I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 247

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Episode 247: Continuing Shadow (1)

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‘That’s… … Nidhogg’s fangs?’

Lina Maier muttered involuntarily as she looked at the dagger Jaehyun was holding.

The reason was clear.

Jaehyun’s machete knife. It was because it was exactly the same artifact as Nidhogg’s fangs he was using.

How the hell did this happen?

Just as a question popped into her head, Jaehyun’s voice was heard.

“Back off.”

Lena Meyer immediately assessed the situation and moved the ground behind the car.

There were still more enemies left. Night Walker and Night Shade.

The monsters filled the cavity and gradually closed the distance with them.

“All ready. Wizards, please cast light magic, and combative raiders, please confront the enemy directly.”

Yoo Sung-eun’s instructions did not waver.

How his apprentice has Baek Ji-yeon’s Nidhogg’s fangs. And he won’t ask right away how he got the sharp judgment he has now.

However, her goal was to revive all the raiders here.

It’s not too late to think about what’s next.

* * *

‘What the hell is that! I’ve never heard of Yeonhwa having a radar like that… … !’

Baek Ji-yeon, who was watching Jae-hyun’s battle from a little distance away, bit her lip.

She seemed completely incomprehensible to what was going on.

It was natural.

A being wearing a white robe. who the heck is that guy?

Because it was a raider from where it was active, does it mean that it shows such a shocking battle?

It was an enemy that even Lina Mayer, who was at the top of the A-rank, couldn’t break through.

But, I’ve never seen it before. A raider who doesn’t even know his face killed him?

Even in one hit?

‘No, that’s not the point.’

Baek Ji-yeon shook her head.

She had more important problems than that.

A man in a white robe.

How does he have the Curator’s item, Nidhogg’s Fang?

At first, I thought I had killed the enemy using Lina Meyer’s artifact.

However, the atmosphere between her weapon and the man’s was oddly different.

Sharper, more solid… … .

But is that even possible?

‘The thing I gave her is S-class! She gave me the best weapon… … !’

It was a weapon that was purchased with all the curator’s funds.

Among the existing artifacts, the S-class is by far the highest grade. It was an S-class item that could not be obtained without investing at least hundreds of billions of dollars, and one of them was Nidhogg’s Fang.

But, how the hell does that guy have it?

In fact, is he the great talent that Yeonhwa hid?

Didn’t Nidhogg originally have two fangs?

‘I have to check.’

Baek Ji-yeon immediately activated her unique skill.


It was her trademark, a skill that allowed her to appraise noble artifacts.

It is no exaggeration to say that it was a skill that allowed curators to secure capital and come to where they are now.

It could also be used against other people’s items.

―Active skill 《Insight》.

‘No matter what he has, he can’t evade my unique skill… … !’

It was when I thought so.

―Skill activation failed.

―The grade of the artifact to be judged is too high!


Baek Ji-yeon made a sound with her voice and was embarrassed.

What the hell did I just hear?

Suddenly, she came to her senses, repeating the sound of the system she had heard.

“The level of the artifact is too high, high… … ?”

It was strange.

As far as she knew, the strongest artifact in existence was grade S. She had never heard of an item higher than that.

Until now, her unique skill has been able to appraise even S-class items without difficulty.

Still, a moment ago, the system said.

The grade of the artifact to be judged is too high, so the item cannot be appraised.

That means… …

That man’s possessions are S-class. No, it’s an item of the higher rank?

Hasn’t it ever been revealed to the public?

Do you want to believe it now?

Baek Ji-yeon shook her head and approached Yoo Seong-eun.

As a guild master, she would know more about his identity. She didn’t know if she could dig up information.



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Baek Ji-yeon, who stood by her side, took luck while watching Yoo Seong-eun’s eyes.

“… … I didn’t know Yeonhwa had such a guild member.”

“Yeonhwa, it’s always a place full of talented people.”

In response to her question, Yooseong straightened his shoulders and said. It was a situation where Yoo Seong had no choice but to be happy for her student’s performance.

It was my only regret that I couldn’t reveal his identity… … .

‘Still, if I build it up like this, one day I’ll be able to reveal Jaehyun’s identity.’

After all, it is a world where power is everything.

Even though Jaehyun is a minor and is subject to various legal restrictions. If it is accompanied by overwhelming strength, the conditions will be prepared for any bill to be passed.

If that’s the case, I’ll be able to clear the dungeon with him more comfortably.

‘It seems that your skills have already reached the top of the S-class… … I don’t know how it grows at such a speed, but Yeon-hwa has nothing to lose.’

Yoosung smiled brightly.

On the other hand, when she felt proud.

Jaehyun was summoning the sword as if it was no big deal.

The other guild members would take care of the recording, so I didn’t have to worry.

he let out a small sigh.

It was difficult not to make up an appropriate lie for Baek Ji-yeon and Rina Meyer, who were now in shock behind the scenes.

* * *

“What is this… … The gate is expanding?”

“researcher! Where’s the researcher?! How the hell are things going right now?!”

Red Gate entrance. The bewildered voices of the waiting raiders are heard.

The reason they were wandering around was simple. It was because of the changes that occurred at the Red Gate.

A while ago, the size of the gate, which was only 4 meters in diameter, was enlarged to 6 meters.

The problem was that the timing of the gate expansion was exactly the same as when Yeon-hwa and the curator entered the dungeon.

No matter how you think about it, it’s hard to dismiss it as a coincidence. It was an embarrassing situation for them.

“All calm down!”

Song Ji-seok, who was waiting, shouted. He, too, was equally perplexed.

‘Why did this happen all of a sudden… … why!’

Red Gate is a threat enough on its own. It means that it is a dangerous dungeon that cannot guarantee survival even without such a variable.

Even more so, if the size was expanding, it was not a situation that could be taken lightly.

While Song Ji-seok was lost in his thoughts, he heard the researcher’s voice from behind.

“Dangerous! the gate… … It’s runaway.”

“What do you mean by gate runaway?”

Training guild master Shin Ji-hoon, who was waiting behind, asked.

Likewise, Ahn Ji-seok of Haesin, who was waiting, also quickly stood by, as if he had realized that the situation was urgent.

Like veterans, they were trying to figure out the situation.

The researcher was sweating profusely.

“It is as I said. The magic of the gate is running out of control. The range is gradually expanding! If we don’t do something right now, the whole area will be ruined!”

“The whole area… … Will it become a mess?”

Song Ji-seok shuddered in shock.

Shin Ji-hoon and Ahn Ji-seok were waiting for his instructions.

Anyway, to control the current situation, the Radar Management Headquarters is leading the coalition.

At such a time, his judgment had to be important.

“… First of all, we will decide related issues through a meeting. Putting yourself at risk is too much… … .”

“You sound funny.”

At that moment, a familiar yet disquieting voice interrupted from behind.

The eyes of the three people narrowed at once. There was a face I hadn’t seen in a while.

Jaeshin Lee.

The wind god’s guild master stood tall there.

He was approaching the three of them.

“Stupid bastard. Are you still from headquarters? He’s just a timid guy.”

“but… !”

Song Ji-seok tried to say something, but the words got stuck in his chest and didn’t come out.

Lee Jae-shin said as he passed the three people and headed for the dungeon.

“Our Wind God is entering the dungeon for the second time.”

“All right.”

Chu Gye-yeol nodded and followed him.

Wind God’s Raiders. Those who decided to move separately from the coalition began to act.

“Ah, father. But it’s too risky. Now I’m waiting for instructions from headquarters… .”

“that’s right. too risky… .”

Lee Jae-shin’s two sons.

Lee Jae-hoon and Lee Jae-young spoke urgently, but Lee Jae-shin shook his head.

“We did not participate in the coalition from the beginning. You don’t have to follow headquarters’ instructions. The Wind God moves alone to subdue the dungeon.”

“father… !”

“Follow me.”

At Lee Jae-shin’s high-handed words, the two sons eventually had no choice but to follow him.

Shin Ji-hoon frowned and grabbed his shoulder as he walked away.

“If you go in without a proper strategy, you are more likely to die. Jaeshin Lee Radar. I know your skills, but now… .”

“okay. If you enter a dungeon without a plan, you’ll most likely die. Even non-radar kids know that. But remember one thing.”

Along with the words, magic power bursts out from Lee Jae-shin’s body and presses them hard.


The Red Gate, which resonated with his magical power, swayed, adding to the sense of intimidation.

In the suffocating silence. Lee Jae-shin tightened his neck and said.

“If we don’t move here, more people could die. It is not radar to leave them alone.”

At those words, Shin Ji-hoon, Ahn Ji-seok, and Song Ji-seok could no longer stop him.

Jaeshin Lee passed through the Red Gate without hesitation.

The size of the gate that swallowed him was bigger than before.

* * *

Dark dungeon interior with torches hanging on the walls.

Members of Circle Nine are talking while looking around with their heads covered.

“What is this… … What happened?”

Kim Yu-jung muttered in a confused voice. Ina Seo, Hoyeon Ahn, Jaesang Lee, and Soyul Kwon. All members were in the same situation.

They briefly ruminated on the situation surrounding them a moment ago.

From the gate that suddenly turned dark red, some unknown magic power poured out… We heard each other’s voices in a situation where we couldn’t even get out.

Then I woke up here. A situation in which the memory is not clear.

“It seems like there is a problem with the dungeon. To say it was a C-class dungeon that I was trying to conquer at first… The magic here is too thick.”

“… I think it’s at least grade A or higher. It’s more dangerous than when I fought the Dark Elves before.”

“Well, then what should I do… .”

“For now, calm down. Let me secure the dungeon map… .”

Kwon So-yul could not finish his words. She was with a dark expression.

“I guess I’ll have to do that a little later.”

At that moment, the backs of the party grew chilly and a disturbing magic power began to be sensed from somewhere.

Eventually, the Demon Beast appeared from inside the dungeon. As they expected, he wasn’t a guy who could come out of a C-class dungeon.

“Night Mage… a dangerous foe Everyone behind me!”

Ahn Ho-yeon said so.

I don’t know what’s going on in the dungeon right now, but I had no choice but to fight.

* * *

that time. An urgent voice was heard in Park Seong-jae’s ear, who called somewhere outside the gate.

The owner of the voice was the radar guarding the Red Gate where Yoo Seongeun and Jaehyun entered.

[Manager Seongjae Park!]

His voice was hoarse as he answered the phone. The pitch of his voice fluctuated greatly, and it was clear that something had happened.

“Please answer just one.”

Seongjae Park gritted his teeth.

“Has something happened to the Red Gate?”

[yes. I don’t know how you knew… It is as you said. Now, the gate has suddenly expanded and is said to be congested at a fast pace.

Other radars are moving to help, but… .]


Park Seong-jae cursed and looked at the dungeon where the Nine members entered.

One hypothesis that is currently chilling the scruff of his neck.

It kept tying him down.

‘The dark red fragments and whirlpools that Nine members saw when they entered the gate a while ago… It matched the Red Gate’s perfectly. That’s what it is.’

“It is a story that the dungeon the members entered may be connected to the Red Gate.”

Seongjae Park clenched his fists.

Red Gate. And a C-class dungeon with children.

Is there a connection between them?

What the hell is going on?

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