floated in the air and looked down at the capital with huge red eyes.

[Where are you!]

The instant the cry resounded, the witnesses fell to their knees in their seats.

The huge echo that shakes the mind has the power that one cannot dare to resist.

The impatient devil rolled his eyes and finally found it.

Eyes full of starlight staring at you with eyes that do not believe you.

[You were there.]

The devil’s red eyes twitched.

The black mist turned into a whirlpool and rushed towards Line.

Line’s legs were frozen and she couldn’t do anything.

It was the moment when the black vortex was about to swallow Rine’s body.

A shield imbued with the attributes of blue lightning blocked the black mist.

Linen’s eyes widened when he saw the fluttering dark blue hair and the familiar figure from the back.

“Flora, senior?”

Flora Lumos. It was she who stepped in and protected Line.

why is she

no. That wasn’t what mattered now.

Even Flora’s magic did not last long in the face of demonic power.

The devil broke the barrier and tried to target Line again.

At that time, Flora lightly cast a spell with one hand while maintaining her defense magic.

A soft wind that arose before long blew Linen back.


Line tried to say something to Flora, but Flora turned to Line and opened her mouth first.

“With this, the debt is paid off.”

Right after that, the magic barrier shattered and the black mist swallowed Flora.

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