Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1011

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Shadow of God (4)

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Stang Kingdom.

It was located at the southernmost part of the Central Continent and was relatively less damaged by demons.

“Due to the atomic bomb project, most of the army from Hell entered Baska’s flower fields.”

Amy took Rampa’s words.

“Then they were baptized by the light of Sirone and all scattered to the south.”

“yes. Hit the southern continent like a cannonball. However, the Southern Continent is not as densely populated as the Central Continent, and the Demon tribes have also been reduced in number, so they have escaped catastrophic damage.”

Sirone said.

“And the Southern Continent… … It’s the only area where the Corps Commander’s Pandemonium hasn’t been opened.”

It was also where Fermi ruled.

“Should I say lucky? But the kingdom of Stang in the Central Continent is the lucky one on the battlefield. Thanks to the demons spreading from Tormia, the kingdom of Stang in the west suffered little damage. Due to these various factors, it is considered as one of the candidates to take the presidency of the next world.”

In other words, it meant that there was a possibility that he would stand out in the upcoming holy war.

“This is the Kingdom of Stang from here.”

When Sirone looked, the barriers built along the border stretched all the way to the horizon.

‘The lucky man on the battlefield.’

The mere fact that they had intact walls showed how blessed they were.

We set off before dawn, and the morning sun was beating down upon us when we crossed the border.

Upon arriving at the border guard, the highest minister of the Kingdom of Stang was already waiting.

“Star of the Ivory Tower, I am so honored to have visited our kingdom of Stang.”

The official who lowered his head to the deepest part delivered the king’s personal letter with both hands.

Sirone looked through the letter and found an apology for not being able to meet her.

‘surely… … He’s not an ordinary person.’ No matter what kind of rhetoric they wrap it up, the fact that a single king ignored Odaeseong has not changed.

“His Highness wanted to come out himself. However, with immigrants from other countries flocking in droves… …

“That’s Okay.”

A politician’s words have no value whatsoever.

The wizard was the only reason he came here anyway, and it was better if the job was handled quickly.

“I want to start with a field trip.”

The official, who had already heard the situation from Rampa, lowered his head as if he had waited.

“yes. I have prepared a wagon.” The reason why I didn’t use magic was because it was a ‘tour’.

The place he arrived at was the ‘Stang National Magic School’, which was recently established in the Kingdom of Stang.

While the official was going through the process, Sirone was able to hear the details from Lampa.

“The Kingdom of Stang, which suffered minimal damage from the war, accepted immigrants and aggressively brought in talented people from all over the world. Wenna Wi Judd is one of them.”

“The fact that it was discovered this late means that there was a duke of the Kingdom of Stang.”

“yes. It was kept strictly confidential, and it seems that they were scouted for a large sum of money. According to the investigation, it seems that the position of the head of the Magic Association of Stang Kingdom has been conditionally guaranteed.”

“The head of the Magic Association… …

It was not a suggestion that could be made to a seven-year-old wizard.

‘What kind of child is this?’

When I entered the school with half curiosity and half expectation, many students were engrossed in training.

As befits a well-chosen talent, the intensity of training was considerable and the ages were different.

I was looking for the youngest child, and an official who had completed the tour procedure came with documents.

“According to Oh Dae-seong’s request, his status was left unresolved. Students and teachers know that the Kingdom Inspector is coming.”

“thank you.”

Anyway, the 10 members of the Ivory Tower’s Mage Council should have finished the comprehensive analysis anyway.

‘Let’s keep a distance and watch.’

If you are a seven-year-old child who has to take responsibility for the atrocious Havitz, you’d better approach with caution.

Rampa pointed to the 2,000 training ground.

“That child is a wizard.”

Where Sirone and Amy’s eyes turned, a girl was fighting with adults.

Blond hair in two pigtails with an intelligent face. Body size was smaller than expected.

‘Looks like an ordinary child.’

However, it was possible to know that it was beyond the normal category just by its movement.

“fun! fun!”

Among the young adults who devoted their lives to developing magic, only she was excited.

The most bizarre thing was that all 14 students were aiming for Wizard.

Amy didn’t say anything. If she was just at the level of avoiding attacks well, she could be called an excellent wizard, but… … .

“That… … what?”

He was using a concept so familiar to humans, called ‘movement’, in a form he had never seen before.

“Super Logic.”

Sirone said.

“It is completely out of our common sense of cause and effect. It’s not something you can get by training. not even a talent just… …

To give a precise definition.

“You were born that way.” I could feel the presence behind Sirone and the others.

“So is our analysis.”

The 10 Magicians, 5 Ivory Tower 1-star residents, and their satellites stood in two rows.

The official shook his shoulders at the sudden appearance and instinctively lowered his back.

‘Thirteen stars gathered in one place? This is unprecedented in our kingdom.’

Perhaps it is the value of a wizard.

The 10 Magicians Council, not even paying attention to the official, approached Sirone and greeted them.


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“Meet Oh Dae-seong.”

Sirone, who had been watching the Wizard for a long time, looked back belatedly.

“nice to meet you. I saw it during the ivory tower gathering. I’m sorry about Mr. Fried.”

Leader Bartok shook his head.

“Master enjoyed fighting strong enemies. He must have had no regrets because his opponent was Ymir.”

He explained that he thought the face-to-face ceremony was enough.

“As evaluated by Oh Dae-seong, wizards are based on super logic. Maternal awakening, or synesthesia at the fetal stage, seems to have had a major impact.”

Lampa continued.

“I see color in sound, and hear sound in form. Of course, other wizards are also possible. However, what is unique about Wizards is that even their way of thinking is synesthetic.”

said the leader.

“For example, in the game of Go in the East, humans play one move and predict the next move. Even if you draw all the numbers in your head, the order of your thoughts is absolutely logical. But the wizard… …

“You’re ignoring causality.”

“yes. It is not thinking in reverse, nor is it thinking from the middle. It’s to take the whole thing off. Simply put, if a human plays a move, a move… …

The leader took a deep breath.

“Wizard is the beginning and the end of the match, the whole fight unfolds.”

Lampa pointed at the Wizard.

“It doesn’t matter what movements or magic the students attack the Wizard with. The moment a change occurs, the whole picture is completed in my head at once.”

Sirone watched the Wizard’s battle.

“Bread! Bread! Bread!”

She was shooting an air gun, the basics of magic, at her brother and sister.

“There is no power.”

“yes. Two thousand times are dealing with students with the minimum damage that can be judged. It takes roughly 2,000 hits to knock out one person. Even so, the result… …

14 students collapsed with groans at the same time as the air gun spread.

“This is what happens.”

“… … okay. Simultaneous suppression is impossible unless all of the opponent’s mental strength is set to 1.”

“yes. Being able to achieve this level of coordination must have tens of thousands of winning patterns popping up in her head. If it is only necessary to produce the result of victory, even if 200 people cling to it, it is the level of winning. If that’s the condition of accepting damage to some extent… …

Lampa stopped talking.

It was because it was embarrassing to say that it could theoretically subdue more than 400 people.

“ha ha ha! won! I won again. Wizard jumped around with his arms flashed among the shocked students.

Then, he gnashed his teeth and approached the girl who swallowed her anger, bit her tongue and blew into the wind.

“Pooh! Pooh! I won. I won.”

The girl’s eyes widened.


But when he saw the seven-year-old’s face, he lost the energy to get angry and lowered his head.

“Pooh! Pooh!”

The Wizard went to the losers in the 2,000th one by one and teased them by sticking out their tongues.

“I won. I am stronger, Long.”

Sirone said.

“It looks like he’s being mean to a female student.”

“yes. I tend to follow my older brothers more closely. No malice. It’s just good to beat someone and show off your strength. Of course, from the standpoint of an adult, that would be the behavioral pattern that should be castrated.”

Amy frowned.

“That’s what I mean. It’s a magic school that competes regardless of age. Why are teachers silent? this

How miserable the other students feel when it comes to food… …

“Hmm, hmm.”

Amy realized the moment she heard the official of Stang Kingdom clear his throat.

‘Oh, I see.’

Even if Amy were the king, there would be no sanctions against the Wizard.

Even if all the students here dropped out, it would be much more profitable to protect one wizard.

‘Sixth place in the Ivory Tower Candidate at just four years old. At the time, Sirone was in 4th place. And three years have passed.’

Lampa said.

“It’s as big as Amy thinks. Regardless of the circumstances of the kingdom, it is a major human history. If Wizards grow at this rate for another 10 years, the world may be able to drive out Heaven’s army and demons and win peace. Of course, it is unknown whether those 10 years will be given to us.”

said the leader.

“It is classified as the nation’s No. 1 asset that can be dealt with even from the timeless 6th to 4th grade, so even the principal is paying attention.”

That’s genius. There are no accredited teachers. More than anything

Sirone nodded.

“Maybe it is natural. Without this, you will not be able to deal with Satan.”

In other words, it meant that the Ivory Tower would have to pay a heavy price to take her away.

‘I can see why the king is acting stiff.’

When Sirone turned his head, the official, who had a soft smile on his face, responded silently.

‘After the tour, the negotiation table is set up in earnest. It probably won’t be solved with money.’

Even if you pressed it with authority, you wouldn’t be able to convince even a seven-year-old child.

Sirone continued.

“I don’t think it would be good to neglect the desire to show off. Right now, I’m just doing it for fun, but it’s going to be foggy when you know that winning brings more.”

Magic skill is a secondary factor. Wizard’s need was always pure.

Lampa said.

“There is some truth in what Oh Dae-seong said. But who can control that tomboy? Usually children notice their parents at that age, but Wizards are different. I have no stomach. The skills are already the best in the kingdom, and the potential is the strongest in mankind. If you touch it carelessly, it can actually hurt you.”

“So don’t be shy… …

The Wizard’s voice could be heard all the way here.

“Teacher, are my brother and sister also wizards? Can I go and say hello? yes? yes? yes?”

Sirone’s eyes as she watched her calmly subsided.

“It must be an overwhelming education.”

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