I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 155

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Episode 155: Seo Ina (2)

[If he had been properly treated, he would not have died.]

The doctor’s words were shocking. Her grandmother was not terminally ill, she said. She said that with money she could live. The doctor said so in a low voice.

At first I was angry.

Is Grandma tired of life? Does she even take care of me?

Even though I knew I shouldn’t have thought that way, I was perverse.

Accidents constantly made me sink below, below the surface.

Grandma abandoned me

could buy more

However, he gave up on life.

In that moment, I was left completely alone in the world.

[it’s hard. If it was like this, I should have taken me too… … .]

Even in the midst of that, I missed my grandmother.

Even though I thought you were the one who abandoned me. Why?

Maybe it was because I was an idiot who didn’t study well.

Grandma, I missed you.

* * *

You have to earn money.

The accident went to one place.

I didn’t tell my aunt properly, but I changed my school of choice again.

Radar Professional Academy. It was Milles Academy.

I tried to endure each day somehow, to endure the hellish days.

He battled repeatedly and devoted himself to training every day.

However, except for the aptitude that I was born with excellently from the beginning, I had nothing.

Even if a sponsor tried to attach an excellent aptitude, the legal guardian, the aunt, called for an excessively high down payment, and it failed every time.

After that, I kept repeating the training without any good equipment.

They hit scarecrows with specially treated magical powers, wore greasy iron equipment received with minimal support from the state, and practiced magic forcibly.

Even that wasn’t the end. envy and envy of others.

Since I had the best aptitude in the country, negative reactions from others naturally followed.

There are many people in the world who hate others for no reason.

It was around this time that I realized that.

[Seo or isn’t that fu*king unlucky? I pretended to be born with some aptitude.]

[Looking at it, you must have come in as a parent. No matter what you look like, you look pretty. There must be a lot of money.]

[I heard no? There are no parents, and the house is completely dog ​​hair.]

[no way. That’s right, if a sponsor is attached, I’ll try to do more, so what’s the problem? Fu*king a fu*king dog. On the subject of the shuttle using magic behind the scenes, he is trembling saying that he is born with good aptitude.]

[That’s why I don’t live for the good taste. I have no friends.]

The ridicule I heard and the contempt toward me. similar feelings.

To my fellow Awoken trainees, I was a common enemy to hate.

The expression that had changed to blunt because his heart was worn out had suddenly turned into narcissism that only knew himself, and whenever he showed off his skills properly, he heard a muffled and cursing voice behind him.

Most of the boys approached by looking at their faces.

where should i be

Where should I be

I think it was around that time.

that’s what i thought

* * *

After several months of practice life, one evening.

As usual that day, on the way back from training, I got a phone call from my aunt after a long time.

I didn’t want to receive it, but I had to nag her later if I didn’t, so I forced myself to pick up the receiver.

at that time. A story I heard from my aunt. This was enough to piss me off.

[The sponsor contract is over. The training guild decided to take you with you. Now all I need is your signature. Come back and sign.]

I was angry.

training guild. Of course, it’s not a bad place, and I’ve heard that the financial power is great, but isn’t this my life?

Don’t you have the slightest respect for your aunt?

That’s why I got angry for the first time.

[…] … Why is my aunt deciding that! It’s my life!]

However, the answer that came back was cold.

[Where are you screaming? You have to pay for the value you raised. Where is this?]

[…] … What did my aunt do to me!]

It was the first time I had ever said such a thing, but the sentences came out very skillfully.

What I wanted to say every moment.

But I didn’t expect it to be done this way.

But my aunt was still only laughing.

[You’re messing around. You should be happy to know that it hasn’t been sold anywhere.]

[I beg your pardon?]

It was funny. That person is my aunt. It was blood.

But how could you say something like that to your nephew?

is that really a person?

Have I thought of such a person as my family and endured hardships until now?



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However, the aunt seemed to think that her words had been taken, and continued with an overbearing tone.

[Don’t climb up, do what I tell you to do. Then I’ll give you some pocket money.]

With that said, I couldn’t stand it any longer.

I clenched my fists and held back my tears as I spoke.

[…] … because you don’t need Please do not sign a contract.]

[what? this is the end… … !]

[I’ll hang up.]

I hung up on my aunt’s phone for the first time that day, and stayed out overnight.

With nowhere else to go, I stayed at a cafe until dawn.

And as dawn approached, what unfolded in front of my eyes as I returned to pack my things.

It was the burning aunt’s house and the monsters pouring out through the open gate.

* * *

[Seo, Seo Ina! help me now! Since you are an Awakener, what can you do!]

A worm-type monster that rose from the ground.

The guy holding my aunt was a monster I often encountered in textbooks.

I knew very well how to deal with it. Deafen her with a sound bomb, and attack with a cold weapon in time for her rising from the ground.

I knew. How to do it.

Even I, who was weak in theory and an inferior student who couldn’t progress properly, remembered that much enough.

But grades were a problem.

Worm is a monster that exceeds C-class. It was a powerful enemy that I, who had not yet become a radar, could not face.

at that time. A worm started to approach me, unable to get off her feet.

I laughed at the enemy.

strong and fearful But that guy, if you can catch the Witchbeast, it’s a world where you get treated.

It’s not difficult.

It was a world where the barbaric method of force became one force and law.

For a moment, what came to my mind was one unshakable truth.

If you don’t kill that guy, I will die.

However, if you can kill, you can live many times more comfortably than others.

I will never back down.

the moment you decide.

Suddenly, a brilliant light began to flow from my body as I decided to face the worm.

―You have acquired the active skill 《Alfheim’s Sword》!


A unique skill was manifested. After slashing the enemy with one blow, I took a deep breath.

The sensation of cutting the skin was completely different from hitting a textbook or a scarecrow. It was cold, chilly, and foreign.

As soon as I cut off the demon’s death, I remembered a person’s face.

[Do what you want to do. I don’t want to see her granddaughter get hurt.]

Grandma’s last words seemed to play clearly in my head.

I saw the undead worm under my feet and my aunt’s family on the verge of being attacked.

Even though they were in danger of dying, why? I couldn’t move at all.

[What are you doing! How to do this right now!]

[What do you do quickly!]

When I heard the voices of my aunt’s family in my ears again, I understood why I was hesitating without being able to save them.

Those are the people who hurt me and my grandmother.

He planted deep trauma, made me suffer every day, and, of course, assaulted me to death.

In a fleeting moment, such a thought crossed my mind.

Do I really have to save them?

It was not difficult to draw conclusions.



[I will not save my aunt.]

I decided not to save them.

And I still don’t regret that choice.

* * *

After hearing the story, Jaehyun frowned and fell into thought. Although she thought that she too was born with an odd enough fate. In the case of Seo Eana, it was a sad tragedy in a different direction.

Jaehyun, who has experienced domestic violence, knows the pain of it, but… … .

A sense of betrayal and skepticism about the family left behind. The judgment that caused her aunt to die in front of her eyes was not something that could be easily made, no matter how recreated it was.

“… … Are you disappointed in me?”

At Seo Ina’s words, Jaehyun immediately shook his head.

“no. rather thank you It must have been a trauma, but for telling me.”

It would have been difficult for her to tell the story.

Jaehyun only knew that there was a hidden story behind Seo Eana, but she had no idea that such a sad story existed.

just a successful person. To Jaehyun, Eana Seo was just that.

‘Of course not now.’

Jaehyun met Seo Eana’s eyes.

“So you think you’ve found it now? where you should be.”

“… … huh. I think so.”

Saying so, Seo Ina looked at Jaehyun for a while.

Jaehyun knew exactly what that gaze meant.

Because he also met his colleagues and had the same mind.

It was only natural that her image changed.


Aside from that, Jaehyun somehow felt sorry for her story.

‘I don’t know the conditions for acquiring unique skills yet. It feels so inelegant. Well, if I knew all the methods, I would have unlocked the unique skills of dogs and cows.’

At first, I thought that the desire to save others might be the catalyst.

However, after hearing Seo Eana’s story, I decided that this would not be the case.

Seo Eana did not save her aunt’s family. She let her die, and she still thinks it was the right decision.

If altruism was the cornerstone for awakening one’s strength, Seo Eana should not have awakened her own skill.

“… … Did you find any hints about awakening unique skills?”

“yet. But you will find it soon.”

Jaehyun deliberately said that to reassure Seo Ina.

Seo Ina pondered for a moment and touched the teacup, then asked.

“That day.”

Jaehyun was a bit taken aback by Seo Ina, who rarely spoke up.

I don’t know what to talk about, but it seemed like a pretty sensitive thing.

Jaehyun asked again, trying to erase his embarrassment.

“that day?”

“… … huh. The day we had a meat party at Yoo-jung’s house. … … Why did you cry?”

Jaehyun’s pupils shook violently.

Come to think of it, Eana Seo asked the same thing that day. She was curious about herself when she thought others didn’t care about her, and she asked this question first.

No, it’s not just curiosity. affection as a colleague.

Perhaps that changed Seo Eana little by little.

But apart from that, answering these questions has always been difficult.

It was still awkward for Jaehyun to reveal his true feelings. It is on his hand that he also told his story to his old friend Kim Yoo-jung.

He hadn’t even mentioned anything about his father.

But now I have to tell you.

‘Because I mustered up the courage too.’

Of course, I had no intention of even talking about regression.

Maybe I could share at least one word as a colleague.

Jaehyun smiled lightly at that thought.

“It was hard.”

Hearing those words, an unknown emotion came to Seo Ina’s face.

Finally, I was able to hear the true intentions of Jaehyun.

last few months. The period of knowing his reappearance was not very long, but there was a time when I was worried that he might not believe in himself.

It was like that even during the simulated dungeon.

He hid his powers, and only asked that they be kept secret. He hadn’t properly explained why he was hiding that power.

But such a representation. Now tell yourself what’s inside

It is also the weakest part of human beings.

“Because I’m so immersed in the goal of becoming stronger. I think I was a little tired.”

“… … I see.”

Seo In-na looked at Jae-hyun’s face and replied.

What kind of goal does Jaehyun have, that he only looks forward and runs like that?

Despite Jaehyun’s awkwardness in telling his story, he tried to force it.

“The reason I am so obsessed with being strong is… … .”

“You don’t have to tell me now.”

So Eana Seo decided to take care of Jaehyun first.

He’s strong, but he’s not without weaknesses.

It was satisfying enough just to hear that Jaehyun was having a hard time right now.

I feel like a real colleague now.

Feeling a sense of exhilaration, Seo Eana gazed at Jaehyun.

And then.

He showed a very bright smile, which was rare to see before.

“… … I hope you will tell me someday.”

I believe in you.

In Seo Eana’s eyes, there was deep trust in Jaehyun.

Jaehyun unknowingly laughed at that smile.

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