Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 707

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[707] 19,000 Worlds (1)

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Noscarta, which originated in the southern Akkadian desert, passed through the central desert and disappeared only at the beginning of the northern desert.

The desert tidal wave wiped away all traces of life, and the desert was hotter than ever in the scorching sun.

“Sirone, water. Give me some water.”

Sirone and the others were walking through a vast wasteland with sand clinging to them.

“Are you drinking again?”

When Sirone casts a spell to fill the canteen with water, Kido gulps down.

“I don’t know. Is it because it is made with magic? My thirst is not satisfied.”

As he drank the whole liter of water, Kido’s protruding stomach grew even more bloated.

“How long do I have to walk anyway? You’ve been walking for two hours already after sending Ratusa. Didn’t you say you were almost there?”

The power of Northcarta was so great that when it came out through the desert tidal wave, even Kaidra couldn’t fly.

“You are going in the right direction. Be patient. As long as I can see it, I will go to magic from then on.”

Ryan regularly looked back on the road he had passed.

“There is still no chase. Is it annihilation?”

Even Kaidra was exhausted, so there was no way that those who had been chasing after riding the Omek would be safe.

“I can’t be careless.”

Even so, I am worried because the strength of a woman who is the leader of the Magan bandits and an executive of the Tenro Society is beyond imagination.

“That woman would have penetrated Northcarta as well. There is no time to delay. Let her walk a little faster.”

“Sirone, I’m very depressed.”

After walking another hour like that, Sirone and the others found a castle at the end of the horizon.

Like the words of a famous tourist destination, people were gathering.

“That’s Andre.”

Sirone, who cast air-type magic, flew away with Kido and Lian floating in the air.

Upon arriving at the main gate of the castle, the ticket office was set up.

“welcome! This is Labyrinth Andre! Welcome to all the adventurers who came for an experience worth more than life!”

The employee was wearing Middle Eastern clothing, but he confirmed the color of Sirone’s skin and spoke in the common language of the continent.

“This is right… … .”

One of the world’s top three labyrinths where Enemy is believed to be.

“You came at the perfect timing! Due to the influence of Northcarta, admission is half price for the next week! Never miss it!”

“… … .”

I stood in awe for a while at the voice bright enough to relieve my tension, but those who arrived from the back urged me.

“Let’s go quickly. I’m dying of heat.”

Pushed by their voices, Sirone looked back at Lian and Kido before speaking to the box office.

“uh… … Two adults and one goblin.”

“hmm? Goblin?”

The employee looked at the goblin with a smile.

“There is no set amount for goblins. Are you under the age of six? Babies are free.”

When Sirone turned around, Kido frowned in displeasure.

“Yes, I am under six years old.”

Kido’s eyes widened.

“All right. Then it’s 4 gold for two adults.”

As a world-class tourist destination, even half the price was quite expensive.

“thank you! have a great time!”

After crossing the main gate, there were many shops lined up on the well-paved road, and even a fountain was installed even in the desert.

Also, as the empire was specially managed, not only restaurants and bars, but also lodgings, gambling halls, and souvenir shops were all luxurious.

“There are surprisingly many people. I thought it would be off-season due to the influence of Northcarta.”

“I’d say it’s usually more.”

Numerous nobles were wandering around with their families, and among them, those who looked quite strong were gathered in one place.

‘A common tourist or adventurer.’

Kido ran to the souvenir shop and looked at the items on the stalls.

“Kido, I don’t have time to buy that right now.”

You never know when the Magan bandits will arrive.

“Sirone, look at this for a second.”

As Sirone and Lian approached, Kido held up a three-dimensional model of Andre.

“Hmm, it looks like this.”

It was a structure in which large cavities were connected one after another, and numerous circular doors could be seen installed through the ceiling of the transparent three-dimensional model.

“No matter how you look at it, it doesn’t look like there will be 19,000.”

There were at most hundreds of doors that could be implemented in miniature, but that alone was quite distinctive.

“It will be different when you actually go there. Let’s go.”

Kido fiddled with Andre’s three-dimensional model as if he had no regrets, then put it back on the stall.

“Andre’s open from 2pm. Those who want to tour, please wait in line.”

Following the guide’s words, Sirone and the others waited their turn among the crowd.

“what’s this? You came to find La Enemy, right?”

The feeling of peace wasn’t bad, but Lian was wary of being distracted.

“Maybe La Enemy isn’t here.”

At Sirone’s words, Rian and Kido both turned their heads at the same time.

“No? Then why did you come here?”

“It is only through this place that you will be able to meet Ra Enemy.”


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Sirone said the thoughts she had put together so far.

“What I felt while taking the Ivory Tower test is that finding La Enemie is not the same as finding a lost item.”

“Because you manipulate the case?”

“that’s right. I’m not looking for Ra. It’s Ra making me seek it. The subject and object are reversed.”

Sirone raised her index finger.

“Therefore I will be where you seek, which does not mean that Ra awaits where I go. Inverted, it means I have to find where Ra is.”

“It’s kind of a hint.”

“So I thought about it. Where else am I looking for Ra? There is only one conclusion. That’s where it all is.”

Ryan looked back at Andre’s entrance.

“Time-space prison. The Remains of the Guffin.”

“that’s right. 19,000 worlds trapped by Guffins in their respective prisons. If the seals of all these worlds are released, time and space will be mixed again… … .”

“Then you can meet the real Ra Enemy.”

Sirone nodded.

“You will know for sure when you see Andre in person, but… … .”

Then Andrew’s entrance opened.

“Please enter. Viewing hours are until 4:00 PM.”

The cave was quite wide, and the long line quickly shortened, and Sirone and the others crossed Andre’s threshold, feeling the cool chill that was not like the desert.

“wow… … .”

Kido opened his mouth with a dazed expression at the pressure of the real thing, which was certainly different from the three-dimensional model.

Everywhere on the walls, ceiling, and floor of the cavity, there were numerous circular steel doors that looked like eyes.

A circular panel was installed in the center of the steel door, which stayed lit even though there was no power source.

Sirone read the number 3256 on the panel.

Looking around, every steel door had a different number on it. Perhaps the end was 19000.

“According to legend… … .”

The guide started explaining.

“It is said that many worlds overlapped in this cave. But one day, a great wizard appeared and classified them into 19,000 worlds and sealed them at each door.”

One of the tourists pointed to the door and asked.

“So you’re saying that if you open this door and enter, you’ll find a completely different world? Can I come in now?”

The guide was smiling, but his face was slightly red.

“Of course there are other worlds. But so far, no one who has opened this door and entered has returned.”

“Then it is a lie. Who knows if there’s a new world when no one has come out? Isn’t that right, gentlemen?”

People looked displeased at being interrupted, and the more they did, the more the man acted forcefully.

“How about opening it? We’ll check it out. Shouldn’t it just go in?”

The reason the guide put up with it was because his salary included the cost of keeping his mouth shut.

‘I can’t eat it because it’s dirty, really.’

According to the veteran guide’s theory, everyone thinks they are right, but no one is actually right.

“Unfortunately, opening Andre’s door not only requires the help of a magic circuit expert, but also violates Imperial law.”

The man shut his mouth in front of the word imperial law, but the excitement as a guide was all broken.

“Rian, this is a really great place.”

Where everyone turned their heads, Sirone was looking around at the doors installed in all directions.

“oh! You know the true value too. That’s right, the door installed now is a special code that no information wizard in history has ever developed… … .”

The spirited guide’s mouth moved quickly, but Sirone couldn’t hear it.

‘How on earth is this possible?’

What felt like an Ultima system was a vacuum made of perfect nothingness and an infinite spot that formed the outside.

‘Yu and mu. The two concepts are perfectly separated.’

It was unthinkable except for Guffin to separate the number 2 of the law into each 1.

Ryan asked in a low voice.

“Is that possible? It’s 19,000 worlds. It would take thousands of years to break the seals one by one.”

“I don’t think I can live that long.”

As a result of seeing Andre with her own eyes, Sirone had a hunch that only she could do it.

“I will solve it at once. With the wheel of cowardice.”

It is to explore 19,000 worlds at the same time by multiplying the bubble of events to infinity.

Kido, who has memories by drinking Sirone’s blood, raised his glasses and said.

“Are you okay? You never know what will happen in each world. It is completely different from multiplying events for a single purpose.”

Kido’s words were correct.

“If you turn the wheel of fear, each of the 19,000 me will have a different experience. If that happens, the way you think will change.”

Ryan made a worried expression.

“Can you come back? If all those sirones were put together, I might go crazy.”

It was just the limit of what Rian could express, something on a different level from madness would happen to Sirone.

“I don’t do it because it is possible. I do it because only I can do it.”

Sirone looked around the Great Cavity.

“At first it was infinite. That’s what’s split into yes and no. Very many and infinite have different meanings. Guffin didn’t seal this place. Rather, it fell into the realm of investigation.”

“Do you think Guffin prepared for you? Just because you think you can master the wheel of coercion?”

It is unknown.

“I don’t know that far. But think about it. The wheel of the law that Vanguard talked about.”


“Should I say that the things I have felt and realized in my life so far fit into Andre? Like a key and a lock.”

“You mean Hexa is the key to unlocking Andre?”

Shirone nodded at Kido’s words.

“Infinity is infinite. So, the 19,000 worlds must be divided under the special intention of Guffin. So if you look back… … .”

Maybe when that happens… … .

“Can we understand a little more about guffins? And maybe we can learn more about Hexa? I think so.”

Rian and Kido couldn’t think of a way to stop them.

“How long do you think it will take? Time to break the seal.”

“With the Ultima System, you should be able to find a way out. I think it will take at least seven days.”

If the Mark bandits were safe, they would arrive at Andre this evening.

“Time is running out. Then me and Kido… … .”

At the time Lian spoke, there was a loud bang outside the cave, followed by people’s screams.

“What is going on?”

A guard shouted from the entrance of the cave as the tourists watched anxiously.

“Everyone evacuate! Bandits have attacked!”

Kido asked with shocked eyes.

“what? Thieves?”

It was much faster than expected.


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