Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1010

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Shadow of God (3)

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It is a concept that symbolizes infinity as a whale, and a representative picture is a snake eating its own tail to grow.

Even if you swallow your tail and keep moving, your body will grow that much, so there is no end.


‘I’ll eat them all up!’

Sirone’s teeth didn’t even give Giyorgi a chance to regenerate, as he violently chewed and swallowed the tail.


Giyorgi, with the veins standing up in his neck, tried his best to increase the power of evil, but… … .


It was extremely impossible to overturn the inertia from the already destroyed balance.

Perhaps an understanding of infinity.

The technical difference between Giyorgi, who was born with him, and Shirone, who experienced himself from nothing to Han.

‘At least that much.’

However, that one difference breaks the balance and creates a cosmic gap.

Gyorgi didn’t try anymore.

As the 20,000th order of circulation proceeded in an instant, the light purged the darkness.

“Ahh! Fall!”

Citizens floating in the air fell to the ground, followed by all the dust that existed in the city.


Sirone turned around in the gray landscape as if snow had piled up.

The Miracle Stream that engulfed the darkness circled around and slowly disappeared.

“Give up, Gyorgi. You can copy me now, but you can’t copy my experiences.”

Giyorgi raised one corner of his mouth.

“I guess so. We already know that you cannot defeat Yahweh with the straight air method. Maybe more than you.”

“But why?”

Expanding his senses, Giyorgi realized that Miyo no longer existed.

“first… … Shall we say it is part of the tactic? And I wanted to bump into them once.”


Sirone wrinkled his brow.

“I don’t quite understand. Do you think I will give you a second chance?”

“Don’t be mistaken, Yahweh.”

Giyorgi opened the Devil’s Bible.

“This bible is the only one in the underworld, and it is the source of all my powers.”

The page turned by itself.

“I don’t have Hexa in the first place. The ability to stand against you is 1 Markina 16:5. Thus chaos willingly becomes the shadow of the god, trampled by his feet, and endlessly shapes his form.

will be hindered It is a phrase.” Sirone noted that the bible was thousands of pages long.

“Yeah, as you guessed. The devil’s bible contains many abilities. Of course I’m not as good as you.”

Hexa contained infinite possibilities.

“What do you want to say? so… … Are you going to use all your skills against me?”

“That is also included in the number of cases. If you don’t agree to the deal.”

Giyorgi picked up the page.

“If you let me go like this, I will destroy this ability in front of you. Incidentally, only I Markina 16:5 has the ability to imitate Hexa.”

Sirone wrinkled his brow.

‘Are you destroying it? It must be the most important ability to become the leader of the catacombs.’

If it was Sirone’s demon, there would be no way to cheat.

‘And it’s not a bad suggestion either.’ Even if you can get the upper hand in Taegeuk, it’s definitely awkward for your opponent to imitate Hexa.

‘On the other hand, if I break 1 Marchina 16:5, I can actively deal with the opponent no matter how it turns out.’

Sirone’s eyes calmed down.

‘This guy… …

really look like yourself

‘I calculated everything from the beginning and jumped in. Trying a power showdown, being able to make a deal if you fail, thinking that I would accept this offer… …

It is impossible without a deep understanding of Yahweh.

So it was bittersweet.

‘If you can think and judge like me… …

Can’t you even understand your own heart?

Gyorgi pressed on.

“Looks like you had enough time to think? Make a quick decision now. The choice is yours.”

Sirone did not get involved.

‘It’s a bluff anyway.’

It was so easy to read each other’s thoughts.

After that, Sirone, who had been immersed in thought for a long time, took a deep breath and said.

“This is the last time. There will be no second time.”

“… … The deal is done.” The page of chapter 16, verse 5 was torn.

“Remember, Yahweh. They may be stronger than me, but evil always triumphs over good.”

While watching the enemy leave, Sirone quickly caught the paper blowing in the wind.

‘The Devil’s Bible.’

Verses from the Book of Marchina were reflected in Sirone’s sad eyes.


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Giyorgi, who left the city, found someone waiting 20 meters ahead.

“Were you alive?”

It was Gultan, a member of the Catacombs. He changed into new clothes, but the burn scars on his face and hands could not be covered.

“… … It’s not a particularly welcoming tone.”

Gultan stood beside him, but Giyorgi didn’t even look at him and moved forward.

“No, it’s fortunate that the power failure was prevented. just… … I didn’t think you’d be alive.”

“Hong, to that human girl.”

To be honest, it was breathtaking.

The limit of the radius that Gultan can move in the quantization state is at most about 100 meters.

In order to get out of the mountain that Amy burned down, he made seven re-jumps.

The total time of exposure to heat was less than 1 second, but it was a burn that was close to lethal nonetheless.

‘I need treatment.’

Even as Gultan limped along, Giyorgi did not slow down.

There is no comradeship between the demons anyway, but Gultan felt bad in a different way.

“By the way, what happened to Mr. Giyorgi? Have you not met Yahweh?”

“I tried sticking. It was strong.”

Giyorgi’s condition was too good to see that he had fought a fierce battle.

“Is that really all? Didn’t you somehow avoid the fight?”

“What do you mean?”

“Obviously Yahweh is strong. But he must know at least how to overcome good with evil.”

Gyorgi was lost in thought.

‘Do I hate Yahweh?’

If a being becomes two, they will do everything in their power to kill each other.

‘To be the only real one.’

But can you call it hate?

“It’s just a retreat to perfection. Summon all members of the Catacombs within 3 days. Modify your strategy.”

“All right.”

Gultan was still suspicious, but he didn’t have the courage to push Gyorgi further.

Amy, Cayden, and Maya landed in front of Sirone via space travel.

Amy asked.

“How are you? What about Giyorgi?”

“for now… … It’s like a draw. You won’t have to worry for a while.”


Is this a conclusion that can be drawn against the demons?

“It looks good anyway.”

Seeing Maya and Cayden side by side, Sirone roughly guessed the situation.

Maya approached awkwardly.

“I’m sorry, I got caught up in something dangerous because of me. I have no face seeing you and Amy.”

“are you okay. I’m glad you’re safe.” Cayden has arrived.

“Sirone, I… …

As soon as it came within range, Cayden’s right arm swung toward Sirone’s face.


Sirone tilted her head and asked.


However, it was Cayden who was surprised, and started wrestling with his right arm.

“damn! Stay still!”

Sirone, who had been watching blankly, asked.

“What happened?”

“that is??????

After hearing Amy’s circumstances, Sirone nodded.

“It’s like God’s Hand Syndrome.” Cayden’s right hand fell silent like a lie, and he looked back with his eyes shining.

“God’s hand?”

“It is a problem in the information processing stage of the brain. In the past, people mistakenly thought it belonged to a god, so they called it that. I know it’s mostly caused by trauma.”

Cayden’s case was different.

‘It’s common for emotions to change the body. However, changing even the mechanism of the accident circuit… …

I could see how much stress Caden was under at that moment.

“First, let’s go to Baska and get tested. I will also look for a cure with Seriel.”

“No, I like it the way it is now. I can give up anything if I can protect Maya.”

Maya’s face turned red.

Sirone, who had been gazing at him with a smile, corrected his expression and raised both hands.

‘Miracle stream.’

The smoke of light coalesced into two in the air and seeped into Caden and Maya’s heads.


As the light of agape dwelled in her heart, hot tears flowed down Maya’s cheeks.

” iced coffee??????

It was Sirone’s love.

“For the time being, emotional illness won’t manifest. But there is a condition. Maya and Kayden, we need your help.”

Maya nodded.

“I will do anything I can. No, I will do even the impossible.”

Seeing Maya revived in front of Sirone, Caden’s heart ached.

‘I can’t make Maya laugh.’ The reason why her right arm is still is because she can’t even be jealous of Shirone.

‘Let’s not be greedy.’

Finding a way to protect her did not escape fate.

‘If I obsess, Maya becomes dangerous. She’s keeping her safe, that’s all she thinks about.’

Leaving personal feelings behind, Sirone and the others left the city for their next mission.

“Take Maya and go to Baska. I will be waiting for you when you arrive at the royal castle.”

After hearing the explanation of the simultaneous incident, Cayden grabbed the handle of the sword and said.

“don’t worry. Maya will be all right.” Perhaps so, but it was Cayden that Sirone was worried about.

‘It’s not yet time to reveal it. I hope it stays like this for now.’

The fate of the Red Cross, the true meaning of its laws, was told by Omega’s history.

“okay. See you in the capital.”

Cayden, who pulled out his sword with his right hand, took Maya and cast space movement.

Looking up at the flashes of light bending into the sky, Amy said with a hearty smile.

“It’s fine though. To be able to be with someone Caden likes.” Sirone couldn’t bear to say that she should have given up on Maya instead.

Hey hey hey!

The noise of space movement, which had gone far into the sky, returned in a flash of light.


An old man who hid his intensely shining eyes behind a benevolent face appeared with his hands behind his back.

“Mr. Lampa.”

It was Arnold Lampa, the world’s greatest intelligence wizard.

“Oh Daesung.”

There was only one reason why he, who was dealing with numerous agendas, visited Sirone and Amy’s party.

“I found Wena Wizard.”

As an awakened person from birth, he is the only person who has the purity to stand against Harbitz.

“You’re still alive.”

“yes. You are now in Stang Kingdom. The 10 Sorcerers Association is monitoring and guarding at the same time.”

There are as many as five 1-star residents of the System Inspection Department and the same number of satellites.

They were called the 10 Magicians, and unlike the other stars, they were raised by Freed through training.

said Amy.

“Finally, this is a serious mission. What kind of kid is Wizard? It’s a girl, right? Are you cute?”

“that is… …

Rampa, who has lived for 112 years, searched his head and came up with only two words.

“Yes, what.”

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