I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 245

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Episode 245. Red Gate(2)

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“Then, I will explain to you the plan to capture the Red Gate in earnest.”

Song Ji-seok looked at the guild members gathered around him and started explaining the operation. His eyes narrow for a moment, scanning the radars around him.


Unknowingly, I swallowed a sip of my saliva.

All those gathered here are members of the highest guild.

The atmosphere and mana it exuded was on a different level from that of the lower raiders.

‘… It’s bloody. After all, they are the elite raiders of the top guild in Korea.’

In a way, it was a natural thing.

The best guild leaders gathered here to attack a dungeon.

This is unprecedented in the association’s history. It was by no means a place to gather together.

In addition, this was also a burdensome task for Song Ji-seok.

No matter how much he is a radar with excellent skills, these are strong people on a different level.

Although they are participating in the attack on the Red Gate under the pretext of serving society, if they are harmed, they will immediately stop the attack and point the sword at the association.

Song Ji-seok was a veteran who had gone through all the battles, and as far as he knew, there was no such thing as a raider guild that operated without profit.

It won’t be different this time either.

It was after he had finished thinking.

“First, let me tell you about the roles each guild will play.

The top 20 guild alliance teams, excluding wind gods that do not participate in the alliance, will be divided into four teams in this raid and will start raiding the dungeon.”

There was no hesitation in his words, as if he had practiced several times.

Jaehyun was also listening to his story.

Song Ji-seok kept an eye on them and continued to explain in detail.

“The four distinct teams enter the dungeon at different times, and each has a different role.

The first is an advance team led by Yeonhwa and the members of Curator.

The second is the support team that will support the advance party and those who will later attack the gate, and will be in charge of supplying and installing safety equipment.

The third is a search party to understand the defense and internal structure of the dungeon.

The last one is the raid team that is dispatched to clear the dungeon.”

Like an unprecedented situation, the operation prepared by Song Ji-seok was meticulous. The divided positions were configured in a way to reduce damage as much as possible in case of an emergency.

After completing the detailed arrangement of the guilds that will play each role, he revealed the information of the identified dungeons.

Jae-hyun nodded, admiring the judgment of Song Ji-seok and headquarters.

‘Generally, entering the dungeon first and clearing the path is the most difficult, so I entrusted this to the No. 1 guild, Yeonhwa. Next, Su-ryun, who is good at making potions, supplies.

Haesin, a newcomer to martial arts, defends and searches, and finally, the entire guild becomes a raid team to attack the boss. That is the core of this operation.’

Like a veteran who has gone through a lot of experience in dungeons, Jae-hyun quickly understood the operation of Song Ji-seok and the Radar Management Headquarters.

Yooseong didn’t even need to add a separate explanation.

“Then, from now on, we will start attacking the Red Gate in earnest.

First of all, Yeonhwa and the curator raiders, please gather in front of the dungeon.”

Although they don’t get along very well, Yeon-hwa and the curator joined hands.

Baek Ji-yeon, the head of the curator.

Based on her enormous capital, she participated in the attack on the Red Gate, and decided to support the installation of various supplies and guard posts.

Jae-hyun and Yoo Seong-eun headed to the gate following Song Ji-seok’s guidance.

Those who generally have the lowest survival rate in dungeon raids, the vanguard.

It was the first time Jaehyun had taken on such an important role.

Before returning, he was always in charge of the supply corps or search corps at academy events.

Of course, its role is not insignificant, but it is also true that the relatively low demand for force is also true.

As Jaehyun took a deep breath and stood in front of him, he heard the sound of a conversation around him.

Surprisingly, the subject of their talk was themselves.

“hey. what is he Is this the first face you see?”

“Who are you talking about?”

“You mean the guy wearing the white robe with Yeonhwa Guild Master over there?”

“Come to think of it, he’s someone I’ve never seen before… … Are your skills great? Where did Park Seong-jae Raider go and did that man come with him?”

“By the way, look at that outfit. I see you’re a guy who’s tired of vanity. I put the symbol of lotus flower openly. Tskz… … Aren’t you ashamed?”

“Anyway, young people are like that.”

Jaehyun didn’t like their conversation towards him, but he didn’t show it.

By the way, the reason why Jaehyun is wearing a white robe was simple.

‘Because it is very difficult for minors to enter the gate by law. The procedure is also difficult. If I reveal my identity here, Yeon-hwa will be beaten by public opinion.’

As Yoo Seong-eun, he would not have been able to give up Jae-hyun’s ability to nullify magic.

However, he probably didn’t want Yeonhwa’s image to be tarnished either.

So, he decided it was better to just create a new identity and hide his identity.

… … Thanks to.

Jaehyun was wearing a gorgeous white robe studded with lotuses, the symbol of the guild.

Of course, with the face covered.

“Did you only have clothes like this? Everyone seems to be making fun of me.”

Jaehyun sighed as he looked at the fluttering white clothes. Yoo Seong-eun laughed and replied.

“don’t worry. You are good-looking, so bright clothes are good for you.”

“Somehow, that’s right.”

Jaehyun didn’t take off his clothes or anything even though he made a voice.

“… … Shall we make it black next time?”

“That’s Okay.”



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Jaehyun replied bluntly, but Yooseong still had a bright expression on his face.

“All of the radars of the Yeonhwa Guild! I will enter the Red Gate!”

At that time, the headquarters radar in charge of guiding the gate called Yeon-hwa and her guild members.

It was the moment when the attack on Red Gate finally began in earnest.

‘I will definitely survive this time too.’

As always, Jaehyun went to the battlefield, remembering his goal.

Dark red mana swaying from the gate. Leaving it behind, he vigorously stepped out.

That was the moment.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but frown at the magic of the gate that wrapped around him.

‘… what? this… Is it really a single dungeon?’

He trembled for a moment, feeling a sharp sense of incongruity.

Red Gate.

It contained too much magic to be considered a single dungeon.

To the extent that I doubted that it was a combination of several dungeons.

* * *

“Everyone back down!”

“Those with debuffs go this way! I will cast a status ailment magic!”

“Switching! We will all switch places!”


Indeed, the magic of the monsters appearing inside the gate was quite high.

Jaehyun narrowed his eyes and began to analyze the magic they were using.

‘Dark Spear on Wind Edge… … to chain lightning. It’s a magic that can’t be believed to be a witch beast. I understand why the teacher brought me here.’

The magic used by the Witchbeast is usually one-sided and focused on destructive power.

Applying a debuff would be easy for a boss monster, but it was only possible because it was a boss monster.

Except for Dark Elves, it was extremely rare for normal monsters to be able to properly use magic.

From what Jaehyun experienced, the level wasn’t that high.

‘But the demons of the Red Gate are different. It’s not the level I thought it was.’

Jaehyun lost his thoughts for a while because of the sense of incongruity he had felt from a while ago.

The amount of magical power the entire gate holds.

It was because it was not at a level that could be felt at one gate.

‘Well, maybe it’s better to put that aside… Anyway, I don’t have much to do right now. The teacher also told me to stay still.’

Yoo Sung-eun still does not know that Jae-hyun can destroy magic without consuming magic, as long as he knows the structure.

Therefore, I hoped that Jaehyun would not participate in the battle unless it was a really emergency situation.

In the first place, she was in a position to bring the cadet to such a dangerous gate. It was natural for her to worry about Jaehyun’s safety.

Jaehyun also did not want to uselessly show off his skills.

The advance party was still hunting the Witchbeast without much difficulty. There was no particular point for Jaehyun to step forward.


The magic beasts were quickly melting under the attack of the Yeonhwa guild members.

To be honest, we don’t want to admit it to each other, but the destructive power of the combination of Yeonhwa and the curator was beyond imagination.

Yeonhwa is the No. 1 guild-like majesty in terms of strength, healing, and stability.

The curator was truly demonstrating the strength of the guild, which had risen to a position close to the top only with capital.

After the two guilds entered the Red Gate, they were in the process of raiding the dungeon without much difficulty.

about an hour like that.

By the time the monsters at the entrance were sorted out to some extent, a short break was given.

Jaehyun still covers his face and drinks water with an uncomfortable expression. Toward Yoo Sung-eun, who was resting next to him, Baek Ji-yeon approached and spoke.

“I didn’t know that our curator would join hands with Yeonhwa and raid the dungeon like this.”

At her words, Yooseong shrugged.

“Me too. what… … Anyway, let’s do it well.”

“I agree. Of course, our curator will be the main character in this raid.”


Yoo Sung-eun’s eyes narrowed, and Jae-hyun’s gaze also turned to Baek Ji-yeon.

She smiled as she looked at Jaehyun, who turned her attention to her.

Baek Ji-yeon had a confident expression.

“This time, a new special radar joined the curator. If it’s her, we can expect her to be active enough in this dungeon raid.”

At Baek Ji-yeon’s words, Jae-hyun felt a surge of interest.

Then, she felt a woman walking from behind her.

Before questioning who it was, she thrust her face toward Jaehyun.

“hi. Nice to meet you! I’m Raider Lina Meyer from Curator! That’s a new face… … Are you a new member of Yeonhwa?”

“ah… … yes. It’s like that, but… … .”

It wasn’t a lie.

Isn’t Jaehyun also a new recruit who joined Yeonhwa less than six months ago?

… … Of course, I think the treatment I receive for a rookie is a bit excessive.

“so. What business is the curator’s radar to me?”

“I saw that you didn’t participate in the battle from earlier… Are you hiding it? A great skill?”

‘Why are you talking like that? What are you doing with the interpreter artifact… … .’

“… It’s not like that… .”

“As expected!”

“… … .”

Perhaps noticing Jaehyun’s uncomfortable feeling, Hella added a word.

[…] You seem to be the type who doesn’t listen to what others say.]

[Iknow, right. I guess I’m a bit tired… .]

Jaehyun sighed and looked away. There is nothing special about this person.

Any number of guys who don’t listen to what others say… .

That was the moment.

Lina Meyer leaned forward and quietly boasted something.

Jaehyun tried not to pay attention, but the sword hanging from her waist was impossible not to pay attention to.

“The sword on that waist… .”

“ah! Do you recognize it?”

She took out the sword that was tied around her waist and showed it to Jaehyun.

“This sword is an S-class artifact given to me by the curator’s guild master… ! Nidhogg’s fangs!”

Curator members around me shook their heads.

It was the start of bragging again.

Even though Jaehyun knew he couldn’t do that, he laughed without knowing it.

A familiar sword and Hilt’s machete knife.

Because it was clearly inferior to his own.

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