I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 314

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◈ Episode 314: Road in the Darkness (1)

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The demon Basara was furious.

The bowl he wanted so much was right in front of his nose.

Some kind of intruder appeared and everything was canceled.

It wasn’t enough that he couldn’t steal the saintess’ body, so she entered the body of a human who looked like a young girl.

There was nothing more disgraceful than this.

Basara looked down at the reality of things not going according to his will, and suddenly felt a sense of wonder.


Basara checked the body she unintentionally occupied and her eyes lit up.

Originally, the human body containing his power had to crack and disintegrate like a drought.

Because power that cannot be handled is tantamount to a curse.

However, there was no abnormality in the current body.

More than that, it was far too fine.

Is your body strong?

no. In terms of strength, Ruifault’s body was the most ideal.

Still, there is one good reason.

It was because the potential was superior to anything else.

[Awesome. His magical potential is much higher than Ruifault’s. It may be weak right now, but after a few years, the flower of that talent will bloom perfectly.]

The stage where Louis Fault tried to become stronger even by committing inhumane experiments was nothing more than a milestone that Flora could reach in the not-too-distant future.

To that extent, Flora’s talent was outstanding. To the extent that she appears once in a century or not.

[I originally intended to occupy the body of a saintess.]

It felt like finding a jewel in an unexpected place.

Basara spread his power all over Flora’s body.

The important thing now was to take control of Flora’s mind.

Basara is a demon who deals with delusion and mind.

It was not even a matter of annihilating the mind of a single student and turning him into an idiot.

Besides, this Flora Rumos had a pretty big darkness in her heart.

Although she has an outstanding talent for magic, she is not recognized by her family and suffers from severe trauma.

On the outside, he is packaged with strength and arrogance, but on the inside he is so tender that he is easily hurt by trivial comments.

For Basara, there was no easier prey to handle.

After all, the human mind is not needed.

Basara wanted to get rid of Flora’s ego.


But it didn’t work out like I thought.

Flora’s tiny, fragile ego fiercely resisted Basara’s will.

On the contrary, if I tried to force it, this side might be deprived of control over my body.

[okay. Considering the talent you possess, is this level of resistance natural?]

Basara decided to postpone getting rid of Flora’s ego.

Looking at her current situation, it didn’t look like she was going to lose control right away.

With Basara’s demon power, Flora’s physical potential was raised to the limit.

As I gradually got used to it, the scenery I saw began to change.

[Is it the color you see with your eyes and the scent you feel with your nose? What a great body indeed. To be able to sense the magic this far.]

Basara, who completely took over Flora’s body, had a pleasant smile on her lips.

Perhaps because of the power of the devil, Flora’s appearance also changed slightly.

Her hair, which had been blue in color, was dyed black like the darkness of a night sky where there was no starlight.

Her skin became more radiant, and a strangely alluring aura hovered around her eyes.

The pupils were dyed with a dark yellow color unique to demons.

After clasping her own hand, Basara, who had pinned it, turned to Line, who was looking at her in disbelief.

* * *

Darkness like a mighty storm swirled around Flora.

Amidst the fear that made her skin tremble, Rene did not take her eyes off the scene unfolding in front of her.

Soon after, after the storm subsided, Flora, who looked fine, appeared.

But something seemed strange.

Her hair color changed, but above all, her atmosphere was different.

“Who are you?”

Rene asked that without realizing it.

The figure was Flora, but behind her was a pitch-black darkness.

The darkness was very similar to the one Linen had seen underground.

Line was instinctively convinced.

That wasn’t Flora. He was something else that occupied that body.

Basara, who took Flora’s body, put her index finger to her mouth and smiled at Line’s question.

“Hmm, that’s amazing. Why is the saintess of this era standing like this without an escort? Besides, she doesn’t seem to have fully awakened to her abilities yet.”

“… … .”

Line didn’t understand what Basara was talking about.

What is a saint and what is awakening?

The moment she was about to ask that question, Line felt her eyes prick with needles.


“Hmm. Judgment still seems immature. Apparently, I woke up in an absurd world.”



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Basara muttered as he looked at the buildings in the capital.

Suddenly, Basara had such a curiosity.

If you use the power of this body, how strong can you become?

If this was the case, he might be able to fulfill his mission again.

If so, let’s try it.

What great things can be done through this body.

“Muh, what’s up!”

“Suddenly, my head… … .”

Students and guards panicked around them.

“I’ll have to get this sorted out first.”

Basara muttered that and snapped her fingers.

At that moment, a black shadow swirled around her and began to scatter dark energy in all directions.

The black particles themselves contained negative emotions.

As it spread all over the place, people were at first stunned at what this was all about, but in an instant they were terrified.

People who fall into panic and sit down in their seats and tremble like aspen trees.

Line felt her head hurt at the sight.

Basara let out an exclamation when he saw Line who maintained his reason even in this dense energy.

“Still, a saint is a saint. Even if she doesn’t realize it, she is unaffected by my power.”

Flora’s thin white index finger pointed at Line.

“Then I have no choice but to kill myself.”

Black magic began to flow from her fingertips.

It was no different from compressed high-concentration energy.

It was a blow to a level that the current Linero could not possibly block.

Renee knew that too, so she staggered back.

I don’t know what happened, but Basara was trying to kill himself right now.

If that’s the case, if only this side gets out of the way.

“Ah, there’s no use running away.”

Basara changed the direction of her fingers with an alluring smile as if she had read Line’s thoughts.

The shimmering black aura was directed at the people who were terrified.

“If you run away, I will kill everyone here. But if you don’t run away, I promise I’ll kill you and not mess with these people.”

“… … .”

Of course it’s a lie.

Basara’s mission is to exterminate all humans.

Even so, saying this was nothing more or less than simply making fun of Line.

Even though Rinne knew about it, she couldn’t bear to run away.

Basara smiled brightly.

“What a sweet kid. The owner of this body also thinks of you that way.”

Basara moved and slowly walked towards Line.

“The person who disturbed me seems to care very much about you. Then he must kill you to vent his anger.”

Basara changed his right hand into a sharp sword.

Then, the black magic power formed on the fingertips spread widely around the hand and changed into the hand of a sharp beast.

The target for this vicious grip was the place where Rinne’s heart was.


The moment you want to stick your hand in.

Something suddenly appeared in Line’s shadow and grabbed Basara’s wrist.


Line looked at Ludger’s back in disbelief.

Rudger slowly rose from the shadows.

Ludger, clad in an Ather Nocturnus, glared at Basara with eyes boiling under the mask.

Basara was not offended at having her rare opportunity interrupted.

Rather, he even smiled as if he had been waiting for Rudger.

“oh. Are you finally here?”

“Suddenly, the way you speak has changed in a bad way.”

“You are acting according to the owner of your body. Is it called respect? why? suited?”

Rudger didn’t answer.

Instead, he reached out his right hand and extended his longbow toward Basara.

Basara recalled the fight in the underground community from that hand gesture and stepped back.

Realizing belatedly that Ludger’s gestures did not contain any magic power, he frowned as if he was annoyed.

it was cheating

In the meantime, Rudger only slightly turned his head and looked back at Line.

“Lene. Are you okay?”

“yes yes. I’m OK. Rather, teacher, that figure… … .”

Linen stammered, wondering if he didn’t get used to Ludger’s figure like a shimmering shadow.

Ludger glanced at Linen’s condition, then looked at Basara again and said.

“I will deal with him. Evacuate the people around you.”

At those words, Rinne was able to immediately recall what was important.

“Flora-senpai lost her body while trying to save me.”

“… … is it.”

“You can get it, can you?”

“that… … .”

Rudger did not have an easy answer.

This is the first time he has ever fought against a demon that took human flesh in the first place.

Starting with the complete separation of the body and soul, there were not one or two things to consider.

It didn’t seem like Basara would watch it quietly.

In the current situation where every minute and every second is urgent, will he be able to save Flora safely?

It was a luxury to even ask such a question.

“Don’t worry. I will finish it soon.”

Did you feel something in that short answer?

Renee let out a sigh of relief and rose from her seat.

Basara, who watched Line slowly back away, stared at Ludger.

The moment he was about to say something, Rudger activated his magic.

Rudger’s shadow engulfed Basara.

The location of the two people, swept away by the shadows, changed from a street overlooking the imperial palace to a deserted plaza.

A desolate Third Square where people are not visible.

Basara looked around at the changed scenery.

There was no one around.

It was clear what Rudger’s intentions were there.

“It’s fun.”

Basara knew that, but did not deliberately resist Ludger’s magic.

It was because he was confident that he would not be defeated no matter what.

Basara was willing to join in the entertainment.

“Don’t you need help from people around you? You seem to be in a group by yourself.”

“No matter how many people there are, they will only get in the way.”

“okay? Is that why he kicked out the saintess of her?”

Basara chuckled as if he was having fun.

It was the first smile that Flora had ever seen.

Rudger found the sight more unpleasant than fresh.

“lie. Are you afraid he won’t know that you came here on purpose because you were worried about him?”

“You speak as if you suddenly got to know me better.”

“of course. While occupying this body, I took a peek at the memory. I think I know who you are now. You care about people even if you pretend not to. I especially love that child from a moment ago. The owner of this body must be really sorry.”

“… … .”

Rudger didn’t answer.

Even Basara didn’t really want an answer.

Rather, it was meant to scratch Rudger’s stomach.

Actually it seemed to work well.

Ludgar didn’t show his emotions outwardly, but the hostility in his eyes grew stronger.

Even now, having taken possession of a body with perfect talent, he lived to the point of making his skin go numb.

Basara laughed happily.

“Are you going to kill me? If you kill me, will this child die too?”

“If you need.”

“What a relentless teacher.”

Basara spread her arms wide with an alluring smile.

It’s like going somewhere.

It meant that I would deal with it no matter what.

It was the moment when Rudger was about to take a step towards Basara.

A fierce storm of darkness began to rage around Basara.

There is no skill or technique.

The violence of overwhelming power emanating from a body that has simply blossomed its talents to the limit.

With just that, the plaza was swallowed up by a storm.

A storm that is difficult to distinguish even an inch ahead.

Rudger slowly stepped forward, keeping his eyes fixed on Basara.

The storm violently pushed Ludger’s body away.

The distance was only a few meters, but taking one step was far more arduous than walking a thousand miles.

Above all, as the distance got closer, the density of the force of the storm increased exponentially.

I was out of breath and my vision was blurry.

Rudger’s steps slowed down.

Basara deliberately stayed still.

It was truly a pleasure to see the man who had driven himself to extinction, bewildered by his strength.

As a demon, Basara had been insensitive to her own emotions while wielding the emotions of others.

It was because I thought emotions were a waste of time and a waste of money.

Basara admitted that he was stupid in the past.

I didn’t know when I didn’t feel it, but when I realized it, I knew it.

Emotions are really good things.

In particular, this euphoria felt when watching human beings struggle.

It was sweeter than a drop of water falling in the thirst that twists the soul.

At this moment, Basara decided to put aside the agenda of the given mission and focus on one thing.

let me taste more

please me more

How far will the man in front of you struggle?

After watching the process, if you show the owner of this body the humble end.

How much fun will it be then?

Just imagining it made me so excited I felt like I was going crazy.

“Ahaha! Please don’t give up, sir! Your student is waiting miserably here!”

That cry rang distinctly in Rudgar’s ears even in the darkness of the storm.

* * *

Aidan fell into a deep sleep.

It feels like floating alone in a pitch-black space.

Even though it is aware that it is a dream, the body vehemently refuses to wake up.

How did it happen?

The moment Aidan was about to think of that, a light flashed in front of his eyes.

-hey! wake up!

Who is it?

It’s a familiar voice somewhere.

However, that cry alone could not completely wash away this darkness.

-If you sleep here, your mouth will go back! One day he saw me and told me not to sleep on the floor! Eight!

With that familiar voice, Aidan opened his eyes to the intense energy bursting from deep inside his stomach.


Aidan screamed.

It was because the area around the pit was so painful that it throbbed.

“Oh, sorry. Did I hit you too hard?”

“… … Master?”

Aidan widened his eyes when he saw his teacher, Mandelina.

“Dae, what the heck did this happen… … .”

“I just want you to come to your senses. wake up Here, grab your wand. It was shaped like a knife, just like you.”

“yes? why?”

“Why, why?”

Mandelina, who forced Aidan to his feet, pointed to the great dark storm spreading in the distance.

“I have to break through that.”

“… … yes?”

I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 313I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 315
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