Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 301

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Episode 301: The Warmongering Age (3)

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… Puff puff puff!

The trajectory of the aura rotated like a wheel, crushing countless criminals like fish meat.

A man standing silently in the shower of blood and flesh.

Everyone who saw the red eyes shining through the long black hair swallowed their saliva.

“As expected, he is an iron-blooded swordsman… … .”

“Swordbird Osiris. Soju of the Baskervilles!”

“At that age, such inaction already.”

The one who instantly froze the steps of countless criminals was Osiris Les Baskervilles.

The iron-blooded swordsman was the next head of Baskerville.


A neat circle arose with a radius of fifteen meters around Osiris.

From the outside, it was covered with torn bodies and blood, but inside it was clean without a speck of dust.

flutter –

With his broad hem of blood flowing like black wings, he was like a god of death who had descended to punish criminals.

“… … What kind of confidence did you show up with? bugs.”

Osiris’ question to the assailants was valid.

A similar phenomenon to this place was currently taking place here and there in the auditorium.

“These guys! Did you know who I am? I guess you didn’t know If I had known, I wouldn’t have come here with just this much number.”

“… … I agree with you this time.”

A big guy who laughs and beats a big criminal to death with a single blow.

Cervantes, the head of the Don Quixote family, is laughing wildly as if it were absurd.

Next to him was Roderick, the head of the House of Usher, with a cold, brooding expression on his face, holding a large bow and shooting at any number of criminals.

In addition, parents of other prominent families also took up arms to protect their children.

“No one can touch my daughter!”

“Anyone who touches my son will immediately beheaded.”

“How dare filthy criminals run amok in the sacred Halls of Education.”

“Ugh, I bought a house next to the academy for the kids’ education and moved in. It looks like real estate prices are going down. Just don’t let it go!”

Aren’t parents the ones who will do anything for the safety and education of their children?

The professors, too, were keeping the criminals at bay.

Standing in the forefront, Osiris said to the triplets behind him, Hive, Middle, and Low.

“You guys, take the Pomerian to the Knights. And to stay in the safe zone.”

“Yes, brother.”

Seeing his brothers nod, Osiris flew like a bird and jumped back into the line.

The six teeth were once again ferociously tearing through everything around them.

As a result, parents and professors also began to attack.

“Hahaha- the young friend of the Baskervilles is very energetic! I will help!”

“I can’t be pushed by younger juniors. It’s for my daughter’s safety.”

Don Quixote Cervantes and Usher Roderick were also pushing to the forefront.

At first glance, the criminals seemed to be pushed out helplessly.

… … but.

“Ho-ho-ho, guys. You guys too explode!”

As soon as Sadhi’s order was given, the assailants’ eyes began to redden.


Bodies inflated like balloons.

Everyone on the academy side who saw it swallowed up the wind.

“A runaway mana!? Is it self-destruction!”

An ominous prediction is always correct.


When the named heinous criminals self-destructed, an incomparably more powerful explosion swept the surroundings.

It was powerful enough to destroy the huge auditorium in half.

* * *

… Rumble! Kwak! thud-

Aftershocks linger and shake the ground.

The criminals who turned into demons exploded all at once as bio-bombs, creating numerous decaying objects to distract the crowd.

Students, professors, and parents were trapped among the rubble, unable to tell where each other was and where they were heading.

But, of course, there was no agitation on the part of the criminals, as if it was a planned plan among the raiders.

“Whoop whoop… … bombers. It’s lukewarm.”

“Ah, I want to be stabbed by the queen’s heel and explode too.”

“me too! I want to become a sow and explode!”


Blind-eyed criminals emerged from among the dust and rubble.

And in front of them were first-year students who were still inexperienced in combat.


Criminals rush towards a female student screaming.

And there were those who stood in their way.


One criminal’s head spun.


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Tudor. Hearing the screams of his comrades, the young hero, who ran first, stopped the criminals with a tight posture.

Behind them were Sancho, Bianca and Piggy.

“Hee hee hee- Academy boys! Let’s see how soft it is!”

A vicious criminal who seemed to have a taste for human flesh opened his mouth wide and charged.


Tudor and Sancho took up spears and axes, respectively, and struck him down.

However, perhaps due to a failure to control the power, the criminal’s head and stomach exploded and he died instantly.

“Ugh! This, this. I kill… … .”

Tudor’s pupils shake. Is that why? Missing one of the criminals running from behind.

But Bianca wasn’t standing still.

Shhh- Perk!

The arrow she shot pierced the temple of the criminal who tried to attack Tudor and killed him.

He hugged Tudor and tried to cause a mana surge, but failed and fell to the floor.

“If you don’t kill me, you die! Come to your senses!”

“… … omg!”

Tudor gritted his teeth as if he was ashamed of knowing that Bianca had saved him.

yet. Tudor, Sancho, Piggy and Bianca find themselves caught in the middle of a circle of criminals.

“There are too many… … .”

“Each of them are the ones I saw on the wanted list. strong.”

“Ahhh-what should I do? What do we do?”

“Don’t show your back! Stay close!”

The children’s faces are venomous.

Right then.

“Ooh, we don’t want to fight either!”

A criminal stepped forward.

He was weeping with a kind face.

“Everyone is being used by that crazy bitch! There are innocent civilians among them!”

“… … what? Is that real?”

When Bianca asked suspiciously, he pulled up his jacket and showed the manastone bombs installed on the ship.

“That monstrous bitch kidnapped not only criminals but also ordinary people and planted bombs like this! They threatened to kill my family if I didn’t listen!”

“… … .”

“They even said that this guy who was brought here was from the clergy! What did you say your name was? Humber? What time was it… … After all, he is an innocent priest!”

Then I see a middle-aged man standing naked among the criminals.

She was left crying with both hands and tongue cut off. Naturally, the ship is planted with a magic stone bomb.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca all have disapproval on their faces.

“What? There seem to be many innocent civilians in it.”

“But if you sympathize, this side will suffer.”

“Yeah, but guys. A priest with a severed hand over there… … Where do you think you saw it?”

“Is that important now? It looks like we’re all going to die.”

Children fighting and conflicting.

Taking advantage of that gap, the first criminal who shed tears grinned.

“… … As expected, the sandals at the academy are simple.”

As soon as the words are finished, the criminals rush at them, causing mana surges all over their bodies.

They did not miss the gaps the students showed.


The moment when Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca express their disappointment.

flutter –

A long red cloak fluttered.

And then

Puff pup pup pup puck!

Black iron skewers protruding from all over the ruins pierced the bodies of the criminals who rushed at them.

“… … uh?”

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca raised their heads, dumbfounded.

Then, over the collapsed boulder, a leg wrapped in a black stocking can be seen swaying.

“… … Oh, I came to see the school I was going to attend, and what is this like?”

A low-pitched husky voice full of annoyance, but quite attractive.

A first-year girl I had never seen before landed on the floor wearing a cape, the symbol of Colosseo Academy.

A criminal who saw her cried out once more with tears in his eyes.

“Ooh, we are innocent civilians! I had no choice but to… … !”

“Do innocent civilians carry so many ghosts behind them?”

“… … ?”

A mysterious female student suddenly appears and points to the backs of innocent criminals.

Then, a cold sneer escaped from her lips.

“To rapists, to arsonists, to murderers, to kidnappers, to pedophiles… … They are very evenly gathered.”

The eyes of the criminals, whose crimes were discovered in an instant, are astonished.

However, before the criminals had time to react, the female student moved first.


Black iron skewers rose from the ground, pierced the criminals from the groin to the top of their heads, and threw them upward.

As it was, red flames boiled from the floor, turning the surroundings into an inferno.



“Kreak! It’s black!”

Criminals die in an instant.

Then, something like black smoke emanates from their corpses and is sucked into the female student’s grip.

The female student closed her eyes and pursed her lips a little, then wrinkled her expression slightly.

“Maybe it’s because they’re low-level people, so they don’t have much nutritional value.”


Tsutsutsutsutsutsu… …

Cloudy gases gathered above the girl’s head to create a strange shape.

A skinny, dead tree, with unpleasantly shaped fruits at the ends of its branches, began to grow darkly.

[Hehehehe… … ]


[It hurts- It hurts- It hurts-]

[help me… … get me out of here… … ]

Fruits with the faces and expressions of the criminals you just killed.

These ominous berries were howling, dripping red bloody gravy.

“Ugh. The pulp, the juice, and the taste are just so-so. Not bad either.”

The female student stretched out her long, white fingers, grabbed the fruit at the end of the branch, and crushed it.

… oops! Sponge!

After hearing the terrible screams of the criminals, the female student smiled and turned around.

Tudor, Sancho, Piggy, and Bianca stared blankly at the schoolgirl’s face.

In their minds, something the professor had said at the end of class not long ago came to mind.

‘You know what? Our school is about to have a new friend! Gender is female. He’s 19 years old, a year younger than the average freshman year. Affiliation is a fever donation. As a friend transferred from the famous ‘Mado head family Morgue’, I think you guys will learn a lot. The student’s name is… … .’

at the same time. Her transfer student greeted her for the first time with a bright smile.

“nice to meet you. I say ‘Morg Mu Camus’.”

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