I Got a Fake Job at the Academy Chapter 460

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◈ Episode 460: The Beast Under the Root (1)

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“The western gates have collapsed! Enemies are on the way!”

“East gate! I can’t stand it for long! There are too many enemies!”

Serendel resistant root watchers.

Those who read information through the surrounding vegetation in real time and analyze the situation shouted an emergency every day.

Now that most of the troops had turned to the inner walls, it was difficult to stop the enemies from the outer walls, no matter how much they were wearing the walls.

They are also fully prepared for this time, and even neutrals and moderates are hitting both sides at the same time.

At the heart of the root network, the Command and Control Room’s Immunity Commander crossed his arms and gave orders.

“Leave the troops. Abandon the exterior and build a farm in the interior. Pull down the bulkhead to pass the time, and the druids build a barrier with trees and roots to block the path.”

“But there are more druids than them.”

“I mean, let those druids buy at least a little bit of time that comes from stepping out. This fight depends on how long you endure.”

A signal was sent through the root, and upon receiving it, the outer garrison immediately retreated.

erratic movements.

The situation of the war is continuously reported in real time, and the chain of command is issued immediately.

It was in this respect that the elves were superior to any other race in the forest.

“Omit the defense of the southern gate. Because I don’t need it anyway.”

“yes. All right.”

From the situation in the command and control room to the busy battlefield situation.

Bentmin Refre was also seeing it all through the World Tree.

“Stupid things.”

Bentmin muttered in an annoyed voice as he watched those who were moving to somehow bring him down.

Do you think you did this for personal gain?

They are really funny guys.

Her actions were to make the elves the most superior race in the world again.

Elves are basically long-lived and have excellent looks.

It is friendly with nature, easily makes contracts with spirits, and can see and manipulate the energy of life.

In the past, elves were idols to all races.

If you were to say that they were the closest race to God, they would certainly be in the first place.

But over the years, a lot has changed.

Elves did not develop.

It’s not that I’m completely complacent.

Elves also created new things in their own way as the years passed.

However, it was a story limited to this forest of life after all.

The world outside the forest changed much faster than they did.

When the elves took a step forward, the tribes outside the forest were already moving farther.

Ironically, the elves didn’t know the importance of life because they lived so long.

Since he was born, he had many things, so he did not know the longing of those who did not have them.

That longing is the driving force that drives the future.

that it is the source of racial development.

I forgot.

‘The Elves forgot how to become strong.’

Will the elves become great just because they practice spiritism for a hundred or a thousand days?

People who used to ride horses drive armored vehicles, and those who used to shoot arrows now shoot cannons and guns.

If it’s like this now, what about after that?

How much will it change in the next 100 years?

Bentmin tried to stop it.

To do so, he intended to completely awaken the World Tree and turn the entire continent into a forest.

In a way, Ela Plante and Bentmin Refre were similar in their intention to use the World Tree.

Both of them realized the limitations of the species early on and tried to find a way to prepare for the future.

However, the methods pursued were opposite to each other.

Ela Plante thought that the world tree should be increased and that elves should live in harmony with other races.

They insisted that we should learn from each other, correct what was wrong, and move forward together.

Bentmin Refre, on the other hand, thought that the great Elves should stand above all species.

Why should they, who have everything to be equipped from birth, have to set their sights on that lower race?

That was an act of trampling on the elf’s pride.

Bentmin thought.

If the elves can’t develop like other races, they can just throw the other races back hundreds or thousands of years into the past.

In the age of industry and steel, magic and engineering.

It is to return to the era of hunting and hunting again.

A return to primitive times.

The options chosen for the future of the species, ironically, resulted in an act of returning everything else to the past.

In a way, it was absurd to the point of absurdity, but it wasn’t impossible.

‘If only it had the power of this world tree.’

The power of the world tree he handles is not even 1%.

Even so, she was able to hold the highest authority in this forest.

I don’t want it to be 100%.

Even if it was at least half, the elven kingdom would achieve unprecedented prosperity.

The last key to dealing with it was Plante’s blood relative, Sedina Roshen.



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‘Obviously there is. The authority to access the depths of the World Tree that Ela Plante had disappeared with.’

At first, I wanted to tell him where he hid the authority.

But looking at the current situation, I couldn’t afford to do that.

‘Has the outer wall collapsed already? How did Dongmun endure, but Seomun couldn’t. Ambella Burke. It’s much stronger than before.’

Ambella Burke was once called the strongest warrior among the elves.

Although her personal strength was outstanding, her command on the battlefield helped lead her allies to victory.

However, 500 years ago, the Burke family was pushed to the frontier, and their power was weakened.

I thought that the fire of the tribal war 100 years ago would not even be able to repair the damage caused by the nearest place.

But that wasn’t it.

Rather, they became stronger in those rough years.

Like steel beaten with a hammer in the scorching heat.

Steel to elves.

I wondered if there was a word that didn’t fit like this, but I couldn’t help but look at Ambella.

‘It’s so openly trying to attract attention.’

Bentmin snorted at Ambella’s actions.

Obvious eye-catching.

It wasn’t Bentmin who didn’t know that.

‘Well, the attempt itself wasn’t bad.’

Looking at the man hiding among the soldiers rushing in through the open outer gate, Bentmin laughed inwardly.

If this side hadn’t been able to see the war situation in the palm of his hand through the World Tree, John Doe’s existence would have approached with no small danger.

But if you know, the story is different.

The danger of John Doe is maximized the moment you don’t know it, but on the contrary, if you only notice it, it doesn’t have any effect.

It was enough to keep vigilance on John Doe without forgetting this side.

‘The last child of Plante is also well on its way to its cradle.’

The resistance that was close to the world tree was also on Bentmin’s palm.

She was reading all the complex structures of the castle and the movements of each family soldier who built the square there.

It is said that the outer castle was captured, but this place is different.

This is the last and strongest bastion.

‘Now, if only the last key arrives, then… … .’

Bentmin was satisfied with drawing a blueprint for the future.

At that moment, Bentmin’s eyes widened at the cry of a huge beast resounding from deep underground.

‘What now?’

* * *

Hans felt nervous inside.

I found out that a war had finally started outside, through a root-eating rat.

They are taking Sedina to the depths of the inner world, perhaps in a hurry, but the road is too complicated, so if you keep going like this, you will miss it.

While Hans was pondering whether it would be good, Alex drew his sword.

“What, what are you doing?”

“You know where the youngest lady is, right?”

The youngest lady Alex was referring to was Sedina.

“I’m still chasing you now. What are you doing?”

“They’re thinking of doing something with the youngest. You say you wake up the world tree or something? Then, of course, we should stop it.”

“but… … .”

“Did you forget? Our role is to rescue the youngest. Now, without a leader, we who are here must make the decision.”

Hans pondered for a moment, then sighed heavily and scratched his head roughly.

“Whoa. Even so, how do you plan to get past these roots and up?”

Alex stared at Bellaluna instead of answering.

Once they got up to the base of the roots, they were still tucked under the inner walls.

“Bella Luna. We’ve come up quite a bit at this level, haven’t we?”

“yes yes.”

“Among this, is it worth breaking through?”

Realizing what Alex was talking about, Hans opened his eyes wide.

Bellaluna kept her mouth shut for a while, went into calculations, and came up with an answer.

“It can be a little difficult. It is said that they came all the way to the basement of the castle, but the structure here is complex like a maze and the ground is strong. Crab, and the small roots of the world tree are firmly supporting it… … .”

“Isn’t this impossible on my own?”

“No, that’s right.”

“But what about Yeongsu’s concentrated bombardment?”

Bellaluna nodded after thinking about it.

At that level, it was her calculation that it was worth a try.

“Just tell me the location and timing properly.”

“No, what is my opinion?”

Hans made a small protest, but Alex dismissed it in one word.

“Your chance is now.”

“… … .”

“You came all the way here to save the youngest, right? Then, as a senior, let’s show a cool look like a senior.”

Hans let out a deep sigh.

“This way, I only have a role to lose.”

“Originally, for the sake of the juniors, the seniors lose and do that.”

“Whoa. Let’s try.”

Hans took out Youngsoo’s tooth that he had been carrying.

There was some tension, but no objection.

At least when he transforms into a young beast, his reason is maintained and he is not swept away by wild nature, unlike the monster of Jebodang.

Besides, Hans learned how to control Yeongsu’s power, thanks to Grander’s suffering.

“I will go.”


Hans stabbed Yeongsu’s teeth into his palm.

Bellaluna and Alex took care of the distance.

Hans’s size swelled up and white hair sprouted out.

The human form instantly changed into a deer and greatly expanded.

A spiritual beast boasting magical golden horns descended to the underground roots.

Hans looked up with blue magic eyes.

The ground where the roots of the world tree are blocking the path.

Hans’s mouth opened, and bluish mana began to gather in front of him.

[Close your ears. It will be noisy.]

A blinding light flashed in the dark underground cavity.

Blue pillars across the roots soared toward the ground.

* * *

The pillar of light that Hans shot broke through the stratum blocked by the roots of the World Tree and created a huge passage in Serendel’s inner world.

The end of the passage was headed towards Sedina and the elves who were leading her towards the cradle.

Suddenly, a huge energy surged from beneath the ground, and a blue flash passed in front of their eyes, and everyone was taken aback.

Except for the gray-haired elf in the lead.

“The enemy.”

The gray-haired elf muttered in a dry voice.

Soon, a person burst out through a hole in the floor.

“This, human?”

Alex, heavily armed with artifacts and equipment, blocked the way with swords in both hands.

The elves expressed their bewilderment at Alex’s appearance.

Why are humans here?

It’s not even the outskirts of the forest, it’s the deepest part of the forest, Serendel Castle, the capital of the elven kingdom.

Even now there is a war going on.

The guards in the inner sanctuary were unprecedentedly thorough, but humans came out of nowhere.

“Sir, senior?”

Sedina looked at Alex and widened her eyes.

I didn’t know that Alex would come to the rescue.

‘for a moment. The fact that Senior Alex came, so did the others… … .’

The image of Ludger passed through Sedina’s mind.

She clenched her fists.

The teacher came to the elven forest to save himself.

At the same time as feeling apologetic, emotions flooded in.

“Don’t be rash.”

At that moment, a low voice swept the surrounding atmosphere at once.

“Be, Mr. Bereborn.”

“Anyway, I am only human. It’s enough to deal with it.”

“oh. Judging by what he said, he must have been an elf with a fairly high rank?”

Alex grinned at the gray-haired elf called Bereborn.

“you. you know me?”

“… … .”

“why. You saw it at Lederbelk, us. The guy who kidnapped our youngest in the city that day and ran away from me without looking back.”

Alex remembers.

When Sedina is kidnapped and sabotaged by the Cult of Lumensis.

Everyone remembered who kidnapped and interfered.

One of them was a gray-haired elf right in front of me.

The guy who kidnapped Sedina in Ledervelk that day.

“Somehow, I wanted to be quick. He’s quite talented, but he came out to the human world and kidnapped people. Where did the noble pride of the elves come from?”

“You arrogant human bastard! How dare you tell Bereborn that you have a pierced mouth!”

It was the other elves who rushed in anger at those words.

It was hard for them to accept that Bereborn, whom they idolized, was reviled by humans.

Alex looked at the elves charging at them, and soon met Bereborn’s eyes and clicked his tongue.

The moment I swing my sword at those guys here, the one who gets hit will be this side.

“Unfortunately, your opponent is not me. Get rid of the idiots.”

“Are you trying to run away!”

“escape? Rather, you should run away.”

Alex sneered and backed away slightly, opening up some distance.

Seeing that, the resistance guards were so energetic that they tried to catch up with Alex, but it was a mistake.

It was like a huge burst of energy just beneath the ground.

A blue flash of light rose from the ground and swept across the elves.

Moments later, a white beast with huge golden horns popped out from the collapsed marble floor.

“Hey, Yeongsoo? It’s Yeongsu!”

“Why is Youngsoo suddenly in the inner room?”

Above the flustered elves, Hans’ magic cannon, which was transcribed into a spiritual form, fell.

At that moment, Bereborn moved.

Jumping forward, he squeezed through the gap Hans had revealed and swung his sword at Hans’ neck.

However, before the sword even touched Hans’ throat, it was ricocheted off by Alex’s swing.

“Your opponent is me.”

“… … .”

Bereborn and cold eyes glared at Alex.

Alex sneered at Bereborn to the fullest.

“You’re not trying to run away again, are you? hijacker.”

“… … I will kill you.”

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