Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 899

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“Is it a start?”

Electricity flowed through the eyes of Blitz, who was examining the Alpones Mountains from the sky.

Through the interactive network, the thoughts of Mudeungryong Kara Torsa were being conveyed.


The language of dragons is binary.

‘The smallest unit of information forming a form.’ so it is clear

‘In human language, red has a spectrum close to infinity… …

Binary numbers can accurately represent all kinds of red in the universe.

‘There is no distortion in our conversation.’ The end of infinite retreat.

It was the reason why Balaur could build a huge database to share each other’s thoughts.

‘But even so, it’s just reading information.’

The Ultima system recorded in the Balaur database was not at this level.

‘1 digit.’

The Ultima system can accept all signals in this world by itself.

‘In a completely dismantled world, what you’re facing is probably empty… …

No information actually exists.

‘You have the only thing that can dwell in that desolate void.’

heart [heart].

Where there is nothing, only the mind flows.

‘That’s what humans are.’

Sooner or later Sirone will find out.

‘Only humans can transcend the administrator’s authority and strike the outside world.’

This was possible when all minds and all quantum signals were integrated into one.

‘The Gaians were like that.’

Conflict between the Ultima System and the Akashic Records.

“It is also something you should see.” Blitz’s gaze pierced the illusion of the Alpones Mountains and penetrated deep underground.

Sirone, engulfed in the huge light of Karatorsa, stopped thinking and opened her mouth.

“Are you talking about all the information in the world, batteries?”

Sirone’s Ultima system accepted Karatorsa’s binary numbers without difficulty.

“It is not like academic knowledge defined by humans. Knowledge is, after all, the realm of interpretation. What I want to convey is something that exists by itself. It is knowledge.”

Light oppressed Sirone as if it had mass.

“I am Kara Torsa, the guardian of time. There is no phenomenon without time. It can’t be hot, it can’t melt, it can’t freeze.”

So it was indifferent.

“Only I can lay out the fleeting signals that make up this world in units of time. And now I will give you the record. The whole world, the beginning and end of time.”

A powerful voice permeated.

“Battery, Omega.”

Knowledge is contained in the flow of time.

‘The history of everything.’

Sirone recalled the day he completed the spine of knowledge in the Great Library of the Ogent family.

‘Wizard’s way.’

That’s when everything started.

And now, the seeker of truth was trying to contain everything in this world.

“I will accept it.”

An endless amount of data began to permeate through Sirone’s light.

“It will be a long trip.”

Literally the beginning of the universe.

Returning to that point, Sirone’s ego gradually faded and completely disappeared.

“iced coffee.”

everything was pouring in.

In the beginning there was light.


A flash of light exploded in Sirone’s vision, who opened his eyes in an indescribable shock.

‘I am……

Karatorsa’s record is binary information

was infinitely listed, but ‘Ankera?’

With her 10 senses that transcended time and space, Sirone absorbed the whole of this world.

‘What is it?’

What I felt when I realized that Ankera existed for the first time was the question of cause and effect.

‘Did I have a dream?’

Wasn’t it possible that he suddenly came into existence?

‘Or is this a dream?’

Anke Ra, who had been agonizing over a world without even time, finally came to a conclusion.

“I can not know.”

Some kind of world might have actually existed, or it could have been just an illusion without a subject.

“It is all that I perceive.”

Mind Program God.

The mind of Ankera, who first perceived the world, spread through quantum signals.


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Eight concepts were separated in the unified field, and the universe was formed according to the speed of time.

Numerous planets, including the sun, began to operate according to their own rules by the first power.

‘The beginning of the law.’

It is impossible to predict by human thinking, but from this moment on, the cause and effect have already been determined.

According to the causal law, what could be called life in the Goldilocks realm was born.


The simplest organic material has undergone numerous species experiments, repeating evolution and selection.

The environment was still harsh.


From the boiling sea, Argones, the father of creatures, slowly rose to land.

“The strongest life form was born.”

When Argones, who had uttered such words, did not move and opened his mouth again, a huge amount of time had passed.

“It’s a mutation.”

Where Taeseong turned his head, the strongest creature that Sirone knew was flying in the sky.

‘Kara Torsa.’

Taeseong said while many dragons, including Mudeungryong, occupied land, sea, and air.

“They are poor children.”

Argones agreed.

“Over time, the environment will stabilize. If that species is preserved, the balance of the biological world will be destroyed.”

It was a kind of prototype.

“If possible now… …

As Argones felt alive in his body, Tae-seong looked back with a sad expression.

“I think all lives are precious.”

“Is it a personal opinion? It’s unusual.”

As beings born by the same Ankera, it was strange that their thoughts were so different.

“These are my children. It’s all my fault. If I had made a better environment… …

“The law has no meaning.”

Argones stopped talking.

“We are in the infancy of the world. The wavelength generated when it leans to one side will grow out of control as time goes by. I exist for the living world, not for a specific creature.”

Sirone realized that the antagonism between Argones and Gaia had begun.

‘but… …

Obviously, even in the era where Sirone lived, dragons existed as apostles of time.

‘What happened?’ Omega flowed again.

The battery was perfecting as all the events that unified time and space flowed in.


The dragon’s roar was transmitted in the language of binary numbers and realized in Sirone’s senses.

A meteorite was falling while dozens of broken moons embroidered the sky with fragments.

“why… …

Caratorosa, pinned to the ground, staggered and raised his head slowly.

“Are you trying to destroy us?”

“Because it is strong.”

Argones’ voice was cold.

“There are no predictable categories for creatures, but you guys have become too strong. You can consider it an honor.”

At first, it was just a strong creature.

However, the tremendous cognitive ability created by the extreme environment continues to regress infinitely… … .

‘The source of the world.’

It has reached the stage of dominating the phenomenon.

“How could that be the reason for extinction?”

“I don’t know.”

Not even Argones.

“We exist for no reason, and all history is accomplished by a mission that transcends this world.”

“Are you talking about the outside world?” Ankera defined everything in this world, but there was one unknown fact.

where do i come from

“Life receives the genes of its ancestors. But Anke is different. When a being is born from nothing, can you imagine the thought of that being? It’s just a mission. A mission to fill this world with life.”

“What if that mission changes someday?”

Argones tilted his head and answered after another huge delay.

“No matter how the whole changes, that is the whole.”

“Then what is the meaning of living things? Only Ankera can dream a new dream. If all creatures reset, what are we doing now?”

“… … What do you want to say?”

“It is about your authority. If such a situation arises, as the director of all living things, I cannot say that you are not at fault.”

Ankera, Gaia, and Argones were born with the mission to manage the world given to each of them.

‘My mission… …

Karatorsa said.

“I will keep it.”

Argones raised his head.


“Even if Anchera dreams a new dream, I will protect the dreams of all creatures. Become an apostle of time… …

Cara Torsa raised her huge body and looked down at Argones with many dragons on her back.

“History will not change.”

Argones was lost in thought.

‘It is a very peculiar creature. mutant? But that would also be nothing more than the cause and effect of the law.’

I wanted to think that there must be a reason for existence.

“I will be watching.”

When Argones, who had allowed the dragons to be preserved, turned and walked away, Taeseong appeared.


“I’m glad I can protect the children.”

Taeseong added with a smile.


“… … joy.”

Leaving a cold answer behind, Taeseong turned around and said as he passed by.

“See you often.”

It was just such a world.

The era when they thought they were everything without even knowing the true meaning of their mission.

Sirone endlessly accepted Omega.

And at some point, you feel an event that will shake the foundation of this world with your 10 senses.

“It feels good.”

Now, in a stable environment, Argones and Taeseong looked down at the creatures on the ground.

“yes. It resembles you.”

Like humans born from the earth, men had rough skin, but women had smooth skin like wet mud.

All of them had sharp impressions, and the metallic hair that came down to the waist gave a strong feeling.

“Should I call you Gaia?”

At Argones’ words, Taeseong turned his head.

“Can you really?”

“The form resembles me, but everything about them comes from you. You better call me Gaia.”

Taeseong was happy.

“Our children…

At that moment, Argones’ eyes widened and a serious light began to shine.


Feeling the same thing, Taeseong looked up at the sky, and Sirone also matched her gaze.

‘It’s not the sky.’

Countless flashes of light, probably from outside the world, were being shot at the Gaians.

Enter user code – link.

The Gaians who received the signal lifted their heads, and golden electricity shone in their eyes.

“Big!” A man with a frown on his face soon put on a calm expression and hurried around him.

“Are you here? It’s terribly desolate. That won’t be much fun.”

A woman resembling a wolf approached him, alternately checking her hands.

“We are the first. If the missing link code gets caught anyway, I’ll forget everything, but it’s a bit uncomfortable. It is usually completed in the fetal state.”

The woman made a hazy expression while other users were already losing their memories.

“ah… … I am coming too.” The pupil light was going out.

“Have a good day. See you in the next life.” The woman’s memory was blocked, and the man also looked up at the sky and waited for the right time.

“… … It is the beginning of an endless cycle of reincarnations.” Argones came.

“What are you guys?”

The moment the man turned his head and smiled, Argones was in pure shock.

U | 99

It seemed that no being in the world could display such complete arrogance.

‘The light in those eyes.’ Where does that light that looks down on everything in the world come from?

‘ like??????

He seemed to be saying this.

i am your god

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