I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 406

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Episode 406: Requiem (3)

‘Why did I just say that to Tyr?’

I kept repeating my thoughts amidst the torrent of consciousness and the excitement of battle.

With his sword, he cut the body of an enemy whose limbs were in disrepair, and slashed again. why am i It felt like getting me back.

It wasn’t just a sensation. I was actually getting closer to myself little by little. Now I am resisting from a huge sense of loss.

is turning past mistakes… … .

Chow ah! Chow!

Blood splatters in the air.

The body is rich. The attack becomes sharper in the floating sensation.

The feeling of cutting flesh. Even the feeling of looking down at the enemy.

All the actions that should have been unfamiliar started to get used to. I still don’t know. What I’m going through right now and some memories that came up now.

What does this mean and what does my existence come from.

What else do you derive from?

I can not know.

In the midst of not being clear on anything, I just keep reflecting.

The one in front of me now is my enemy, and killing Tyr is the best option I can make now.

Tyr has already lost two of his arms. His body is on the verge of collapsing.

Your knees bend, and your upper body begins to fall forward. The weak body of the guy who couldn’t keep his balance is screaming to stop now.

Perhaps Tyr knows too.

workshop a little while ago. That alone was a win.

The fact that I will never be able to raise my head to the level I have reached is also true.

So he suggested come with me

I want to kill Odin.

but… my choice.

“It is disgusting. Tyr.”

It was a refusal.

Disgust from the depths of the body. And contempt and contempt bloomed. Fierce enmity toward the enemy. He wouldn’t even know that this would happen.

A man named Tyr. I never thought the words of the God of War would end in such a miserable way.

However, if he was the one who brought it on himself, I have no reason to forgive him. After all, if this is due to his sin, everything must fall into place.

That’s why, facing him directly, I said so.

“You only take care of your comfort until the end. There are only choices for you anywhere. It will never take care of your companions or other races.”

Tyr’s sins were countless.

Tyr is the one who tried to covet Sigrun’s body.

It was Tyra who lived every day indulging in pleasure and women.

Also, the one that destroyed Alfheim and created a tragedy and despaired himself. It was Tyr in front of me. I don’t hesitate anymore.

When Tyr, who had no hands to hold the sword, knelt down and looked up at me, I felt that I had to end my relationship with him here.

“… adversary. I will admit you. Enough of this… Since you’re going to be of some help to you, why don’t you stop saving me here?”

“Did I ask you to save me?”

A sneer rises in my mouth involuntarily. It is clearly aimed at one target.

Why, in the past, I couldn’t get rid of them.

Couldn’t you have listened to my voice and believed in yourself? Such regretful feelings spread like paint.

But now it doesn’t make any sense.

just… Only futility and emptiness fills my heart.

“I can’t do that.”

Along with the horse, the longsword of myth lightly draws a line. The sword path, like a transparent thread, retains mana to the fullest, slicing through the area and slicing through the enemy.

The chest and legs, then the heart, the diaphragm and the stomach. Back on top of that, neck and shoulders, and finally the face.

The process of hacking all parts of the body follows.

Type 2 intangible sword. Hwan sword.

As soon as it activates, the enemy’s body disintegrates.

Nothing feels so empty. Could this be the void?

I didn’t feel any emotion even though I cut an enemy who was at the 4th level of Divinity Liberation. A sense of exhilaration, and the joy of having grown up to where I am now.

Right now, I just cut through enemies without feeling anything.

It just reminds me of a boy from the past.

Lars, who was the captain of the elves’ bodyguard. The name of the boy with heavy shoulders.

I kept stepping on my eyes.

―You have succeeded in defeating <Tyr, God of War and Justice> of the throne of Aesir.

―End the activation of field magic.

Soon the plateau of the red moon surrounding me completely lost its power.

Although it has become stronger, it is not yet a power that has been used often, so it seems that there is an immature part. But it didn’t matter much.

The enemy was defeated anyway, and now the next star in the far abyss. All you have to do is find it, get it, and thwart Odin’s plans.

one before that.

―Active skill <Divinity Conquest> is activated.

―You killed a target with perfect character.

―An enormous divinity dwells in the user’s body.

What I had to get, I definitely had to get. for better results.

* * *

The search for the distant star in the abyss was progressing smoothly.

First of all, the existence of Kwon So-yul is incredibly helpful.



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It was because Van Esir could not easily use the search skill.

It detects mana deeply and, furthermore, identifies what dangers are nearby. This has never been easy.

Basically, it was because it required a clear brain capable of quickly reading surrounding information and the power to handle special magical powers.

‘In addition to that, you have to secure quick wits and the stability to find the safest path. Otherwise, securing the stars of the distant abyss would be close to impossible.’

Hella shook her head and thought so.

In that respect, it was truly heavenly luck that Kwon So-yul, who is the best at taking good care of his life (?), was given this kind of power.

It doesn’t mean that there won’t be too many deaths.

“I think we can do drilling work here. I can feel some magic from below… It probably must be.”

Drilling is basically digging up the ground to dig up the resources that exist within it.

A place where the stars of the abyss far away from Niflheim are presumed to be. It was deep underground.

At Kwon So-yul’s words, the other party nodded in agreement.

But they weren’t without worries.

“But drilling is not going to be that easy. There is another world nearby, and if you make too much noise here, Odin might notice you.

We need to make as little noise as possible… Even so, you have to dig out the pieces with the best efficiency.”

To Ahn Ho-yeon’s words, Kim Yoo-jung also agreed. she gave her opinion.

“First of all, the exact location is important for drilling, but you need to figure out the floor structure first. If you accidentally dig the ground and fall… Because it has no choice but to be dangerous.”

“I think so too.”

“That is what I have in mind.”

While Kwon So-yul was listening, Lee Jae-sang suddenly intervened. He took out a potion from his inventory and held it out in front of the party.

It was a medicine containing a very hot liquid, which seemed to be able to dilute some of the icy chill here.

It probably wouldn’t be that difficult to break through.

Hella nodded at Lee Jae-sang’s opinion and looked around and said.

“Then I will be vigilant. Please be as careful as possible.”


Kim Yoo-jung answered lively. Lee Jae-sang looked around for a while and then nodded.

After that, he opened the stopper of the potion and slowly started pouring the potion into the X-shaped part Kwon So-yul pointed at.

Slurp… .

The warm liquid is vomited out, and a circular mark is formed from it. Before long, I felt an unknown energy welling up from there.


Then, an immense intangible mana began to surge from the ice-covered interior.

Undoubtedly. There is something here.

Everyone there was sure.

There must be a piece of star in the far abyss here.

But why? The ice did not melt even with Jae-sang Lee’s potion.

Hella, who had been scouting, tilted her head as if it was strange.

“… That’s strange. There is ice that does not melt even with Jaesang Lee’s potion. Is it hidden here too? The star fragments of the distant abyss… … .”

“I am sure. this horsepower… This is the magical power that can only be felt in star fragments.”

It was then.

The voice of Jaehyun, who had returned from killing Tyr before he knew it, came from behind. The group had a smile on their lips as they saw Jaehyun returning safely.

Jaehyun nodded to his teammates once, and then slowly approached the place where the X marked by Kwon Soyul was drawn. The inside of the ice wall that was not completely melted even with the power of the potion.

‘It’s ice that doesn’t break easily. Other gods have said it before. There is ice that will never break at any high heat. Maybe this is what it is.’

Suddenly, the story of the Van Aesir forces came to mind.

Ice that cannot be easily broken. There is an ice sheet somewhere that cannot be broken by heat, and it has existed since the birth of Niflheim.

There is only one way to break it.

‘I’m sure it’s here.’

Even if I felt it again, I could definitely feel the magic of the star fragment from within.

How much hot liquid can’t be eaten.

This is, to put it another way, a story that could be easily melted if an overwhelmingly hot liquid acts on it.

Jaehyun immediately activated his active skill.

Formation of magic tools. The weapon he produced was, of course, the long sword of Shinhwa.

“Everyone step back.”

At Jaehyun’s words, his colleagues meekly stepped back.

It wasn’t once or twice that I was swept away by the aftermath of the attack after asking what it was. Here, it was best to do as Jaehyun told him to do.

Then, Jaehyun held the sword in reverse, put strength on it, and slashed it down with magic power. It lodged exactly where Lee Jae-sang’s potion couldn’t melt it at first.

“Is it a success?”

“Don’t order strange things.”

Kwon So-yul scolded Jae-sang Lee for his words. But fortunately, there were no surprises. It was because the sword that reacted to Jaehyun’s magic slowly poured out hot heat.

It boasted an overwhelmingly high temperature, enough to melt everything at once.

Jaehyun smiled.

‘As expected, this was the correct answer.’

What Jaehyun used was the Dust of Surt. It was because the flame of one of the strongest giants in the world and one who was said to have the hottest fire was embedded in the sword.

‘Surt’s flame. It’s only natural that a sword that was used for smelting could pierce any cold air.’

It only took a few seconds to confirm that Jaehyun’s idea was correct. Gradually, the ice membrane broke and the inside began to be revealed.

Then, the black debris that emerged from it catches Jaehyun’s attention.

“Two of these.”

Jaehyun smiled and held the black piece in his hand.

He was about to acquire the second star of the distant abyss.

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