I Obtained A Mythic Item Novel Chapter 448

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Side Story 9. Reconstruction of Vanaheim (2)

Brave knights (?) including Daren, the king of dwarves, have black feet.

Then, when he saw the brothers Brock-Atri, who were legal slaves, Jaehyun’s face was colored with great joy.

Even if it is not, to rebuild Vanaheim, the land must be cleared and houses must be built.

For a time like this, it was always right to increase the number of slaves to work.

‘Especially if it’s a dexterous dwarf.’

“Darren. How are you?”

When Jaehyun asked for a handshake, Daren smiled.

“Of course. Thanks to that, the Dark Elves didn’t have to attack. In many ways, it can be said that an unprecedented golden age has come for the dwarves.”

“If you know that, ask for help. Damn Odin… Freya helped a lot in getting rid of him.”

“Oh oh. of course… … After all, the name of the goddess of beauty is not lacking. Mrs. Freya.”

“thank you.”

Unexpectedly, Daren and Freyja had never met before, so they exchanged greetings lightly.

In the meantime, Jaehyun secretly approached Eitri and Brock, who were hiding behind Daren’s back.

Judging by his attitude, it seems that he has been planning to run away from the beginning and is implementing it.

‘There’s no way.’

“Where are you going?”

At Jaehyun’s question, the brothers were confused and clashed their teeth together.

It was ‘backward’ in jargon that gave me goosebumps.

“That, that… brother… … .”

“Ji, calm down, Eitri… … Even if the sky collapses, there is a hole that will rise… … .”

“I see you forgot one of them. It was I who killed Odin and wiped out all the dark elves. It’s because I dug a hole through which I could rise.”

Jaehyun stuttered. Then he finally took out the object and held it.

Jaehyun put a copy of the contract in front of him and said.

“You remember this?”

Brother Broc-Atri’s eyes were black.

Jaehyun’s contract. It was because it was a slave contract concluded by two brothers as karma in the past.

[Labor and Labor Contract]

This is a document about the conclusion of a contract between A (Min Jae-hyun) and B (Brock-Atri brothers).

B must provide A with labor (as a field manager) for 30 years, and A provides 2 gold coins each time B manufactures equipment.

At this time, it is a principle that materials are provided by A, and if this is violated, the labor contract is automatically terminated….

*When A or B intentionally forges the contract due to the effect of magic or does not properly keep it, the contracting party dies.

2 gold coins.

It was a meaningful salary in many ways.

Jaehyun held out a total of four gold coins to the two brothers and said.

“Day… should I?”

“Geuhup… yes… … .”

“Tongue, brother… … .”

Eitri lowered his head as he saw his older brother finally succumbing to Jaehyun’s power.

The colleagues who watched Jaehyun whispered one word at a time.

“It’s also Jaehyun… It doesn’t make any sense to say that the terms of the contract are like that… … .”

“What, as always… … no. That’s a good thing.”

Kim Yoo-jung hurriedly stuttered and corrected. He seemed like the quick-witted type.

Louisa’s eyes lit up.

“that’s right! After all, Seo Bang-nim is the coolest!”

“… … That’s right.”

Seo Ina looked slightly uncomfortable.

It was nothing that could be helped.

It was then.

Kim Yoo-jung looked at Hella, who was standing there staring blankly at Jae-hyun, and asked.

It was even more impressive because it had a slightly disapproving expression somewhere.

“Hella? What did Min Jaehyun do wrong?”

“Oh, no.”

In that moment, why?

Hella’s expression was subtly colored, and her face suddenly heated up.

I’m not sure what the reason was, but somehow Kim Yoo-jung intuitively noticed the danger and met Seo In-na’s eyes.

The two of them looked at Hella at the same time.

Only Ruina was smiling as if she knew.

Jaehyun tried hard to ignore the various gazes pricked behind his back, and started making the Brock-Aitri brothers work.

First of all, useful farming tools and smelting tools. In addition to this, from making tools.

* * *

‘what? I don’t know why, but after hearing my mother’s words, for some reason, I’m worried about Jaehyun… … .’


Now that she has escaped from her alter ego and has become a whole new body, she has one of her latest concerns.

It’s just that I don’t know what to do with my attitude toward reproduction.

Recently, she had a conversation with Jae-hyeon’s mother, Seon-hwa Lee, and accidentally talked about Jae-hyeon’s problem with the opposite s*x.

At that moment, Seonhwa Lee suddenly asked.

-What do you think of Jaehyun?



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– I like that our Hella is also cute… Of course, as a daughter-in-law

‘Nonsense. At least I’m an alter ego… … Exchanging emotions and sharing love with someone is itself… … .’

Hella thought for a moment, then cast her gaze toward Jaehyun for a moment.

Then he frowned and muttered.

“that… is not it?”

What Hel told her recently.

Now you have become a free being, and the story that you have become a person called Hella, not my alter ego anymore.

It came to mind and made all of Hella dizzy.

‘Until now, I’ve been living my life without thinking about it. But from now on? me… … What should I do?’

Humans as well as gods.

Everyone has one or more goals, and they live to achieve them.

But what kind of goal should he live with?

No matter how much I thought about it, the answer didn’t come easily.

‘They said that there are many purposes in human life… Whether it’s ambition or feelings to protect something… Whether it’s love.’


The meaning of two letters and one word is deeper than you might think.

It may even set someone on fire, like lighting a fuse.

Although she herself hadn’t experienced it, if Hella had to choose someone she liked, Jaehyun was the first thing that came to her mind.

of course… … It was a pity for her others (especially Kim Yoo-jung, Seo E-na, and Ruina), but it was something she could not help herself either.

Who did you spend the longest time with when you were born?

It is a reproduction.

What saved you from dying, right before being destroyed by Heimdall?

It was just a reproduction.

The moment my breath stopped, the momentary time passed slowly, like a kaleidoscope.

As he was dying, he thought that everything would surely reconcile and disappear there.

However, like a miracle, Jaehyun awakened his ability.

unique skill.

It reaped the self that was running out of control and allowed me to live again.

Because of that, Hella couldn’t help but pay more attention to Lee Seon-hwa’s words.

‘… … However, Jaehyun must not be interested in me at all.’

Of course.

However, it was also true that the moment I thought about it, I felt a sense of sadness somewhere.

To be honest, I can’t help but wonder if it’s not me who suffered the longest.

What can I do?

The human he interacted with the most deeply, no, the only god who has gained a status is Jaehyun.

Hel was his own mother, and the rest had little to do with Hela.

He is a guide wherever he goes.

There was no one who truly tried to save her.

Jaehyun was a big presence to her in many ways.

‘I don’t know my heart either… … Somehow, I hate Jaehyun a bit… … .’

If only Jaehyun hadn’t saved him.

If that were the case, I wouldn’t be struggling with these feelings.

Hella suddenly blamed herself for thinking such extravagant things.

For some reason, I’ve been avoiding reappearance lately, and when I go near it, my face heats up.

Maybe that’s why I even thought about it.

I’ve been trying hard not to let others know this feeling, but it wasn’t easy either.

At the end of the crisis that these feelings suddenly collapsed, in the end, she couldn’t make a normal judgment and had a nuisance thought.

Hella let out a small sigh and gestured to continue moving materials to rebuild Vanaheim.

In the meantime.

The voice of one of the Valkyrie captains, who was young in dismay, was heard.

It was that the strong ore needed for reconstruction was lacking.

Jaehyun, who was helping with the work, tilted his head and said.

“If you don’t have enough ores, can’t you just dig them up?”

“that is… We do not know where we are either.”

“Eh? You don’t know?”

“yes… … . It is a very rare ore called ‘white iron’, and it is necessary to construct the walls of the house to be built in Vanaheim. There are many demons in this area. White iron has the effect of blocking them.”

“hmm… is something weird Who saved Baekcheol from before?”

“We Valkyries originally had Valhalla. It was in Odin’s palace, and I heard that anyone who is not a guide cannot get it.”

“As a guide… … ah!”

Jaehyun pondered for a while, then sighed and immediately looked at Hella.

“Hella? you are the guide Then, do you know where Baekcheol is?”

“that… It is, but… … .”

As Jaehyun suddenly approached, Hella said while averting her gaze with slightly burdened eyes.

He didn’t even care.

“Then come with me and get Baekcheol.”

“Yes, Neet!?”

Hella suddenly had a disengagement.

However, Jaehyun grabbed her wrist without thinking.

Isn’t Jaehyun good at catching people who usually run away?

Now that Jaehyun has become the strongest being in name and reality, Hela couldn’t escape.

It was forced to be pulled.

“Everyone, what about the others? Aren’t you going with me?”

“The other kids have to work.”

Ahn Ho-yeon freaked out and dropped the stone he was holding onto the floor, crushing his leg.

He didn’t feel sick, but worries about how much longer he would have to work filled his mind.

At this rate, wouldn’t I have to work hard for a whole year?

Because that’s what I thought.

“Anyway, we’ll be back, so keep working.”

“… … .”

Seo Ina didn’t say anything, but she had a slightly worried expression.

Kim Yoo-jung is also somewhat suspicious, but what about Hella… … He was making a face.

Ruina deep down wanted to follow, but it was difficult because she had to lead the elves.

This is because all races came to rebuild Vanaheim.

“Anyway, I’ll be back, so stay here and work. You know that if you run away, you will run away. Especially the two of you!”


Jaehyun grinned as he pointed out the Brock-Atri brothers.

“If I return and you are not here, the contract will take effect. What then?”

To put it simply, it was a story about not running away if you don’t want to die.

“yes… … Oh, I see… … .”

“Tongue… … .”

Jaehyun showed the strength of his power by ignoring the sighs of the two.

Hella suddenly seemed to be dragged by Jaehyun.

As if she couldn’t help it, she took the lead and gave the information that the place where Baekcheol was is the middle layer of Yggdrasil.

Just like that, the two of them moved quickly. At some point, Jaehyun suddenly stopped walking.

Hella asked as if embarrassed by the sudden action.

“Jaehyun-kun… ?”

“Hella, be honest. What are you hiding from me?”


Hella was frightened.

Jaehyun was much quicker than he thought.

It was a pity.

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