Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 344

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‘So it turned out to be a pure-blooded zipple’s signature white hair.’

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A thousand-year-old jipple, the sorcerer of those days.

The white-haired woman in the ice column looked so young that she could hardly be thought to be a thousand years old.

Are you 30? You look young.’

Perhaps because he was frozen in the absolute chill of the ice, his long, white hair was full of gloss.

The closed eyes just seemed to fall asleep, and the shining eyes were about to be revealed.

The robe he was wearing seemed to be made of tough leather, though it had not a single scratch, and the cane he held tightly until just before he was trapped was a plain object without a fancy ornament.

And he had a very clear face.

Not only does it hurt people, but it’s also a good impression that even a small bug won’t kill.

It was unbelievable that such a person was a member of the evil that controlled the world at that time. How did you get trapped in this ice column in such a vivid state?

The woman seemed about to move out of the ice column.

“This is the old wizard of the Jipple?”

“Yes, a thousand years ago, the Second Lord of the Bigung used the power of Manbing to seal this wizard.”

said Talaris, touching the ice pole.

Jean confirmed that there were wrinkles on the back of her hand that had never been before, but she didn’t say anything about it.

“Is that because of the pledge made by the Endorma blood family you just mentioned?”

“Yes. You must be well aware. There is no power without a price.”

As a thousand-year contractor, Jean knew the fact better than anyone else.

Countless sacrifices and responsibilities follow that he has gained one life again, and has more power and potential than any genius of his age.

Of course, Talaris didn’t know all the ins and outs of the thousand-year contractor.

But she had seen Jean save the Hongs in Colon and regarded him as a human being who understood that he was already “responsible” at the time.

“The same is true of the power of Manbing gained by our Endorma blood clans. Instead of gaining too much power for a human being, he was given a mission to help solve the world’s abnormalities.”

It was the first time I heard it.

I’ve always thought that keeping neutral is simply because of their inclination and power. You had that mission?’

It was also a story that few people in the world knew. A new sword whose endorman blood family is Manbing, no. The promises made with God were slightly different from the contracts of ordinary “contractors.”

“If it’s anomaly, what do you mean?”

“The most representative is the disaster brought by the witch Heluram. The predecessors had a hard time stopping her. And my mother.”

“You tell too much to a foreigner, Mother.”

“A foreigner, daughter. How can my son-in-law be a foreigner?”

“Who’s calling Jean son-in-law since earlier?….”

“Well, most people don’t know. If my mother hadn’t stopped Heluram, the world’s population would have been tens of millions or billions less than it is now.”

said Talaris, ignoring Siris. Siris sighed, and Jean opened her eyes round.

As she said, it occurred to me that everyone in the world was just a little bit in debt to the palace.

“Sung Guk Suho War, which took place 500 years ago. Even then, the swords of the palace infiltrated the land of the Horses and killed the high-ranking Horses, contributing greatly to the peace of the Inse.”

Since the first Vigungju was chosen as Manbing, Vigung has made an indescribable contribution to the peace and prosperity of the world over the past thousand years.

Talaris himself has also made great sacrifices and is on the way to eliminate the “ideal phenomenon” since his youth.

“This woman was one of those ideals.The more.”

Jean again turned to the woman in the ice column.

“It’s what I’ve felt in dating so many lovers. You can’t tell from the outside. There were times when a guy like Jju-jung was a huge tough guy, and there were a lot of opposites. This woman looks like she can’t kill an ant, right?”

“It does look like that.”

“Detailed records were lost because of foreign invasions, but with the records left in the Bibung library alone, this woman was a demon equivalent to Heluram.”

Suddenly, Jin’s head came up with a woman’s name, which he identified not long ago on the record device of the third tomb.

What happened? Sarah, did you break all the towers of the enemy?

No, I couldn’t. Can you believe there was another wizard like Elona? Silderay. No matter how terrible it was, I’m on my way back from hitting 50 or so.

Well, well, really……!?

You’re being fooled again, Silderay. Hahaha! Be deceived. I can’t stop fooling around because I’m so easily fooled every time.

What? You’re lying? Again?

Yeah, there’s no such crazy monster in the world, huh? It’s stupid and cute.

Elona Zipple.

At that time, even the teenage knights of Looncandel expressed their teeth as crazy monsters, and even the joke that “there’s another similar wizard” made Silderay cringe at once.

“My name is Elona Zipple, pure-blood Zipple, but I’ve never been a housekeeper. There’s not a single known piece of information other than the name. It’s a strangely unrecorded woman. But according to the clues left by the Second Lord of the Apostles…….”

It is said that he was a wizard who wiped out the entire continent.

Talaris followed the back horse and poured a full-blown force into the ice column.

Then the columns glowed and several screens came up everywhere.

‘Recording device? Video!’

a scratching gin

Unlike the recorder left by Soldert, it was a picture-like still screen, not an image, that rose from the ice column.

The images showed the scene of Elona Zipple fighting, or the battlefield she swept away.

Even though it was a still screen, not a video, Jin had to feel overwhelmed by Elona’s image.

Elona with a cane, the collapsed mountain range, the tens of thousands of humans gathered against her…….

On the next screen, there was only a myriad of blood droplets forming bones, flesh, and rivers, with no one alive. Elona’s collar wasn’t damaged.

“Maybe the Second Lord of the Rage was impossible to kill this woman, too. That’s why they managed to seal it with Manbing.”

“So this Elona Zipple, is he still alive?”

“I’ve heard that the records were lost, but there was no record of killing this woman from the beginning. This woman’s time is just frozen.”

At a moment my back was cold and I had goose bumps on my back.

“What a monster!…only sealed, but alive.”

You won’t be able to kill him even now.

If possible, there is no way that the previous generation of non-governors, including Talarias, would have left Elona alone.



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And there was one unconvincing part.

Why is there so little record of a wizard this big? There’s even a record left in the palace. There is a high possibility that other history books don’t even have names.’

According to the expression of the teenage articles in the recording device, the traces left by the 2nd Vigung master sealing Elona.

Elona Zipple was undoubtedly the strongest wizard in the history of Zipple. Even if it wasn’t, the name had to come out when talking about the strongest.

But Jin had never heard of Elona’s name in his previous life when he was exploring magic.

When people mentioned the strongest wizard in history, they took out the name of the Riol Jipple, not Elona.

She was, so to speak, a forgotten human being.

Like Chen Mei, or like the old Luncandel, like the countless people that have been erased by the Zipple.

Did the zipple erase it?’

What immediately came to mind was, of course, the fabrication of history by Jipple.

But why the hell?

Elona Zipple was the biggest power of the Zipple at the time. From what we saw in Soldert’s recording device, there were expressions such as “more than housekeeping” and “50% of the total power.”

‘Did you have to erase the traces of disaster caused by Elona Zipple? Or, because her power was too strong, uncontrolled? It didn’t feel like that, given that he was trying to fabricate the history of Themeer.’

Or maybe there was an accident, because the Jipple also suffered a lot of damage by defeating the Looncandel of the time.

Talaris opened his mouth while all kinds of families came to mind in a flash.

“The palace has been hiding this woman from the Zipple for a thousand years.”

Talaris was simply telling Jean one of the biggest secrets of the palace.

The reason for hiding Elona’s existence from Jipple was no different.

“You mean if they find out, she can be back in action.”

“It’s a future I don’t want to imagine. When these monsters are added to the already monopolized jipple, the balance is no longer there.”

It certainly was.

Looncandel had the only creative article, “Si-ron,” but he couldn’t get beyond “Jipple.” Other forces, such as Beacon, Kinselo, and Beigung, were naturally destined to be absorbed or destroyed by the winner if the balance between the two collapsed.

Of course, Elona could not have fought for the Zipple anymore. But it was only wishful thinking, and it was an infinitely unlikely story.

“For I have given you the secret of the palace, because you are peeping at the secret of the time, searching for the tombs of the Looncandel’s first family.”

Talaris thought Jean could find clues in the process that would “kill” Elona.

There is also a way to suppress the abnormal phenomenon of historical manipulation that is being carried out by Jipple.

Also, Talarias was in a hurry.

Jean could read such feelings from her.

“In recent years, Manbing’s seal has been weakening.”

Again, Jean looked at the back of Talaris’ hand.

a wrinkle that never existed before When she thinks of her age, it is natural for her to have wrinkles, but she has so far suppressed aging, as is usually the case with fighters who have enlightened the extreme.

In addition, the Endorma blood family was not particularly affected by aging because of the power of the ice.

The creases on the back of her hand stood out because the power of Manbing, which was holding Elona in check, was getting to its limit.

It is hard to keep one’s body at its best.

“Then, how much time do you have left…….”

The moment Jean said that.

Dismissed……! Beep!

There was a crack in the middle of the ice column.

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