Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 861

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“It’s not difficult, it’s more like impossible.”

you said

“What a contradiction? To be able to destroy what you love most.” The more you love, the farther you get from the ball.

“So I have almost reached it, but it will still take a long time before I become a Buddha.”

Shura asked.

“Then is Sirone the first to reach it?”


“It is still a long way off. I can only vaguely guess what he must be feeling in a world ruled by evil.”

As much as he loved all things, the feeling of betrayal was great, and his anger was heading toward the ball.

“So Sirone will end the world?”

Just like the old me.

“Maybe. But I know how difficult it is. If there’s anything different about me… …

Nane looked up at the sky.

“It is that the world loves him.”

Even if Yahweh’s anger is toward the end of the world.

World Climate Organization.

With the help of the temple, there were over 300 magicians residing in the organization that had moved their base.

Their mission to manipulate the climate is to increase agricultural production in areas free of demon invasion.

As the extra food became Valkyrie’s provisions, it was an indispensable department in World War II.

“Chief! Look at this!”

Amira, who was in her first year at the company, collected signals sent from observation balloons around the world and shouted.

“What is it? Did a disaster happen somewhere?”

It was a document full of numbers and diagrams, but a picture came to the manager’s eyes.

“What is this?”

It was a typhoon.

In the sea between Gustav and Jincheon, a huge typhoon that has never been recorded in history was moving.

“Besides, there are seven! How could this be?”

Amira pointed to a document with detailed information.

“The speed of movement is also different from that of conventional typhoons. We’ll be landing at Gustaf in a few hours. Its power will exceed at least category six.” It was not a naturally occurring phenomenon.

“It is magic. But who?” Even the World Climate Organization has this scale.

It was difficult to generate a series of typhoons.

“What should I do? If it lands like this, the damage to civilians will be enormous. I have no choice but to destroy it.”

“Can I destroy it?”

Amira stuttered.

“That, well, plant the seeds and put them to rest slowly before they grow in size any further. It would be better to devise an evacuation plan.”

The fact that the place where the typhoon is heading is the Gustav Empire, the origin of evil, also played a part.

“Chief! here!”

When another employee shouted with a contemplative face, the manager hurriedly ran.

“damn! what else?”

Amira bit her lip as she glared at the papers the chief had thrown away.

‘What’s going on?’ It was a series of disasters.


Mitura, the commander of the 8th Corps, who was watching the typhoon moving over the horizon, stood up from the dog of the Great Dynasty.

“Coming again. How many shots are you going to fire?”

“What shall I do? If this continues, Gustav will be killed. Then Satan will scold you… …

When Mitura glared at them, the demons were startled.

“No, of course I believe in Mithura-sama.”

In other words, what the demons were saying was, how about opening the Demon Realm before things get bigger.

‘It’s annoying.’

It is a privilege that only 10 corps commanders have, but on the other hand, it also symbolizes eternal extinction.

‘I can’t even rise from the fire of hell.’ It was the demon realm that opened with the determination to die as if dying, and Mitura was still unwilling.

“Brigade commander! excuse me!”

Over the horizon, four ivory towers were approaching, raising wild foam.

Said Minerva, who had boarded the jet.

“I don’t care about the others. It is our job to eliminate the Legion Commander.”

Freed, who was running on the surface of the water, grabbed the sword with his eyes on the demons.

“You must have studied in Kashan, right? It’s best to finish it before the Pandemonium opens.”

Mitura’s Pandemonium is a tsunami.

Once opened, all the cities around the world along the sea would be destroyed.

Mithura stood up with a huge gullet.

“good! Guys, it’s a sortie! Let’s stick together properly!”

A murmur was heard in the distance.

“I’ll open the Demon World.”

As Mitura’s esophagus was cut horizontally, the heads of the demons lined up at a distance of tens of meters were blown away.


There were no more dissatisfied demons.

“In lieu of greetings!”


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As Mitura lowered her stance and cut the water as if opening a gun, a huge wave rose.


Freed’s freezing magic froze the waves dozens of meters high.


Minerva broke through the wall of ice, stopped in mid-air and shot a jet.

Gustav Capital.

“Aaaaaa! Buy, buy people… … !” The voice died before he could finish screaming.

Lian ran while people covered in insects and black as charcoal collapsed.

“That is a staggering number.”

Palapinas, an insect from the underworld, multiplied endlessly and covered the entire city.

‘How do I get rid of this?’

If it was powerful, it could be cut, but if it was an insect that could not be counted, the sword was the worst tool.

“Yaaaaa!” The sword with the state of Macha cut through the landscape, but insects resembling flies endlessly clung to Lian.


Eventually, his whole body was swarming with bugs, and he was confused by the feeling of his blood rushing.

‘are you okay.’

Ideas are not broken to this extent, but ordinary humans die within 10 seconds.

In addition, Palapinas continued to proliferate, so it was no exaggeration to say that the world would perish if not suppressed in the beginning.

“Damn the devil.”

Lian, who had penetrated the wall through acceleration, slashed the great sword with all his might. The air crackled with a roar, and for an instant my vision opened to the blue sky.

“what… …

Unable to even raise the sword, Lian stared blankly across the sky.

“What is that?”

Perhaps an incarnation, but I didn’t feel like knowing what it was.

Sirone’s body was in a state of weightlessness, like luminous smoke.

Above him with his head lowered, the thing that blooms endlessly is anger.

Merania muttered.

“The wrath of Yahweh.”

Black smoke rising at a frightening speed pierced the sky and spread like mushrooms.

There was no deceleration in the process of smooth expansion, as if black paint had been sprayed on the sky.

‘I came out into the world.’

It was the wrath of Yahweh, which was dark and rotten, and came out through the body.

‘What will happen?’ Merania, who suddenly came to her senses, shouted.

“Kill! Kill Yahweh!”


Gai immediately ran and lowered his sword, but Sirone was not cut.

‘It doesn’t seem material.’

Along the sword’s trajectory, Gai couldn’t confirm it, but hexagonal particles of light were floating around.


Mayray jumped up and covered one ear.

“Chief Justice.”

Justice Terraforce’s voice was still deep, but there was a sense of urgency.

-The Hexa program has been activated.

“Hexa… … program? what is that?” There was no time to explain.

– I will send an ark.

Communication was cut off with that.

The head of the World Climate Organization shouted.

“This makes sense!”

The thrown file slipped on the floor and was picked up by nearby staff in a hurry.

“Chief! What are you doing?”

Amira approached, but the section chief only snorted and wandered around aimlessly.

“Amira, look at this.”

Upon receiving the documents sent from the Gustav Empire’s observatory, Amira quickly checked the numbers.

The paper fell out of her hand again.


The staff thought the same.

“But it is true. This is neither a natural phenomenon nor magic. something unknown.”

Even if all the water on the planet was used up, a cloud of this mass could not be formed.

” like??????

The employee climbed over the ceiling and imagined the sky.

“It’s like floating steel heavier than the planet.”

Gai’s blade cut through Sirone’s body at a speed that caused afterimages.

‘Why can’t I kill him?’

Maybe because he’s already dead.

Gai, who had been thinking that far, finally stopped his attack and looked up at the sky.

“It got bigger.”

Judging by the size of the cloud, it was enough to cover an entire kingdom.

“What incarnation is that?”


Merania has arrived.

“Is that Yahweh? Didn’t he say that he was in the state of loving all things? Rather… …

It was a darker, darker murderous intent than the demons.

“that’s right. It is truly hateful.”

It was the magnitude of the evil that one human being had to suppress in order to reach the level of fraternity.

“Why didn’t you want to be angry? They must have been jealous, lusted after, and wanted to do as they pleased.”

Yahweh is not good.

“Friendship is made by sacrifice. The sacrifice that no one recognizes accumulates deep inside and becomes an unbearable monster… …

A black cloud covered the entire empire.

“An existence that has to live by confining itself forever so that monsters don’t come out.”

Merania caressed Sirone’s particles.

“To the demons, that pretense is terrifying… …

Her hand grasped the light.

“I hate it.” As she slowly opened her hand, the hexagonal light fluttered and ascended into the sky.

Contrary to what she had said, Merania’s eyes, chasing after it, seemed ecstatic.

“You did it. With this the wrath of Yahweh is gone.”


An unusual preliminary sound of thunder was heard from the dark clouds that covered the sun.

“First of all, shouldn’t we avoid it?”


Merania raised her head with disheveled eyes and flipped her palms toward the sky.

“It looks like it will rain.”

As she finished speaking, particles of light began to fall from the sky.

The light containing God’s particles was dark gray and thousands of times heavier than water droplets.

shoot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

The light drops fall almost simultaneously.

However, simultaneous observation could not be established at the limit of observation, and the leading light drop was directed to the imperial castle, Marsak.

The moment the first drop of light collides with the tallest imperial spire in the capital.


A fist-sized groove was dug with a powerful bursting sound.

widely! Tarak! Tattak!

And things like that… … .

“Damn it!”


Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa Kwa!

It struck the entire empire with an infinite number of hits.


Tens of millions of demons screamed at the same time, but even that was buried in the roar.

The height of the imperial castle was being cut off at a rate of 4 meters per second due to the bombardment of the continuously falling mass.

“what’s this! this… … !”

Its power equally pounded the entire empire and razed everything on the ground.


Gai swung his sword and hit the particles of light.

By the time 3 seconds passed, there was not even a shape left except for the black handle.


A dull sound rang through his skull.


Gai’s body crumpled to the floor as thousands of light drops hit his entire body.

“I’m sorry.”

Merania, holding a black umbrella, looked down at Guy, who had lost his shape.

“Looks like the ark didn’t come to you.”

In the scenery of the capital she turned around, there were millions of bluish domes.

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