I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 350

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◈ Episode 350: Ranpaltz (1)

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“You did it splendidly.”

This was what Elisha said when she called Rudger to the president’s office.

However, unlike her reprimanding tone, her expression looked very refreshing.

It wasn’t the usual fake smile, but a genuine smile of joy.

“How was it?”

“How was it? Thanks to you, I got into a lot of trouble. This is because the previous large investors in Ceorn have changed hands at once. It’s already noisy outside.”

“Is that so.”

“Still, because of that, the reporters I’ve always been close with stick to me and stir-fry them. Was it because I was exhausted?”

“So what did you say to the reporters?”

“What do you have? I was just telling the truth as it was. A kind donor has become a new investor. It was a sudden reform in many ways.”

Rudgar nodded at that.

“So what about sincerity?”

“I feel like I’m about to fly.”

This time, it was not a ceremonial statement as the president, but as a human named Elisa.

“Even though, those who tried to hold the ceorn from outside and sway from the outside, there was nothing they could do about it even if they were stepped on. Taking this opportunity to sweep it all at once, what could be cooler than this?”

“I’m glad you look happy.”

When Ludger responded politely, Elisa stared at Rudger.

With her hands on her chin, her golden eyes looking at Rudger sparkled differently than usual.

“Hmm. I mean, this is amazing.”

“What do you mean?”

“Mrs. Rudgar, how old are you?”

“I will turn 27 this year. Any problem?”

“That’s why it’s amazing. The actions you do are like someone who has already entered the 40th line.”

It was not meant to be empty or to make fun of.

Rudger’s move was on a different level than that of a person his age.

Talent? Or the realm of something else?

Elisha was wary of that at first.

I didn’t know that the better the unknown opponent’s skills were, the stronger the power of the time bomb that might explode one day.

Elisha does not trust people easily.

It was like that before he became president, and after he became president, he became more thoroughly suspicious of humans.

However, the devotion Ludger had shown so far was enough to wash away even Elisa’s doubts.

Of course, Elisha did not completely remove all vigilance.

Just toned down.

However, while maintaining this business relationship, it was clear that the other person’s skills could be trusted and entrusted.

‘Hmm. Too bad. If only his status were cleaner, I’d be able to trust him a little more.’

Rudger already had enough positions, but Elisa thought it was more than that.

The head of the planning department is also one of the top 10 positions in Seorn.

With Ludger’s skills, he did not stop there and could go beyond that.

‘For example, the position of the next president of Ceorn.’

Rudger is young and capable. He doesn’t live according to his own desires, and he has a heart for his students.

He sternly denied it, but Elisa’s eyes couldn’t be fooled.

The fact that the identity is unclear, and the part that is involved with the least criminals are variables and stumbling blocks.

He is such a perfect person that even such a thing is not a stain.

‘The camouflage status is a problem, but wouldn’t it matter if you don’t get caught? If you don’t get caught, it’s not a disguised identity, but a real identity, right?’

It’s to the point where I even think about what I shouldn’t do as the president of Ceorn.

To that extent, Rudger was the right person to be his next successor.

‘Of course, I’m still young, and I’m not someone who can easily retire.’

Alice has a dream.

After handing over your position to someone you can trust, retire and spend the rest of your life.

Even if she steps down from her post as Chancellor Seorn, she will still be a Lexarer-level magician and will be treated well wherever she goes.

But Elisha’s dream denied even that.

She literally wanted to live a quiet life.

I wanted to quit my job and live the life of a wealthy unemployed with the money I earned.

Of course, since I’m lonely by myself, I’m even thinking about meeting a true man and getting married.

But even that was tricky. It was a dream that could not come true if there was no one who would stand up to Elisha’s height.

Isn’t that what dreams are all about?

Elisha had that impossible dream deep in her heart.

After putting it in a precious treasure chest, it was sunk along with the stones under the ocean called the heart.

Hoping to get this out again someday.

Not Elisa, the president whose emotions are worn out and withered.

as a single person.

But lately, that dream has surfaced again in the deep sea, and I’ve started to notice signs that I’m trying to shake my head.

It was all because of the man in front of me.

Elisha handed over the position of president to Rudger and pictured a life of retirement.

It was a bit ambiguous.

Or would you rather get married?

Elisa’s gaze instantly turned into that of a sharp beast.



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Rudgar trembled involuntarily.

“… … ?”

Rudger was taken aback by the sudden chill.

what? Could it be that Master is up to some strange whim?

Considering his wayward nature, that was more than likely.

Then Elisha asked.

“Mr. Rudgar, do you have any wedding plans?”

“… … Could you say it again?”

Rudger thought he had heard the wrong thing for a moment and asked again.

Unknowingly, Elisa, whose true intentions came out slightly, changed her words because she wanted to be sorry.

“I asked if you had any plans.”

“If you plan… … .”

“You know. It’s nice to have new investors, but the hyenas that were nesting there won’t accept it that easily.”

“Certainly that is so.”

When Rudger agreed, Elisa let out a sigh of relief.

He succeeded in turning the topic naturally.

“These are the ones who were not satisfied with what they had and tried to be more greedy. It must have turned his eyes when he opened his eyes and was deprived of his table. For now, they are at fault, so they should be quiet.”

“You mean you won’t give up until the end and will hang on to it.”

“If you pretend, you pretend. That’s it. He will come to Seorn himself. To propose an insidious back-and-forth.”

“You are shameless.”

“It’s shameless. That’s why she got there. Mr Rudger. You should know that. The hyenas that target Ceorn are never ashamed of their actions.”

“I roughly understand.”

Rudger has seen a lot of human desire.

Those who think that what they already have is not enough, and want to acquire more.

Because of the desires of such people, the powerless ordinary people are taken away and trampled on.

“Don’t worry though. If they come, I will be very scolded and kick them out.”

“You don’t have to. Rather hand it over to me.”


“Anyway, this is something that our planning department, which is in charge of the budget, needs to fix. So if they want to argue something, it makes sense that they should come to me, not the president.”

“Will those people endure such humiliation?”

They were the ones who, not too long ago, provided huge amounts of money to Ceorn.

Not the president, but out of the blue, to meet the head of the planning department who has been working for less than a year?

It’s usually not something to be ashamed of.

“What will they do if they can’t stand humiliation?”

Rudger’s answer was simple and refreshing.

What if they are dissatisfied?

Anyway, it is this side that holds the initiative now.

“Puhuh. That’s it too. Cancer, the person who is sorry should know and lower his head. Then I will trust you.”

“I’m quite annoyed at their low behavior, so I won’t tolerate them.”

“If you say that, I am reassured.”

Rudger said goodbye to Elisa and left the chancellor’s office.

However, before going outside, he asked Elisha insinuatingly.


“yes. Do you have any other questions?”

“Are you planning a wedding?”

“… … !”

At Ludger’s words, Elisa widened her eyes and licked her lips.

At the same time, he realized that Rudger had correctly heard the mistake he had made earlier.

Elisa’s cheeks were a little red, but they were flushed.

“what… … It’s not like I can’t understand you at that age.”

Elisa shouted at Ludger, who nodded in understanding.

“It’s not like that!”

* * *

Rudger told Elisa to return everything to her jurisdiction if they contacted investors.

It wasn’t long before a guest came to see if he had faithfully fulfilled it.

He came to the Planning Office without any hesitation and wanted to meet Rudger.

The staff were embarrassed by that appearance, but naturally guided them to where Rudger was.

It was because Rudger had warned in advance that such a person would come.

Mordo Anson, a customer from the Landfaltz Corporation, glared at the man sitting in front of him with a sigh.

He did not take his eyes off the paperwork he had been working on for a while, even though he had come to visit.

It makes me wonder if they are interested in this in the first place.

‘I have a guest, but you don’t even respond?’

Besides, who are you?

He is a man from Granfalz.

Beyond Ledervelk, one of the largest corporations in the Exilion Empire.

It doesn’t make sense for a mediocre academy to treat a guest who came there.

Even so, Mordo was in a state of fever because of this incident.

He wasn’t in charge of everything, but he wasn’t in a low position either.

A treat like this would never have happened.

“What are you doing now… … .”

The moment Mordo tried to argue with Rudger, Rudger raised his index finger.


A gesture to be quiet.

Mordo should have been angry at that absurd act, but he couldn’t.

Rather, he kept his mouth shut.

Ludger’s appearance, which didn’t even look at her, had a sense of intimidation that was hard to say.

Mordo, who was about to pour out all sorts of dissatisfaction the moment they met, watched Rudger silently.

Sarak. Sarak.

Only the sound of Rudger flipping through the papers resonated periodically in the quiet space.

Mordo felt himself possessed by a ghost.

At that time, as if checking the documents was over, Rudger placed the stack of documents on one side of the desk.

“So, how did you come to visit us in these busy times?”

The moment he heard Ludgar’s voice, Mordo’s mind returned to normal, as if the hypnosis had been lifted.

He opened his mouth, recalling the purpose for which he had come.

“Ludger Celisch Planning Director. Are you in charge of this matter?”

“yes. I am responsible for managing the sponsorship budget and list of these investors.”

When Rudger readily agreed, Mordo twitched his nose.

“What are we going to do now! How did our Ranpaltz disappear from the list of sponsors?”

“Why are you asking me that? Hasn’t Ranpaltz recently expressed an intention to quit its patronage?”

Ludger stared at Mordo with eyes like a calm lake at dawn.

“But you come to me and get angry like this, I just can’t understand it.”

“When did we say we would quit! I just suggested that the conditions be raised a little higher!”

“yes. And if I didn’t comply with that condition, I said that I would withdraw my hand as a sponsor. And we made the decision not to comply with that condition. Do you understand now?”

“No matter how it is, is it okay to take care of such a big thing at will! Isn’t there such a thing as a procedure, a procedure!”

Ranpaltz had no intention of persuading Ludger in the first place.

He was trying to somehow force himself to dismiss this incident as nonexistent.

Rudger sneered when he read the blatant intentions.

The president said that they would try to appease them in some cunning way, but that was wrong.

They were more reckless than I thought.

“Besides, what sponsor did you kick us out of? Bringing the owner of the street of the poor, who doesn’t know where he came from… … !”

If left as it is, it seemed that I would lose my temper and continue to scream loudly.

Rudger went straight into mediation.

“Be quiet.”

“What, what? what now… … .”

“I told you to be quiet.”

High-pressure words that even shunned respect.

Mordo pursed his lips and contorted his face.

“What kind of courtesy does that mean to a guest now? … !”

“That’s what this one is saying. Isn’t it far beyond the rudeness that this side can turn a blind eye to, to come to someone who is doing business without permission and make noise?”

Rudgar gestured towards Mordo.

“Even the honored guests have to remain quiet here, but if you can’t even do that, raise your voice here?”

The formidable mana leaking from his body engulfed the space.

“Was Ceorn funny?”

Blue sparks flew from Ludger’s eyes.

“If you wanted to meet me, the president should have come personally, not you.”

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