Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 68

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[68] At the top (2)

Shironet knew that those who were so-called experts would go to such places and get their underwear ripped off.Of course, with Iruki’s servant ability, no one would be able to compete in probability calculation, but there is a reason why people call it gambling.Probability is just probability, and winning gambling required the temperament of a winner who knew how to win.It was clearly depicted that Iruki was robbed at once while picking money little by little.

“I’m not going. You’re going out.”I don’t gamble or anything.”

“You don’t have to gamble,”I hear pretty girls pour you drinks and rub your shoulders. Are you sure you don’t want to go?”

When he heard it, he became more reluctant to go.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m really very tired.I’m going to keep sleeping.Have a good time.”

As long as Shironet said sorry, I could not change my mind.In other words, Shirone was the most tired person while preparing for the presentation.Ned and Iruki also lacked sleep time, but the work they focused on was divided into manual labor and intellectual labor.

On the other hand, Sirone, who had to raise the level of photon output, had to continue high-level training for a month that consumed both the body and mind.In addition, at the end, he entered the realm of infinity and poured out his mental strength, so it was natural that his mind and body were weakened.

“Yes, I see,”Then take a good rest.Anyway, we’ll be back, so that’s what we know.”

“Yes, go and get a lot of them.Buy me something delicious.”

“Hahaha! Don’t worry!When we wake up, we’ll be rich like magic.”

Hearing the door close, Shironet buried his face in bed again.

“You’re rich anyway, but you’re making a fuss…”….’

Shironet fell into a deep sleep again.

* * *

That night.

“Well, well, well,”

Shironet tossed and turned in a cold sweat.A nightmare that did not come when I fell asleep as if I were faint was rising above my consciousness again as I filled my consciousness.


Shirone frowned and shook his head from side to side.In the vast universe, humans were nothing.The empty sense of deprivation enveloped Shirone in a powerful shock.

This time, the nightmare was drawn into one spot.Time went backwards and we reached the beginning of the universe.The light was visible, and the light was a swaying thread, which turned back into a bubble and filled Shironet’s vision.It was only the light.And the next moment, a powerful explosion broke out in the empty space of nothing.


Shironet raised his upper body.His wide open eyes were still staring at the afterimage in his memory.Only after the sweaty pajamas conveyed a damp feeling did they slowly turn to the window.

It was a chirping morning when I heard birds chirping.

“Oh, I thought you were just walking by.”

I had a nightmare beyond doubt.My body trembled as a strange sensation enveloped my whole body.

But Shironet was no longer afraid.

He heard the cause from Armin, and on the day of the presentation, he escaped from the realm of infinity at his will.

When he was able to control his power to some extent, Shironet calmly watched what had happened to him.

“The universe you see in your dreams.”It is certainly a sight that marks the beginning of the universe.And the gauge symmetry.”

Although there was no logical information, I felt a vague sense of being caught.Perhaps it is the work of organizing information that occurs unconsciously.When I thought of Armin, who said he realized himself, my mind calmed down and my sense of portrait disappeared.

Shironet went into the bathroom.When I slept so deeply that I didn’t even know how many days had passed, my condition was quite good.Looking back on their memories while brushing their teeth, it seemed that Ruki and Ned had stopped by.

“Is it a dream? Or did he really go?”

The faces of the two men who said they would go to the casino and hit the jackpot were blurred.

`I’d rather go with you,’What should I do alone now?’

After leaving the bathroom while brushing his teeth, Shirone suddenly looked back at the bed and stopped.The little dust floating on the bed was spinning.The window was closed, so it was not a convection.

Forgot to brush his teeth, Shirone ran away, foaming.When I looked closely, I saw that it was definitely.I reached out to the center of the revolution.The moment I thought I couldn’t feel anything, I suddenly felt a strong sense of portrait.

“Oh my god!”

Shirone bent his upper body, throwing up his teeth foam.

What could it be?

I felt as if I had touched the nerves of the tooth-pulled spot for the first time as if I had confirmed what I knew.

“This is it! I already know it, but I don’t know its name. But what is this?”

Shirone motioned wildly in the air.But I could no longer feel the strange sensation.After calming himself down, Shirone went back into the bathroom and washed himself out in hot water.In the meantime, I kept thinking about the phenomenon I had just discovered.

“Not the wind, not the air, not the temperature.But how can dust move?’

It wasn’t just floating around.Obviously, it was moving in the form of a rotational force by some force.

Shirone, who had been lost in thought for over an hour, changed his clothes and went out.There were no students outside the building because the class was in full swing.

Feeling unfamiliar, Shirone went to the front door.Having been suspended for a week, I was free to do anything for the next four days.As long as the water had already been spilled, Shirone decided to use this time as a break after the special training.

“But where should I go?”

The first thing that came to my mind was my house.When I remembered my parents’ faces, I strongly wanted to go.

“No, that’s ridiculous.”

It took half a day to get there by carriage, but there was no justification.”Mom, Dad, I’ve been suspended,” she said, and she couldn’t enter the house.However, it would be awkward to stop by the House of Ozent in the absence of Liane and Reina.

“Oh, yes!”

Shirone suddenly realized where he was going and flicked his finger.

It was a bookstore.

Of course, there are so many books in the school library that it is overflowing, but it has been Shirone’s long-cherished dream to buy books at a bookstore.

Suddenly, when I remembered that I was happy with the old book my father bought me as a child, I smiled around my mouth.

I enjoyed a book, but in fact, I had a desire to buy more books.

But now I can do it.It was thanks to the considerable accumulation of allowance that Temuran sends every month.

If I bought a book in a commoner’s area, I would have been able to put the book in a basket even if I had used it a little less.

“That’s the first time I’ve bought it,”My own book.’

It’s not a bad idea to borrow it from the library, but Sirone, who likes books, has a unique possessive desire.

Having made up his mind, he accelerated his steps.In an instant, he passed through the noble district and entered the common people’s district.

The town where I often came by my father’s cart when I was a child still remained the same.Shirone knocked on the bag of gold coins and Bo-moo entered the bookstore with confidence.The lady recognized Shirone.Every time I entered the city, my face was memorable because I was a child who stood up and looked inside for hours.

“Welcome…Oh, isn’t it Shiro’s?”

“Good morning, madam,”

“Well, you’re so big that you don’tI thought your dad had left for another city because he hasn’t seen much lately.He always bought me a book every time he came.”

“He won’t come any more.So I’m going to buy it myself.”

“Yes, you still love books.Choose one.”


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“Well, I’ll look around.”

Shirone walked around the bookstore smiling happily.There was a price tag everywhere the books were stacked, but from what I looked at, books in good condition were expensive regardless of the content.

There were only a few commoners who could read, but in large cities such as Creas, the number of people was still quite good.

However, there were also many novels that sold better than academic books, and occasional academic books only dealt with basic fields.I could see that the books in the Alpeas Magic School Library were much more advanced than expected.Although he doesn’t have a book related to his major, he likes all books anyway, so he looked at this and that and bought a novel with a wizard as the main character.

There were several books that seemed to be quite popular, and according to their quality, they were divided into high, medium, and low prices.Cyrone, who could afford the money, chose the cleanest new book and offered her a gold coin.It is a bookstore where ordinary people go, so the price is cheap, but books were originally valuable.Moreover, since it was a new book, the price was ten times the lowest quality.

“Oh, how can you buy such an expensive one?””Who’s here for an errand?”

“No, it’s actually my first book.So I’d like to read something clean, even if it’s a little too much.”

“Well, I’m proud of you.Not many people spend money on books.Anyway, do your best to read it carefully.That’s how you’ll be smart.If you’re smart, you won’t get married later and make your wife suffer.”

The woman, who had no idea that Shironet was attending a magic school, the cradle of geniuses, made a speech with the pride of the bookstore owner.But Shirone seemed to be in a good mood, and readily listened, and came out with a book.

“This is my book.”

My own book, neither borrowed nor read by others.The weight of the book made my heart flutter like a child.

“Huh? Isn’t that Sirone?”

Shirone looked aside at the voice calling for him.A group of children were gathered in a cart.His eyes opened wide, as he looked closely at the familiar appearance.

“Oh, Althor? Martin?”Lumina, too?

They were children from Hwajeonmin Village who were suitable for their childhood.

“Are you really Sirone?”

Children flocked to Shirone.Most of them were the same age, and they were one or two years old at the most.However, his size has changed beyond recognition.In particular, Altor, the leader of slash-and-burn children, has grown into a giant that even adults cannot handle.Martin, who had always been dwarfed, was similar to Sirone.

Altor put it between Shirone’s head and arm.

“You little thing!”What the hell is going on?I haven’t visited you in years.When I asked Uncle Vincent, he only said he lived in the city.”

“Hahaha. I’m sorry.That’s what happened.”

Their greeting was tingling for the first time in a while, but Shirone was also pleased.Martin, whose front teeth protruded like rabbits, looked at Shirone’s dress and said admirably,

“Wow. You’ve made your way.It seems to me that he is a nobleman.”

“Really? I don’t know.”

Shironet was surprised to hear that he looked like a nobleman.It was because I had never thought about it before.However, while living in a magic school through the House of Ozent, it seemed that the smell of aristocrats had penetrated.

said Lumina, the only woman in the party.

“Shiro’s always looked like a nobleman.Anyway, I’m glad you’re doing well.”

“Well, thank you, Lumina.You’ve become beautiful, too.”

Lumina’s face flushed.As Shironet remembers, Lumina was a child with a lot of freckles and plump cheeks.However, now her skin has become a little darker, and her freckles have disappeared, and she has lost all her weight, so she looks like a perfect girl.

Altor burst into laughter.

“You’ve got more lies, Shiro!”You’re right. There were no children who could stand your horse’s foot.What’s so beautiful about this woofy girl?”

“Be quiet! Who are you to judge me by saying I’m a walnut?”

When Lumina became more angry than ever, Altor felt awkward.

“No, I’m just joking…….”

“Well, I don’t want to talk to you.”

“Yes! Don’t say it.I’m ashamed to hang out with a girl like you!”

Shirone felt better after a long time as he recalled his old memories.At first glance, it seems to be a fight, but this was the daily life of children in Hwajeon Minchon.


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