Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 709

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[709] 19,000 Worlds (3)

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The huge and enormous power of the law brought Lian in front of Bak-nyeo’s eyes as if distorting the gears of ethics.


Therefore, the force of the straight sword that was thrust down vertically had a transcendental feeling that could not be measured in terms of speed or impact.

‘It ends here!’

Bak-nyeo had a brain paralyzed experience in front of a lifelong desperate blow, not even thinking about the next incident.

‘Is it a natural enemy?’

When something is perfectly split in two, humans cannot choose between this side and that side.

‘Believe is against the ethics of the beast.’

Bak-nyeo’s monstrous sense is destroyed at that point.


Bak-nyeo, who made a strange noise, backed off with the tremendous power emitted from the V-12 engine.

“Did you avoid it?”

For a moment, Lian, who had burned his resolve to protect Sirone, rushed again.

Kido, who had been watching the two quickly move away, took a deep breath and glared forward.

“Get in Andrew! Kill the Wizard!”

Dozens of Maga thieves, who had already been instructed by Bak-nyeo, were running towards Kido.

‘Can I do it?’

If it was just a fight, dying would be enough, but if Kido was pushed back, the next target would be Sirone.

I gulped and salivated.

‘I’m thirsty.’

My throat burned to the point of going crazy.

* * *

The place where Sirone arrived was the center of the labyrinth confirmed by Andre’s three-dimensional model.

It was a matter of getting all 19,000 entrances into the Spirit Zone, and it was a close estimate.

‘If you activate Quantum Super Position in this state… … .’

The Ultima system acquired independently, rather than through sensory integration, is not yet perfect.

As the number of incidents increases, control becomes impossible, and unintended experiences will contaminate Sirone’s ego.

‘I have no choice but to do it.’

As if glaring at the guffin waiting at the end of fate, Sirone opened her eyes and cast a spell.

Quantum Super Position – Wheel of Fear.

At first it’s 2 stacks.

And the two began to fill Andre’s labyrinth by endlessly creating incidents toward infinity.


From World Name No. 1 to No. 19000.

As the codes that could not be deciphered except by the Ultima System were dismantled in Sirone’s hands, the iron doors emitted light.

‘Who am I?’

Sirone dropped to his knees.

As her consciousness faded, she couldn’t remember her name, her age, or even the fact that she was human.

“… … .”

When control was finally lost, numerous sirones began to develop independent events.

If this world is someone’s dream, the lives of Sirone who now manifest are also created by the spirit of the main body.

“I will definitely come back.”

At the same time as all the sirones looked back at their universe and spoke, 19,000 worlds opened at once.

A great light fills up and there is silence again.

* * *

The top of the ivory tower, artificiality.

The 7 stars and Araka discovered Mahagaruta guarding the Earth Temple where Taeseong resides.

‘It’s a five-star castle.’

There is no hierarchy among the stars, but this is not because of the logic of equality, but because it is useless in the first place.

If you are someone who can gauge the depth of your realm, you have no choice but to accept it from the bottom of your heart, even if you don’t bother mentioning rank.

In particular, Mini, Borbor, and Tsuoi were realizing the word “sky above the sky.”

‘Awakened… … .’

If there are very few people who understand Louver and Brain, Taeseong is probably the only one who understands the essence of Oh Daeseong.

While the 2-star residents made a fuss mentally, the 3-star Arte and Heukgang City did not flinch.

Louver took the lead.

“Buddha, it’s been a long time.”

Mahagaruta lifted her eyelids, and golden light filled her eyes.

It was a bizarre eye light indeed, but the smile was warm.

“That’s right, Mr. Louver. We talked a lot in the past. I miss that time.”

“I can’t see you because you don’t sleep. Why don’t you take some time to find it sooner or later?”

“I’m still having a good enough dream.”

Conversations like Zen dialogue were exchanged, and Mahagaruta slowly turned around while sitting cross-legged in the air.

“Come in. Taeseong is waiting for you.”

Mahagarutha’s eyes exploded, and the white light disappeared, revealing the majestic sight of the Temple of the Earth.

As if I had been dreaming all this time, or as if this were a dream.

“Taesung, you have been called.”


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A woman in pure white stood with her hands behind her back on the glass floor of the Temple of Earth overlooking the planet.

It was no exaggeration to say that all the stars of the Ivory Tower revolved around her, like the universal gravitation force.

“Welcome, my children.”

It was a clear voice that made my mind clear without a speck of dust.

“Sit somewhere comfortable.”

Stars settled around her as Tae-sung put her hips on the glass floor overlooking the vast land of Kashan.

“The reason I called you guys today is… … .”

Everyone was paying attention to her lips as there had been a heated argument even before meeting Taeseong.

“Today is my birthday.”

At first I thought it was a joke.

‘birthday? Did Taeseong ever have a birthday?’

They didn’t know anything about her, but they thought that at least it wouldn’t be a concept similar to humans.

Borbor spoke first.

“uh… … happy birthday. hello?”

Taeseong playfully accepted.

“What do you do when you talk? I have to give you a present.”

While the 2-stars were visibly embarrassed, the 3-stars’ expressions gradually turned serious.

“Are you serious? Then this year’s age… … ?”

“Huh, actually, I’m not at the age to celebrate my birthday. just remembered the old days I missed you guys. That’s all.”

It was a heart-warming remark, but the cold reason of the stars quickly identified the identity of the sense of incongruity.

“Taesung, we still need you.’

The fact that a person at the pinnacle of intellect became emotional definitely meant that a huge event was taking place in the world.

Arte tightened his eyes and said.

“Speak. Is it the altar, the anchera, the nane, or the sirone? I will solve it.”

Taeseong shook his head.

“Even if you have the power to destroy it, if you destroy it at will, in the end nothing will be worth existing. Everything exists for no reason, and that is why it can be noble.”

The atmosphere became somber.

“Here, Tae-seong.”

Tzuoi raised her hand and asked.

“Who did you vote for this time?”

It was a question thrown to change the mood, but it was inevitable to receive glare from Arte and Heukgangshi.

“Who do you think I filmed?”

said Minnie.

“Of course it is me. Sirone and true voice are also excellent, but Nane is on a different level. The Kar value is also the highest.”

“Carr is not a tool for competition.”

Taeseong put his hands together and said.

“Think of this universe as a small room. When you first come in, all the realizations come in at once. Things like smell, shape, color, mood. Anyone can say they know this room roughly, so it’s easy to get a 50 percent Karr figure.”

Taeseong’s two palms gently opened.

“But to know more accurately, more than five senses must be mobilized. Things like the location of an object, its use, its history, and its meaning. That’s why it’s hard to raise your Kar value the closer you get to perfection.”

Taeseong opened his arms wide.

“Now let’s assume you have everything figured out. You guys know everything about the room, even a speck of dust in the corner. So, is it finally 100 percent Kar?”

Everyone was silent.

“It can never be. Even if you figured out everything in this room, how do you prove it? Could it be that I have missed something? Is what I know true?”

“No one can claim to know their room perfectly.”

“okay. 100% to 0.01% empty, maybe even smaller pieces. Its identity is… … .”

Taeseong’s two palms landed on his chest lightly.

“It is the heart.”

“mind… … .”

“In order to fully realize that perfection has been reached, the mind must work. What I don’t have, and what Sirone has. If there is a variable, it is probably a matter of the heart.”

While each star was lost in thought, Tsuoi pointed to Taeseong and asked.

“Then also… … Who voted for Sirone?”

Taehyung sticks out his tongue and smiles.

“That is a secret.”

* * *

Labyrinth Pytharos.

As a legal lowland where the muddy energy of the world flowed in, it was an impregnable fortress where many monks had challenged to destroy evil since ancient times, but never succeeded.

“Is this the hole of corruption?”

Even when Canis and Arin arrived, numerous organizations were camped outside the dark cave of the labyrinth.

All of them were top-notch masters in the world, and Arin confirmed their faces.

“Kanis, let’s think again. Probably not this It is too difficult to start with.”

Looking at Pytharos with menarche, it was a shady, wet, shiny, glistening entrance to the bowels.

“That’s why it’s worth the challenge. If you conquer even the entrance, it’s an instant to make a name for yourself.”

Canis and Arin, who failed in the graduation exam, dropped out of magic school and were in the middle of investigating ruins while wandering around the world.

Canis’ dream was to become an archaeologist, and Arin also actively supported that dream, but this time, there was a sense of arrogance.

“If I give up like this, I feel like I won’t be able to do anything forever. If you’re scared, stay here. I’ll go in alone.”

Knowing Canis’ stubbornness, Arin sighed.

“Okay, I’ll go with you. But promise me you’ll listen to me when it’s really dangerous.”

Just as Canis nodded vigorously, Arin suddenly turned to the wilderness.

A boy with thick tattoos on his face was walking slowly, wearing a rag-like hood.

“Ka, Canis… … .”

Her voice was seriously trembling.

‘It’s not menarche. A very clear incarnation… … .’

With her eyes on Pytharos in the distance, Nane moved her steps with calm eyes.

Nane’s time was different from everyone’s time.

Kar value 97.8%.

Nane’s thoughts were different from everyone else’s.

Kar value 98.2%.

“… … I get it.”

Kar value 99.1%.

For him, who went through all the degrees, the realization he gained in the world of the apostles served as the culmination of perfect harmony.

“Ah, I was mistaken.”

It was advancing toward perfection through near-infinite combinations.

Kar value 99.3%.

With every step she took, the feeling of the huge barriers collapsing one by one made Kanis short of breath.

“Nonsense… … .”

Kanis, who stomped her butt with a thump, looked up at Nane, who passed by her indifferently.

‘Sirone, to be honest, you’re a great guy too… … .’

Why does Sirone come to mind at this moment?

‘This guy is on a different level. He outdoes you.’

‘Seven steps.’

It was the remaining distance to Pytharos.

‘Six steps.’

As the distance decreased, Nane’s Kar value endlessly broke through the limit that could not be exceeded.

‘One step.’

After stopping the universe for a moment, Nane took one last step on the ground and looked up at the sky.


Kar value 99.99%.

While everyone watched with bated breath, Nane pointed to the sky with her right hand and the ground with her left and said,

“Heaven and Heaven and Earth, infants alone.”


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