Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1081

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fully armed (4)

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operator database.

Operator No. 7 reached Dalseom after continuing to search Yahweh 2’s logs.

The process of fighting with the mafia was dismantled by a signal and descended endlessly.

‘He handles Donatello skillfully.’ It was good until there.

At the appearance of the next operator, Number Seven frowned.

‘ what?’

Even when he was destroying the users of Seoguk without hesitation, all he thought was that he had a bad temper.

Watching the subsequent logs, Number Seven was seized by an unknown emotion.

It was the first time an operator had told his story to anyone.

No, weren’t most of the people in Under Coder the ones who ran away here because they hated reality?

‘The real world.’

What did the Operator want to hear from the person who holds the fate of reality in his hands?

When they checked the last log between them, Number Seven grinded their teeth.


For him, this is everything.

There is no reason to pay respect to people who fight fiercely in reality.

After exiting the database, I saw the scenery of a factory located deep underground.

‘Then what am I?’

Number Seven thought silently. Equipped with two legendary parts, Sirone boarded the train again and crossed over to Dongguk.

Aegis greeted them, and they boarded the train again and arrived at Nazca City, the midpoint of the Golden Ring.

The city, where most of the buildings were only steel frames, was dreary, but there were surprisingly many users.

“There is a hunting ground in the vicinity that many level 200 users are looking for. But more famous than that is the bounty hunter’s sanctuary. There is a special unwritten rule, that what happened here does not lead to strife between guilds. That’s why rankers who want to duel often come to me.”

Sirone looked around and saw that there were many people who looked strong enough to be level 200.

When we arrived at the golden ring’s hideout, Yoga’s son was coming out of mid-gear.

“It’s a different color. After all, I like the parts.”

Sirone fired.

“Did you know they would betray you?”

“You don’t have to go all the way to Seoguk to help. Items don’t drop when you die anyway. The appearance of the operator surprised us too. What were you talking about?”

It seemed that the mafia had uploaded the recorded video.

“Just what… … this and that.”

When Sirone stirred, Fermi looked back in surprise, but did not dig deep.

“Follow me. We don’t have time, so let’s start right away.”

Upon entering the underground room, Fermi turned around holding one part in each hand.

“receive. It’s yours.” It was Raphael with strong gloves and Da Vinci with metal wings that could be obtained from hunting grounds in the same country.

Raphael was a crude mineral, and Da Vinci was a feather plucked from a goose.

“Have you installed it?”

When Fermi raised his hand and suggested, Sirone first put Raphael on.

The light spread, and seven metal spheres were embedded in each of Sirone’s aircraft like joints.

Both elbows, both sides, both knees, and the last one was the stomach with high gear.

“The steel glove Raphael is the most durable glove in high gear. It could be said that it is almost indestructible with the user’s firearms. However, it is difficult to use.”

It was already expected.

“The metal orb embedded in the body will protect you in any situation. However, only one of the seven parts. The information will appear in augmented reality, so try it out.”


When Raphael on the elbow was activated, the entire right arm was covered with mirror-clear metal.

said Fermi.

“Now my right arm is invincible. You can inflict physical attacks or block the opponent’s bullets. But when one is activated, the other part becomes empty.”

“Still, the durability of the parts remains.”

“Of course it is, but if the only thing you can do is reach level 300 before the battle of the sun, a ranker’s attack will be lethal. He will have no choice but to block it with Raphael somehow.”

“It’s like a flag-raising game. Which parts to activate in which situations.”

“Even if it looks simple, the difficulty level is the best on the battlefield where bullets run rampant. If you were a skima user, it would have been easier, but it’s not a real body anyway, so you’ll get used to it.”

Sirone activated each Raphael in turn and estimated the range of defense.

“The upper body defense is the most difficult.” Fermi agreed.

“Because there are three options. Activate the left flank to cover half of the upper body including the back. the right side is the opposite. Lastly, the heart, the chest with high gear.”

“The head is impossible.”

Fermi nodded.

“Even with Raphael equipped, there is still the possibility of a headshot. Of course, you can block it with your arms or legs, but depending on the situation, you should keep in mind avoidance. What you need for that time… …

Sirone lifted the feather.

“Metal Wings Da Vinci.”

When equipped, new parts were installed on Sirone’s back, creating an effect of fluttering feathers.

Nothing changed in appearance.

“The reason Da Vinci is called metal wings is because they are mechanical devices, not actual wings. It’s called a full buster, a propellant that uses explosive power. open it.”

When Sirone activated Da Vinci, the shoulder plate on the back opened and an energy nozzle came out.

“100 percent power.”

As Sirone read the phrase, Fermi explained.

“Even if it’s 100%, if it’s running at full capacity, it’ll run out in less than 10 seconds. spend sparingly It’s self-recharging, but it takes quite a while to refill.”

“How do I charge it?”

“sun. According to the worldview of High Gear, Da Vinci is an object made with Low Gear technology. So we can convert solar power into energy without going through mid-gear.”


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“Hmm, can you think of it as an incredibly powerful booster? I heard that legendary parts depend on the skill of the user, but is there something difficult for Da Vinci to handle?”

“Yes. Try it.”


Fermi shrugged.

“All the buildings in Nazca City are abandoned anyway. There is no one to claim for damages if something is broken.”

“okay. then… …

Sirone activated Da Vinci.

The moment the blue light came on from the lens of the ejection device, the aircraft was ejected at a speed exceeding Mach.


Kwak Kwah Kwah Kwah Kwah Kwah Kwah! Muttered Fermi, who had been listening to the sound of it endlessly penetrating the wall.

“Even if it’s fast, it’s too fast.”

10 minutes later.

I heard the sound of Si Lone trudging through the cool underground tunnel.

The body was all scratched.

“you… … do you want to die?”

If she had hit the wall at the same speed, Sirone would have come back much faster than now.

‘Because he must have died.’

However, coming back to the same route that I had taken rather than the starting point meant that the adaptation was over.

Fermi saw that Sirone’s right arm was covered with a clear silver metal.

‘It kills the reaction speed.’

Right before the collision, Raphael was activated, protecting the aircraft and continuing to break through.

“What could be more certain than real life? now you know Each one has excellent functions, but the four legendary weapons exert a synergistic effect with each other. It means that the level difference can be offset depending on how the user uses it.”

Sirone hated Fermi because he was a liar.

“Sheesh, you can do this with words.” Fermi pointed at Sirone.

“Besides, since there is even a pavilion in the cipher, the efficiency of the legendary grade will also go up. But even so, the chance of defeating the Operator is less than 10%.” It was Sirone who clearly confirmed how strong the operator was on the island of the moon.

Fermi looked around and asked.

“So, how far can you raise it? In reality, you went all the way.”

If the realization of high gear is the granularity of reality, Gongjin, Mouth, and Ultima remain.

“When it comes to understanding the world, granularity is the end. From then on, it’s a matter of implementation. Resonance is assimilating the world and myself. But to me this world… …

Not real.

“It’s true if you put your mind to it, but what you can’t do is your heart. I’m here for reality. The goal is to defeat the Operator, excavate the Apocalypse, and rid the world of Pandemonium.”

Fermi understood.

“Hmm, then that means we have to compete with only what we have now. good anyway The gold coin is just for carrying you to the operator.”

Then it was Sirone’s job.

“Let’s go out. You need to be at least level 300 to be able to match the output of the operator. I will assign you a teacher.”


When Fermi went outside, the members of the Golden Coin Ring were already waiting.

The first group showed off their auras, and behind them, the Destruction Demons and the others stood awkwardly.

“uh? Yahweh 2.”

They found Sirone and came running.

The parts were much more luxurious than before, as if he had raised his level considerably while he was in the west country.

“wow! It’s the Michelan thing!”

However, their appearance faded in front of Sironae equipped with the 4 legendary ranks.

Aegis is approaching.

“The reason why I found the legend grade first is that the level up is faster, as well as the difficulty level. In the future, you will be circling the hunting grounds with the Wild West.”

Sirone looked back at the code name Wild West.

His body was a skeleton, he wore a cowboy hat, and he was equipped with a 44 caliber magnum.

I was staring at my shiny high gear from the inside of my ribs when he approached me.

“nice to meet. It is the Wild West.”

It was bizarre for the skeleton to talk, but nothing would be impossible in high gear.

“Ah, nice to meet you.”

Death Princess said.

“We will also level up in the future. The target is Magnan. You have to be good enough to enter the binary to be able to do solar warfare.”

said West, hesitantly.

“Leave it to me.”

It was funny to see him posing as if he was pulling out a gun, but the code name was definitely familiar.

‘West of durability.’

Equipped with Skullsa’s gloves, he was clearly specialized in hunting rather than dueling.

“Then let’s go. At least level 300 before the sun. After that, it’s better to raise it by one more level. Moving also takes time, shall we conquer it from here?”

Sirone followed West into a hunting ground near the city of Nazca.

The creature level was 100 levels higher than Sirone’s, but it wasn’t so bad that he couldn’t catch it.


As if he had been hunting with armor-piercing bullets at level 20, the experience gauge went up.

As time passed, users flocked to it.

“Hey, look over there. Yahweh 2.”

He was already a celebrity on the bulletin board, and above all, he was equipped with all four legendary parts.

“… … Shall we try?”

Nazca City anyway, even if they were to fight here, there was no way they would collide with the Golden Ring.

“Hey, West.”

When I turned my head at the call, there were 7 people from different guilds gathered.

‘Level 307, level 311, level 287… …

It was a small and medium-sized guild, but it was a situation where there were people who said they were in their own right.

“I don’t want to interfere with the solar warfare preparations, but can I do a duel? With Yahweh 2.”


After thinking for a moment, the Wild West stepped aside.

“10 minutes.”

“that’s enough.”

As the users approached, Sirone, who was already aware of their presence, turned around.

The Wild West communicated.

-It’s okay even if you die, so stick around. It’s faster to go to the starting point. The level difference between you and them is about 2,000 levels. It’s a meaningless summation method, but I think it’s an exercise to close the gap with the operator.

The more Duel experiences, the better.

-yes. I’ll try.

When Cirone crouched down and activated the metal wing Da Vinci, the machine flew at Mach speed.


The time taken until the enemies were annihilated was 3 minutes.

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