I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 435

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Abduction 3. Abnormal symptoms


This flame giant was a being with overwhelming power capable of burning all nine worlds.

Also, of course, no one doubts his power that has existed since the beginning of the world pulsating.

The giant at the beginning and end of everything.

He birthed Ymir and Audumra from the earth amidst his own fire and the cold of Niflheim.

The first giants and cows.

As much as they can be said to have started Norse mythology, the role of Surtur and the role assigned to him could never be ignored.

Buri and Odin, Billy and Ve.

Giants and gods were born, and the Nine Worlds began from there.

However, tragedies are born with the beginning.

Surt knew.

Beings born in the middle of Muspelheim and Niflheim.

That peace between them will not be kept forever.

Even he was a giant with destructive tendencies, so Surtur thought that at any time in the future, a time of war would come in the Nine Worlds due to those with greed.

The fire did not go beyond expectations.

end… … the war was going on

First Ragnarok.

by those who already have it.

One, it was Odin’s war to have more.

At that time, Surt took part in this war and played a tremendous role.

He faced many Odin’s armies, and fought on Loki’s side, winning many people’s support.

Of course, in the process, I left behind a handshake that set Vanaheim on fire.

‘I thought that the disaster that would result when Odin obtained provisions and got his hands on Vanaheim would be greater. but… Looking back now, even the thought at the time was a handshake. In the end, he made a choice that was only the lesser evil, not the worst.’

There was a reason why he didn’t show up at the time of the second Ragnarok.

‘Because I, Surt, consumed too much strength preventing the first war. Because I knew best for myself that now it was irreversible. There was too much of a chance to catch the opponent’s feet.’

He has exhausted most of his abilities due to his past wars.

Burned almost everything in past wars.

The fact that even the body that remains now is barely maintained.

I didn’t know if I wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

When the weakness was exposed again, a more terrible disaster would come.

But he didn’t tell Jaehyun about this.

The same goes for the anti-Aesir forces.

What if Odin had found out that he had been weakened by a possible traitor?

Odin would have attacked Muspelheim first, holding it in his hand and shaking it.

If so, I probably would have had no choice but to fight harder.

‘Of course I know this is all an excuse.’



He had forgotten about himself for a very long time, and he had been waiting. He finally succeeded in the great task of killing Odin.

He deserved to be angry with himself.

He has no excuse for showing his anger at himself.

Anyway, I didn’t participate in the war, isn’t it an obvious fact.

Surt also felt deep regret about that part.

I can’t say it’s my own people, but I witnessed the death of a giant named Smir anyway.

Even so, he did not step into the vanguard.

Not only that, the adversary and others… Leaning on those who were mere humans, they thought they would stop Odin.

No matter how predictive it was, it was an overly optimistic judgment.

[I’m almost exhausted now. It won’t be long before this flame and power will become nothing and an illusion.]

That is why Surt opened the door in such a hurry.

Now the peace of the nine worlds is maintained, and no one wages war.

absolute strength.

Because there is an adversary, Jaehyun, no one dares to have dangerous thoughts.

It was also true that the possibility of such a greedy person appearing at a time when all the wounds of the last war had not healed was slim.

Surtur stared at the twisted spearhead pierced into his shoulder.

Now, Jaehyun doesn’t attack anymore and just keeps an eye on himself.

After that, the mana was released and the spear was removed.

Jaehyun sighed and scratched the back of his head.

“Hey, what. I must have. Because I’ve already heard that you weren’t an evil guy from the start. just… I think this is a casual greeting.”

Jaehyun was just talking nonchalantly.

Lightly as always, but the meaning contained in it was permeated with thoughts and ruminations that I wanted more than anyone else.

[Min Jae-hyun… I have something to tell you.]


[The flame I set in Vanaheim 10,000 years ago… I can never turn it off on my own. It’s impossible unless you kill me like you said or I don’t regain my strength.]

“You mean kill me?”

[That wouldn’t be bad either.]

Jaehyun said it like a joke, but waited for Surt’s backstory.

I know the story isn’t over anyway.



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Even as a reenactment, killing Surt was too risky.

In any case, in order to maintain the equilibrium of the nine worlds, we must protect Muspelheim.

Also, it means that there is a need for someone who can withstand this level of heat and support this world.

Even in the nine worlds, Jaehyun and Surtur can do this.

there will be only two

‘You want me to be locked up in a place where there are only red guys like this? I can’t do that because it’s dirty. Do you think I stopped the war to live in a place like this?’

[There is a way to extinguish the flame without killing me.]

“You mean to get your powers back?”


“under… … It’s really annoying. no wonder. He was filthy weak for one of the primordial giants, and ended up like this.”

[I’m sorry.]

Surt said that with his own sincerity.

Jaehyun thought for a moment.

If Surt had gone this far, it probably wouldn’t be a lie.

If so, what should you do yourself?

‘It is a fait accompli to restore strength. But how can I?’

Rather, it is Jaehyun who is accustomed to beating opponents stronger than himself.

Decades of activity as a raider made him stronger, and the past as Henir.

And in the fate of being an adversary, he bloomed.

It was thanks to the mental strength that reached the level of the outsider that he was able to reach the current mythical level.

Concern bites its tail.

It was then.

Suddenly, Surtur followed.

[Flame is a very tricky magic. You have raging power. But if you suppress it with the energy of the opposite, the story is different. Visit Niflheim again. It may be helpful to head to the Élivágar, the 11 rivers that exist there.]


Jaehyun thought about it for a moment.

It was a local name that I heard several times when I was Henir.

“Elibagar… remembered You mean the place called ‘Ice Waves’?”

Surtr nodded.

It seems that this journey will not end so easily.

Kwon So-yul’s startled expression was clearly reflected in Jae-hyun’s eyes.

“Anyway, why don’t you go yourself?”

[If you protect this place instead, think about it.]

Surtr came out brazenly.

Jaehyun sighed as if he couldn’t help it.

“under… okay. Got it. Shouldn’t I be going?”

Jae-hyun looked back at Kwon So-yul and said as if it were natural.

“Navi… No, can you help me a little bit more with directions? ‘senior’?”

“… … There is an accent in a strange place. Will you beat me if I don’t go?”

“Depending on the circumstances. There is no such thing as 100 percent, right?”

Kwon So-yul had no choice but to shake his head in tears at Jae-hyun’s blunt words.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time.

Because of this vicious guild leader, everything went awry!

“… … I can’t help it. Instead, I know that because I will definitely take care of the extra allowance.”

“Yeah – do whatever you want. Even if you steal all my money, I won’t say anything.”

Jaehyun said it like a medicine.

He was Jaehyun who saved the world anyway, so rare artifacts and money rotted away.

Because those things didn’t mean much to him.

Kwon So-yul asked about this.

It was evidence that the deal exchange was not successful.

It’s a pity, but Soyul wasn’t a guild member with the guts to attack the water owner.

First of all, somehow Elibagar.

I have no choice but to find the 11 rivers of ice.

However, before that.

“First, let’s go back to Midgard. We will have to regroup members. Only senior Kwon So-yul should be fixed, and the composition of the other members should be changed. No matter how you look at it, it looks like there will be a pretty serious battle this time.”

“… … Can I take it off too?”

Kwon So-yul’s cry never reached Jae-hyun.

Ruina had a sad expression.

“I can’t help it… … If that’s what the West meant… … .”

Jaehyun continued his thoughts without even paying attention to Ruina’s pitiful gaze.

‘now… … I have no choice but to take my main party members such as Ina, Kim Yoo-jung, and Ahn Ho-yeon. You don’t know what kind of accident will happen.’

I also thought that my original members were the best.

However, there was one concern.

‘Kim Yoo-jung and Ina… … Will it be all right?’

Jaehyun felt his mind drift away in an instant from the mayhem that was about to unfold.

They were two people whose appeal to themselves became more intense recently.

Jaehyun couldn’t help but be taken aback by the sight of those approaching with the accelerator pressed all the way… … Finally, as now, the distance was slightly widened.

what about one?

Things had already started to go wrong, and he had an obligation to deal with them.

This was something that Henir also had to do.

Even for the sake of the three Norn sisters who sacrificed themselves.

“There can be no other way.”


Jaehyun sighed inwardly.

It was a pretty gentlemanly method.

Jaehyun sighs.

“Then, head for Niflheim right now… … .”

[No, that doesn’t work. The river of ice is opening, but there is still time. So wait a little longer. i will be in touch with you It would be nice if I could rest for a while.]

Surt said so.

Jaehyun nodded his head first, then decided to leave.

What you get is roughly what you get.

All you have to do is tell Freya the news.

‘Shall we go back? To Midgard.’

It was time to return home and to the guild.

* * *

Seo In-na and Kim Yoo-jung are waiting for Jae-hyeon to return to Midgard. They were Ahn Ho-yeon and Lee Jae-sang.

Seo Ah-hyun was also present, but Jae-hyun intuitively knew that it was better not to count her.

Because it can cause trouble.

“that… did you wait?”

Jaehyun got lucky just like that.

Kim Yu-jung and Seo E-na.

The two women looked at Ruina from the back for a while, then moved their gaze to Kwon So-yul from the front for a moment, then returned to Jae-hyun.

It’s like he’s doing his head quickly to figure something out… … .

As Jae-hyeon couldn’t understand, he asked Seo Ah-hyun in a low voice.

“Hey, those two… Why are you doing this?”

“Well let’s see… … I didn’t take two of them, but I think he’s angry that he took two women on a trip. congratulations. Maybe this time it will last a little longer.”

Jaehyun was devastated by her words.

It was.

Seo Ah-hyun was good at reading the other person’s mind as much as she had a good head.

Unlike Jaehyun, who is clumsy when it comes to dating.

“after… … Shall we sit down?”

Jaehyun pointed to a chair in the middle of the huge guild office and said.

Members are seated in turn.

Jaehyun laughed awkwardly, but the two women’s eyes were still cold.

it was cooked

It was a bloody gaze that forced Jaehyun to think that way.

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