Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 302

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Episode 302: The Warmongering Age (4)

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The number of criminals breaking the magic wall and crossing the outer wall of the academy continued to increase.

“Ho-ho-ho-I really wanted to come into this academy someday.”

A man was giggling through the ruined auditorium.

A so-called ‘fashionista’, a rare psycho whose hobby was to make coats from the skins of the people he killed.

“Mmm~ The smell of higher education. Is this the energy of the sacred ivory tower?”

Pursued by the guards and saved by Sadhi just before being arrested, he became her ardent fanatic.

“The skin and hair of young ladies who grew up in the greenhouse are the best fabrics. I need to pick up a coat for this winter. Ho-ho-ho-if I bring it and present it to the queen, will she please me?”

After looking around, the fashionista found a mother and daughter sitting under the ruins.

A slender female student, and parents who look more slender than her.

“Wow – securing coat materials! If it’s just the two of us, the upper body might come out just barely? No, our queen has to hold her bust very tight~ Um, isn’t it a little short?”

He jumped up and approached the mother and daughter.

“ruler! Don’t be too scared. I’m not taking your life. It just peels off the skin.”

The two mothers and daughters screamed and shed tears at the whisper of the demon holding a pair of scissors.

at that time.

… hooked!

A sharp tooth pierced the fashionista’s neck and lodged in it.


He didn’t even know what had happened to him.

even before that.


It was because the teeth that had bitten his neck briefly swayed from side to side once, breaking and breaking the bones.


The bodies of the bitten criminals were thrown away like garbage.

hound. The night hound that bites and kills sinners was standing in front of her mother and daughter before she knew it.

“… … Over there, run in the direction where the smoke is rising. There will be a way out.”

Bikir spoke to the mother and daughter in a blunt tone.

However, seeing Bikir wearing a mask, the mother and daughter looked even more frightened than before.

“Bar, the hound of the night… … .”

Isn’t he a much more notorious villain than the fashionistas we met earlier?

Knowing that, Bikir just sighs lightly under the mask.

“If you don’t run over there right now, I’ll kill you like this.”


At Bikir’s unavoidable threat, the mother and daughter rose from their seats and ran toward the exit.

“… … .”

After confirming that the mother and daughter had disappeared from sight, Vikir cut down and killed three more criminals pursuing them.

… Plenty! patter-

The hound’s teeth pierce the tough hide and burst the entrails.

After the dark red aura drew a thick trail in the air, one sinful life was lost without fail.

As he swung his knife a few times, he realized that there were not as many criminals as he thought.

‘But all of them are flocking to fatal positions. Someone must have informed us of the event plan and internal geography in advance.’

Right then.


Bikir paid attention to the sound of laughter coming through the dust.

Miss Ouroboros. Professor Sadie.

She said, walking lightly in front of Bikir, who was wearing a night hound mask.

“I see all the night hounds here-”

Sadhi’s voice reveals a politeness that has never been seen before.

Bikir nodded, and she opened her mouth with a sly smile.

“I am a fan.”

“… … .”

It’s absurd to hear such a thing from the best psycho in the ecliptic.

But no matter what Bikir thinks, Sadhi goes on.

“Are you interested in the ‘Old Times’, too, Night Hound? The logic of the Warring States period when power was everything! Are you missing that? I know everything. You smell like me, the scent of a person living in the old days. ho ho ho-”

The words themselves were correct.

Bikir, too, is a ghost living in the past, unable to forget the age of destruction and reliving his present life to prevent it.

However, the meaning contained in them is completely different.

“I live in the future.”

The life Bikir went through is a future yet to come at this point. So, it would be good to see Bikir as a person from the future.

However, upon hearing Bikir’s reply, Saadi seemed to be on her own again.

“Future man! That’s nice! The Warring States era that I seek will come again in the future, so am I also living the future? Ho ho ho- After all, you are a person who has a lot to learn.”

A look of respect and admiration. Bikir gave up having her normal conversation with her.


“… … !”

Bikir noticed what Saadi was holding.

Winter’s Sword Orwell. A bottle used by Colosseo Academy’s principal, Winston. A legendary sword that is said to have broken a thousand knives without a scratch.

Looking at the protruding handle under the long, pointed conical blade, it is like looking at a short jousting spear.

Sadhi smiled a little wider when he felt Bikir stare at the knife.


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“You know, too.”

“… … .”

“You are interested in this… … After all, the night hound-nim ​​is also ‘that side’? Aang~”

Bikir completely ignored Sadhi’s flirtatious charms.

And all I had to say was

“Hand it over.”

Winter’s Sword Orwell. It was a very important weapon for Bikir, and he was prepared to kill Saadi in order to obtain that sword.


“Yes~ I’ll give it to you~ But I have one condition instead.”

Saadi said shyly to Bikir.

As Bikir tilted her head, she abruptly unzipped the zipper on her back, revealing her breasts, which were tightly held in her tights.

“Please sign here.”

“… … .”

Bikir paused for a moment.

There is nothing good about turning Saadi into an enemy in this situation.

In the end, Bikir took the pen that Saadi gave her and signed her on her chest.

Night Hound

Every time the sharp tip of the pen swept through the skin, drops of blood oozing out along with the ink was probably a tool used for tattooing.

Sadie sees the sign on her chest and is thrilled as if she is ecstatic.

“Haa~ Night Hound’s autograph. I must be number one, right?”

“… … .”

“I wish it was, but well, it’s okay if it isn’t. I just need to kill all the people who signed in front of me. Ho Ho-“

“… … .”

Surprisingly, Saadi handed over Orwell after getting the autograph.

“I really need the ‘key to the front door’, but… … There must be another way…”

“… … .”

“Can you promise me one more thing instead?”

Saadi handed the Orwell and whispered something in Bikir’s ear.

“… … If the opportunity arises… … Please take it out together.”

“… … i get it. if there is a chance.”

“Be nice.”

Bikir finished his business and separated from Saadi.

After inserting the sword of winter into the barrier of Andromalius, Vikir tried to leave.

at that time.

“… … !”

Bikir paused for a moment.

It was a faint smell that passed through my nose. It was because of the devil’s smell.

‘Where are you? Where do I come from?’

It was a stench so weak that you wouldn’t have noticed it if you weren’t paying attention.

But Bikir’s seasoned nose eventually found the source of the smell.

The stench was coming from the eyepatch covering Sadie’s left eye.

‘Didn’t Sadie become a kid during the midterm exam?’

The back of the eyepatch on that left eye must have been empty.

But why? The smell of the devil slowly emanating from there.

‘This is just like the man who was in charge of killing Belial. I need to find out a little more.’

When Bikir turns his head once more to look this way, Sadhi smiles and tilts his head.

“What else do you have to do? Oh, could you please give me something better than an autograph?”

“… … .”

“Then spit on it- here. Oh~”

Saadi puts both hands under her chin and opens her mouth.

The moment Bikir frowned and was about to say something.

… thud!

There was a heavy seismic wave somewhere.

It was such a powerful shock that it again precipitated the collapse of the Great Hall, which had nearly stopped.

An earthquake so great that even the world’s Bikir lost their balance and stumbled.

At the same time, Bikir sniffed the devil’s smell, which seemed to pierce his nose.

It was a stench that was so strong that it could not even be compared to the stench from Sadhi’s left eye.

“… … !”

“… … !”

Bikir and Sadhi turned their heads in one direction.

Then, a person can be seen standing between the collapsed objects.

Principal Winston.

A huge figure rises behind him as he gazes this way with a blank gaze.

A bust that looks as if it was created by the overlapping of countless shadows.

It had four legs covered in tough muscle, a black mane that flowed like a waterfall, two darkly glowing eyes, and a huge single horn with a broken tip missing.


However, instead of the holy and sacred energy that is always mentioned in mythology, it is an existence that only creates overwhelming ominous and fearful feelings.

Bikir knew it as soon as he saw it.

‘… … Oh, five times!’

Fifth of ten.

The demon among demons that no one can defeat in a one-on-one fight has appeared in the middle of this mayhem.

Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 301Return of the Iron-blood Sword Hound Chapter 303
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