Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 1082

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solar power (1)

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Cities surrounding the Zeta Plateau, where the Solar Field is held, set off firecrackers throughout the night.

Participation is unlimited.

All users of High Gear were still flocking to Zeta Plateau at every moment.

Anyone can fight.

It seems that the fact that hostile judgments can be made between the same countries seems to foreshadow a quarrel… … .

“You don’t have to worry about ephemera.” When a battle takes place, the desire of an individual is swept away by the huge desire of the crowd.

“The most important thing is the Sun Palace. Among them, it is also a low gear. It will break through eventually, but we have to procrastinate as much as possible.”

The 1st Ascension Guild was in the middle of a strategy meeting in the annex prepared in the Palace of the Sun.

In addition to Ascension, the top 5 guilds in Seoguk were hiding in their respective rooms.

the operator said.

“If you hold out for 24 hours, you win. This time, the Solar Conduction Ascension Guild will take on the role of command center as the No. 1 in the rankings. Operates a special riot squad and protects resistance. First of all, the leader of the riot police is a little witch.”


The little witch raised her hand.

“Agwi is the captain of the eastern defense, Ruby Mix is ​​in charge of the west, and Tae Daecheon is in charge of the center.”

Tae Dae-cheon asked.


Since the starting point of Dongguk is in the south, you have to go around the Palace of the Sun to break the North Gate.

“The Black Devil Guild has decided to take care of it. If you put in all 1 Jin, you will be able to balance it.”

It was the 4th ranked guild in Seoguk.

“I made a schedule. Now that you’ve evenly selected binary and ternary numbers, put the code name in the communication channel. I’ll leave it to the captain for local tactics.”

The schedule was delivered via telecommunication.

“Operation meeting over. You can go out and enjoy it until 3:00 in the morning. Just keep the guild channel open.”

The eve festival was one of the favorite events of high gear users.

It’s not like there’s anything special about it.

However, there are an enormous number of users and everyone is excited about the solar panel.

The wall of the mind was broken down, and the sense of security provided by the group would easily accept pleasure.

It was a night of joy and pleasure.

As the 1st Ascendants warmed up and left the room, the little witch was still sitting on the chair.

The operator broke the awkward silence and asked.

“Aren’t you going to the festival?”

“You?” “You’ve never been to a festival, have you? A lot of users are waiting for an operator.”

“You don’t have to obey their demands. If there is freedom in high gear, then not going to the festival is my freedom.” The little witch checked her intentions.

Her white face with her blonde bangs covering her eyes was indifferently beautiful.


That’s it.

“A false world where countless people come in and pour out their desires. But is that the only real thing for you?”

“I don’t know the difficult story. I’m all… … I just hate exchanges that I don’t want.”

“What were you talking about?”

The little witch asked like a surprise.

“You went to the island of the moon before. Didn’t you meet Yahweh 2? I didn’t go there to say hello.”

The operator softly twisted his lips.

“don’t worry. Because it’s not intimidating. Just curious. You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“There was nothing special. We talked about each other, and we had our own empathy. But nothing will change. Anyway, Yahweh 2 rejected my offer.”


“A proposal to live together in high gear. got rejected So I just said my own goodbyes.”

The operator looked back at the little witch and gently placed her hand on her lips.

“We kissed.”

It seemed that the little witch’s body was alive for a while, but it was probably an illusion.

the operator asked.

“why? Upset? Are you going to get revenge?”


The little witch shook her shoulders.

“What are you talking about? It’s not like we actually kissed each other. This place is farther than a dream. If you put it that way, what are the users enjoying at the festival right now?”

The Empress of Kashan knew what angered her opponent the most.

“… … I guess so.”

It’s just a tribute from a fake.

“Yahweh 2 won’t have any special feelings either. It’s all about winning the duel and bringing me into reality. But that’s why you can’t beat me.”

“I agree with you on that point.”

Uorin also saw through to the core.

‘Sirone, if you don’t realize about the kiss that day, you can never beat the operator.’

Therefore, neither the mining of the Apocalypse nor the elimination of the Pandemonium in reality takes place.

at last… … .

‘It will come to me.’

A splendid fireworks display unfolded in the sky of the Palace of the Sun.

The windows flashed.



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While Princess Death watched the fireworks outside the window, the gold ring 1 team finished the meeting.

said Fermi.

“The key is that Yahweh 2 doesn’t die on the way to the Sun Palace. By the time you start again from the starting point, Dongguk’s camp will have already collapsed. For all risk management, prioritize the survival of Yahweh 2.”

“All right.”

In the ring of gold, Fermi’s word was law.

“however… …

The only person who could object to his words was Sirone.

“Let’s change the strategy.”

Not only the first group of gold coins, but also the Demon God of Destruction 707 party standing by the window turned around.

Fermi asked.


Asking seriously meant that Fermi also felt a little uncomfortable.

“I don’t think I can beat the Operator.”

Silence passed.

Wild West, who was in charge of leveling up, asked while raising his cowboy hat.

“Currently, your level is 307. It’s higher than the initial expectations, but it’s a long way from entering the ranks anyway. Wasn’t this much already assumed?”

“Of course, but… …

Sirone stopped talking, and Fermi asked.

“If you have something to say, say it. If you need to change your strategy, now is your last chance.”

“Other users of the same level and parts as the operator will be able to fight evenly. But operators are different. Because I fully understand the system. If you are at the same level of inaction as me, the difference in output will decide the outcome.”

“That’s why I said, the win rate is less than 10 percent. It’s your job to make it happen.”

“I know. but… …

Sirone remembered the operator’s kiss.

“It’s not a matter of strategy. Stop the door of the mind. I have a strong feeling that it shouldn’t be this way.”

“It is the heart.”

100% if not 0%.

“If you do, there is no chance of winning. So, how are you going to change the strategy?”

“How about doing this?”

Sirone spoke candidly about everything he was feeling right now.

Fermi did not object.

“Long live Dongguk! Long live Dongguk!”

“Seoguk wins. Tomorrow the sun is ours too!”

The east and west camps began to gradually break amid shouts of shouting.

– There are 10 minutes left until the start of the Solar War.

When the guidance message appeared on the augmented reality, the shouting turned into a scream.

The noise that resonated with the heavens and earth was only a faint echo inside the Palace of the Sun.

The operator, who was waiting for someone while kneeling alone, checked the satellite image.

The scenery of the area where Magnan’s satellite communication function has been handed down was truly spectacular.

The number of participants is approximately 4,000.

There must be Yahweh 2 among the users lined up like that.


Today’s defeat is like the end of the world for Operators.

‘I’ll completely destroy it, Yahweh 2.’

Blue electricity entered the eyes hidden by the blonde hair.

– There are 5 minutes left until the start of the solar war. The countless users of Seoguk waiting outside the Palace of the Sun were now silent.

Ascension detached leader Uorin was looking ahead, someone approached.

“Chuck! I hope to see you again.”

The code name of the user who looked like a horse from the waist down was Madu Hero, and was ranked 76th in the duel rankings.

“Because Byeoldongdae is the most fun.”

“I agree. Being Mercury doesn’t suit my temper. Where do you think it will be fierce? I have no intention of going to the west gate.”


The Madu Hero asked curiously.

“center? Of course, it will be the fiercest at the end, but it won’t break through from the beginning. Will Dongguk engage in a head-to-head confrontation even at the cost of damage?”

“I will go to the center.”

Because Sirone will come.

‘Geumhwaryun will even take damage from allies in order to disperse Seoguk’s troops. The best way to do that is to break through the center in the shortest amount of time.’

Uorin was thinking of cutting off that road.

‘I’ll see you soon, Sirone.’

– There are 3 minutes left until the start of the solar war. In the camp where the golden garlands of the East country gathered, Sirone last checked the condition of his aircraft.

On Yahweh 2’s left arm, another legendary weapon, ‘Air God’ was equipped.


The inside of his arm opened, and a gun popped out and was automatically caught in his hand.

Death Princess looked up.

“It’s Air God.”

It was a weapon that could shoot energy bullets infinitely through the command ‘Liloride’.

“huh. It’s legendary level. It’s a weapon that can drop durability by 10 regardless of the efficiency of the armor.”

“Are you okay? If you fall by 10 per shot, you have to hit 50 shots even for parts with 500 durability.”

“Instead, there is a decision to ignore gloves. Even if I choose a firearm that is good at my level, it won’t work against a ranker.”

It was Fermi’s opinion that since the firepower of the Michelangan gun is good, the sub weapon should focus on options.


When the command was entered, the energy recharged in an instant, rising to 100 percent.

Death Princess smiled.

“To work hard. We are also nervous because it is our first time, but we will try our best to help you.”

“Ho-ho-ho! You barely raised the Magnan level, what are you going to do in the solar war?”

A user with a smooth metal body and a ponytail-like decoration on the top of his head approached.

Codename Princess.

He was ranked 93rd in the level ranking.

“Isn’t this the first time actually doing solar warfare? You will probably die the moment you collide. Run well from the starting point.”

God of Destruction 707 was furious.

“red! Even though it was my first time doing it, I watched the broadcast a lot. And we are said to be gold coins.”

The princess shrugged.

“Ha, the golden ring is also out of date. No matter how trite it is, to bring a level 200. And what’s the code name for that? Didn’t you destroy? Death Princess? ho ho ho! Now that I see it, are you my fake?”

Death Princess’s impression was crumpled.

“Do not be ridiculous! I really ball… … !” She hurriedly stopped talking to deal with

As if he did not like it, he turned around and hid in the crowd.

– There are 10 seconds left until the start of the solar war.

The count started, and all users checked the satellite images and prepared for the departure.

-The solar war has been opened.

The moment the message popped up, a roar erupted as thousands of people simultaneously engaged in high gear.

The distance of 20 kilometers was shortened in an instant, and the exchange of bullets occurred before that.


270 returned to the starting point.

“hurry! Move daughter!”

The Little Witch led her troops and galloped toward the main gate of the Sun Palace.

Being the first to occupy the main gate, she estimated Sirone’s location through satellite images.


I realized in that moment.


The huge flow of Dongguk captured in the video was completely different from what I initially expected.

‘It’s not the center.’

Just like Seoguk, they were in a tight confrontation with the overall balance.

“Solar warfare… …

The meaning of the video was clear.

“I intend to win.”

Her shoulders shook as she felt electricity run down her spine.

“Whoops. Whoop whoop.”

An excellent choice, Sirone.

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