Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 416

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[416] Second Purgatory (3)

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Gaold, who had invaded like a robber into the gap between the Mechas, looked down at them with high-handedness and asked.

“Are you rebels? Where is your headquarters?”

One of the reasons for going to the mainland was to find a key base for the rebels, so if you listened to them, it would save you a lot of trouble.

But unexpectedly, the woman’s face, which had been frightened just a moment ago, changed dramatically when she heard Gaold’s voice.

Jumping up, she raised the arc and shouted.

“It’s a military community! Raise your arms, everyone! We die here today!”

At the command of the squad leader, the members also took up a fighting posture.

With Cigna and Xd at the fore, their expressions showed their determination to even die.

“Get out of here right now! Otherwise, you will become Ark’s food.”

Ark’s laser aimed at Gaold’s forehead.

Mecha ranged weapon that shoots explosive orbs.

However, the woman knew that he was not an opponent.

‘Since I risked my life, I have no choice but to try blackmail.’

“haha. Kkkkkkkkk.”

As if the wind had entered his lungs, wrinkles appeared on Gaold’s face as he shook his shoulders and smiled.

And when he raised his head again, his eyes were blazing with a flame that was nowhere to be found.

“You’re babbling annoyedly.”

Great heat hell engulfed the Meccans.

It doesn’t matter if it’s misunderstood or misunderstood. Gaold was not a nice person enough to look kindly on those who dared to fight fearlessly.

All the Mecca members who fell into the superheated hell had pale faces and their legs trembled while drooling.

When I heard the demon’s scream, I was so horrified that I wanted to tear my eardrums apart.

It was not a kind of fear that humans could handle.

Even the woman, who had passed the life and death crisis several times as a squad leader, was all about sitting helplessly with her chin shaking.

“Huh. that stop please… … .”

It was only after the Meccans lost their will to fight that Gaold let go of his self-denial.

The tear-stained woman lifted her head and glared at him resentfully.

“Why are you bothering us? We’re fighting against Heaven. Aren’t you guys the same?”

“I don’t know what nonsense you’re talking about, but I don’t know if it’s the military community or what. And weren’t you the ones who called borderline people “mojo people” and belittled them from before?”

“That, that… … .”

Just as the woman was about to retort, trees began to fall in the forest behind the Meccans.

Everyone’s eyes turned to it.

It seemed like something huge was approaching at high speed, but I couldn’t see anything yet.

– Release the magnetic field. Start the argon engine.

As the landscape of the forest shimmered, an opaque boundary began to emerge.

What finally revealed its identity was a bipedal armored tank with a height of almost 4 meters.

The ratio of the upper body to the lower body is 1:1, and it has a sense of stability, and it has relatively long and thick arms on short legs with reverse joints.

The hydraulic cylinders were pumping at different cycles in sync with the sound of the engine.

-Enemy in sight. Preemptive strikes are allowed.

The chariot rushed forward with its four-fingered palm outstretched.

As Gaold stepped back, he leaned forward and slammed the ground. The soil stood up like an iron wall.

The tank, which was hit by the pouring soil, seemed unable to stand up on its own, judging from its shape and weight, but continued to move its legs forward and regained its center by scooping out about 2 tons of soil.

In the meantime, Sirone and the others spread their distance while maintaining their respective fighting distances.

Sirone also activated the Diamond Arms and put on a hood to keep an eye on the situation.

‘What is that?’

Each time the bipedal tank’s waist turned like oil floating on water, the cockpit at the top looked ahead.

The cockpit was an oval glass ball with an electrified purple sheen, so it was impossible to look inside.

“Guroi. It is the second stage equipment of the Mecha combat system.”

Gaold narrowed his eyes at Gangnan’s explanation.

“Oh, the real thing is definitely good.”

When I only checked the specifications with documents, I thought it was just a walking lump of scrap metal.

However, when I encountered it in real combat, it was a device that had excellent mobility and could be used tactically depending on the skill of the pilot.

In particular, the method of distorting the magnetic field to erase the sense of presence was a state-of-the-art technology that had not been described in documents until recently.

The upper part of the Kuroi spun and turned toward the Mecha.

“Is everyone in Squad 2 all right? What about Kergoin?”

The voice transmitted through the speaker was neutral, but judging from the tone, it was likely a male.

“The Kergos were annihilated. But not us.”

Kuroi’s cockpit returned to Gaold.

“Who are they?”

The woman chose her words for a moment.

The bearded man clearly said it was not a military community.

However, the fantasy he showed was tantamount to intangible violence that could not be inflicted without blind hostility.

It was to the point where I thought it would be better for me to go crazy than to go back to that hell again.

“The enemy attacked us.”

Kuroi gave instructions through internal channels.

– Sweep them out. Convert to strike mode. Raise the argon engine gear to level 5.

Chunk! Chunk! Chunk!

The five advancing Kuroi planes changed the shape of their hands all at once.


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Four fingers folded outward, and a huge gun barrel with black holes protruded from the inside.

-Open fire!


A deafening roar was heard as the hundreds-kilogram iron cylinder, in which the ball played the role, swayed with great force.

Heavy bullets ricocheted at three hundred rounds per minute, bursting rocks and snapping trees.

A group of Kuroi turned to Gaold.

The black bullet flew rapidly to a distance of 30 cm in front of Gaold, then rapidly slowed down as if buried in something.

Puff! Fluffy!

Bullets that failed to penetrate the air shield were gathering, creating a black metal barrier.

“Hmm, it’s an iron ball.”

Gaold waited until the bullets lost their rotation before grabbing one with his hand.

Then, the perplexity of the Kuroi unit was transmitted through the shaking of the aircraft.

– Cow, Platoon Leader! I caught the bullet with my hand!

-Keep shooting! They are presumed to be borderline! Don’t judge your enemies by your experience so far!

Gaold, who was weighing the bullet in his hand, let it fly upwards with a thumbs-up.

“Something like an air gun. It will hurt quite a bit.”

Gangnan said with tears in his eyes.

“If you’re going to do it, don’t do it. Or am I?”

Gaold caught the falling bullet.

“take. I’ll have to try it myself.”

Kang Nan gritted his teeth at the nonsense, but he had no intention of overturning the commander’s decision.

“Is that so? Can you take it without damage?”

When Kang Nan looked back at Sein and asked, Cheoryun eyes began to turn.

“It is counting. It will take about a minute.”

Gangnan looked at the battlefield anxiously. It was because it seemed that one minute would be enough time to finish all five planes.

“shit! Who the hell are these people?”

The pilot of Kuroi Unit 3 was to die for.

In the AMOLED Vision installed in front of the cockpit, seven split screens cover the front 360 degrees, but it was difficult to capture the man with the sword as if he jumped between screens.

‘There are many strange things in this world.’

Kuan cut all over Kuroi.

Every time the sword was cut, the iron plate opened like flesh and sparked electricity.

‘Is it thicker than armor? Where did people hear it?’

When the engine artery was accidentally cut, Unit 3 lost its balance and stumbled.

“Keugh! This bastard!”

The pilot raised his arms and regained his balance.

Kuroi, which corresponds to the second stage of the mecha combat system, can operate only when it meets the first stage.

The first stage is none other than Piper, and since Kuroi’s operating organs are connected to each part of the pilot’s body, those who have not strengthened their muscles cannot easily move even one arm.

The pilot, who struggled with his limbs and finally found a sense of stability, searched for Kuan’s location.

But what caught his eye was not Kuan, but a cute woman with long brown hair and dark glasses.

“Cute bitch!”

Contrary to her appearance, she was a martial artist, and every time she landed a blow, Kuroi’s body shook and a roar exploded inside.

“OK! I will crush you to the bone!”

The pilot gritted his teeth and swung his fist.

As Kuroi’s waist accelerated, the thick gun barrel struck Etella.


The pilot turned pale as he realized that his back could no longer be turned.

When I checked the multi-vision belatedly, the woman was blocking Kuroi’s gun barrel with her elbow raised to her face.

“Uh, how? One arm alone has 17 horsepower.”


Taking a deep breath and calming her arm muscles, Etella turned to Guroi’s side.

Yin-Yang Wave Fist – Wall Mount.

When Kuroi’s leg was struck with a spear, the iron rang along with the waves, and a roar struck the pilot’s eardrums.


Unknowingly, when he grabbed his ear, Kuroi’s arms followed suit and collapsed forward.

-Damn it! What to do with that big-breasted girl! not human! It’s a monster!

-This way first! Only the engine artery is being picked and cut! Take care of the inspection!

“No, I’m asking who to catch first!”

Kanya, who looked left and right while turning around Kuroi’s waist, shouted with an annoyed expression.

Either way, it wasn’t a fuss.

bang! bang! bang!

Kanya’s one eye closed due to the shock transmitted to the aircraft.

Checking her vision with her other eye, she saw a tentacle monster flying through the forest with tentacles embedded in trees.

“That damned monster!”


Kuroi’s bullet broke all the trees in the area around which the tentacle monster was roaming.

In the meantime, the monster continued to fight by shooting light without a break.

Empty! Empty!

Every time it hit the light, dozens of tons of Kuroi shook, and the shock was fully transmitted to Kanya, who was connected to the piper.

“That really sucks!”

Wasting ammunition to catch a monster was not the only thing.

As the weapons of the rebels are reduced day by day due to the interference of the military community, pilots are selected only those who can perform strikes as efficiently as possible. It was the reason why she, the sharpshooter of the Ark, was able to board the Kuroi.

“Why such a monster… … !”

What annoys her more than anything is that the monster’s ability resembles the magic of a person she misses.

The incident in which Sirone stopped Ilhwa from drinking did not end with simply saving Kanya’s mother.

The wind he left behind has now become a huge typhoon and has become the conviction of the first principle of the rebels.

It was terribly unpleasant to recall memories with such a precious person by seeing that monster.

“No matter how many bullets it costs, I will definitely kill you!”

As all the trees around it were broken, Sirone’s range of activities became extremely narrow.

Realizing that there was no chance of winning in a long-term battle, Sirone pulled back her robe and began casting magic in earnest.

Like a retina, the light gathered in the center along the Spirit Zone turned into a red ray and shot at Kuroi’s leg.

Exploding the torso would be the most obvious, but the drive joints on the legs were suitable for striking during engagements.

-warning! Detect heat inside the aircraft! Cooling system on! Output limit exceeded!

“No, what are you talking about again?”

Kanya checked the instrument panel with wide eyes.

On the interface where Kuroi’s front view was drawn, the left leg was flashing red.

-Excessive energy output! Energy overload!

The output of the instrument panel went up endlessly.

At 240 percent, 370 percent, and finally 600 percent, the drive joint on the knee side cracked with a bang.


As Kuroi’s body tilted, the boarding seat fell to the ground.

The shock as if she had fallen from a building made her bones tremble, but Kanya did not let go of the control stick until the end.

“Die, monster… … huh?”

As the noisy AMOLED vision became clearer, the focus was automatically focused on the target at the point where the muzzle was aimed.

“What, what?”

Kanya doubted her own eyes.

The face of a boy who had appeared even in the dream was greatly magnified in the vision.


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