I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 297

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Episode 297: The Plateau of the Red Moon (1)

“Yoojung! Yoo Jeong-ah! Wake!”

“… Where did Jaehyun disappear to? Why did Yoo-jung become like this!”

“It’s strange, Yoojung is hiding… no rest.”

“What is that… .”

After the death of Kim Yoo-jung. The members really fell into a panic.

In that situation, leader Min Jae-hyun also disappeared.

questionable light. A bloody gate opened from his body, imprisoning the Valkyrie and thousands of his followers as well as Sigrun.

that barrier. what is its identity?

But there was no time for questions.

Now, Kim Yoo-jung’s side was several times more serious. she wasn’t breathing

There is no meteor here.

Is Sacrifice Curable?

I don’t know either.

I can’t figure out anything except that the situation is the worst right now.

‘There is a golden time for treatment. If you do something, you can make your heart beat again… .’

It was when Kwon So-yul thought so.

“Arthur. Her attack that killed her is impossible to resurrect her, no matter how powerful the healing magic is.”

It was Faye who intervened from the side. He was a mysterious transfer student.

“you… .”

“It’s Loki. Since my name is so famous, I will skip the introduction roughly, and for now, I will decide what to do with this kid.”

At Loki’s introduction, the eyes of the colleagues briefly collided with each other.

I heard from Jaehyun that the myth had just become a reality. And there was no one who didn’t know Loki here.

One of the three people who are no different from the masters of mythology, and a sure ally.

That was the existence of Loki that Jaehyun explained.

‘after… I did it blindly, but this will take quite a while.’

Loki sighed and looked at Kim Yoo-jung and his colleague, who had just collapsed.

All of them were crying while watching Kim Yoo-jung. They were filled with sorrow that they had lost their comrades and pain that they might even lose Jaehyun.

It’s painful.

There is only one time when such feelings are maximized.

when something is taken away.

Loki knew.

Ragnarok 10,000 years ago.

So many people died at that time. Gods, giants, humans, and fairies.

Things that were too difficult to handle happened, and it was all because of one greed.

The pinnacle and domination of all worlds. And the artifact at the beginning, called the primordial sword.

It was Odin’s ambition, and he would do anything to achieve it.

But Loki didn’t think that was right.

Even though I collided with him because of this, I tried to save others.

It was a decision made because it was believed that war produced neither winners nor losers.

But as a result, he lost a lot of things.

the most precious of them. Loki lost his two sons to Odin at Aegir’s banquet.

Two sons born to his beloved wife Sigyn. Odin turned one of them into a wolf to kill the other.

And from its intestines he fashioned chains to bind himself.

Even now, his body will continue to be bound by Odin’s chains.

A chain made of his son’s intestines, now truly a chain.

“Everyone get out of the way.”

So Loki has now assimilated into their emotions.

So I started doing things I shouldn’t have done.

“I will take first aid from now on. If you all don’t want to see your friend die, follow me.”

After saying that, Loki grabbed his broken left arm.

The members of Nine looked at him in horror.

“Sa-can you save it?!”

“Please, please. somehow… !”


“If you need anything, I will help.”

“I don’t need anything, so stay put. Because I’m having trouble concentrating. You guys, worry about the antagonist who went inside.”

Loki sighed softly, then sighed lightly.

how to save her It was surprisingly simple.

Just like Midgard’s doctors gave an electric shock when giving first aid. After pouring overwhelming magic power into it, it forced the heart to beat.

If you cycle it to keep it… .

“ha… .”

A sigh escaped Loki’s mouth.

First of all, the first premise was wrong.

Injecting magic enough to make a person’s heart beat again was closer to impossible for Loki now.

powder now.

In other words, it is impossible without consuming all the fragments.

But I couldn’t help it.



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‘Because the enemy has sins committed. But if I save this girl, she won’t be that angry with me.’

It was filthy hard work anyway, for sure, but it had to be done.

Loki immediately stretched out his hand toward Kim Yoo-jung.

Losing one fragment of oneself to a human woman here may be a great loss in the long run.

However, that was a matter of no importance to him.

If there is someone who can be saved right now, it is right to save him. That was the decision he made by turning his back on the whole of Asgard.


At that moment, a tremendous divine explosion erupted from Loki’s hand. It is so overwhelming that even the dullest person can feel it.

It was to the point that Odin noticed that he was joking around.

As magic power gradually moved through Kim Yoo-jung’s body, her whole body, which had been stopped, began to tremble for a moment.

From there, it takes time and focus. And it was all about changing his body.


A cold sweat forms on Loki’s forehead while treating Kim Yu-jung for a while.

It’s a tough job even if you look at it.

Loki was doing things that his colleagues couldn’t even dare to do. Seo Ina, who was watching this, stepped in front of him and said.

“… I don’t have the skills, so I can’t help with the treatment, but at least… You should be able to do this much.”

Magical energy leaked from her fingertips and began to fill Loki’s body.

A very insignificant level of magic for Loki. However, she was trying to heal Kim Yoo-jung somehow by conveying it.

At that moment, other colleagues also began to impart magic power to Loki.

“me too.”

“If I can help too.”

“Please save Yoojung somehow.”

For some reason, Loki looked at him and laughed involuntarily.

It belonged to the people he wanted to protect 10,000 years ago.

It belonged to Jotunheim, it belonged to the fairies, it belonged to the dwarves.

Loki said with a playful smile on his lips.

“Don’t worry. I will somehow bring this child back to life. instead… It’s expensive, so keep that in mind.”

* * *

―Active skill 《Cold-blooded》 is activated.

After Jaehyun activated Cold Blood so that he would no longer be swayed by emotions, he looked at the enemy.

Mana leaking through his body. It was completely different from just a moment ago.


Jaehyun thought about that while looking at Sigrun in front of him.

who killed his friend.

However, due to the effect of the skill, he can’t feel anything right now.

The feeling of choking in the heart, and the huge sense of loss of losing someone.

As much as this battle will be forgotten.

Also, Jaehyun had to defeat Sigrun here.

Even for her revenge.

‘It doesn’t matter if it’s a petty revenge.’

You’ve been repeating it over and over again since returning. that I will never lose again

but i lost it again

Even without feeling emotions, the clear truth was conveyed to Jaehyun.

Odin is behind all these tragedies. and… .

“Sigrun. every… Because of you.”

However, Sigrun was distracted by something other than that.

“How did you get the powers of Odin and Loki? And the primordial sword… Why does it exist in your field!”

Jaehyun wasn’t taken aback by Sigrun’s sudden outburst.

I had no idea.

what is she talking about now?

The first sword? I do not know.

Now, only the gigantic premise that she must be killed is the only thing holding back Jae-Hyun.

Jaehyun grabbed his sword. Nidhogg’s fangs. It was a dagger he used often.

At the same time as his body tilted.


―The designated target becomes maximally poisoned!

The heads of the four Valkyrie soldiers in front of Sigrun fell.

Took. Took.


Jaehyun then continued to use his magic power.

―Active skill «Meteor».

―Active skill «Dragon Breath (Back)».

Before long, Meteor, magical baptism, and Poppy’s breath were transmitted together.

This combination was wiping out its armies in one fell swoop.

‘What the hell… ? Even if you reached the 3rd level of liberation, it would be impossible to show this kind of power… !’

No matter how you think about it, it was strange.

Odin and Loki…

Wasn’t it possible to see them only when they drew more than half of their power?

It was an absurd level to see the adversary here.

But now is not the time to think like that.

Sigrun held the sword and swung it horizontally. To respond to the rapid movement of reproduction.


But rather, it was she who was cut down.

A sword trail crossed Sigrun’s face diagonally.

Her mask comes off and the helmet falls down.


“Now I can see your face.”

Jaehyun said so in a low voice.


Sigrun slowly began to feel an overwhelming fear of the humans in front of him.

My thoughts before coming here for the first time. And Hugin’s story.

it is recalled once again.

‘I could die in this battle.’

But it wasn’t just the trembling caused by those feelings.

It was more of a primal anxiety.

A fear similar to that of a gazelle who cannot help but tremble in front of a beast. It was an absurd feeling for her as one of Freya’s direct command of the Valkyrie unit.

Not only that.

Even now, Jaehyun’s magical power continued to run rampant, increasing its momentum.

“Give everyone no more time! Get it done ASAP… !”

With Sigrun’s command, the Valkyrie’s army began to fly toward Jaehyun.

It’s like thousands of great Valkyries are moving to catch just one human.

It was a comedy even to pretend.

The moment when it seems clear to anyone who will win. Jaehyun suddenly opened his mouth.


At that moment, Sigrun saw something unbelievable.

The Valkyrie troops who were attacking Jae-Hyun according to their order…

Unable to resist Jaehyun’s words, he hardened as it was.

‘what? That… why… !’

As she gazed at the landscape in disbelief, a thought popped into her head.

It was absurd even to Sigrun.

‘no way… Is it brainwashing? But that’s unbelievable! It’s impossible for a human to control a Valkyrie in the first place!’

Brainwashing is a skill that can be activated only when there is a large difference in grade from the designated target.

That’s why it can’t be used against strong opponents, so its effect tends to weaken in the second half.

Moreover, each of the Valkyries facing Jae-Hyun now was elite, exceeding S-class.

however. That those people stopped at Jaehyun’s words?

There is only one conclusion from this.

‘The adversary… It means overwhelmingly stronger than my troops… !’

The moment I thought about it, goose bumps ran through my body.

To stop this number of Valkyries with brainwashing is enormous.

It was impossible without at least a deity close to the main body of Odin and Loki.

‘What am I fighting against now?’

When I thought so, Jaehyun’s voice continued. The story it told was something he couldn’t believe he had heard with his own ears.

Jaehyun looked at Sigrun and said with an unshakable expression on his face.

“Everyone decide to commit suicide.”


With those words, the Valkyries all started killing themselves with cold weapons in their hands.

Blood splattered everywhere, and the broken wings began to fall and fall to the ground.

The moment Sigrun lost his soldiers in vain, he thought.

One god, Odin, who was behind all the tragedies in the highest place.

That Jaehyun clearly has the same ruler’s eyes as him.

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