I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 110

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Episode 110 Practical Test (1)

If you ask the cadets of Miles Academy about the second practical test.

Nine out of ten people will answer like this.


[Is that a test? Difficulty Gahell ㅋ]

[Wait! PTSD is… … .]

The reasons are various. It was true that they agreed.

actually. The difficulty level of this second practical exam is very high.

It was because the academy’s classes that had been taken so far were compiled, and the conditions were difficult.

Freshman Hunt, Mock Dungeon, AR Test.

The second practical test was designed after the three main classes of the first semester, which were the most important.

For example, being held in sub-space is the same as hunting for freshmen.

The way to attack the dungeon is similar to the mock dungeon.

It is similar to the AR test that you are not facing real enemies.


Just because you’ve experienced it once doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Even if the test is conducted in a subspace where there is no risk of injury, it is because it is so difficult that it cannot be compared to the midterm exam of the other raider academy.

‘Rather, the level of difficulty goes up as there is no risk of getting hurt.’

In addition, in this test, as in the mock dungeon, you have to work together as a team.

If you meet a team member you do not agree with, you may get a low grade and be expelled.

… However. Apart from this, there was a really big problem.

‘The way you organize your team. That’s the factor that exponentially increases the difficulty of this second practical skill.’

In the practical test at Milles Academy, the number of people is not randomly assigned like in the previous mock dungeon raid.

Each cadet is given a different cost based on their performance so far, and three other team members must be voluntarily formed within the line where the sum of these costs does not exceed 50.

For example, the cost of Jaehyun, who ranks first among all freshmen, is 20.

Inevitably, the remaining three positions had to be filled with 30.

Considering that the average average cost of middle-ranking cadets is 10, Jae-Hyun alone consumes the cost of two people.

It was inevitably difficult to determine the relative number of remaining people.

‘I can’t take my colleagues with me in this test.’

In a situation where you need to build a party of four, Jaehyun has already consumed 20 cost.

There are three seats left, and no matter how much you save money here, it is difficult to bring more than one colleague.

Other colleagues also hunt freshmen, simulated dungeons, etc. Because he was active in various events, the cost was very high.

In the case of Ahn Ho-yeon, 17. Seo In-na and Kim Yu-jeong were assigned costs of 15 and 14, respectively.

If Jaehyun recruits Ahn Hoyeon, the cost of 37 will be consumed with just the two of them.

Simply put, a situation arises in which only the lowest-ranking cadets should take the remaining positions.

When I was calmly organizing my thoughts. I started to hear a buzz around me.

It was the voice of the other cadets.

“Hey, does Min Jaehyun have a team?”

“Of course~ How many kids must have asked to do it when it came in first place?”

“It is, but… I think we’ll get good grades if we do it together.”

“Well, it’s magic, but even martial arts were eaten up. If we are in the same team, we can get on the bus right?”

“Should I just close my eyes and ask?”

“no way. Let’s not mess around and play with each other.”

With the confused sound of words, all eyes are focused on Jaehyun.

All the cadets seemed to want to be on the same team as Jaehyun.

Jaehyun kept his mouth shut and glanced at the cadets staring at him for a moment.

‘… what. No wonder.’

It is only natural for them to be interested in Jaehyun.

Jaehyun has already proven his ability several times.

In almost every class, including freshman hunting, mock dungeons, and AR tests, Jaehyun showed phenomenal talent. It couldn’t be more attractive to others.

Of course, Jaehyun was completely unaware of the gazes around him.

‘by the way. I never thought I would become a coast-eating hippo. Was my cost 6 before?’

In the past, Jaehyun was assigned a low cost due to poor grades.

This is a double-edged sword. He couldn’t choose his teammates, but it was easy to join a party with relatively high ranks.

This is because a party with high-ranking raiders must eventually save costs.

In fact, Jaehyun took advantage of this situation before returning to join a party that was good compared to his grades.

‘… The result was the worst.’

In general, when playing as a team at Milles, there are many cases where the upper rank cadets designate the lower rank cadets to form a team.

If you look closely, Jaehyun now has his own options. Nothing bad.

1 in the mid-term rankings of Milles Academy.

No cadet would ever refuse his offer.


Even though the situation was advantageous to him, Jaehyun was not at all pleased with his expression.

‘It’s a dog way. Does the upper rank point to the lower rank? By what right?’

It’s a big deal that depends on the grades of the midterm exam.

To make someone else’s life-and-death matter depend on someone else’s choice.

At least in Jaehyun’s opinion, this was clearly wrong.

‘In the past, I was also in a position to be chosen.’



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As Jaehyun recalls the miserable past and holds the accusation, a shadow suddenly appeared over his head.

When I raised my head, one of the students with a sad face came up to me.


Seeing the cadet’s face, Jaehyun’s eyes narrowed. Jaehyun’s brow furrowed wildly.

‘That bastard… … .’

A face so familiar that it trembles.

Before returning, the person who tortured Jaehyun to death in the same test was right in front of his eyes.

Jaehyun has never forgotten that cunning face over the past 10 years.

‘… Ughanseong. As I remember, he’s disgusting looking.’


In the past, in the second practical test, he was the person who served as the leader of Jaehyun’s team.

To add, the culprit who ruined Jaehyun’s midterm exam grades.

‘At the time, that bastard rolled me like a servant and threw it away. To verbal abuse, to violence… It’s so terrible that I can’t count them all.’

The ugliness that Jaehyun remembers was clearly a villain.

A person who digs into the weaknesses of others, threatens them, and extorts only their own interests.

In the past, Jaehyun had memories of suffering terribly thanks to him.

A twisted smile crept across Jaehyun’s lips.

Uh Han-seong continued without noticing the change in Jae-hyun’s expression.

“Are you Min Jaehyun? A genius cadet who ranked first in the freshman hunt and played an active role in the mock dungeon.”


There was a sharp edge in Jaehyun’s voice as he answered.

Thanks to that skinny face, Jaehyun had to suffer until the moment he graduated.


The person who planted the trauma in her was right in front of her eyes. If the heat didn’t spread, that would be strange.

‘… what?’

Chu Han-seong only then became embarrassed by Jae-hyun’s cold response.

He cleared his throat to hide his embarrassment.

“… Big, well, I’ll tell you straight-forward. Team up with me in this test.

I’m on the cheap side compared to my skills. Now that you’re 20, isn’t it difficult to pick a teammate? I will help you.”


Jaehyun immediately understood how this disgusting situation was going.

Chu Han-seong, who had bullied him in the past, is planning to use himself to ride the bus this time.

‘This guy is everywhere. baby bat. It’s strong and weak, irredeemable garbage.’

Jaehyun laughed as he got up from his seat at the same time as he thought.

“I’m sorry. I have no intention of doing it with you. Why don’t you recognize someone else?”

“… for a moment. Did you hear my story? My cost is cheap compared to my skills… … .”

“know. But that doesn’t really mean anything.”


At Jaehyun’s words, Uh Hanseong questioned and frowned.

Jaehyun took a step closer and looked straight at Ughanseong.

“I can clear the exam by myself. and… you’re not really helpful to me You are too weak.”

“What, what?!”

Ugly Hanseong’s face quickly turned red.

Jaehyun walked past him and headed for the stairs behind him.

In fact, Jaehyun had already decided a few days ago who he would be working with for the second practice session.

Tboob. Tboob.

Jaehyun approached the two people sitting at the back of the stairs and asked.

“Did you guys think about what I said?”

“of course! Both me and Jina decided to do it together.”

“I’m glad. I was worried about what would happen if we didn’t do it together.”

Jaehyun trembled with a smile.

However, the face of Ughanseong who saw it was distorted fiercely like never before.

‘What, what?! What the hell is going on!’

Chu Han-seong looked incredulously at the two people talking to Jae-hyun.

They were completely unexpected people.

Kim Jin-ah, Park Seong-woo.

It was something we couldn’t understand.

Aren’t those two the ones who abandoned Jaehyun and ran away from the last mock dungeon?

Even if they fell apart, why did they, who should have fallen apart long ago, become the same team?

* * *

After a while. A cafe on the premises of Milles Academy.

Jaehyun, Jinah Kim, and Seongwoo Park were drinking coffee while waiting for the rest of the team.

In the middle of a moment of silence, Kim Jin-ah suddenly asked.

“I… Jaehyun. Are you really going to be okay with us? At that time, even in the mock dungeon, we weren’t very helpful. … I even abandoned you and ran away. We still don’t know why you chose us.”

trembling voice. Jaehyun looked up and looked at the two of them.

Both Kim Jin-ah and Park Seong-woo had pale faces, probably recalling the trauma of the time.

Jaehyun crossed his arms as if it was no big deal.

“don’t worry. I didn’t mean to be with you with the intention of losing money.”

In fact, Jaehyun did not choose these two with the intention of losing money.

Because there are many places to use it.

The reason I picked them was just that.

“Then it’s fortunate… … .”

When Park Seong-wu blurted out his words, Kim Jin-ah answered and asked.

“By the way, who will fill the remaining seat?”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you otherwise?”

The moment Jaehyun was about to answer the question.

Suddenly, a voice from behind interrupted me.

“hey. Are the two people you said you were going to be together with them?”

A familiar voice echoed.

Jaehyun smiled. He said without looking back.

“Come. One last one.”

The eyes of the two of them moved to the direction where the voice came from, and their eyes widened.

A familiar face could be seen from the edge of the gaze.

Youjeong Kim.

At the time of the mock dungeon incident. She, who reprimanded Jin-ah Kim and Seong-woo Park for abandoning her teammates and leaving the dungeon, she became the same team.

Jaehyun looked at the three of them alternately.

“Should I say hello first?”

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