I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 334

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Episode 334 Scenario (1)

‘Strange… I’m looking at Ina. why… Is it this exciting?’

Jaehyun’s face is genuinely embarrassed. He felt that his emotions were out of control.

System message that I heard a while ago.

maybe that’s the cause

―Emotions begin to sprout between Sigurd and Brünhild.

―The synchronization rate with the characters is currently 10%.

―The master of the role of the climber, 《The Dragon Slayer》, starts singing a song of love!

synchronization rate. scenario.

Jaehyun had experienced something like this in the past.

It was right before the fight with Joo Won, when he saw his memory in the book.

Jaehyun licked his lips, thinking.

‘The late the quest is cleared, the more the climber loses his memory. If you think about what happened in the past, the higher the synchronization rate, the more you will gradually lose your memory.’

At that time, Jae-hyeon gradually assimilated into Joo-won’s memories and almost became a boy.

At that time, he was also in danger of losing his ego.

‘Of course, this time I won’t be swayed to that extent as I’ve grown. But Ina is different. It’s my first time going through sync. I have to clear the quest somehow quickly.’

Jaehyun looked at Ratatosque while thinking about that.

“so. The content of the first scenario we have to play. what is that?”

“… Wait a minute, Jaehyun. Before that, can you tell me how you found me?”

Seo Ina said while looking at Jaehyun with affectionate eyes.

Jaehyun felt his chest tighten for some reason, but he nodded his head without showing it.

“okay. okay.”

Jaehyun told her roughly how he found her for about ten minutes.

What was able to find her. And it was all thanks to Ratatosque that she knew she was in a situation where she couldn’t move her body.

When Jaehyun asked about her condition a moment ago, Ratatosque said, “You don’t have to worry about it right now.”

[Gigijijiji—There won’t be any big problems now. Probably uu – it seems that he is not moving, so it will take a while -.]

[Can’t move?]

[That-that’s right. Around the time Sigurd and Brünhild fell in love, Oo-Odin put a curse on Brünhild!]

It was something I didn’t immediately understand.

Basically, aren’t Valkyries on Odin’s side?

But why did Odin curse his limbs?

[She disobeyed Odin’s command in the war between the Wawawa-kingdoms, and declared victory for the other kingdoms, so she fell out of Odin’s eyes.]

The approximate situation was as follows.

Odin interfered with this and that in the human world and manipulated them to his liking. In the process, a war broke out between the two kingdoms.

It was Brünhild who decided the final victorious country here, and she raised the hand of a country other than the kingdom that Odin wanted to win.

Odin punished her for this.

It was a punishment to fall into a deep sleep on top of a mountain wearing heavy armor and helmet and fall in love with the person who woke him up.

Naturally, it was Sigurd who woke Bruenhilt from sleep at this time.

For this reason, at the beginning of this quest where the romance narrative between the two is the main story. It is natural to infer that she may not have woken up yet.

“… That’s how I ran to the top where you are.”

“… I see.”

Seo Ina nodded.

Jaehyun continued to feel his heart pounding.

A sense that makes you feel dizzy. It was amazing how Seo Ina could endure this and remain calm.

“Inaya. are you okay?”

“… huh?”

“Because of this scenario… I feel like my emotions are a bit out of control.”

“… I’m fine. It’s okay.”

Surprisingly, the answer came back that it was okay. Jae-hyun was taken aback, but she decided that it was because Seo In-na’s mental strength was as good as hers, and she nodded her head.

Well, no matter how much she hurts, she doesn’t show off and silently does her job. She couldn’t help but be hard on herself.

“Then let’s get back to talking. What is the content of the first scenario?”

It is the scenario that Jaehyun is talking about.

That is, it means forced progress.

To put it simply, a part that proceeds without room for intervention, like a cutscene in a game.

It could be seen as similar to the theme dungeons I had completed in the past or Joo-Won’s memories.

However, if there is anything else. In this quest, one of the two can only change one part of the scenario once.

“Ahhh—probably the first scenario is now over—it seems. Ma-meeting, because there is no scenario beyond that!”

“is it. So what’s the next scenario… .”

When Jaehyun was about to speak. Information about the second scenario began to trickle out.

―To clear the second scenario, promise to marry each other.

Jaehyun looked at Ratatosque in amazement.

He raised both hands and looked into Jaehyun’s eyes.

“The story of the city-system is right! Sigurd and Brünhild fell in love the first time they met—they swore to marry each other!”

“… … .”

“… … .”

Jaehyun and Seo Ina’s eyes collided for a moment.

anyway it is

In this situation, suddenly propose marriage?



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* * *

―Transfer climbers to Yggdrasil Spiral Tower’s 《Third Layer: Layer of Shadow and Overcome》.

The other members faced another ordeal with Jaehyun this time as well.

Layers of shadow and overcoming.

Right now, they were fighting the toughest battle since entering Yggdrasil.

“Fighting myself… What the hell is this… .”

Kim Yoo-jung speaks in a dumbfounded voice and infuses the staff with magic.

―Active skill «Earthquake».

Earthquake, which she has now activated, is a high-level magic, and it is a skill that has very high durability and offensive power.

However, the opponent on the other side had an expressionless face. She countered Kim Yoo-jung’s attack with exactly the same skill as hers.

“Oh man… How are you going to break this!”

“Ha, I can’t immediately think of a method no matter how much I do this time.”

Even Kwon So-yul sympathized with Kim Yoo-jung’s complaint and shed a cold sweat.

The other members were also in almost the same condition.

Even the most skilled and strong Hella was embarrassed.

The reason this happened was simple.

An enemy in the form of a shadow on the other side they are facing.

Because they were all dolls made in their own image.

“I copied not only each person’s appearance, but also all the skills and stats they use. It is dangerous to approach it hastily.”

Ahn Ho-yeon took a deep breath and said. Hella also nodded her head.

“It is as he said. Even less magical beings. If you just pour mana into it, you can continue fighting without getting tired. It will be impossible to defeat them by the methods so far.”

“But then what?”

Kim Yoo-jung asked, but the answer did not come immediately.

It was really the worst.

The members of Nine have recently tried their best to stand by Jaehyun’s side.

In order to raise the grade more quickly, I continued to receive guidance from Ballack and Camilla, and also received help from Yoo Seong-eun.

It was a story that Jaehyun did that even when he couldn’t move properly for six months.

But… .

What is the current situation?

‘After I’ve improved my skills, they say I’m going to have them deal with enemies made after me?’

It was a truly embarrassing situation.

The enemy is strong.

Tirelessly, it seems to test where their limits are.

Kwon So-yul and Kim Yoo-jung, who have the fastest brains, are also unable to come up with a usable answer right away. Prolonging the current situation is never a good thing.

“For now, let’s calm down. Defend with the least amount of movement, and then think of your own way.”

Kwon So-yul’s words. But even as she said that, she had an unconvinced expression on her face.

It’s just a waste of time after all.

Whether it’s a little or a lot, if you drag out time, your stamina will continue to drop.

In order to survive here, we must defeat them.

It is an unchanging truth.

but… .

“I have an idea.”

It was at that moment that Lee Jae-sang spoke.



At that moment, Ahn Ho-yeon groaned briefly as he blocked the sword of the shadow that imitated himself.

he asked, barely breathing.

“What is that method? brother?”

“Hoyeon, Hella, and Yoojung will fall behind you, while Soyul and I will step forward.”

“… yes?”

“What did you say?”

“You’re not crazy… ?”

I could hear the embarrassed voices of my colleagues, but Lee Jae-sang’s eyes were infinitely calm.

It was a clear expression that there was a way out of this situation.

* * *

“… so. Are you suddenly asking me to propose here? We’re friends, I can’t do that because I’m uncomfortable with that… … .”

“… Isn’t that what you have to do?”

At Jaehyun’s words, Ina said that with a slightly heated face.

Jaehyun’s eyes widened for a moment. The moment I saw her beautiful face, the falling black hair, and the two hazelnut-colored eyes, her heart felt tight.

“Hahaha—I know you don’t want to do it, but—if you don’t do it, you’ll eventually become a yeeee—Yggdrasil’s food here! I have to do something here.”

Jaehyun pondered for a while, then nodded as if he had made up his mind while looking at Seo Ina.

“… okay. Anyway, I have to go upstairs. … Then I will.”

“… huh.”

Seo Ina nodded and put her flushed face right in front of Jaehyun. The distance between the two gradually gets closer.

If you come a little closer, the distance is so close that the two people’s faces touch. In a situation where even the exhaled breath can be heard clearly to each other.

Jaehyun suddenly faced a situation where he had to propose, something he had never done in his previous life.

‘It’s a strange feeling.’

Jaehyun looked at Seo Ina, barely calming the pounding heart and the thoughts that were starting to fill his head.

I clearly remember the first time I met her.

At the time when we were still doubting each other.

The two first met during the freshman hunt and have been together ever since.

Jaehyun began to part his trembling lips little by little, trying to erase the memories that passed by like a kaleidoscope.

But at that moment, he felt a sudden surge of fear.

It was a completely different feeling from the fear I had felt before.

Even if it is because the scenario and the second layer exert an influence.

If I spit out the words I love you now, it seems like it will become the truth.

An unknown feeling enveloped him.

‘… It’s hard, but I can’t help it. I have to do it somehow.’

There were no other options.

After that, Jaehyun’s lips opened as he slowly made up his mind.

“Inaya. No, Brunhild. I’m with you… .”

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