I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 411

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Episode 411. open war

A large-scale warp portal has been opened in the Republic of Korea in Midgard.

Its exact location is near the Han River in Seoul. It is a place that often appears in any horror movie and is the main background for exposure or apocalypse.

There were a total of three people who arrived through the portal.

Thor, Hugin, and Frigg. They were the most outstanding subordinates of Odin among those who remained today, and those who were counted among the main forces of the Æsir.

Compared to the past when Heimdall and Tyr were alive, the composition was too simple. However, the number of troops that followed could not even be compared with the previous one.

Almost tens of thousands of troops are constantly pouring through the gate.

The shady air descended beneath the pitch-black gate.

The degree of reverberation was incomparable to the gates that had occurred so far, to the extent that even non-Raiders could tell that it was all magical.

There were very few humans left in the vicinity. He probably smelled it and had already run away. To disappear so quickly… … .

It was something that even the As gods could not have thought of.

Thor clicked his tongue as if he was pathetic.

“It seems like he already knew we were coming. Well, I can’t help it because there are those dirty bugs of Van Aesir.”

“Perhaps. There was no way humans could escape so quickly at all. I think the anti-Aesir forces have noticed our arrival.”

Frigg agreed. Hugin was speechless.

Thor tapped Hugin on the shoulder as if it were strange and said.

“What are you doing blankly? Hurry up and guide Midgard. I must see the end with the adversary.”

“… All right. This way.”

“Wait before that, where the hell is Freyja? It looks like she and her Valkyries aren’t assembled.”

Frigg said it strangely.

It was obviously odd. I didn’t even think of it because I wasn’t in a hurry, but Freya wasn’t a person who didn’t attend such an important event.

Moreover, isn’t she one of Odin’s strongest cards?

Although Frigg was personally jealous of her because of her beautiful appearance and ability, he acknowledged her abilities.

Freya was well aware of the dignity and circumstances of being a god.

At least, even if he didn’t get along well with Frigg, he was someone who strictly followed that line.

But why can’t I see her now?

“I came here first because I was instructed to do something else. It’s okay if you don’t mind. Here it is. Let’s go.”

Hugin guides the two gods and cuts off their thoughts.

Thor followed without thinking, and Frigg couldn’t hide his bewilderment, as he had never heard such a story from Odin himself.

‘weird. As expected, there is something between Freya and Hugin… ?’

It was something I had been suspicious of from the start.

In the case of Freya, she was famous for not being on good terms with Odin, so there was no one who didn’t know that Hougin’s recent movements were unusual.

For some reason, Frigg had a bad feeling about it.

Moreover, I did not understand Odin’s decision.

Even if he didn’t give himself real power, how deep are you with him? Although they recently became estranged, they are a married couple.

There is no reason not to share this important information.

But I didn’t have time to think long.

Thor was randomly passing through Seoul. It was because a blue thin film suddenly formed in my eyes from somewhere.

“This… Barrier?”

Frigg frowned as if it were strange.

Thor made the same opinion.

“I guess so. what the heck is this… … . There’s no way people who can create barriers of this scale exist.”

It was something they couldn’t easily understand. Of course. It is very difficult to maintain magic of this magnitude.

Even if Loki intervened and succeeded in creating a barrier, the situation would not be so smooth.

It is practically impossible to fight while maintaining the barrier that consumes such a huge amount of mana.

At least it’s difficult unless Odin and Loki are united.

what is thor He was a person who tried to solve everything with his strength, so there was nothing to explain.

“Anyway, it won’t be easy to break through. However, there is a barrier in this place. That means one thing is certain.”

Thor raised an eyebrow.

“It means that the sorcerers are waiting nearby.”

loud laughter. Along with him, Thor gave instructions to the Valkyries who followed Odin and to the beasts Tyr raised.

I can’t handle it properly yet, and since I haven’t been entrusted with full military authority, the orders I can give are limited… None of that mattered.

The Valkyries began their search while wading through the snowdrifts that heralded war and the long winter in which clothes were piled up. It was to find the person who opened this barrier.

But only after a few minutes.

They were able to realize one interesting fact.

“Thor, we report the results of the check. It seems that our initial expectations were wrong.”

One of the returned Valkyrie captains reported that.

Her words that followed were even more shocking.

“Those who formed the barrier are not one. Moreover, it was even less of a godhead.”

It was.

It was none other than the one who succeeded in constructing this huge dome-shaped barrier, an existence that they had lightly ignored. were humans.

* * *

before the war was in full swing.

The world needed to sort out important facts first.

Who is leading this war?

However, the conclusion came surprisingly easily. At the same time as the reappearance returned, the United Nations Organization and the Radar Alliance fully delegated the leadership of the Raider Force.

The leader, Richard, had no choice but to quietly hand over all his authority to Jaehyun. He is in a situation where all the money he already has has been robbed.

Is there anything to be gained by holding the army yourself?



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I inquired, but no answer came.

Thanks to that, things went more smoothly.

Jaehyun announced it on TV at an official event where all radars are watching.

[Soon the long war will begin. Now, the fierce battle for rights must stop here. From now on, all that remains is to struggle for survival.]

What is the treatment of a country that becomes a defeated country?

There was no country that did not know this. Every country has ever suffered defeat. Also, the moment you become a loser in a war. I know I could lose not only the area, but everything I have.

But, even lose the world?

To non-humans?

It was a problem that could not be easily accepted no matter how it was explained.

Moreover, the strongest radar now was by far the world’s most recognizable. It was the basis that it was right for him to take command of this war.

strength and leadership. From war to the eyes that read the plates.

everything was given to him.

Jaehyun continued to clear his throat.

[I will explain to all raiders the strategy to face the gods from now on.]

The first Jaehyun knew where the Aesir gods would appear and attack them.

In fact, the closed city of Daegu was the most likely, but that side was excluded early.

This can be seen by considering the characteristics of the Aesir gods. They were mean and technical.

The fact that they have the ability to warp as a group has been known for a long time. Draupnir. Because it was a reproduction that had been used before, that thought added more confidence.

If they were given a reason to use their divine power in Midgard, they could turn this place into a mess.

Also, it is the Æsir gods who are the aggressors who choose the place where the battle takes place.

Jaehyun made a decision.

First of all, people from major cities around the world, including Seoul, moved to rural areas. It was because he believed that he could respond to enemy attacks several times more reliably.

An Awakener whose growth restriction has recently been lifted would not die from being poisoned by this amount of magic, but the ideal of an ordinary person was different. Jaehyun couldn’t save them all, but he didn’t intend to kill them all either.

[After the evacuation, all the power of the radar is needed.]

The outline of the operation that followed was simple.

All radars gather and set up bases in major cities of each country.

To put it simply, it is to set up a barrier that weakens the enemy’s power in order to be able to fight.

In this way, no matter where the Aesir gods appear, their power can be weakened by using the barrier of the combined raider unit.

The power of the barrier increases as the number of people increases.

Wasn’t that the case when creating subspace?

The more complex the expression, the more simplified the way to deal with it.

One person is very good and overwhelms everything, or many move together.

Jaehyun and his colleagues chose the latter because they had to deal directly with the Aesir gods. And contrary to Jaehyun’s expectations, more radars were sympathetic to his operation.

[You must follow the adversary’s words! That is the only way for mankind to survive now!]

[That’s right! We must help them!]

Not giving up easily is one of the greatest strengths of human beings.

In addition to this, Jaehyun made Ruina participate in the battle of the elves, and the dwarves made equipment and distributed the equipment to the raiders to prepare for the final battle.

like that.

All preparations are over, and now the only thing left is to deal with them.

Jaehyun smiled softly. He slowly began to step forward in front of the bewildered Aesir gods.

After that, a long procession follows.

own colleagues.

Kim Yoo-jung, Seo E-na, Ahn Ho-yeon, Kwon So-yul, Lee Jae-sang, Hella, Hell, Smir… … etc. Those who had helped them so far and those who had made it somewhat difficult gathered in one place and stood in front of the enemies.

The expression of the Æsir gods facing them was very distorted.

Thor crossed his arms with a warlike smile.

“They gathered together as if they knew we were coming here. isn’t it? Adversary?”


Jaehyun’s answer wrinkles Thor’s forehead. He lifts up the hammer with the thunderbolt that he cracks with ridicule.

Mjolnir. His symbols began to pour out slowly.

This place has shocking magic enough to convey its status to raiders outside the huge barrier. It began to spread to all who participated in the battlefield.

Thor looked at Jaehyun, showing his white teeth. he opened his mouth

“But do you think you can deal with me and this many armies?”

“What is that?”

However, Jaehyun’s expression remained the same. He opened his eyes and spoke in a light tone.

“of course.”

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