Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 415

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[415] Second Purgatory (2)

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Sirone and the others proceeded towards the mainland.

It would be faster to travel by Zulu’s summoned beast, but it wasn’t a good choice as we didn’t know about the conflict in Purgatory.

In particular, since the sky of Heaven is a place where angels, Maras, and drones are active, I wanted to avoid situations where I could be captured from a distance greater than the radius of Etela’s Spirit Zone.

But contrary to their expectations, the forest of the profane was very quiet.

It was a surprise to them, who imagined angels patrolling the sky and defeating heretics and rebels.

Gangnan asked.

“How can I interpret this? An unexpected change? Or proof that the rebels were destroyed?”

“Either way is possible.”

At Sain’s words, Fleur tilted her head.

“Is there a possibility that the forest will be quiet without the rebels being destroyed?”

“Common sense, it’s impossible. But if you think like that, the maze disappeared as well. Anything can happen. We still have to see it that way.”

Sein felt the sense of incongruity felt in the maze’s space-time again.

No, the fact that even the situation in purgatory was different from what was expected made her more anxious.

‘It’s something I’ve been designing with bated breath for 20 years. But why is it going so wrong?’

Can I really trust my current senses?

Maybe this too is a coincidence. Because anyone can check the result and fit the cause there.

Sein made a simple conclusion.

‘Let’s not think hard. Both situations need to be calculated. I can do it.’

“There is someone.”

Ethella stopped and looked to the right.

Of course, I didn’t feel it nearby. A variety of information flowed in from the Spirit Zone spanning a radius of two kilometers.

About 20 people are moving, displaying motility beyond the normal range.

The sound of weapons colliding with each other and the sound of explosions came through synesthesia.

“I think we are in a battle. It’s about 800 meters away.”

Flew asked, looking out of the corner of her eye at Gaold.

“Are you sure?”

It meant that I needed approval to raise my mobility.

Since the current situation in the forest was different from what was expected, holding your breath would be an option, but Gaold chose the straight attack method.


At the same time as the instructions were issued, the entire team turned into a flash of light and disappeared.

Kuan and Gangnan were moved by Zulu, and except for Sirone, they were all pros, so there was no problem navigating the complex forest.

Sirone also conquered the master difficulty of movement control in the senior class, but the difference in level was clear depending on the grade.

In particular, the movements of Gaold, Sein, Zulu, and Armin, who were in the lead, were escaping the complex terrain like ghosts, as if reminiscent of the movement of aircraft.

‘How long does it take to train like that?’

Upon arriving at the scene, the silence from before had disappeared and a loud sound was filling the forest.

“Follow me! Take out their hearts!”


The Kergos, clad in black armor, were chasing after the Mechas, emitting a distinctive groan.

Their movement as they ran together with the horse was like a gale, but the speed of the Meccans was not easy to catch.

‘What is that?’

The mobility of the Mecha tribe was coming from a mechanical device connected to a bony skeleton mounted outside the body.

A skeleton ran across the shoulder line at the back of the back to the arms, then ran down the spine from the neck down to the legs.

According to the movement of the wearer, Ching! Ching! The joint joints were rotating with a refreshing sound, but each time they hit the ground, the jumping distance increased by 5 meters and 6 meters.

“Piper, a strength aid. These are Mecca fighters.”

The Mechas flew around the forest as if springs were attached to the soles of their feet.

But the Kergos are also excellent hunters.

One of them, who unknowingly put the Mecca under siege, burst out of the forest like a surprise and brandished a sword.


A Mecca member held out an Xd.

The hologram shield spread and created a shock wave, but schema’s physical strength was slightly superior, and he stumbled and fell to the floor.

Mecha soldiers gathered around their fallen comrades and looked around.

The Kergos, who had blocked the escape route before they knew it, were revealing themselves one by one, surrounding them in all directions.

The short-haired woman who is the leader of the Mecha tribe whispered into her mouth the drone mounted on her wrist.

“This is the 2nd reconnaissance team. Currently under siege by the Kergos. I wish you support.”

No answer came.

However, due to the nature of radio communication, it could not be guaranteed that the request for support did not go through.

‘please please… … .’

At a distance of 20 meters from him, Sirone and the others were watching the situation.

The Kergos are proud of their excellent pursuit skills, but they couldn’t use much power in front of Sein’s Equilibrium.

In a state where even the sound of breathing was ground inside the iron wheel and dropped to a silent level, the five senses were useless.

Kang Nan turned to Gaold and asked.

“Where are you going? Kergo? Mecca?”

It was the first turning point they encountered after coming to heaven.

The subjects are classified into three races: Kergo, Mecha, and Nor, and each has a different fighting method, culture, and way of thinking.

Depending on which race you start with, the process of reaching the maze will be completely different, so you need to be careful.


The bush swayed and Kergo warriors patrolling the outskirts of the formation appeared.


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The warrior opened his eyes wide with a heart-stopping face.

It was natural to be surprised to see 10 people suddenly standing in a place where nothing could be captured even with the sensory system schema.

Heading back to where his comrades were, he raised his lungs and shouted.

“female… … .”

Gaold’s hand swung quickly.

“feather… … !”

With a pop, the Kergo warrior’s face flew away.

Sirone and Fleur stared blankly at the shivering muscular body without a face, then came to their senses.

If restraining one’s emotions and making rational judgments and putting them into practice is a normal human reaction, then Gaold’s reaction just a moment ago was extremely mechanical.

“If you think you have to kill someone according to your own judgment under any circumstances, kill them. I do the rear end. Even if it was the wrong choice, I will consider it as the worst thing other than the death of a team member.”

It was, for example, the issuance of a license to kill Gaold.

It is a thoroughly correct method for the survival of the team members, but not even asking whether the judgment is right or wrong is something that can be said because it is a Gaold that can take and press down with force in any situation.

Also, this was almost the only reason he was chosen as the team’s commander.

Kang Nan looked sideways at Gaold and asked.

“Now that it’s like this, the race selection is Mecca?”

There are many values ​​that are more important to humans than the death of others, but the Kergos are an organization bound by divine law.

Since he had already killed one person, the barrier to compromise was higher than in Mecca.

“For Anchera!”

Gaold’s eyes twitched in displeasure.

“I’m going to Mecca.”

As soon as the words fell, Quan jumped out. Hitman was perfect for this kind of work.

“Squad leader! If we continue like this, we will be annihilated!”

The Meccans were barely holding on in the face of being beaten.

Piper compensates for muscle strength, but it is only a function limited to large muscles, so it was almost impossible to defeat the Kergo warriors, whose whole body is a weapon, in hand-to-hand combat.

“Retreat! I’ll take care of this place!”

The squad leader jumped to the limb.

He knew what a person caught in a heresy hunt would go through, but he had to buy a little time before he could expect reinforcements.

“Cut her limbs and bring her torso!”

Just hearing the words made my teeth tremble.

She wanted to run away even now, but the Kergo warriors who had already jumped over her head were swinging their swords to cut off her arms.


At that time, a strong flash blew, and a faint afterimage passed by the Kergo warrior.

“what… … !”

The woman’s eyes twinkled in shock.

The faces of the Kergo warriors were separating and falling away from their bodies like a cork being pulled out.

‘There are 7 people left.’

Spinning in the air, Quan grasped the position of the remaining enemy.

Six people were killed with a single cut, and no one knew that there were 12 subtle changes in the process of the cut.

“Enemies! Kill!”

Only after losing half of their power did the Kergos realize the presence of the assailant and throw themselves at it.

Kuan’s body continued to move bizarrely while being bound by threads of external gravity that stretched out in three directions.

It vibrated like a pendulum, then suddenly jumped out, and blood spattered from the bodies of the four people who passed him.

‘Three more.’

Another warrior was decapitated.

‘2 people.’

The enraged Kergo squad leader’s eyes widened.

They also make full use of external gravity, but it is only an auxiliary means to slash the enemy. It was the first bizarre movement that made him feel like being ridiculed like Kuan.

“Don’t disdain Kergo’s skills!”

As the vice-captain swung the moon sword, Quan’s line of movement bent like a magnet with like poles and flew past the vice-captain.

“haha! It took!”

Digging traps, the basis of Kergo tactics.

The horsehaired warrior who had been dormant beforehand lowered his sword to the flying Quan.


But it didn’t feel like it was in my hand.

When I looked up, Quan, who should have been within the radius of the sword, was floating in the air and did not move.

Quan gave the ponytail warrior an annoyed glare, then slowly looked away.

At the same time, his body was spinning like a top, and he was dragged to the unit commander’s place as if a skein of thread was wound around him.

“Captain! back!”

Before the unit commander could react, Quan’s sword cut his throat.

As the external gravity disappeared, he landed on the floor and threw his sword while spinning.

The sword, which flew faster than the arrow, pierced the ponytail warrior’s stomach and stuck into a tree.

When Kergoin was annihilated, the forest fell into silence.

It was a dazzling battle, but it happened in about 5 seconds at the most.

Sirone and the others entered the scene only then.

I was deeply admiring Kuan’s ability, which I had only heard about through rumors, but the face of the person concerned was distorted with irritation.

‘damn! How much garbage has a guy like me become?’

In the past, it would have been enough to cut down everyone before even one breath of external gravity was over.

But now, rather, there was only one person left, and the last treatment was nothing more than a temporary response using the secret sword.

“Kuan-san, are you okay? Even if you are injured… … .”

As Shiina approached, Kuan hurriedly erased his expression. She had no intention of getting her sympathy from her.

“sorry. It seems that the balance is not perfect yet.”

Shiina tilted her head.

As a sorceress, she could never know what Quan had done wrong.

After thinking for a moment, she just said what she had prepared.

“It was amazing. I haven’t seen much of the swordsman’s technique, but I think I’ve broadened my perspective this time.”

It was rather embarrassing to Kuan.

As I passed by with a bitter smile, Shiina looked back.

‘Did I do something wrong?’

Mechas, meanwhile, tensed their arms as Gaold approached.

Thanks to their appearance, lives were saved, but it was difficult to clearly identify Pia in Purgatory.

Above all, if a single swordsman had annihilated the Kergo unit, it would have to be seen that he was clearly outclassed with his skills.

“Who are you? Is it heresy?”

Gaold looked back at Sein.

Some of the team members have learned the language of Heaven, but more than half of them needed an interpreter.

When the woman’s words were finally understood by Sein’s spirit world magic, Gaold took a step further.

At the same time, the Mecca flinched back.

The piper attached to the body narrowed the angle of the joint joint by the distance it moved while making a clicking sound.


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