Infinite Mage Novel Chapter 900

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Antarctica, which was hit directly by Uriel’s Ragnarok, continued to crack and tear apart.

As the monk’s temple collapsed, Arius hurriedly escaped.

“Keong kong! growl!”

Although his eyes were not removed, he had already experienced the presence in the air.

“Heaven’s army!”

The monks who guarded Zion immediately took action, but there was nothing they could do.

“The author… …

A majestic vibration was spreading around Yuriel flying through the sky.

‘archangel. All in all, now… …

There was no way to stop the archangel in a situation where most of the executives, including Miro, were away.


As the body of the giant landed on the ground with a thump, the monks each signed their hand.


Uriel looked around.

As the ice melted due to the extreme heat, steam was rising from all sides.

“Where is the maze?”

Dharma of the Eternal community who joined Shion walked to Yuriel representing everyone.

Behind her were Hyega, a disciple of Dharma, and Sky Yugo, who was once an Ivory Tower candidate.


The ranks of archangels and subjects are far away, but Dharma and Hye of the Eternals community also knew Yuriel.

“Are you betraying me?”

“A seeker is one who advances in search of what is right. Those left behind will feel betrayed… …

Fighting spirit rose from Daruma’s body.

“That’s why you can’t catch a rotten string.”

Uriel, who was listening calmly, felt the force of the law tightening from all sides.

At the same time, Dharma held out his fist.

‘Pungnyu Geumgangwon!’

As the atmosphere compressed, a wind that looked like it had been stamped out of the shape of a fist hit Yuriel.


Yuriel’s body was pushed back several tens of meters with a thud, and all the monks maximized the law.


Angels born from certain concepts have a weakness that makes them vulnerable to the Law of Opposition.

It was for this reason that Ikael ordered to strike Zion first upon arriving on this planet.

“That’s ridiculous.”

Even the law that sealed the psychic realm was insufficient to block the concept of Uriel.

“No, it always has been.”

Adrias Miro.

“Isn’t it a race of non-Rus who squeezed out one person’s life and endured?”

Each angel has a different opinion, but Miro was the only human that Uriel recognized.

“Destroy it.”

Uriel’s celestial sword was born outside the elbow and rotated at a terrifying speed.

Hey hey hey hey!

Just hearing the burst of air made the monks’ faces pale.

“Chun Bo-ryun.”

Hyega held out her one arm when the black disk flew.


His body shone transparently, and the air around him turned into diamonds 40 meters thick.


The moment Cheon Bo-ryun was thrown into it, Hye-ga’s focus shook terribly.

‘I can’t stand it.’

When the defensive wall was tilted diagonally, Cheonbo-ryun began to climb while scratching the surface.


I bounced off the Cheonbo-ryun, but after a while, the huge diamond cracked with a squeak.


Hye-ga’s eyes, looking at the crack running towards her, contained feelings of resignation.

“Hye Ga! Avoid!”

As soon as Dharma’s cry ended, Hyega’s body, which had turned into diamonds, was shattered into pieces.

“Hye Ga!”

Dharma, bloodshot in his eyes, rushed toward Yuriel, frantically extending his fists.

bang! bang! bang! bang! bang!

Just as Uriel was using the Geon of Paradise to knock out the gold fist, Yue Go attacked from the side.


As the incarnation of the crusader in white armor poured out cause and effect at the same time, three swords flew from all sides.


Uriel’s displeased voice.

Hearing the ominous vibration, Hugo saw a huge judicial halo in his eyes.


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As white electricity wrapped around Yuriel’s body, thunder broke out.


Even Dharma, who had a strong sense of duty after Hyega’s death, stopped walking at this moment.

“Unbelievable… …

Hugo disappeared without a trace, and the ice continent was evaporating along Uriel’s movement.

‘Does it make such a difference?’ He didn’t know about the archangels, but even among the same archangels, they were armed on a different level.

‘This is Uriel.’

In terms of fighting power, the rumor that he was on par with the archangel Ikael was not an exaggeration.

Dharma asked.

“What do you want?”


Uriel pointed at the monks.

“Those who betray God will face disaster.”

“He is not our god.”

“There is only one God.”

Armed with extremely simple logic, there would be no way to convince Yuriel.

“I will fight.”

Behind Dharma, the monks refined their fighting spirit.

“Humans are really strange.”

It was a question that arose after Miro blocked the army of Heaven by creating a space-time barrier.

“Are you going to fight a fight you can’t win?”

“You don’t know… …

Dharma bent both legs.

“There are no battles in human life that can be won.”

Uriel watched as all the monks, including Dharma, rushed forward.

“is it.”

The face of Miro, who was blocking the army of Heaven, came to mind.

“Is that why you fight?”

As if to resent something, her face was distorted and shed tears.

“If so.”

The monks screamed evil.

“Wow!” As the judicial halo Ragnarok rotated, Uriel’s body moved.

“How pitiful.”

The white electricity rising from the ground penetrated the gray clouds in a radius of several tens of kilometers.


Miro, riding on Zulu’s pet Kydra, pointed at the lightning that sprang up from the center of Antarctica.

“oh my god… …

Gangnan’s mouth gaped blankly.

I hadn’t even entered land yet, but I could clearly see the lightning reversing.

‘Looking at the size, it’s already over.’

If the army of Heaven had occupied Zion, it would have been suicidal to rush forward like this.

“Miro-san, we changed the strategy… …


Miro cut off Gangnan’s words.

“You will be alive.”

Even if not all, if there is a chance that even one survivor exists, I cannot give up.

“I’ll speed it up.”

As Zulu’s pupils were sucked into the abyss, Kaidra groaned.


They entered Antarctica in a strong wind, but the continent was already torn to pieces.

‘Even if it’s an archangel, this kind of power is impossible.’

Miro had a hunch.


By the time they reached Zion, Zulu’s pupils, covered in sweat, went up.

“Mr. Zulu!”

The moment Gangnan helped the unconscious Zulu, Kaidra disappeared in the air.


Gangnan, who was driven to the ground by the tremendous inertia, applied the brakes while inflating his thigh muscles.

Gangnan, who had traveled more than 2 kilometers with his butt on the ice, hurriedly twisted his body.

With a click, she stopped moving and watched the spectacle of destruction in Zion.

The bodies of the monks were hung in tatters between the blood-soaked ice.

“Here you are.”

“Break! Break it!”

Arius, the sole survivor, was suffering with his chest trampled by Uriel’s foot.


“You must be a woman from heaven.”

It was surprising because I was interested in the relationship between Gaold, Miro, and Gangnan at the time.

“Did you ever make peace?”

“no. It is a temporary alliance.”

Maze walked past Gangnan.

“Humans don’t change that easily”

“Kreung! Kreurrureung!”

As Arius struggled, baring his ferocious teeth at the appearance of his master, Uriel lifted his leg.

“Kong! Kung!”

Arius immediately turned around and rubbed his cheek against Miro’s leg, and she lowered herself.

“I told you to take good care of it. what’s this?”

Arius said.

“Run away.” Despite the words spoken by humans after a long time, Miro just smiled.

“It is not an opponent that can be defeated.” He knew because Arius was the only one who had explored the inside of the labyrinth.

‘A crack in my heart.’

Her feelings for Gaold had now crossed the rift and controlled herself through a huge rift.

“are you okay.”

Gaold said:

“It’s just that the time has come to make a choice.”

Approaching Yuriel, who was only ten steps away, Miro put his life in order.

Most of the things were easy, but there were toxic questions left.

‘A crack in the heart.’

why did it look like

‘I thought he hated men like that.’

If there hadn’t been a crack in the first place, the heart wouldn’t have grown so much.

“Miro, stop.”

When I stopped walking at Kang Nan’s words, Uriel was standing in front of me before I knew it.

“I’m sorry I can’t organize it, could you give me a little more time?”

One of Kangnan’s eyebrows went up.

“organize? Now in this situation… …

“There is no need for that.”

After cutting off his words, Yuriel indifferently held up the goon of paradise.

“It will be destroyed anyway.”

Once destroyed, neither Hongmi nor her existence are meaningless.

“ha. Too bad.”

Looking up at the Gon of Paradise filled with life, Miro felt nervous for the first time in his life.

‘I just want to organize this.’ So why is there a crack


“Quickly dodge, you idiot!”

As the goon of paradise spun while burning the air, Jiangnan screamed fiercely and kicked the ground.

Miro sighed.


In the end, you have to admit it.

“Yeah, you were right.”

Even as death approached, Miro turned toward Gaold.

“you… …

before the words of the Gangnan end.


Miro said with a bright smile.

“I like you, Sasha.”

And now.


As he closed his eyes, the top of the maze fell on the crown of his head, and Gangnan felt like time was slowing down.


The heart that had been shattered by the fall was being regenerated cleanly.

‘ iced coffee??????

Arius could imagine without seeing.

Such a wonderful birth.

‘Erase it.’

For Miro, it was the same pain as the rest of the world.

‘I’m sorry, Gaold.’

What a pain.

A feeling so terrible that I couldn’t come to my senses even for a moment clawed at my heart.

‘Don’t forgive me.’

When I suddenly opened my eyes, red bloody tears ran down my cheeks from Miro’s eyes.

Around the time when the Gon of Paradise, which had passed while burning the ends of Miro’s hair, came back once more.

‘Incarnation art.’

Thousands of arms started sprouting from behind Miro’s back and grabbed the Gon of Paradise.


When the goon of paradise stopped without even a preliminary motion, the air burst and spread in all directions.

‘You said you caught the Gond of Paradise?’

The cracks that had been engraved like incontinence in Miro’s heart were erased like wind.

Thousands Arms Guanshi Yin-all-sky projection. Tens of thousands of arms protruded from Miro’s side as he turned toward Uriel.

Miro’s eyes, which gained perfect vision, flashed, and the palms spread out to the left and right struck Yuriel in succession.

rz rz tz rz tz tz tz 3: J

The endless attacks that came through the moment shook Yuriel and struck him with one final blow.


Yuriel, who bounced off to the side, corrected her posture while scratching the ground.

‘Spirit… …

The asteroid floating above his head could not digest the shock and shook greatly.


When Yuriel got down on one knee and raised her head, Miro brushed her hand and approached.

“Whoa. Is it because it’s been a while?”

Tears of blood that have already dried up on my cheeks

The wrinkled Miro smiled arrogantly.

“I can’t get a good zero point.”

Time will sort it out anyway.

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